i think whats kinda sad is that for some of us chubby people, the idea of being asked out for stuff like valentines day and dances and shit is so foreign than if we were asked, or given a card, or told we’re beautiful, we’d assume it’s a prank right off the bat. i think that kinda says something about our society. that we’ve been taught for so long that we’re something to be shunned that the very thought of someone wanting us is something we can’t process. 

are thin tears salty???

1) literally no one said anything about thin bodies, positively or negatively, in the comments. no one called anyone ‘too skinny.’
2) several people made gross comments about obesity being ‘unhealthy’ and accused the models of ‘glorifying obesity’ (that old nonsensical chestnut)
3) if you are a size 00 and are upset about not being ‘included’ in a picture of a group of models, think about how people above a size 24 must feel, because.. they… god i don’t even have the mental energy to finish this sentence.

having no self-awareness must be totally bananas.

Sleep Apnea Not Related to Weight - Scientist Admits to Falsifying Data

And yet, how much do you want to bet that people will continue to blame sleep apnea on weight issues, despite the actual data showing the causal relationship is incorrect? (if anything, sleep issues -> weight gain, which we’ve known for years) This is why falsified data is harmful: how many apnea patients were told ‘oh just lose weight’ instead of getting proper treatment?

bryana fatshaming.

people have seen that Bryana liked a picture on her instagram referring to people who are overweight to be elephants. Many people didn’t see the caption to that photo, it was all about body positivity and the fact that everybody is perfect in their own way. The picture was used to make a statement, that the picture was wrong. 

I have a Bryana based account on Instagram that I only follow her on, so i get to see pretty much everything that she likes and i saw the caption myself, along with many other people. All i’m trying to say is, get your facts straight before shaming her for the Instagram situation.


This very popular Markiplier and Jacksepticeye blog has claimed that fat shaming isn’t a thing because being fat is ugly and unhealthy. Please please spread this post and the message that fat shaming is very much a real thing and that making someone feel bad about their weight is not fair, whether you’re small, medium, large anyone can be beautiful and no one deserves to feel bad because of their appearance.
If you have had an experience with, seen or heard any fat shaming please reblog with it in the caption to make @markiplier-imagines realise how real it is.

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @lordminion please if you guys have any words to say about fat shaming could you please talk about it for all the people who have been fat shamed. Edit: I forgot to tag @wonderlandreamr give them a lot o’ love.

Pictured: what the HAES movement considers “fatshaming”. If my child asked for 20 McNuggets after just eating a fish sandwich, I would think she has a problem. Instead, this person’s cognitive dissonance kicked in and she opted to pretend what she’s doing is completely normal and it’s society that’s wrong. 

"But Having a Fat Princess is Bad and Will Make Kids Want to Gain Weight!"

Say hello to princess Fiona!

Notice something? She’s a princess who isn’t thin. She happens to be *gasp* fat!

And when her movie came out, nobody reported children wanting to gain weight to look like her! She even taught an important lesson about being half despite how you look!

Mind blowing isn’t it?

Nobody gets it right like Steven Universe. Literally the only “social justice” criticism I’ve seen of it is that Connie’s parents are a bit of a stereotype (”overcontrolling asian parents”, or something like that). The cast is diverse, the animated characters are diverse, they’re pushing the boundaries of how much gay they can show before getting censored… it’s great.

But I’ve literally never seen ANYTHING that gets fat acceptance as well as Steven Universe. Everything else that gets praised around this parts, like Brooklyn 99, is fatphobic in some way, whether by ridiculing fat characters or not having them at all. In Steven Universe, Rose is seen as the epitome of beauty and grace and is fat; Greg is shown as a caring, responsible parent (even if he’s fun-loving) and he’s fat; Sadie is great at her job despite her appalling workmate, always treats Steven like an equal even though he’s much younger than her, and she’s fat; Steven is the greatest male role model I’ve seen in centuries and he’s chubby; Amethyst is funny, eats without guilt, she kicks ass and is a complex character AND SHE CAN CHOOSE HOW SHE WANTS TO LOOK LIKE and she’s fat.

The show presents you with very different bodies and goes out of its way to show that none of them are wrong.



Can you see your blogs (or someone you know) avatar?

If you can your blog is being targeted for shaming by this pig >>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

Do yourself a favor and look at the crap this person is posting about all of us.

This is not acceptable and if you want to help yourself and others love who they are, you need to email tumblr support - and complain.
No one will listen if you don’t and it’s arseholes like this that are making the world a more hateful and judgmental place.


anonymous asked:

Honestly the fat acceptance movement baffles me. I had a really unhealthy lifestyle and got really fat, which resulted in a diversity of health problems. So I decided shit it was time to loose weight, and I remember when I made a post about it my followers went crazy like 'don't let evil fat shaming society get to you you are beautiful the way you are, don't change !' Ok I mean I was dying, but apparently giving the finger to the 'evil patriarchy/society' was more important than my health

Ding ding, you’ve hit upon the biggest flaw with the fat acceptance movement.

They don’t care about health. The dogma is that the only reason to not be fat is because fat is not beautiful, and therefore by trying not to be fat you are caving in to the pressure of society. Any sort of problems you experience are just because society is against you.

I’m all for body positivity but if you plug up your ears too hard, you can’t tell the difference between genuine criticism and advice compared to insults.