Fund For The Children of Eric Garner

Eric Garner was extrajudicially executed by the police, on camera, and Daniel Pantaleo was not indicted for his murder; another instance of State violence on Black bodies. And as each name surfaces, there are families left behind. Real people. Real lives devastated. Recently his wife Esaw spoke out about this, passionately and painfully. 

His family has created a fundraiser for their survival. Please support them as they try to heal unbearable pain and continue their work for justice. On the site they mention:

This is a fund to support the children of Eric Garner: Shardineé, Erica, Emerald, Eric Jr., Emery and his grandkids: Alyssa, Rhiley, and Kaylee. This campaign is owned by his 3rd oldest child, Emerald Snipes. Your love, encouragement and support is appreciated.  

To support, click: Fundraiser For Eric Garner

There are many ways to support of course, as so many of us have been doing for the multitudes of victims of State violence, not only him (nor only Black men; Black women/children, Black LGBTQIA people are also victims of State violence). However, at the end of the day, money and tangible resources are needed too. Please support and/or BOOST.❤

New Orleans PD shoots unarmed black man in the head, doesn’t report incident for 2 days
August 17, 2014

While most of the nation’s attention has been focused on the police shooting deaths of unarmed African Americans around the country — most notably Michael Brown and Ezell Ford — one story managed to slip under the media’s radar. News of a young African-American man shot in the head by a New Orleans police officer on Monday managed to go unreported because the police department never released details about the shooting.

The victim, identified as 26-year-old Armand Bennett, was shot in the head Monday during a traffic stop with a New Orleans police officer. He has been admitted to the intensive care unit of a local hospital. Armand’s attorney Nandi Campbell told UPTOWN via email, “My client was shot in the head and staples were required to close the wound.”

He was with his brother in a parked car, near the Tall Timbers subdivision, when officers confronted them with their guns drawn. Tall Timbers is a fairly affluent neighborhood, where Armand’s brother is a resident. The brother reported that a female officer fired two shots at them.

Campbell also tell us, ”He was not armed. After the first [shot], Armand started running toward his brother’s home. He was fired upon again as he was running. I’m unclear about whether he was in car when first shot was fired, but he was close to the car when the first shot happened.”

The story was first reported on Monday, which had a bare bones report that an “officer needs assistance” call was placed on the 3700 block of Mimosa Ct. in Algiers, a community in New Orleans. The NOPD reported an officer, recently identified as Officer Lisa Lewis, suffered a minor injury to her right hand during a scuffle with a combative suspect around 1:30 a.m. Details were not released that anyone had been shot or what the confrontation was about.

Campbell said there is an ongoing investigation into her client’s ordeal. At this time, Bennett has been charged with five outstanding warrants, including illegal possession of a weapon, resisting an officer (Gretna, LA), resisting an officer (New Orleans), possession of marijuana, and criminal damage to property, according to WWLTV.

A public records request for information fell on deaf ears over at the NOPD until Wednesday evening when the following statement was released:

On Sunday, August 10, 2014, around 1:19 a.m., a Fourth District NOPD officer was conducting a traffic stop in the 3700 block of Mimosa Drive. During the traffic stop, the officer was injured and the suspect, 26-year-old Armand Bennett was shot.

New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Ronal Serpas publicly apologized on Wednesday for taking two days to release details about the shooting. “In this particular case it’s a complete snafu on the part of my team. I take responsibility for it, I apologize for it, and I don’t want it to happen again,” said Serpas. He said that a press release was prepared on Monday, but somehow slipped through the cracks.

“I find it simply unacceptable to you and to the public that our office failed to get the information out,” Serpas added.

After the information was made public Wednesday evening,  Campbell had this to say via email, “Normally traffic stops do not include officers approaching the car with guns drawn. [The NOPD] Chief cannot decide if it was a traffic stop or if [the] officer stopped my client because she was aware of [the] outstanding warrant.”

She continues, “According to my client and his brother, there was no tussle, wrestling, or physical altercation with my client and the officer. They totally dispute the statement made by the chief.”

Photo credit: Bennett Family



Haitian Man Lynched in Dominican Republic

Above are photos of the racist lynching, KKK style, of a Haitian man whose body was found hanging from a tree in a public park in the Dominican Republic’s second-largest city Wednesday morning, according the newspaper Listín Diario. His name is believed to be Tulile, worked shining shoes in Ercilia Pepín Park, where his body was found, according to Listín Diario. His hands and feet were bound, according to Dominican daily Diario Libre.. Local police said the killing in Santiago appeared to have occurred during a robbery, an explanation dismissed by civil rights workers.This monstrous situation must be seen within the context of a long history by the Dominican ruling class, which has carried out brutal murders, racism, mass deportations and the super-exploitation of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian origin. The DR receives favored trade status with the US and has been the staging ground for CIA backed military coups in Haiti…Fucking sick, we still being lynched in 2015!


Haitian Man Lynched Amid Dominican Republic Immigration Controversy

Mary Turner 1918 Eight Months Pregnant
Mobs lynched Mary Turner on May 17, 1918 in Lowndes County, Georgia because she vowed to have those responsible for killing her husband arrested. Her husband was arrested in connection with the shooting and killing Hampton Smith, a white farmer for whom the couple had worked, and for wounding his wife. Sidney Johnson. a Black man, apparently killed Smith because he was tired of the farmer’s abuse. Unable to find Johnson. the killers lynched eight other Blacks Including Hayes Turner and his wife Mary. The mob hanged Mary by her feet, poured gasoline and oil on her and set fire to her body. One white man sliced her open and Mrs. Turner’s baby tumbled to the ground with a “little cry” and the mob stomped the baby to death and sprayed bullets into Mary Turner. (NAACP: Thirty Years of Lynching in the U.S. 1889-1918 )

The Brutal, Jim Crow-Style Lynching That Recently Took A Black Man’s Life In Mississippi

James Craig Anderson sang tenor in the choir at the First Hyde Park Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi. He’d worked at a car plant near Jackson for seven years, and he enjoyed gardening in his free time. Anderson’s partner of 17 years, a man named James Bradfield, was the legal guardian of a 4 year-old child, and Anderson and Bradfield were raising the child together. This child will not grow up in Anderson’s care, however, because Anderson was killed by a mob of white teenagers.


The Extrajudicial Execution of Michael Brown and Its Relationship to Lynching. Past Is Present.

While Black experiences with racism and anti-Blackness are used as analogies/metaphors and narratives to shape the experiences of non-Black people while erasing Black people’s experiences and humanity (as I discussed in White People Using Blackness and Anti-Black Racism Analogies For Their Experiences Is NOT Intersectionality), these experiences past and present are indicative of our lives, our history, our deaths. A reality. Not an anecdote to lead into something else. 

Michael Brown’s execution and all of these extrajudicial executions are indicative of violence that never was truly “past” as it is always present. And it is a REALITY–not a metaphor–with a human cost in Black mental and physical health, in Black safety, in Black bodies. 

Below are the links mentioned in the tweets that I sent above: Black Women Were Lynched TooConsuming Black DeathFamily of Michael Brown, Teenager Shot to Death By Ferguson Police, Talks About His Life.

And look, I am disinterested in White supremacist sociopaths, anti-Black non-Black people of colour or unfortunately some Black people who have internalized racism and believe that the politics of respectability can protect us to now throw out the violent lie, derailment and misnomer (“Black on Black crime” is a misnomer and epistemic violence) that Black people “don’t care about intraracial crime.” This is a VIOLENT type of derailment and is dehumanization. When every race has intraracial crime yet only Black people are deemed to “not care” despite evidence to contrary and then civilian crime is juxtaposed to extrajudicial executions as modern lynchings and State violence? The false equalization is not solely epistemic violence; it is a direct attack on the mental health and well-being of Black people. Save it. (And notably, this derailment only addresses violence between cishet Black men; never a mention about any other Black people cared about or not.)

Black life is valuable in it of itself. Not solely as a trope for consumption with erasure and a demand that we feel gleeful about the erasure to prove “solidarity." Anti-Blackness and misogynoir are not "progressive.” Michael Brown’s life MATTERED…FULL STOP.

Peace to every Black victim and family of this violence. (My own family is one of them, by the way.)

Peace to Michael Brown’s mother and his family. 

In 1981 the trial of Josephus Andersonan, an African American charged with the murder of a white policeman, took place in Mobile. At the end of the case the jury was unable to reach a verdict. This upset members of the Ku Klux Klan who believed that the reason for this was that some members of the jury were African Americans. At a meeting held after the trial, Bennie Hays, the second-highest ranking official in the Klan in Alabama said: “If a black man can get away with killing a white man, we ought to be able to get away with killing a black man.”

Nineteen-year-old Michael Donald was on his way to the store in 1981 when two members of the United Klans of America ( Bennie Hays’s son, Henry Hays, and James Knowles) abducted him, beat him, cut his throat and hung his body from a tree on a residential street in Mobile, Ala.

A short investigation took place with the local police claiming that Donald had been murdered over a disagreement with a drugs deal. Donald’s mother, Beulah Mae Donald, knowing her son didn’t involve himself with drugs, was determined to get justice. She contacted Jessie Jackson who came to Mobile and led a protest march about the failed police investigation.



An offensive Halloween display outside of a Fort Campbell home has been removed.

The display appeared to show an African-American family hanging from a tree outside of an on-post residence on Litwin Street.

The child in the display had a knife in its back.

Officials said the resident willingly removed the decorations after being informed of concerns raised by the community.


HELL NO! The time for remorse would’ve been when my husband was yelling to breathe. That would’ve been the time for him to show some type of remorse or some type of care for another human being’s life, when he was screaming eleven times that he…can’t…breathe. So there is nothing that him, or his prayers or anything else that would make me feel any different. No, I don’t accept his apology. No I couldn’t care less about his condolences.

Esaw Garner

Eric Garner’s wife’s response to the lack of indictment for Daniel Pantaleo and NYPD for extrajudicially executing her husband Eric Garner. A reporter asked how she feels about Pantaleo’s “apology.” Because once again, centering White “feelings” is more important than a Black woman’s grief, a family’s grief, and the impact of State violence and anti-Blackness on Black people. 


READ IT AND WEEP: Because the more things change …

Just a few facts to put some of this in context:

  • Louis and Mamie Till separated in 1942
  • Louis Till was drafted by the Army to serve in WW2 in 1943
  • Mamie Till learned that her ex-husband, Pvt. Louis Till, died in Europe in 1945… 10 YEARS BEFORE EMMETT’S MURDER
  • The Till family was NEVER told that the FBI would not investigate because they didn’t want to bring negative attention to America racism during the height of the Cold War, when their only concern was defeating a competing ideology called Communism
  • On September 15, 1955, Jet Magazine printed the photo of Till’s mangled corpse, focusing on his bloated, almost unrecognizable face. John Johnson, Publisher of Jet, admitted in his 1989 memoir that he had serious reservations in 1955 about publishing the gruesome photo BUT DID SO BECAUSE HE HAD A RESPONSIBILITY TO SHOW BLACKS THE EXTENT OF THE SAVAGERY OF THE ATTACK ON TILL.
  • Thanks to the bravery and political savvy of Mrs. Mamie Till-Mobley, who understood THE PR VALUE OF ALLOWING THE BARBARITY OF AMERICAN RACISM TO BE SEEN BY THE ENTIRE WORLD, the story and image of Emmett Till went 1955 viral, turning an international spotlight on American hypocrisy as it marched the globe trying to ‘spread democracy.’ Mike Brown seen lying in the street for 4 hours could have had a similar effect… but unlike Mrs. Till-Mobley, Mrs. Brown decided, quite understandably mind you, that she didn’t want people to see her son that way. And of course that was just fine by the Ferguson PD and US Mainstream Media, neither of whom wanted the rest of us to know of the barbarity done to Brown.
  • “I thought about Emmett till, and I could not go back. My legs and feet were not hurting, that is a stereotype. I paid the same fare as others, and I felt violated. I was not going back.” ~ Rosa Parks

… they’re doing the exact same shit today, in terms of the White House and Department of Justice ignoring the systematic brutalization and murder of Black people under the guise of it being a 'State’s rights’ issue, because they believe foreign policy issues ALONE should garner Federal attention. Not to mention the immediate rush by the media to slander the victims rather than seek out justice.

The more you know about American history …

Emmett Till: July 25, 1941 - August 28, 1955

Emmett Till was born on July 25, 1941. He was murdered in Mississippi in 1955 at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman. Emmett Till would have been nearly 73 years old today. 

#RememberEmmettTill #RememberTrayvonMartin#RememberOscarGrant #GonetooSoon

Via Tom Joyner


Apparently I’m supposed to be more mad that somebody told JonTron to shut up than the fact that JonTron genuinely & unironically compared himself to people who were systematically murdered by the Klan like I think we need to really take a step back here & remind ourselves that TumblrInAction & similar hubs of ideology like this genuinely consider themselves the sane & rational & logical & common sense party despite the fact they run all five cylinders on an emotional reactionary level so self-obsessed they completely skip over a dude who got yelled at by people on Twitter comparing himself to slaves in the antebellum South to get angry over the lack of “mature responses”

anonymous asked:

While police killing black people has been going on for a while of course, has it increased recently or are we just hearing more of it?

Technology and the power of social media definitely have a huge impact on how many of these stories we hear but unfortunately, no one actually keeps track of how many people police kill in the US. There are over 17,000 police agencies in the country but “many never file the voluntary reports and many do so inconsistently. Thus, the FBI data is incomplete at best, flawed at worst.”

The data we do have shows us that that the number of people fatally shot by police in 2013 was the highest in 2 decades. We also know that in a 7 year period ending in 2012, a black person was killed by a white police officer nearly two times a week. However, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t include the deaths of people like Renisha McBride, Trayvon Martin, or Jordan Davis, because they were not killed by police.

And for those who will still try to say that these are all isolated incidents and they aren’t about race, consider this, “the rate of police killings of black Americans is nearly the same as the rate of lynchings in the early decades of the 20th century.” In fact, there are several similarities between lynchings during Jim Crow and modern-day police killings.


Will Brown was a 41 year old Black Man on his way home from work when police arrested him on rape charges. A white woman was raped in town and they wanted to pin it on the first Black Man in sight. Soon after his arrest, a white mob gathered outside the jail he was staying in. They demanded the officers give up Mr. Brown to them. The officers agreed but wanted the mob to wait a little longer but they refused. They stormed the courthouse and set it on fire, hoping the flames would make William give up his location. It didn’t and the courthouse was completely in flames. This didn’t stop the white crowd however. They still wanted to “kill a nigger” and ran into the burning building. William had managed to get free and ran to the roof of the jail. At the top, he encountered a group of white prisoners who had also gotten free. They beat Mr. Brown relentlessly and attempted to throw him off the roof before one of them told them to stop.  They then handed Mr. Brown over to the crowd. In the next 5 minutes, Will Brown would be tortured beyond belief. They would cut out his eyes and hang him by the neck from a tree. As he hung from the tree with blood spilling down his body, the mob shot him over 100 times. They then cut him down and tied him to the back of a car. After dragging him throughout town, they stopped the car in the middle of a cheering crowd. To finish it off, the crowd of 700 White men, Women, and Children cheered as they set him on fire. Pieces of the rope used to kill Brown were sold for 10 cents each…………. White people ran into a burning building in order to kill an innocent Black man. This is Real White History.

Written By @KingKwajo

This is my thought every time something like this happens to black people like Sandy Bland or Freddie Gray. Look; at worst, Sandy Bland was targeted by racist cops because of her police brutality activism and was the victim of a racist lynching…at “best” Sandy Bland died of injuries sustained when she was brutally assaulted during her arrest (you can hear her complaining that her head was hurt and as a result she could’nt hear) and the police are attempting a paper-thin cover up with the weak, insulting, statistically ahistoric lie that she lynched herself

But time after time, the cops, corporate media and the broader (white) public almost always regurgitates the tired old meme of “You can’t indict all cops, not all cops are bad,” to which I say: THEN PROVE IT! 

If ALL the authorities in that precinct aren’t irredeemably corrupt racists, then surely one of them would step up and tell the truth - but that happens so rarely that almost the only time you ever see it is in movies, and that movie trope is only used to project the idea - the IDEA - of “good cops” who are so good that they’re willing to selflessly go against the system

One thing my siblings and I understood growing up: don’t EVER call or involve the police for anything, unless someone is literally on the verge of death, and maybe not even then, because who knows if you will be blamed or “accidentally” killed by the cops yourself? The police are NOT here to serve or protect black people 

I understand that for a lot of white people reading this, what I’m saying is a 100% foreign concept (you should see some of the blithe, totally oblivious comments left by white people on this Sandy Bland post) because although Black/PoC and White people may be in the same country, we live in two completely different Americas with two sets of rules. The most slack I’m willing to cut “good” cops is what J. Cole once said…

J. Cole: “I think there are good and great people who ARE cops. But I think the term “good cop” is an oxymoron. Because the job ain’t good. They are part of a machine that ain’t good. They are agents of a machine that’s not good. Are there good people in those roles? Absolutely! Great people who really thought they were joining to make a difference who currently find themselves fucking up people’s days.

Please be careful out there if you’re black. And please, always record the police. It may not always save a life, but maybe, just maybe it will help get someone justice