Will’s reactions throughout this entire scene are simultaneously intriguing and heart wrenching. He is trying so desperately to jettison himself from his feelings for Hannibal but it is clear that he is fighting a losing battle. Will’s expression is initially deadpan, his demeanour cold and distant but the more Hannibal voices the uncomfortable truths regarding the domesticity of Will’s new life, the more the mask begins to slip. This mask of impassivity is betrayed only by minimal facial reactions. E.g. when Hannibal first approaches the glass, we see Will tense, swallowing as if preparing himself for confrontation or attack and when Hannibal says ‘we can discuss it like old times’, Will’s lip trembles, only minimally accentuating his internal struggle. What truly breaks him is when Hannibal tells him that he considers him family. Will cannot bear this as he has tried so hard to sever all ties with Hannibal over the past three years, to build a life for himself that provides normality and stability, no matter how foreign those concepts may feel to him. When Hannibal juxtaposes Will’s discomfort in regards to his ready-made family to his feelings regarding Hannibal, Will runs. The truth of the matter is, Hannibal is the only person that has provided something even slightly akin to a family for Will. The fact that Will finds stability in the ‘hot darkness’ of Hannibal’s mind and the intimacy that comes with it utterly terrifies him.