Resource: Wound Types and How to Treat Them

Violence, fights, tension–three words that often carry a story a long, especially anything in the fantasy, sci-fi, or action-adventure realm. Whether it’s hand-to-hand combat (see older resource posts), or weapon usage, fights should be as realistic as possible: the focus should be on the fiction, the characters, and story, not your reader scratching their head saying “that could never really happen.” Here are some resources I hope will help as you embark on your more “wound-based” scenes:

Writing About Wounds:

The Basics:

Gunshot Wounds:

Knife/Stab Wounds:

Healing is just as important as the fight when it comes to story believability. If your character was shot one day ago and is now running aroun the Olympics, it’s likely your reader will close the book and forget about all the important story-telling you had engaged them in prior. Facts count, so don’t let the small stuff derail your next big hit.