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Insightful tweet reactions to the Charleston Shooting

An unidentified white gunman shot and killed nine black people during a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina, Wednesday night.  As Twitter reactions rolled in, many were outraged at the lack of media coverage, pointing to the shooter being white and the victims being black, while others didn’t hesitate to define the act as “terrorism.” One especially poignant tweet compared it to a hypothetical of a non-white shooter.


A white gunman killed 9 people at a black South Carolina church last night

Nine people were killed after a gunman opened fire Wednesday night at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Among the dead were the church’s pastor, South Carolina state Sen. Clementa Pinckney.

Police described the shooter as a white male with sandy hair around 21 years old. At a news conference shortly after the incident, city police Chief Greg Mullen called the shooting a hate crime. The shooter is still at large.


The violent murder of 17 year old Lennon Lacy is being ruled as a suicide.
He was found hanging from a swing set in a predominantly white Bradenboro, NC trailer park with multiple head injuries and wearing shoes 2 sizes too small.
He has no history of mental illness, all the evidence suggests foul play, and since his funeral his grave has been desecrated.
Don’t let this get covered up.

Use the info above to request a federal investigation and attempt to put an end to these despicable acts of hate.

The Number of Black Churches Burning After Charleston Will Disturb You

On Saturday, a fire destroyed College Heights Baptist Church in Elyria, Ohio. Firefighters arrived shortly after 7 a.m. and found the church fully engulfed in flames. No one was injured, Derrell Deer, the pastor of the church, told local news reporters, but what caused the fire is still under investigation.

This latest fire is one in a string of blazes set on predominantly Black churches in the U.S. Some of these fires have been deemed arson and some are under investigation as possible hate crimes.

Patrick Purdy thought Asians where at the root of all his problems.

In January 17, 1989, he decided it was time for resolution. He left his flea bag motel wearing the customary army fatigues with “Death to the Great Satin” (a typo or perhaps a strange fixation with fancy evening wear) scribbled on his sleeve and headed for the Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California.

In the next six minutes the the lethal drifter opened fire in the schoolyard with an AK-47 killing five youngsters of Southeast Asian descent and wounding 29 children and a teacher. Purdy, 24, ended the attack by turning his gun on himself.

Arson investigator Marty Galindo was at a nearby car wash when he got a radio call of a vehicle fire near Cleveland Elementary School. Purdy, in what detectives later said was a diversion attempt, had stuffed his station wagon with fireworks and set the car ablaze moments before he walked onto the campus and opened fire.

“I can still smell the gunpowder. That’s what I remember most – the gunpowder. There were bullet casings everywhere. And I remember walking by a little girl’s shoe, it couldn’t have been more than a few inches long, that was sitting there on the ground. There was flesh on it. It had to have been cut off. I walked around the corner of a building and saw all those kids down. It was surreal. This was supposed to be where kids are playing games, happy,” Galindo said.

When the smoke settled, Michael Jackson, the Peter Pan of auto-erotica, descended on the school to spread goodwill (and maybe something else) among the surviving kids. Four of the dead children were Cambodian, one was Vietnamese. Most were born in Thailand in refugee camps as their parents fled the genocidal regime of Cambodian ruler Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.


As you can tell, I was attacked. I wasn’t attacked for a random reason. I was attacked because someone called me a faggot and I would not stand for it. So when I confronted the man who called me a faggot, he punched me in the face and his friends curb stomped me, and for those of you who don’t know what curb stomping is, they kicked the side of my face while I was on the pavement. 

I have reported this incident to the police but there is not much they can do because there weren’t any witnesses. 

I’m posting this because even though we are in the United States where we think we have more safety and freedoms that other places, clearly we do not. Things like this happen every day. I was lucky to escape with a few cuts, bruises and a migraine, but many people across the world face this kind of hate anyway.

I never thought this would happen to me and I am truly sorry to those who it happens to every single day.