Is Nate as hot-headed as his sister? Apparently! Izzy can SEE That he is still as cool as ever tho godd okay I’ll stop talking. More of these monster prompts, sent by @dystant37. Thank you!!

This took me a bit because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to draw Nate’s hair,, but I was determined to get it eventually. ANd I’m really happy with it!

Thanks everyone for your pitches! We received over 200 stories and over 100 artists, and selecting stories was incredibly difficult. We’re thrilled at the enthusiastic response we’ve had so far, and we’re excited to share our list of contributors! The selected stories surprised us, moved us, or were just plain sweet and fun. We hope that you will be as excited as we are by the varied tones, the range of artistic styles, and the diverse voices in the collection.

  1. The Alligator at the End of the World by H. Pueyo & Dante L.
  2. Aswang by Lea Shepherd & Laura Neubert 
  3. Bad Hair Day by Cassandra Khaw & C. Ann Gordon
  4. Best Boo by Megan Kearney
  5. Date Night by Allison Bannister & Ronnie Ritchie
  6. Doilies and Demons by Michelle Gruppetta & Fleur Sciortino
  7. The Insect by ZAVKA
  8. Leon’s Return by Zoe Maeve
  9. Light Pollution by Lauren Dawson
  10. Lost and Found by Saffron Aurora
  11. Love and Fury by Aimee Lim & Sam Beck
  12. Low Tide by M. Blankier & Helen Robinson
  13. Miss Monster by Stephanie Cooke & Cara McGee
  14. Moonless Sea by Casandra Grullon     
  15. Newlyweds by Gillian Blekkenhorst
  16. Nine to Five by Rachel Poulson
  17. The Purrrfect Solution by Mandy James
  18. Skin Deep by Elodie Chen
  19. Solid Shadows by Rachel Simon & K. Guillory
  20. Succubus by Xia Gordon
  21. Tinseltown by Allison O'Toole & Emmanuelle Chateauneuf
  22. Ugly Cinderwench and the Very Angry Ghost by Xaviere Daumarie
  23. The Way Home by Lorena Torres Loaiza & Sabaa Bismil
  24. The Wife’s Shadow by Janice Liu
  25. White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant by BC Holmes & Dee Williams
  26. Zira and the Little Fire by Katie Shanahan

Here’s some more concept art for @dj-bayeux-tapestry‘s Lunatic Nautilus game! Top is a boss for a castle level who was directly inspired by this Vocaloid video, bottom one is a few lesser enemies.

And yes, that is a Revelation-style scorpion-locust combined with Lanky Kong. HE.

Also, friendly reminder that; while ya need to label it as non-canon/unofficial (So we can still do something involving licensing merch via the latter), with K’s permission all of the Lunatic Nautilus stuff I posted is under CC-BY, IE as long as we, the Lunatic Nautilus Team, are credited as its creators.

So, search through that tag n have fun!

LGBT Monsters, creatures, and supernatural beings

@aru-the-death-god and I been talking about the Babadook being gay and we started a little list of monsters, creatures, and supernatural beings from movies, stories, myths, etc. and how they are LGBT!

This is what we got so far…feel free to add if we missed any! (EDITS: I threw in some edits and added new members!)

Babadook = gay
The Bye bye man = bi
Blair witch = lesbian
Mothman = gay/trans/non binary
Samara = asexual
Freddy Krueger = pansexual (dating Jason)
Jason = trans/gay (dating Freddy)
Cthulhu = pansexual
The wolfman(all werewolves actually) = gay
Godzilla = gay/genderfluid
King Kong = bi
Frankenstein’s monster = gender fluid
Bride of Frankenstein = trans
Minotaur = gay
Medusa (and all gorgons) = pan
All Harpies = lesbians
Dracula (and all vampires) = bisexual
The Invisible man = polysexual
The gill man (the creature from the black lagoon) = Demisexual
The banshee = pansexual
Chupacabra = gay
Shiva = lesbian
Ifrit = gay
The sirens = asexual/gay
Slender man = gay (probably into BDSM)

Under the Bed

Nettie is eating ice cream. The cold burns against her silver incisor, but feels good against the small cut inside her mouth she’d gotten last week. It’s an even trade.

Nettie is all about even trades.

Most think that they liked to be paid in money. Old money, sure, gold and silver that doesn’t have the same sort of inflation risk as paper, but that implies that they have something to spend it on.

No, Nettie’s maybe the only one who knows what sort of things monsters like to be paid in and is willing to provide it. Which is why she’s sitting in the middle of a park at 3 am waiting for her contact to arrive.

At 3:03, her contact’s preferred meeting time, the fog rolls in. Nettie rolls her eyes as it creeps through the sparse trees ahead of her, turning the grass silver under the moonlight with precipitation. So dramatic and not at all secretive. Her eyes flick up to the security camera mounted on the lamppost across the street. She wonders when the government will admit they see monsters at night. She hopes it’s not in her lifetime.

That’d be bad for business.

The outline of a tree several yards away from her begins to waver. It looks like someone might be behind it, a darker band appearing around the trunk as if someone is hugging it. Then they’re gone and the same wavering, black shadow appears behind a tree several feet ahead of it.

Nettie watches and eats her ice cream, glad that her leather jacket is hiding the way her arm hair is standing on end. She’s never been the type to hide her fear.

Then she met beings who enjoyed it.

A dark pool in front of her widens, the shadows twisting upwards. She calmly takes a  bite of the cone as the shade forms, the shadow creature not stopping until it’s reached its full height at seven feet.

She feels the sensation of pumice in her mind and frowns. “Gren? Where’s Mandy?”

The shadow figure ripples, for once not kicking up a fuss at her nicknames for them. An orange light flares briefly in what one might assume was its hand but she knew to be its mouth.

Her spine snaps straight. “What?”

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Headcanon of the Day

Merpeople are beautiful, of course, but not by conventional human standards, and they are varied by their habitats! Those that live on the reefs are small and brightly colored, like the fish that live there. The merfolk that live in the vast deep abyss of the oceans are long, slender eldritch horrors with bioluminescent markings to stupify their prey… all the more easy to snatch them up in their long claws and needle like teeth. Those that live in the freezing seas are chubby with blubber, and are as pale as the snowy glaciers and icebergs around them. All these creatures are as lovely, terrible, and otherworldly as the oceans they inhabit. None to be underestimated.


Drawings that grew from ink splatters. I don’t like to work this way all the time, but it’s a good way to open up a stuck mind, and the drawings come out strange and wild. 

I have posted that last one before but this photo should be a bit nicer than the previous one, which was taken with my phone.