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These #JusticeforNabra vigils honor the life of Muslim teen Nabra Hassanen

  • On Sunday, Virginia teen Nabra Hassanen was walking home from a mosque after late-night Ramadan prayers, when she was kidnapped and fatally beaten. 
  • While Hassanen’s father refuses to call it anything but a hate crime, police are instead investigating the situation as a road rage incident. Officials are also looking into whether she was raped as well.
  • Supporters across the country have been mourning her death with a series of planned vigils. 
  • But on Wednesday morning, police announced that the memorial created for Nabra at a Washington, D.C., vigil was set on fire; police are investigating the incident. Read more (6/21/17)

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Trans women DJ Jasmine Infiniti and London Jade assaulted in Brooklyn

  • Up-and-coming DJ Jasmine Infiniti wants the world to know what happened to her and her friends on Saturday.
  • The 33-year-old trans woman of color had planned to spend Monday and Tuesday preparing for her first multi-country European tour. 
  • Instead, she’s spending her third and fourth day in Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital preparing for reconstructive surgery to fix a broken jaw.
  • New York Police and Infiniti say she and her younger transgender protégé, Florida rapper London Jade, 22, were brutally assaulted in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood around 1:45 a.m. on Saturday by a group of up to 10 suspected Hispanic men and women who were outside Bushwick Liquors, at 459 Bushwick Ave.
  • No arrests have been made yet, but the incident is being investigated by the NYPD’s hate crime task force, a department spokesperson said. Read more (6/13/17)

Nabra Hassanen’s death wraps up an especially violent Ramadan for Muslim teenage girls

  • Nabra Hassanen didn’t have the chance to spend Father’s Day with the man who raised her. Hassanen’s remains were found in a pond in Sterling, Virginia, the Washington Post reported. She was 17.
  • Hassanen and her teenage friends — all wearing abayas, or traditional long dresses — were walking back after their pre-fast Ramadan meal at an IHOP early Sunday morning when they were accosted by a man in a red car. 
  • The man, armed with with a metal baseball bat, then got out of the car. The girls all ran back to the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque in Sterling where they were making their nightly Ramadan prayers. 
  • But Hassanen fell behind. She was beaten to death with the bat. 
  • The Fairfax Police Department identified the man as Darwin Martinez Torres, and he was charged with murder. 
  • The police said they had come across no indication that Hassanen’s death was motivated by her race or religion.
  • Recently, there have been a string of reported assaults and harassments in which Muslim teenage girls have been targeted. Read more (6/19/17)

Portland police on Friday apprehended the man suspected of stealing Best’s wedding ring and backpack from the MAX train after Best was fatally attacked while trying to intervene when a man — identified as 35-year-old Jeremy Christian — shouted hate speech at two young women.

Another man, 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, was also killed in the attack. Christian is facing charges of aggravated murder.

Best, a 53-year-old city employee, Army veteran, and father of four, was heading home to his children in Happy Valley when he was killed.

Police said that the stolen backpack contained “personal items important to the Best family.”

After asking for the public’s help in locating the suspect, Portland police tweeted on Friday that they had caught the man, but did not release details about his arrest.

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Yelling ‘I hate white people’ and punching one isn’t a hate crime, Canadian judge rules
The judge said there was no evidence to determine what the indigenous woman meant by her words during the attack.

She went up to a random white person, struck her as she called out she hates white people, and as she was arrested she claimed she did it because ‘the white man is out to get her’.

“There is no evidence either way about what the offender meant or whether … she holds or promotes an ideology which would explain why this assault was aimed at this victim. I am not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offense was, even in part, motivated by racial bias.”

Clearly, nothing in the attack and what the thug said indicated a motive or ideology.

Translation: Hate crimes against white people are okay.

Oh, Canada…

The grim photograph above depicts the lynching of Laura Nelson and her 15-year-old son, L.D. Nelson. Disturbingly, this photograph was once used as a proud postcard for Okemah, Oklahoma. On the 2nd of May, 1911, Deputy Sheriff George Loney formed a posse and made his way to the Nelson farm. A cow had been stolen from another nearby farm and they had penned L.D. as the thief of said cow. When they arrived at the house, L.D.’s father, Austin, confessed that he had stolen the cow purely because he had no money to feed his hungry family.

What happened next has been obscured by time; several reports offered different versions of events. What is known for fact is that a scuffle broke out and L.D. shot and killed Sheriff Loney. It was said that Laura had attempted to hide the gun so that violence could not unfold. Both L.D. and Laura were charged with the murder and sent to county jail, where they awaited their arraignment. However, that arraignment would never come.

On 24 May, a group of a dozen to 40 men arrived unannounced at the jail at approximately midnight. The men bound, gagged and blindfolded the jailer, rendering him unable to later identify them. Once he was immobilised, the group kidnapped Laura and L.D. from their cells. Several reports claim that Laura was raped my several of the kidnappers in her jail cell. From the jail, the lynchers took them to a bridge over the North Canadian River and hanged the mother and son.

Nobody was ever charged with the brutal murder but it was alleged that one of the perpetrators was Charley Guthrie, the father of the singer, Woody Guthrie.
You Can Help BuzzFeed And Other Newsrooms Track Hate Crimes
Have you been the victim of a hate crime or hate speech? Have you seen others attacked for their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, trans status, disability, or sexual orientation?
By Peter Aldhous

BuzzFeed News is partnering with other news organizations, civil rights groups, and universities in a project called Documenting Hate, led by the nonprofit newsroom ProPublica, in an effort to better track hate crimes across the United States.

Since the most bitterly contested presidential election in living memory — filled with harsh rhetoric about race, ethnicity, gender, and religion — we’ve seen disturbing reports that hate crimes are on the rise.

BuzzFeed News looked into 28 alleged incidents between Nov. 10 and Nov. 15, and found that most occurred as they were reported — although the perpetrators’ motives, in some cases, were unclear. Just two were clearly hoaxes.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) said it received 867 reports of hate incidents in the 10 days after the election, after posting a form to submit information on its website. And in early December, the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force reported that more than twice as many incidents were recorded in New York City in the weeks following the election than in the same period in 2015.

So is a tide of hate crimes rising across the nation? The sorry truth is we don’t know for sure, because the data on these incidents is woefully inadequate. That’s one reason BuzzFeed News is participating in the Documenting Hate project. However, for it to work, we need your help.

If you have have been attacked for your race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, trans status, disability, or religion, tell us about it by filling in the form below. If you’ve witnessed someone else being attacked, similarly let us know. Please include your contact details, so reporters can follow up with you to investigate the incident.

We’re collecting information about physical assaults, threats, vandalism, and other offenses that meet the FBI’s hate crime definition. But we also want to know about incidents that involved harassment that might not legally count as a crime — including those that happened online. Again, reporters will check and investigate the information.

By getting better information on hate crimes and bias incidents in the US, we aim to make it harder for the authorities to ignore the problem.

That starts with the nation’s law enforcement agencies. Almost 1 in 5 local agencies don’t participate in the FBI’s data collection program. Of the rest, the vast majority report that zero hate crimes happen on their watch. In 2015, this included the police departments in six cities of more than 250,000 people, including Tulsa in Oklahoma, Arlington in Texas, Anaheim in California, and Newark in New Jersey.

According to these flawed statistics, just 5,850 hate crime incidents occurred in America in 2015. Yet estimates based on interviews conducted in the National Crime Victimization Survey suggest that the true figure may exceed a quarter of a million.

The form is here.

I hate that people are calling what Brittany Herring and her team of scumbags did a “mistake”. Kidnapping, and torturing a special needs boy for being white and supporting trump and recording what you’ve done isn’t a mistake. It’s being an evil, vile person and a hate crime. The left was right about there being hate crimes once trump was elected, they were just wrong about who would be committing them.


I’m reeling after today

Nabra you beautiful girl, I am so sorry that someone saw your hijab and hated you

and hated you enough to terrorize you

and then hated you enough to beat you to death, my dear sweet little sister.

i am sorry

i am so sorry

i was your age only 5 years ago

17 year old queen with the world before her

and now it’s gone 

submerged in the pond where they found your body

i know you are in a better place, little sister, but oh how i wish your life could have been fuller


i wish your last moments had been peaceful

oh Allah (SWT) please grant this girl the highest place in Paradise,

grant this girl a palace and all the happiness she has earned.

These white Christians believe they are more discriminated against than Muslims
A majority of white evangelical Christians believe they face more discrimination than Muslims in the US, a new poll has revealed. The Public Religion Research Institute study found 57 per cent of white evangelical protestants believe Christians face “a lot of discrimination” in the US today, while just 44 per cent believe Muslims faced the same level. The survey of 2,000 US adults found radically different views depending on religious orientation.

Of course! It’s so obvious!

  • Trump signed two executive orders banning people from predominantly Christian countries from entering the United States!
  • So many prominent politicians have been unfairly complaining about “radical Christian terrorism”!
  • Every time some far-right nut commits a crime supposedly in the name of Christianity, everyone blames all Christians for it!
  • The number of hate groups specifically targeting Christians has nearly tripled in the past year!
  • There has been a rash of hate crimes against Christians, including vandalizing and burning down Christian churches!
  • Business are demanding the right to refuse to serve Christians!
  • People unfairly call Christianity a religion of war, dedicated to the extermination of every other religion, and they misquote the Bible out of context to “prove” it!
  • Christians can’t safely wear crucifixes, priest collars, or any other apparel or hairstyle reflecting their religious beliefs in public!
  • Hell, they’ve even blamed Christians as a group for the 9/11 attacks!

Why didn’t I see it before?