Adele - NZ Correspondent: S01E11

Adele. Genius. 

0101 Pilot

yes lovely let me get some snacks 

cheese, crackers and some green smoothie shit that tastes like plants all right let’s go

  • babbies
  • flashy lights
  • seriously…
  • fuckin’ hell what\
  • *scratches head* okay so their mom was attacked and suction cupped to the roof and then burst into flames. I kind of already knew that happened but I didn’t think it was so…
  • halloween? hellooo nurse
  • one of the few things I have learned from my friends: do not get attached to females on this show. we’ll see.
  • learned something new: 174 on lsat. he’s a law student?? this one’s dean right… I always get them confused. no this one’s sam. (I remember because I find dean more attractive in looks but sam more attractive namewise.)
  • “what would I do without you?” “crash and burn” didn’t I just see this gif… I swear to god
  • someone’s in your house I hope you hvae a weapon
  • is that the cute one
  • is this fight fight hello
  • oh so her name’s jess
  • dean’s voice is a lot different than I imagined. sam’s is exactly right though
  • mmm yes code lovely I totally know what’s going on
  • is this the ~supernatural~ stuff. PUT EVERYTHING DOWN. WE’RE GOING ON THE ROAD.  
  • yeah dean’s the cute one
  • disappearances, all male “hmmm as a male I should go investigate”
  • woman’s voice “I can never go home” this is saying succubus to me
  • jesssss caaaan teeeell
  • oh look a creepy woman in white there’s my succubus 
  • “Take me home” “Sure get in”… I would do the same actually
  • succubus
  • *girl disappears* yes let’s get closer to the creepy abandoned house lovely well done
  • was that a bird
  • found her
  • gorgeous blood splatter there
  • “shotgun shuts his cakehole" 
  • yeah I’m really liking Dean
  • Jericho… Jericho… isn’t that some holy city in like. the middle east
  • "Check it out”
  • 13 fake fbi badges. this is better than I thought hahaha
  • WhAt HaPpEnEd To ThAt GoRgEoUs BlOoD sPaTtEr
  • “-expect out of you guys” *kicks* “Thank you for your time”
  • omg
  • oh she’s cute
  • oooh that in-unison line! I wonder how many takes that took
  • I predict a story about a succubus-like woman… 3… 2… 
  • local legend, same thing. 
  • hitchhiker woman. okaaay
  • suicide after she left her children unattended in the tub. did she not know the drown-in-three-inches-of-water thing? So that was dumb of her but also awful sorry
  • someone’s touchy about mommy
  • that car must be brand new to her if it’s an 81 impala…
  • they jumped. wat
  • okay. DEAN jumped, Sam PRETENDED to jump. cool
  • bit muddy there mate
  • “WHAT A BITCH” bahahaha why’d you jump off hahaha
  • salt
  • “all right jerk” “bitch” fave
  • “you got anything that’s real?” *nods* “My boobs.” omfg I can’t
  • Teg Nugent
  • well sam that was a lovely way to question a man about his faithfulness
  • “Do you have to go to the bathroom?” “No.” “Good.” *handcuffed to table*
  • what pick a lock with a paperclip is that a thing really?? huh
  • annnd that is why you don’t talk on the phone and drive. dumbass
  • well that’s creepy as balls. how the hell does this guy survive 7 seasons tho ‘cause??? dumb ass much why would you go on the YOU’RE A FUCKING MALE
  • hey now wait that’s cheating that’s fucking cheating “you will be” fuck off
  • was she pulling his fucking heart out holy shit
  • there’s a big damn hero did you steal a fucking car
  • yes drive into the house. I hope she screams “FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK” and melts
  • now. wait. just. a. second. her kids were like, 8 and 6? AND PEOPLE THOUGHT THEY SUDDENLY STOPPED BREATHING IN THE BATH?????????????? WAT?
  • I like the movement effect of the ghosts, spirit thingies that’s cool. oh look children.
  • did they just kill their mother
  • “shooting casper in the face” “hey I saved your ass” omfg
  • team-up. naaah.
  • oh for god’s sake are you sh
  • are you shitting
  • are you shitting me??
  • poor jess. jesus.

wow okay ummm wow

*rubs chin* so that happened and um I don’t know how I feel about it. Yeeaaah.