It’s Weird

Sometimes you accidentally run across a group of people on the internet who hate your brother and you’re like “YOU DON’T KNOW THAT GUY WHAT ARE YOU THINKING YOU PRETENTIOUS GOOSEBUTT!” and then I have to remember that, like, people just have opinions and it’s fine to not like a “famous” person even if you don’t really know them.

Like, I FRIKKIN DESPISE NICKLEBACK. I don’t really even know why. I know I don’t like their music and their lead singer looks like a guy who used to beat me up in high school. And so I occasionally make jokes about how I don’t like that guy and how I wish he would die in a hole. 

But I don’t actually want him to die in a hole and, if we hung out, we’d actually probably get along. And, of course, I’d never tell Chad to go die in a hole to his face. But then, by the nature of the internet, sometimes I (or John) run across people who dislike him just because he represents something that they’re rebelling against, or that they dislike people who like his books, or because he once said something that they didn’t like and that’s all they know about him. And I read those posts and people are so mean and it seems so real to me because I’m real and he’s real and he’s my brother and you can’t just listen to somebody say something mean about your brother and walk away.

Except I have to because it’s the only thing I can do because I’m a 35 year old man with a lot of internet power and if I said something to them about it, it wouldn’t just come with a ridiculous imbalance of power, it would also just be an inappropriate intrusion on someone’s weirdly public private life. And, anyway, it’s fine to build your identity in whatever way you want to do it, even if that’s defining yourself in opposition to my brother (or whatever construct you have in your mind that gets labeled “John Green”), who is in fact a very nice guy, but I understand that I’m not going to convince you of that.

So instead I just run to Tumblr to leave a long-ass text post and say, “WAAAAH, THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO DON’T LIKE MY BROTHER!!!” 

Alright this may seem v radical but I am all for complete gun control. The removal of ALL guns from the hands of the public. Private citizens do not need them. I just don’t see a reason for any person living their normal life to own a gun or ANY kind. I mean I guess (????) For hunting during designated seasons but even that is really unnecessary. I’ve known people killed in drive by shootings and people with personal experience being threatened with guns. My stepfather and mother used to argue about guns he had for hunting and because their domestic situation was HELLA abusive I grew up completely terrified that my stepdad would just up and decide to kill her or any of us one day. Guns have no place in anyone’s hands. White men and veterans in NRA t-shirts come into my job all the time and I don’t feel safe despite the “Responsible gun-owner” concealed carry slogans they wear proudly. I feel afraid. I get shaky and terrified any time I spot one because that shit makes me feel threatened not protected. Guns are so fucking unnecessary and I wish people were less fucking stupid about how much they “need” them. The right to bear arms is bullshit in modern society, sorry not sorry. If I could I would personally remove the guns from every person in the country and ban all gun sales forever.

  • me: I think I'm having an ok day
  • brain: Just think about that person who broke your heart
  • me: Why?
  • brain: You gotta

I know we need to expect differences but I was disappointed by the omission of Jaime’s confession to Tyrion. That confession is what set the whole chain of events in motion. It is what spurred Tyrion to climb the rungs of a very, very long ladder up to the Tower of the Hand (I reread it recently, Tyrion struggled so much physically he almost could not climb it). Betrayal and the memory of what was done to his wife spurred him on.

Yes he saw Shae in Tywin’s bed as a betrayal. I see no issue with that but having Tyrion use Shae as part of the reason for holding a crossbow on his father cheapered that scene for me. Tyrion taking issue with his father calling Shae a whore when Tyrion knows that is what she is does not make sense. He even called Shae a whore himself not so long ago.

I understand that Tyrion going through the trial and being sentenced to death by his father was given emphasis too but the “whore” aspect of their exchange lost me. The point of it in the original scene was that Tysha was not a whore at all. Trying to use the same dialogue just did not ring true when the circumstances were just not the same. The reason the word “whore” had such an effect on Tyrion was because Tysha was not a whore and the claim that she was is what was used on 13 year old Tyrion in an unforgivable act of abuse.


just a reminder to myself that there was a time(2 or 3 years ago))) when I actually drew smth female! in color! and with traditional drawing media(((

i’m in a huge artblock now and it used to be so good and simple just to draw and now it’s not

  • some cis person: trans men/women arent real men/women!!
  • some cis person: openly jokes about murdering trans people
  • some cis person: proudly talks about time they beat up a trans person
  • some cis person: calls trans people r/t/f slurs
  • some cis person: overall treats trans people like shit
  • trans teen on tumblr: down with cis lol
  • same cis person: UMM this is really fucking rude??? you're just as bad as transphobes??? #CisphobiaIsReal

I hate being sick. My face somehow feels like it’s swollen to twice its size, my lips are completely dry and hurt and I’m either too cold or too hot. And I don’t even want to drink or eat anything because it’s so exhausting with a blocked nose but I’m also a little hungry. And the worst part is that completely distracts me from everything I wanted to do today.

For My Fellow Naturalistas...

Have you ever ignored your hair…for good amount of time (like a week and a half to two weeks)?  

Well, I have.  And I am learning now that my hair can actually go: Snap! Crackle! Pop!

At least, it doesn’t shout “Rice Krispies”…

And so I am off to buy some greek yogurt, honey, and olive oil for a serious deep conditioning…Geez, 4C hair can be really special sometimes! ;)

Well, enough whining.

smh at ppl who think minority groups on tumblr forget that “being white/cis/straight is okay!!!!!” its drilled into our heads every goddamn day cause the majority of mainstream media features, surprise, CISHET WHITE GUYS!! tell me one gay couple youve seen in a movie in a movie theatre this year. theres hardly any and even less trans representation. main characters that are poc?? good fucking luck finding one. were not forgetting that its okay to be cishet and white because its literally impossible. youre the majority and widely considered to be “normal” if someone says “cis people are losers” what effect is it gonna have. go outside and walk around and look at all the christmas ads that feature cishet white couples. feel better about your identity. youre practically the only identity thats represented.