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Not so friendly reminder that there is nothing wrong with the phrase pregnant people and it does not exclude women.

Women are people. If a woman becomes pregnant she is a pregnant person.

Men are people. If a man becomes pregnant he is a pregnant person.

Nonbinary people are people. If a nonbinary person becomes pregnant they are a pregnant person.

Look at that. Describing pregnancy in an inclusive manner includes all people who can become pregnant, including women. Unless you’re claiming that women are not people there is no possible way that saying “pregnant people” excludes women. 

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Hey y'all, have any men's deoderant recommendations? No experience in it whatsoever and in need of help. Thanks

Ryn says:

A lot of my friends use Old Spice. There’s a bunch of different scents, but I know a few people who use the like “Wolfthorn” or “Bearglove” or stuff like that. Also general Old Spice. My brother just uses like a “Degree for Men” generic thing. I personally have this aversion to all things Axe because of middle school and the fact that the locker rooms never smelled like anything but Axe, but if you find a scent you like in that, it’s got a good reputation. There’s probably a few others there. It might be worth just wandering down the deodorant aisle at like a Target or a drugstore and just trying something for a little while. You can try stuff for like a month or so by getting like the travel versions of some of these- they’re like a third of the size. 

Followers? Any you particularly like? 

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I was arguing with this pro-lifer once(white, cis male, conservative) and he said abortions would decrease if women stopped having sex before marriage. So then I told him that lots of married people still get abortions, it's not an issue of being married or not. He then said he wondered how many of these married people get abortions because they cheated on their husbands. Can he just admit he's a misogynist and anti pre-marital sex?

Also like maybe abortions would decrease if people had access to contraceptives and sex education, which a lot of white cis male conservatives are against??


Criticism of "Inclusive Language" from a trans man who's had an abortion.

During my time abortion blogging, I was never much of a fan of inclusive language. At first it was simple and we used “women*/men*”, but eventually it got more and more awkward to “person able to become pregnant/person with a uterus”. It actually made me personally uncomfortable, but I accepted it and used the clunky, awkward language in my discussions.

Eventually, I discovered a bunch of my feelings and difficulties stemmed from sex dysphoria. I ended up transitioning and my life got a lot better. Before I got on hormones though, I became pregnant under iffy consent circumstances from someone who sexually assaulted me. It was a really difficult time and I still struggle with it when someone close to me finds out there pregnant to or gives birth.

Want to know what made it more difficult? “Inclusive language.” Seriously. Let me go over the supposed inclusive language that was supposed to make it easier on me:

“Pregnant person”
“Person able to become pregnant”
“Person with a uterus”
“Uterus people/haver/bearer”

These were supposed to comfort me and be so much easier during this difficult time than being called female or a woman, except they weren’t. Why?

Because I was a fucking dysphoric person who was pregnant under shitty circumstances and didn’t want to be. I didn’t want to be pregnant person, a person with a uterus, a person who could become pregnant. Yet anytime I went looking for information on here I got reminded over and over and over again that I was a pregnant person who could get pregnant and has a uterus. I can disconnect from being called a woman, because I don’t consider myself one or live as one. Woman is a social role. Even female I can disconnect from because it’s just a word used to describe my anatomy and physiology that shares a word with a gender/social, it’s not who I am or how I live. I can’t disconnect or detach from being a person with a uterus, a pregnant person, a person who can become pregnant. That’s an irrefutable fact. And that got shoved in my face over and over again. It made an already stressful, no TRAUMATIC event even worse when looking for trans specific information.

And I’m not the first one to say this. Sex dysphoric people have been pleading for years to figure out a different way to do this, but people who are not dysphoric or are more gender dysphoric are more common here and drown out our voices with approval of these.

If many trans people cannot read it without becoming dysphoric it is not inclusive. “Person with a uterus” and “Pregnant Person” and “People who can become pregnant” reduces us to our genitals and bodily functions, despite the claim it does not, and can be really hard for dysphoric people to read. Please keep this in mind, please stop ignoring us, and as a community lets find an alternative way to write informational posts that are easier on trans people. 

From now on, I will only use inclusive language on my informational posts, which will have multiple versions with different language available, or upon request from asks. Responding to debates I will use standard, normal, everyday language, unless requested by the person I’m responding to. Abortion is an issue rooted in misogyny, and I think it’s important to name that women are targeted and hurt by this. Women are 51% of the population, whereas Trans people like me make up <1% of the population. We trans people are a major exception, not a rule. We are intelligent enough to know this. We can understand that when I say, “1 in 3 women will have an abortion by age 40.” That “women” may include some trans people, like me, who do not identify as such. Over 99% of  “people able to become pregnant” are women, and some exceptions doesn’t make that inaccurate. If I went out of my way to specifically mention and target teans people and misgendered them I’d get the issue, but I’m not. With almost everything there will be some exceptions, and we don’t always have to go out of our way to name them when it’s not relevant. It’s just understood. Much of the people who identify themselves as trans on this site do not have dysphoria, so this should just be a mild annoyance for them at worst.

If this bothers, upsets, or triggers dysphoria in you, I’d suggest just unfollowing me. 

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Is it weird to like the smell of men's body wash (etc..) better than women's? I think women's smells terrible and I'm having a bit of dysphoria.

Ryn says:

That’s not weird at all! We all have different smell preferences. Use whatever body wash you prefer to use. I have cis men friends who use “women’s” body wash and cis women friends who use “men’s” body wash or whatever because they prefer the smell or what it does for their skin or their hair. Gendering of all those products (body washes, shampoos, deodorants, vitamins, etc) is basically just a marketing ploy anyway. Use whatever makes you comfortable!

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I don't know about you but the one thing that creeps me about about pro-lifers is when they use photos of a fully or almost formed fetus because we both know that the reason for an abortion so late-term would be that the mother's life would be in danger or that the fetus is stillborn. So they are effectively shaming women for a life-saving procedure and for an experience that is incredibly traumatic. It disgusts me so much. It is so fucked up.

Ugh, I know.

Anti choicers have no leg to stand on unless they use misinformation and emotional manipulation, so it’s really no surprise. But that doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

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Can you be a trans guy and use terms like sister, aunt, and daughter?

Tobias says:

I don’t see why not. I know most people don’t like Caitlyn Jenner as an example, but I believe her kids call her “dad” still. So I don’t see why you couldn’t be someone’s sister instead of brother. You might just have to explain to people that you still want to go as your old titles.

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I have watched a documentary on how South Korea has abortion illegal still, and basically, women get really screwed over, not only is abortion illegal, it is looked down upon to be a single mother, to the point where if they have a son, when they do military service they are considered to have a 'emotional disability'. What happens is either, women perform unsafe abortions or end abandoning the baby 🙃 literally, women get screwed over there when an unplanned pregnancy happens

It’s really shitty how so many parts of the world, even some of the most medically and scientifically advanced, still fail to provide adequate reproductive healthcare to their people. 


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So I'm out as trans (ftm) to most of my friends and they still call me cute, adorable, etc. I don't mind it, but I know a lot of guys who are ftm don't like being called cute. I was wondering if those terms were particularly feminine or if they could be used to describe men as well.

Lee says:

They can definitely be used to describe men, yes! But they are often gendered as feminine because #society
Here's What 30 People Around The World Want You To Know About Their Abortions
"I lay there, bleeding in my friend's spare room, praying that I didn't die. I will never forgive my country for that."
By Susie Armitage

“I lay there, bleeding in my friend’s spare room, praying that I didn’t die. I will never forgive my country for that.”

TW for gendered language and cissexism

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Re: suffragettes 100 years ago were against abortion. Yes, this is true. What's also true is that, 100 years ago, abortion was a decision that a MAN made, with no need to consult the woman beyond making sure she was healthy enough for the procedure.

It’s so funny when pro lifers think that outdated social norms are somehow relevant in today’s debates over what is acceptable or not. 

…but then again, no wonder they think that the fuckin 40-year old studies that they pull out about how “dangerous” abortion is are still relevant….

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I always thought that anti-choicers only cared about the fetus, but their jarring silence on police brutality committed against pregnant women shows that they don't even care about the fetus.

I mean, it’s always been clear antis don’t care about life. They just want to punish people for daring to have sex


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Just argued with someone about abortion and they called all women who get abortions "illogical". So then I said that women have been finding ways to terminate their pregnancies since damn near the beginning of time. Then they said that "those women were illogical then too." I think she failed to realize that, for most of human history, it was very common for women to die from pregnancy complications. I think at one point 50% of pregnant women died from pregnancy complications.

it’s amazing how much people will discount pregnant people’s decision-making when it comes to reproductive issues. Regardless of the reasoning behind their decisions, they’re “illogical” because it’s not a decision that they don’t personally approve of.

Health reasons? doesn’t matter, you should’ve died for your fetus. Mental health? suck it up. you have kids already and want to be able to have the money to feed them? too bad you should figure it out yourself, it’s your own fault even though you’re trying to do the best for your kids. /s

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was josh ever not canceled tho like.. i though everyone was wary of him minus the sh/ala/dins like i want to be surprised but im just like "yeah no sounds like shit he would say"

I got bitched at for not liking him so I have him another chance but, yikes