Autism Gothic

*Everyone else is Normal. You are not. What is Normal? No one can tell you. You are not Normal. You must become Normal.

*Therapy will fix you. What therapy? Don’t worry. Just tell us what feels the worst…

*Autism Speaks loves you. And tells everyone that you’re a disease that ruins marriages, destroys families, and can never be really a person. But they love you. So much. You just can’t see it because you’re autistic. They love you. Really.

*You have missed a developmental milestone. Is there a test to make up for it? No one knows…

*Your medicines are chemicals, and that is Bad. “But EVERYTHING is made up of chemicals!” You explain. Oh, you just don’t understand. Chemicals are Bad. Eat kale and you will understand.

*You can’t speak. This is willful defiance. There will be Consequences. The sacrifices must be made.

*”How will we ever understand these strange people?” Allistics ask. “Well, you could talk to us…” you offer. No one hears. “How can we understand?” Allistics keep asking.

*No one flaps. You cannot tell what they feel. “It’s on our faces!” They say. You cannot read faces. You must guess correctly, or there will be Consequences.

*”That’s for children. You must have a young mental age.” You ask when they plan to stop using spoons like children do. “That’s different!”

*The hypocrisy is summoning…something. You do not know what. You welcome its arrival and bake it a cake.

*When it arrives, it asks politely for a ritual. You complete it word-perfect, with all the lovely rocking and bowing and well-defined nuance of speech you love. It is pleased. You are pleased.

*It is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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1. So the methods they are using are abuse and have been proven that they are abuse and do not work. There is no autism cure. There is no way to re-hardware a brain on a neurological level. Not wanting my child to be abused is not “staying in ones comfort zone”. That’s the problem I pointed out in my original post.

2. You do not know my child nor are you a medical doctor

3. Autism is not depression or anxiety. Autism is not a mental illness. Not even remotely close. I’m glad genuinely glad you found a cure for that and sorry you had to experience that.

4. My child’s independence as an adult doesn’t depend on sitting in a circle with their wrists being held and forced to make movements, or having their faces grabbed and turned towards the teacher. Her independence is NOT dependent on her being socially identical to non-autistic people. We, non-autistics, are required as a decent human being to be accepting of autistic people or disabled people.

5. A person being non-disabled is not the pinnacle of human existence, purpose, or happiness

A Letter to the Autism Community

A few months ago, I discovered a post that compared ABA to Conversion Therapy. I was confused, because what I had heard about ABA was much different.

This inspired me to do research, where I discovered ABA’s unethical past. This wasn’t the ABA that I recognized from my experiences as a paraprofessional, and there was one difference: acceptance.

I am currently working with autistic children and doing research on neurodiversity. My goal is to be able to help these kids, and future autistic kids, adjust to their environments and foster friendships WITHOUT changing their personalities. This includes stimming and fixed interests. No one should have basic needs and comfort revoked because it is “different” than what someone is used to.

I’ve also learned how toxic Autism $peaks is, and I spread the word to anyone I know.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for taking the time to educate me. You have made such a difference in my life.

anonymous asked:

tuafw people say "autism isn't a bad thing!! we don't need a cure!!" like if i could prevent my future children or someone else's child from having this disease, that would be great because this has made it hard for me to function, even if i am high functioning and you often don't get equal treatment in schools by adults or peers. if i could save some kid from this fate, i would, because living as an autistic individual is hell, no matter how high you appear to function.

The main reason people say this isn’t because they don’t want life to be easier but because

a) we want the world to be easier for us rather than us having to change

b) the “cures” that are normally talked about are either ABA (aka child abuse) or eugenics

- Liz

Am I a Bad Autistic?

It’s Autism Awareness Month & I’m having a really hard time placing myself in the autistic community. I have some guilt that’s finally trickled over and now it’s eating me up inside.

I’m out as autistic to my close friends, teachers, and family. I’ve never had the response, “But you don’t look Autistic!!!” which I guess I should be thankful for, but autism is still something I just don’t talk about. I have a flat affect, I stim, I don’t make eye contact, I often don’t respond appropriately, I have public shutdowns. People who see me in passing can probably tell there’s something wrong with me, but it doesn’t jump out as autism. Am I wrong for not spreading awareness of my condition and educating people about my autism? I am verbal and usually able to express myself, meaning I am in a position where I am able to advocate and educate. And I choose not to. For fear, shame, or otherwise.

I receive treatment at a children’s ABA clinic. I consider my therapy ABA-lite, meaning it’s based on ABA principles but adjusted to be age appropriate. Every week I go to the clinic, knowing ABA is harmful, but since I am not being abused, I say nothing. I hear children screaming in the room next door but cooperate as I am goaded along to properly greet staff and other kids. Today there was a sign encouraging everyone to wear blue on Wednesdays to “Light it Up Blue” for Autism Awareness. As my therapist and I walked past the sign, I remained silent even thought I was fully aware why the campaign and Autism Speaks are harmful to autistic people. I probably shouldn’t be surprised though–my parents found the clinic on the A$ website.

Why do I remain silent? It frustrates me as well. Part of it is a lack of confidence in my verbal communication. I would rather remain silent than be misunderstood. Part of it is fear of backlash from staff and destroying the relationship with my therapists I have worked so hard to form. Part of it is feeling invalid and not “autistic enough.” I am told how “high-functioning” I am, so who am I to speak for those not so fortunate? At the same time I feel infantilized, I also feel like my impairments aren’t significant enough to have a voice in this conversation.

I am not too active in online autism communities, so I hope I am not intruding on anything. As I watch April unfold, I can’t help but feel guilt and incompetence for my uselessness as an advocate. I am struggling with whether or not I am bad and enabling bad things. Where do I fit in during this month of supposed Autism Awareness?

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Hello, in the post you reblogged recently about how to recognize anti-autism organizations one of the posters mentioned behaviour analysis as a form of child abuse. What is it? Is it (primarily) a dehumanization tactic like the literal meaning of the words may imply or is it something different? Thanks in advance -anonymous a.

Behavior analysis is also known as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) which is a form of therapy used on autistic children. The goal of ABA is to make an autistic child “indistinguishable from peers”, i.e. force them to fake being neurotypical which is detrimental to the child. This is achieved through a method of rewards and aversives, in other words rewarding children for desired behavior and punishing them for unwanted behaviors. Often the unwanted behaviors are not harmful to the child (like stimming), but being forced to stop these behaviors is. The forms of aversives used vary from place to place but have included withholding food, Tabasco sauce on the tongue, and much worse. For more information about ABA therapy from people who speak about this far better than I do, check out these posts.


Uma chuva torrencial que adentra minha casa, edifica meu lar
E regenera minhas forças polindo minh'alma;
assim é o Teu presente a cada amanhecer.

Se os dias se tornam bons ou ruins,
Faz-me compreender que o bem que me dás
também é o mal o bem,
Pois ponderas o mal na medida que sabes que não irei me perder
E sim me achar cada vez mais,
Aconchegada em Ti.

Karen Rosa, O amor do Pai