tw:lame text posts

Today I stayed home sick. I noticed that my jerk neighbors were home, so I ordered a pizza to their house. I watched as it arrived and they answered the door then got into a bit of a fight with the delivery boy, I could tell they were being harsh. Eventually they slammed the door in his face. So right at that moment I walked outside with my dog, you know, like I was casually taking him for a walk, and I saw the delivery boy and waved. I walked over and said, “Hey what went down there? I know they can be real jerks” and he grumbled about how he must have made a mistake and how now he was stuck with the pizza. So I patted his back and tried to act all sympathetic and then I said, “Hey man, if it’ll help you out I’ll give you five bucks for it right now” and he nodded and gave it to me.

So that’s how I got a 25 dollar pizza for five dollars.

You know what was rude? When in Hannah Montana, Lily, Oliver, and Miley did the bone dance (what a bop) and you can fully hear Lily singing well but then they had a diff episode where the plot was literally Miley teaching Lily how to sing. Did they think I would forget? That show was my life who are they trying to play?

Um if you’re 16, I’m sorry, but you’re just not a 90s kid. 90s kids are, like, in their mid twenties. Shoot, I don’t even think I was alive when Kurt Cobain passed. I don’t feel like I have any right calling myself a 90s kid. I mean, I think it’s cool to dig stuff from the 90s. But it’s no big deal to be a 00’s kid and like Boy Meets World.

I think worse than Zac not making it to the reunion is that they played Breaking Free during an interview and he literally didn’t know what it was called like he was like “Oh it’s Soarin’ flyin’ like no that’s not how titles work and someone asked him if that was his voice and he was like ‘Yeah’ like Drew Seeley just lives in the shadows of fetus Troy’s singing voice and is neglected by his speaking voice 

Ok so I  haven’t seen the episode but why TF is Riley not letting Lucas try out for the football team? Granted, he’s a little shrimp compared to the football players but like wasn’t she one of the ppl who forced him to ride tombstone? like…. I’d be more scared of riding a bull and besides why is she telling him what he can or can’t do? Who does she think she is

Oh my goodness, this is so horrible. Basically GMA just put teen girls on blast to gossip and slut shame other high school girls who have sex or have had sex, and seeing as none of the girls on their panel are sexually active- this seems a bit one sided. They imply that any teen girl who does have sex is doing it just to get attention. God forbid she has sex because she wants to!

For god’s sake, they didn’t even talk about teenage boys’ role in sex! They don’t even talk to boys! So they’re holding teenage girls to a pristine moral socially acceptable standard that they don’t even address with boys. And by having a panel of virgins sit around talking about the sex lives of their peers, they’re basically saying it’s ok to sit around and judge the sex lives of other girls. That’s terrible. And I mean seriously, teen males are doing the same stuff that’s apparently wrong- but we sure as hell aren’t talking about it on GMA. So boys aren’t held accountable for their slutty behavior? They get a get out of jail free card? What the fuck GMA, this is so wildly backwards.