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Can you draw lapis and peridot fusion zone like in mindfull education?

Professional meep morpists like them would use those thoughts for inspiration

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I love your art <3 keep it up dude <3 <3 <3 (I also love you) *jumps out the window*

NNOOOOO *catches you* THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sorry this took so long, have this fake Olympic screen cap as my gratitude for your constant support 💕

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Why did Batman not trust J'onn at first? And why did he after that?

  • j'onn = alien
  • “superman’s an alien”
  • clark was raised on earth and is more american than most actual human beings. j'onn was an 100% alien element. he’s a martian. from mars. not the chocolate bar company. i mean dam
  • he could also read minds so uh
  • bruce doesn’t like it when people know him that well. not when he’s known them for long, especially when he’s just met them
  • i mean it’s been downplayed a lot recently but j'onn possesses an amazing range of powers, and that’s without taking in account he knows your next move before you make up your mind. that’s like… 80% of batman’s gimmick. the other 20% is batarangs and, unless they’re on fire, j'onn’s got zero problem with them
  • i’m convinced that the reason bruce got comfortable with j'onn being around and to the point he ended up trusting him just as much as he does clark and diana was because he partially felt he had to. not necessarily because he wanted to keep his enemy close but because… this green dude, right? he can dwell into his mind like nobody else can. he’s the only other person who can literally share his way of thinking, both because j'onn can see it but also because he’s got the ability to physically form his brain to work just like bruce’s. probably the only other person who can also share the exact kind of pain bruce feels because of his trauma
  • dam that’s cool
  • not the trauma part. that’s not cool
  • poor batman
  • it’s basically very similar to how and why bruce is very comfortable with cassandra cain. she’s the only one who can read him without him ever opening his mouth (and why she can go hand-in-hand with him and kick his ass if she wants). he feels he can trust both of them on such a borderline intimate level because they get him whether he wants to or not. he’s not one to talk about the way he feels/thinks and they don’t need him to
  • j'onn is also downbeat and will stay in his lane if he’s got a few cookies around. the only reason bruce hasn’t adopted him yet is because he’s always careful to never morph himself into a black-haired, blue-eyed child

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Who's taller Keith or lance + cute height head canons please??

Okay so I”m pretty sure Lance is taller than Keith… 

(yeah, slightly). Alright cool.. Warning my headcanons are usually very sporadic and centered around a single event. I don’t think I’ve ever done them around like… a prompt? (also have never been in a relationship so uh…) so sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind, anon. Did my best!

  • Lance is very prideful about the fact that he’s taller than Keith. It’s the one thing that Lance is “better at” than Keith. that attitude probably comes from his attempted rivalry at the garrison, constantly being compared/being told everyone should be like keith, etc.
    • so when Keith has to look up/lean up/tiptoe to kiss lance, lance always smiles because yes i’m taller and also ohmygod keith looks adorable doing that
    • sometimes keith notices and loves it because damn lance’s smile —> will probably end up kissing lance’s jawline, smiling as well
  • I saw this one post about Keith’s hips being higher than lances, so longer legs.. which means when he sits down, his legs kinda awkwardly do the thing where they don’t… fit (? Sorry I don’t know what I’m talking about –> I’m short and have short legs lol)
  • Keith likes to walk up behind lance and hug him and rest his head on lance’s shoulder. perfect spot for cuddling, neck kissing
    • Also once they’re comfortable with their relationship, they probably sit like this everywhere… (although when they’re sitting, lance probably has his chin on keith’s shoulder instead?)
  • keith’s hands are the perfect length to rest at lance’s hips
  • slow dancing
  • Lance’s arms just wrap around keith and it’s very comforting. they hug a lot. keith will bury his face in lance’s neck/shoulder, lance has his arms around keith and probably resting his head against keith’s
  • keith might have a habit of sitting on counters and tables and stuff… when that happens, lance probably teases his about his height (despite the fact that they’re pretty close together in height) before pecking him on the lips
  • if Keith is annoyed with lance (kinda often, not seriously though), he does the pointing finger in the chest thing (I don’t know how to describe it). all the other paladins find it pretty amusing.
  • lance leans over keith a lot… ends up with them lying down together somehow, you know? But like on the couch or leaning against the counter or whatever.. lance just likes to lean forward over keith. they end up rested against whatever

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im a trans guy cosplaying a boy character in a few weeks and im rly worried people are gonna think im crossplaying or genderbending,,,

bring a battle axe so you can destroy them if they do 

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Lucas had so many chances to choose Maya but he always chooses Riley like Gm first date,Texas,New Years,Gm ski lodge,Gm bear

Hmmm. Funny thing about that:

First Date: Lucas says that he’ll probably ask one of them out someday (one of them including Maya as an option). Maya then PUSHES him to ask Riley out. Per the writers, Maya has been pushing Lucas all along. Idk about you, but if it were my OTP, I wouldn’t like the fact that the writers confirmed that he’s basically being pushed by Maya every step of the way. If he really genuinely felt super strongly about Riley, he wouldn’t need so much help from Maya to make things happen.

Texas: After about 5 minutes alone with Maya (after not bothering to go after Riley when she leaves the campfire), Lucas has his hands in Maya’s hair, his hands running down her cheeks and he initiates an almost kiss with her. Strangely enough, he’s never even TRIED to kiss Riley (Yet, anyways. I totally acknowledge that this could change). After that, he then goes on a date with Maya and that leads us to…

New Years: Where he more or less ignores Riley at her own party, except to throw a machismo hissy fit at Charlie. Which, I know rilucas shippers think is just super cute, but it’s really just kinda yikes. Jealous tantrums like that are far more about Lucas’ fragile ego (there’s a reason Josh calls him an insecure western hero in SL) than they are about how Lucas feels about Riley. Anyways, other than that, he enters the party and makes a bee line straight for Maya. When they go up to the roof, Lucas doesn’t even look in Riley’s direction. He and Maya then go onto share a moment where she says that it’s almost midnight and she’s glad he’s standing there. He says that makes up for everything, essentially echoing her sentiments. This all happens in the episode that emphasizes that who you’re with at midnight has very heavy romantic connotations. He stays put in that spot, staring at Maya with a goofy smile on his face. He doesn’t even register Riley’s presence until Farkle’s blab.

Upstate: You seem to have overlooked this episode, Anon, but I think it’s worth mentioning, so I’m gonna throw it in here. Maya tells Lucas that he’s picked Riley. This is his chance to do it. He’s made a choice and Maya says, no matter what, it’s Riley. So what does Lucas do? Does he agree with her? Does he admit that he’s chosen Riley? Does he tell Riley that he’s chosen her? Does he even acknowledge Riley’s existence? 


He asks Maya what she wants to do. Interesting, isn’t it? Here was his chance to choose Riley…and he didn’t. Instead, he wanted to know what MAYA wanted to do. Funny thing to do, if he’s chosen Riley.

Ski Lodge: Remember what I said about Maya pushing Lucas? Yeah, same thing happened here (along with a whole bunch of emotional regression that majorly impacted all of the characters’ actions in this ep, but that’s a post in and off itself, so I’ll spare you). “If you care about me, go find Riley.” He didn’t make a single attempt to choose Riley or to go to Riley until Maya tells him that if he cares about her, he needs to find Riley. 8 words for you, Anon: “She’s the one who sent me to you.”

“Maya has been pushing Lucas all along.”

Bear: Except, Lucas actually initially suggests going to get taco’s like Maya wants, which in and of itself is yikes because at this point, he’s Riley’s boyfriend and he’s coming up with excuses (”uh science fair thing”) on how to get out of helping her finding something that’s important to her. He comes around eventually, as they all do, but lets not act like he comes out the gate jumping to help make things better for Riley. Also, as previously mentioned, he’s Riley’s boyfriend. He SHOULD be choosing Riley over Maya at this point. 

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Is there anything you want to happen in s4 (if we get one) be it ship based or not?

Ohhh, let’s see.

  • I would love to learn more about Lucas. He has so much potential…the questionable history in Texas, the interesting family dynamics…it’s there. It’s all there. I just wish they’d dive into it a bit more and flesh him out, make him more than just “the face” or “the love interest”. I think they could do a lot with Lucas if they’d just let him grow and it seemed like they were starting to get there with the aborted mini-makeover in SL1, but by the time SL2 rolled around, the regression settled right back in. He then spends the rest of season 3 spinning his wheels. Riley seems to grow this season in spite of Lucas (note I said in spite of and not because of), but Lucas is stagnant and deadpan as ever. It’ll be a shame if this is where we leave his character. Jacobs mentioned at the taping for one of the last episodes (2nd to last, I believe), that there was a lot of growth and change coming Lucas’ way. Fingers crossed we get a s4 and actually get to see that.
  • I’d love to see a fleshing out of Zay and Smackle as characters, as well. I think there’s some very interesting and socially relevant storylines that could be explored as these two have now really solidified themselves as key parts of the core group (see: IDF).
  • Would be nice to see a baby Hart-Hunter join the pack. I would be curious to see how that would impact Maya and, on the topic of Maya and siblings, I’m a big fan of the idea of her meeting her half siblings. What would that relationship look like? How would it impact her feelings about her own situation with her father?
  • In terms of ships, I’d like to see the curtain finally get pulled back on riarkle and lucaya. I would like to see Lucas and Riley realize that what they have with each other is a friendship, a very important friendship, but just a friendship. Id like to see them realize that, in terms of romance, those plot beats and milestones they should have been hitting with each other, they’ve actually been hitting with Maya and Farkle all along. In a perfect world, I’d love to see Lucas and Riley lean on each other, really solidifying the friendship that they have, as they struggle to come to terms with the reality of their feelings for Maya/Farkle. I love Riley and I love Lucas and I don’t want either character to struggle unnecessarily, but I think it’d be very interesting to see them both on the opposite end of Maya and Farkle’s “Go find Riley/Go on your date” hug send offs. I think it’d be a very humbling growing experience for two characters who could use the equalizer.

I could go on and on, but these are just a few things off the top of my head.

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What's your favorite shows?

*cracks knuckles* 

Invader Zim, South Park, anything and everything having to do with HTTYD, Gravity Falls, Family Guy, Avatar, Teen Titans, Penguins of Madagascar, New Girl, first couple seasons of Glee, Friends, Rick and Morty, Over the Garden Wall, Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd n Eddy, Ghost Adventures, and now Steven Universe! There’s more though. There’s always more.

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We need the complete chapter, so i can read your amazing meta to fix my broken heart Indeed CANON but mashima-sensei really made this canon the most painful (well idk with nalu lol) Do the 499 make your expectation? XD Gruvia hug for all

Gray and Juvia’s mutual romantic feelings for each other are canon, yep. I’m glad Gray’s side is finally confirmed (take that nay-sayers lol). There’s many routes Mashima can go, but I truly don’t think Juvia is gone for good. That would be very sad for Gray’s story, considering his past and how he was finally ready to settle down with her after the war.

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When Pokemon Sun/Moon comes out do you plan on recording/streaming your initial reactions/blind play of it? I totally understand if you want that experience off camera and not having to think about recording during that but just curious. Would be awesome to watch.

I’ve never done that before but I think it could be really fun and exciting to stream it. I think I’ll do it as soon as the game comes out too. Whether it be at midnight if I can find a place to get a physical copy at midnight or when my Amazon copies arrive in the mail. Haven’t pre-ordered it yet haha.