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  • In a radio interview Friday on the Dori Monson Show on KIRO, comedian Tom Arnold said he has unreleased Celebrity Apprentice outtakes featuring Trump saying racial slurs and insulting his own son.
  • “It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children,” Arnold told the radio show.
  • Arnold said he didn’t leak the tape because “when the people sent it to me, it was funny." 
  • He also said the producers who created the video compilation and shared it with "hundreds of people” had become afraid of retaliation if the video leaked. Read more

So on Twitter right…I called out a Muslim woman from Yemen about saying the n-word. She uses the n-word more than I do, and I’m Black. Even after me and my Twitter friend explained to her and her fellow Yemeni brothers that saying the n-word as a non-Black is inherently racist, they proceeded to continue to use the n-word proudly. The last picture was her last tweet in which she said “Wallah that thread was so damn annoying and pointless. Lol nigga nigga nigga nigga nigggggaaaaa” I’m not even the type to expose people like this but she should be made an example, she showed no remorse whatsoever even though we explained why only Blacks are entitled to reclaim the n-word.

So my question to Arabs is, when will you address the heavy anti-Blackness that happens within your community to Blacks? When and how? You may not realize it, but it’s anti-black for you to go around saying the n-word and you’re not Black.

P.S. I’ll delete this when she take down all them damn tweets saying nigga.

C: My friend’s ex called her the n word and she damn near cracked his skull before dumping him last week. All that situation did was reaffirm my reluctance to ever date or fuck with Asians. sorry but way too many Asian men and women love saying the n word and the next one who says that shit in front of me is gonna get a roundhouse kick to the face. Fuck that “don’t generalize ” shit too cause these folks have slurs for us & I have no problem piggybacking off the Black struggle.

No, you can not say “nigga” if you’re not black.

“Nigger” is a term that was used when slave masters poked and prodded us while we were being live auctioned away from our family members on the streets, while white people determined our worth as workers with work so strenuous it could kill any person soon before their time.

“Nigger” is a term that was used against us as blisters formed on our fingers from the constant picking of cotton and other various forms of agricultural work.

“Nigger” was the term used when black woman gave birth to black babies that if they weren’t soon to become slaves for the rest of their miserable lives themselves then they were snuffed by their fearful mothers or fed to alligators alive as bait by our white captors instead.

“Nigger” was the term used when our white captors used hounds and shot guns to chase down runaway slaves hopeful for a glimpse of freedom forever denied by the white man who ran him down.

“Nigger” was the term used when the whip broke skin in such ways welts lasted for a lifetime serving as a reminder anytime we dared to challenge the system.

“Nigger” was the term used when the white man raped a black woman and she bore his child that would be striped from her to live in the plantation house, treated a little better but never ever as equal as his white children and forever still a “nigger” after all.

“Nigger” was the term used when we fought in white mans wars but still faced heavy discrimination in the north and even as free men.

“Nigger” was the term used when feminists couldn’t even fathom the thought that black men could vote before them because black men were far inferior to them.

“Nigger” is the term used when white women praise early white feminists as their heroes but to black people we see them as the racists that white womans privilege can afford to ignore.

“Nigger” was the term used when young boys and girls, men and women, elderly and pregnant women were lynched by the thousands throughout history.

“Nigger” was the term used when prominent civil rights leaders were murdered one after the other for daring to share churches, schools, and neighborhoods with white civilization.

“Nigger” was the term used when redlining and gentrification comes and forces black people to live generations upon generations in poverty.

“Nigger” was the term used when the fight for interracial marriage was seen as destroying traditional marriage because marrying a “nigger” was impure to the white race.

“Nigger” was the term used when black children were chased all the way home by angry white mobs, some unfortunate enough to get caught and lynched.

“Nigger” was the term used when black homes daring enough to stand in white neighborhoods were set on fire by angry white arsonists.

“Nigger” was the term used when the KKK resurrected and had such a strong political force that no one, not even police, touched them. Many political figures themselves were even a part of this group and the group is still alive today.

“Nigger” is the term used when the mis-education the the Black Panther Party is taught.

“Nigger” was the term used when our community is still targeted til this day by law enforcement through biased drug laws or something as simple as existing.

“Nigger” was the term used when white people came out in droves to defend the slaughter of a teenage boy who done nothing wrong, or the dozens and dozens of innocent black people slaughtered since.

“Nigger” is the term used everyday as strong reminders that white people still hate us in large numbers.

“Nigga” is the term used by black people to take the power that white people gave to “nigger” and reclaim it as a symbol of pride and reclaim as a means to dismantle your whiteness and privilege over us.

No you can not use that term if you’re not black because your history and story can never ever back up your need or desire to use that word.

You want to say “cracker” is the same.

the n word - originally

my dad told me these things, im just now looking into it. please read.

“Never forget that the word “Nigger” came from the Khemit/Egyptian term for ‘GOD’ and that the word is ‘N-G'R’ or ‘NET-GER’. - Bro. Alim Bey 

“NGA” is original name for Queen. ‘Niger’ means King in Ibo and Niger-IA means Queen. Those countries were the lands of kings and queens - Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization 

“The root word NGR existed in ancient Egyptian Sacred writings and hieroglyphs…and has divine origin and meaning.” - Ernie A. Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Linguistics and Doctor of Internal Medicine

N-ger-s refers to …The Goddess Neggur (Hathor) who is one of the oldest female deities of ancient Kemit (Egypt) who was worshipped thousands of years before Genesis and the Bible existed. - Sir E. A. Wallis Budge, (1857-1934), Egyptologist 

“Nugarmatta: Term used by Africans of the Ghana Empire to call themselves” -writings of Ibn Buttata in National Geographic Magazine 

“Remember to know a thing or a person’s real name is to know its power. To pronounce it correctly is to free its energy. To deny your real name is to deny your power and energy.” - Anonymous 

“In conclusion it is time that Negroes, pan-negroes (pan-africans, melanesian negroids, indo-negroids) and blacks worldwide know that the so-called negro is of the godhead and should start believing it, having self-confidence, belief in self and in their ability.” -Bro. Alim Bey 

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” - Hosea 4:6 

don’t let these white people make it seem like it’s something bad. they cant take our word and do that! black people are truly kings and queens.
Jeremy Renner

-  Describes the character as “not really a Nazi” and a “poor twisted soul.”

-If you “take it too seriously” you “probably shouldn’t see the movie.”

-Says the movie, which is about a fucking NEO-NAZI FALLING “IN LOVE” WITH A BLACK WOMAN “isn’t about racism.” To him, it’s about “people with problems and how they choose to deal with them.”

-Describes it as “sweet and endearing.”

(from brashblacknonbeliever)