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Hey! Just wondering if you could do an updated kid fic list. Thanks!

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Anonymous asked: Hey! Just wondering if you knew of any recent fics with Bellarke adopting and/or taking care of children, grounder or otherwise. Thanks!

Here are some modern and canon fics:


Hello lovlies and welcome to week 15 ! This week has already been a bit rough I’ve been quite sick and stuck in bed, which sucks because the weather has been fantastic here ! as you can see in the photo its been very sunny. We get to find out the genders next week which we are both really exited about, H really wants a girl and honestly I wouldn’t mind a girl haha. We do have some name ideas and by some I mean like 3 pages of names, girls and boys, defiantly going to have to narrow that down.Now onto the stats for this week

How far along -  15 weeks + 1day

Babies Size - Babies are the size of pears 

Symptoms -  Ive been really sick the past few days, I couldn't keep anything down 

Food cravings -  I haven’t really had any cravings

Anything making you queasy or sick -  Not really

Movement - Nope

Babies gender - We 

Maternity clothes - Most of my jeans no longer fit but its summer here so i’m just living in skirts and dresses anyways

Sleep - Horrible, its really warm here, which makes it muggy at night add that onto being sick 

Labor signs - Nope

Mood of the week - Tired

Purchases for the babies - Nothing this week

Looking forward to - Finding out the genders !


I tell the doctor that I don’t understand how I can be 8 months pregnant when my tummy is flat as a pancake. I am advised that large tummies during pregnancy is an urban legend.. 

The doctor also says that there is a beer bottle in my vaginal canal. It needs to get out of there before I start giving birth, because my contractions will shatter it and that may hurt me and my (tiny) baby. 

I’m coming back on Tuesday to get the bottle removed. 

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If you ever feel like writing a tiny bit of VERY pregnant and full of life Rey and "Im proud of my work here, but also a little scared of fatherhood" Kylo, well you know it'd make my day to see your take on it ;]

Rey loses all sense of grace when her center of gravity shifts forward to her middle. It’s just a little bit of a hassle when she has a tiny baby bump. Then she gets bigger. That little bump has to go and quintuple in size and her whole body suffers for it. Feet splayed, knees out, back arched. Everything becomes a lot more painful and a lot clumsier.

It’s impossible to be upset with her baby over it, though. Any time she’s about to get truly agitated, Rey rubs a hand over where her belly bulges off of her and reaches out with the Force. Just a moment spent mingling her consciousness with theirs has her feeling warm and safe and calm. She tucks the feeling deep in her heart and everything feels right with the galaxy.

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RE: "Being denied an abortion may lead to poverty" An abortion is a medically-complicated last-resort procedure, and the article is more likely to get mocked by those against abortion or on the fence because their solution for the financial unwanted pregnancies is going to be "close your legs, stop hookup culture." It doesn't attack from the position of principle (bodily autonomy) but aims at fixing a symptom, which means people will look for easier solutions to solving such a problem.

Abortion is not “medically complicated”, medically it is an extremely simple and safe procedure in all but very rare cases (and in those cases continuing the pregnancy and giving birth would also be extremely dangerous).  It’s simpler and safer than a colonoscopy, and certainly safer than a full term pregnancy and birth.  You’re 90 times more likely to die giving birth than having an abortion.  You’re literally more likely to die via getting struck by lightening than by a medical abortion.  It’s as safe as any other routine out patient surgery.  

It’s not particularly difficult to train a medical student or physician to do a medical abortion, the main difficulty is finding training due to political situations, the training itself is not abnormally difficult compared to learning other medical procedures and can readily be integrated into gynecology training.

The dangers of back alley abortions, which are many, should not be confused with the dangers of medical abortions, which are very rare.

Abortion also isn’t last resort, it’s the only resort other than forced birth available to end an unwanted pregnancy.  Yelling “keep your legs closed you harlot” at a pregnant person will not end their pregnancy, it is a viable solution in 0% of unwanted pregnancy cases.  The idea that sex ed, birth control, abstinence, etc. are alternatives for the person seeking an abortion is an inherently flawed idea, none of these things are alternatives to abortion, they can prevent the situation from arising, but they can’t ever actually solve the problem of an unwanted pregnancy, abortion can.  A person facing poverty because they were denied abortion cannot time travel to find another solution, their only other solutions are forced birth or back alley abortions (both of which are very dangerous, unlike medical abortions) and poverty.

Denial of abortion makes people poorer, poor people are more burdened by financial costs of unaffordable abortion access, poor people have less de facto abortion access, and it’s mostly poor people and people of color who die when medical abortion isn’t available.  Abortion access absolutely is a class issue and I won’t pretend otherwise.