Just Updated - My Favorite Mistake Ch 7 - Off The Axis

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This banner is so appropriate for this chapter! The next few chapters will really earn the M rating.

An extra thanks to @eala-musings for the hard work she put into this chapter, as well as the additional feedback provided by @akai-echo on some key plot points. Their feedback was critical in making this chapter better. It’s hard to write characters we love making bad decisions and still try to stay sympathetic to them. They managed to help me do this. If the chapter is any good, it’s because of them.

This is an important chapter in the story - Peeta’s backstory is (partially) revealed, and Katniss is faced with an important decision. After outlining the story again, I discovered that we are just passed the half-way mark and it looks like it could go 12 chapters.  Hope to update the next chapter soon!

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do uk any fics where harry and louis are both with someone else but they are seeing eachother behind their partners back?? preferably not angsty. idk if that makes much sense sorry!!

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Hi! May I have a prompt request for someone that is leaving their partner after they cheated on them too many times? Thanks!

“How dare you think I’d ever stand for this?”

“I knew about it a long time ago. I was waiting for you to mess up again.”

“You don’t deserve me, that much is clear.”

“That’s the thing- I won’t ever be able to trust you again. What’s to say you won’t do it again?”

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I'm gonna say 3:4 for Victuuri because I honestly can't be the only one who had thoughts about Nishigori and the triplets not existing and Yuuri actually confessing his feelings for Yuuko after skating Stay Close To Me like he was so close to doing?

Okay so here’s the thing: I really REALLY object to this concept but here’s how it would pan out, probably. Maybe. 

Yuuri is Yuuko’s Best Friend From Childhood, the Beautiful Boy, the one she still feels a little bit of responsibility for even though two years isn’t nearly as much at age twenty-three and twenty-five as it is at ages seven and nine. He returns from America, heartbroken, and (Provided Nishigori and the triplets aren’t a thing) she’s been keeping her bed warm by herself most nights for the past five years, so why not? Why not.

There’s somewhere in the area of four months between Yuuri coming home and Viktor’s arrival. They go fine, and Yuuri’s family has always liked Yuuko. Maybe Hiroko has started to let herself believe that she’ll be hosting a wedding at Yu-Topia after all. Maybe it will be Yuuko’s stomach she rubs to commune with her unborn grandchildren. Hiroko would be fine with this, if it weren’t for the fact that Yuuri’s smiles still don’t reach his eyes.

Yuuko cares deeply for Yuuri. He’s a pleaser. He wants to make her happy, tries to hard to do it. In bed, especially, he is very attentive. She’s starting to wonder if you can get tired of cunnilingus. Sometimes she’ll trace her fingers down his back, and feel the chub around his hips and wish that he knew how beautiful he is. 

More than that, she wishes she loved him. Because it would be so easy to spend the rest of her life with Yuuri Katsuki, so easy to become Yuuko Katsuki an give birth to three beautiful, brown-eyed and near-sighted children with shy smiles. She convinces herself that it’s what she wants, some days.

When Viktor Nikiforov breezes into town, Yuuri becomes a different person over night, and Yuuko knows what’s going to happen. She knows, and she doesn’t stop it. Doesn’t even want to, because maybe this is what will finally make Yuuri happy.

“I’m so sorry,” Yuuri whispers to her, the day he arrives back from China. They’re standing in the back corner of the skate rental office, and Yuuko has hung the Be Right Back! sign instead of the On Break sign because this won’t take long.

“I know,” Yuuko murmurs, and kneels down with him, because Yuuri has actually lowered himself to his knees before her. “I know, shh.”

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Yuuri whispers against her neck. “I never–I never wanted to hurt you. Ever. Please believe me.”

“I do,” she murmurs. “I do believe you.”

“Do you think I’m a horrible person?” Yuuri whispers.

“Do you love him?” Yuuko asks, 

Yuuri’s eyes go very soft and then, lowly, he murmurs, “Yes. I…I don’t think I knew what love really was, until I met him.”

It’s almost like some sort of singularity occurs for a moment because Yuuko can envision it all–two men coming together in the most carnal of ways, bed sheets twisted, silver hair tangling and brown eyes fluttering. She imagines them laughing as they do it, because laughter follows Vikor Nikiforov around like his dog. Yuuko feels like she should be more upset about it than she is. She’s not angry, though. Or even sad.

“You fucked him, didn’t you?” she almost wants to ask, but feels almost like she’s the one who doesn’t have the right. Almost like she’s the other woman. Instead, she says, “Then no, I don’t think you’re a horrible person.”

Yuuri still cries, and Yuuko still holds him, and then he recovers himself and leaves. Viktor is waiting for him, because of course he is. Yuuko doesn’t even have to force herself to smile at them as they leave. 

Yuuri was never hers, she thinks. Maybe it was just her job to keep him together until the right person came along. And if so, that’s fine. It was worth it.

You’ve probably seen it too often in movies, books, TV shows; basically all kinds of media- the idea that a woman is to blame for her partner cheating on her. Either she dedicates too much of her time to work, she doesn’t dedicate enough time to her appearance after having children, the reasons are endless. This is a way to make the decision of a man the fault of a woman. When your partner cheats on you, they are making an active choice. They are choosing to disrespect you, to hurt you, to put aside your feelings and purposely damage the relationship you have. If you have been cheated on, it is not your fault. It doesn’t matter than you’ve had a ‘dry spell’ (aka no sex for a while), it doesn’t matter that you work a lot or that your children are getting in the way of a sex life. Those are not justifications to go out and hurt you. You having a life outside of your relationship, working and making progress- that is not a bad thing. You do not deserve to be punished for working hard, for taking care of your family, for doing what you have to do. You deserve much better than somebody who would hurt you like that. Going back to a person who cheated on you is disrespecting yourself- how will you ever trust them again? There is no justification for infidelity. Any reasons are excuses for a decision YOUR PARTNER MADE. They chose it. They did it. You have no part in it. Love yourself enough to do whats best for you. Respect yourself enough to realize he does not respect you. Choosing to kiss, fuck, date somebody else is a despicable move and one he is fully responsible for. Do not ever feel bad for leaving someone who cheated on you, they are a terrible, cowardly excuse for a person and don’t deserve your sympathy, empathy or respect. It is never your fault.