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So apparently Aro had a child with some guy while he was still alive but there's an X going through it? What's that about?

( tw / cw, trigger warning: the text below mentions miscarriage, and contains potentially transphobic themes. its mild but its there regardless and i would hate to upset anyone because i didn't put a warning on this first)

After I finished writing this up it’s kind of way too long to have  blocking up peoples dashboards, so all of the details are under the cut!

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Five

Summary: You come back to set after your time with the Padaleckis, and things are strained when your working patterns clash with Jared. Things go downhill when you start to feel sick on set.
Words: 3.1k
Jared x Reader, (mentioned Jared x Reader x Gen), Misha, Jensen
Warnings: angst central, nausea 
Betas: my girls @ruined-by-destiel and @blacksiren
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The rest of your time in Austin was more of the same.

Most of the days were spent with the Ackles’ - Jared and Jensen weren’t lying when they said they spent most of their downtime together - pictures being snapped by Danneel and Genevieve at random intervals.

The nights were spent wrapped up in Jared and Gen, having the best sex of your life.

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Here’s what we’re gonna do

A/N: I’m sorry. This is angsty & will probably bum you out…but I’m using it to set up for a fic I’ve been really wanting to write which results in happiness! Reader is Dean’s twin. There will be a part two! 

Warnings: Check the tags, angst

John x Daughter!Reader   Dean x Sister!Reader  Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by heytheredeann

You swear you could hear the blood rushing through your ears while you stared at the pink plus on the pregnancy test. This couldn’t be happening. You were supposed to just have a stomach bug, not be pregnant. You sat down on the edge of the motel bed, grateful for your decision to stay home today and that Sam and Dean were still at school.

Hours passed as you sat on the bed thinking about the situation you were in. What were you going to do? You were only seventeen years old. You couldn’t raise a kid in this life, hell you weren’t sure you’d be able to safely carry a baby in this life. What would Sam and Dean think? Hell, what was your dad going to say?

A sob ripped through you as it began to sink in just how screwed you were. You buried your face in your hands as you thought about it some more. How were you supposed to afford a doctor? How would you afford baby stuff?

Closing your eyes, you tried taking deep breaths you attempted to collect yourself. You needed to think of some sort of plan before Sam and Dean came home. Dean would be able to tell something was wrong the moment he looked at you, it was that weird twin connection the two of you shared.

The motel door unlocking and opening quickly grabbed your attention; it was too early for Sam and Dean to come home, which only meant one thing, dad was back early from a hunting trip.

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Sorry, had to do some Underswap Papyrus/Muffet (Puffet, Muffyrus, idk??) and like I won’t lie, I’ve already had plenty of convos with my dear friend @donutfloats about these two and them having a baby and so many ideas involved with that as well as a design for said baby.

I don’t care, I just HAD to make this a THING.

Here’s the stupid reason this comic even exists:

"I'm pregnant."

Noctis: “That’s– That’s great! I’m happy. Right? Are you cool with that?”

Gladio: First a smile. Then his lips quiver. A cute little sniffle. His eyes are watering. Oh astrals above, he’s crying.

Ignis: “W-with a baby?” He asks. Help him through his confusion.

Prompto: “Thank you,” is all he says. He’s happy, but he’s short circuiting.


Ravus: “So am I,” he says. He means that he knows, but he’s forgotten the words in his excitement. He’s confused you. You leave the room.

Sacrifices of War

“I’m pregnant. I’m not going to keep it.”

A story about hard choices, loss, and the dark moments of war that don’t happen on the battlefield.

Heavy Angst set during ACOWAR. Please read the tags to make sure you want to read this. If you would rather not read it (or need a small pick-me-up), I prepared some fluff.

Sacrifices of War (AO3)

“I’m pregnant.”

The words rang as hollow in the clearing as they rang in her heart. It almost surprised her that spoken out loud, they did not seem any different than in her mind. They were haunting, hurting, hollow things threatening to tear her apart if she lowered her shields even for one second. So she didn’t. Not even for him. Especially not for him.

Feyre raised her eyes from her knotted hands, trying to untangle her fingers and stop her nails from digging into her skin and drawing blood. Instead, she looked at the male she’d thrown those cruel words at, like knives and claws and teeth she had no control over. She’d thought longer how to tell him than about her decision. But no matter how long she fretted, she couldn’t find a way not to hurt him and time was running out. Their time. Her time. So she’d decided to call on him, meet him, hurt him. With words that should be joyful instead of cruel. Words that should mark a new beginning instead of an end.

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Hey let's remember

Reproductive Justice (RJ) isn’t just abortions. And it’s not just just about cis white women.

• RJ is folx of color not having children bc they are afraid of them being killed due to racist injustice.

• RJ is transmasculine (transmen, non-binary afab people, bois/boys, etc) folx being denied medical care because of our trans status, that is if we can even afford it.

• RJ is predominantly folx of color not being to keep their children or give them up for adoption, even if they wanted to, bc they can’t afford the medical bills that come with having a baby.

• RJ is folx who don’t speak fluent English having limited access to medical care, no matter what their decision is.

• RJ is dark-skinned folx receiving less pain meds during pregnancy or the doctor will ignore them all together bc of racist stereotypes which puts their bodies under unnecessary stress which in turn effects the fetus.

• RJ is transmasculine folx being misgendered by hospital staff.

• RJ is transmasculine folx having to teach our health care providers about our bodies, HRT, detransitioning (bc you can’t be on T if you’re pregnant), basic do’s and dont’s, etc. all while being sensationalized as a “pregnant man”.

• RJ is medical staff assuming you want an abortion since you’re transmasc.

And that’s all I got so far. Please add more. And I like the word ‘folx’.

It’s More Than Just Us Now

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: Could you do a Stiles x reader imagine and the reader finds out she’s pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell Stiles cause she thinks he’ll hate her and break up with her, but it’s really cute and fluff towards the end pleaseeeee❤️
Warning: mild arguing/yelling, baby talk (idk if that needs to be a warning but just in case), and some fluff
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: thanks for this request!!! i had a good time writing it honestly! i hope you enjoy it and if anyone else wants to send some requests my way, please do.
Words: 1,798

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I’d start a war for you

“Fellow Resistance members,” Rey said proudly. “Today is a day of joy for me. I know many of you have gone on this journey with me, step by step through my pregnancy, excited and filled with hope at the coming of another Jedi – at a new generation coming, providing a light in the darkness, and the hope of a future for us all. My child… my child has become a symbol, but she’s more than that. She’s more than you would ever realize.”

In which Kylo Ren and Rey join together in an effort to defeat the First Order and bring peace to the galaxy, all for the sake of a child – their child. Rey fights with the Resistance, but Kylo… well, Kylo is risking everything to stay exactly where he is.

Here I am, with a completely new Reylo fic! I so hope that you enjoy. I will, of course, be continuing with the work of reposting my fics, as well.

It can be found here on FF, and here on AO3.

Thank you, everyone! <3

angsty pregnancy starters

trigger warnings apply!
(rape, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, the whole shebang)

“Something’s wrong with the baby. I can feel it. We need to get to a hospital right now.”
“You can’t get an abortion! I forbid it!”
“Do you even know who the father is? One of your hundreds of ‘clients’?!”
“That baby has no future. You can’t care for yourself, let alone for someone else!”
“Try to calm down, alright? I know this wasn’t planned, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work out.”
“You know the only thing you’re going to see when you look at this child is the face of your rapist, right?”
“You can’t just leave me with YOUR child and expect that to be acceptable!”
“I already hate this child and I’ve still got six more months to go before I get to see it.”
“You’ve not smiled once since the doctor gave you the news… I thought you wanted this.”
“We can’t raise a child!”
“Our parents were shit parents! We’re going to be shit parents!”
“I don’t want it, so I either go through months of this, only to put it up for adoption, or I get rid of it now.”
“We only just started trying… I didn’t think it’d happen this quickly.”
“I’m not ready for this. I said I wanted it, but I’m not so sure anymore. It feels wrong, all of it does.”
“No. You’re not pregnant, you’re not! You’re just a child yourself!”
“How could you let this happen to yourself? I raised you to be more careful!”
“If you have that baby, you’re out of the family. You know we don’t approve.”
“I’m too far down the line to get an abortion now. That’s why I didn’t tell you sooner. I knew you would make me get rid of it.”
“I can’t love a baby that came from so much hate.”
“You can’t just back out now and leave me in the mess! I’m the one carrying YOUR child. It’s your responsibility to stay.”
“If you don’t provide, you won’t get to see our baby.”
“I’m bleeding… call an ambulance. I’m not supposed to be bleeding!”
“There’s no money to raise this child, don’t you see that?”
“So, that filthy asshole got you pregnant, did he?”
“What do you mean, it isn’t mine?! You promised to be faithful to me!”
“This child is an abomination, because you two are not meant to be with each other. It’s not right!”
“If you tell him, he’s going to kick you out… You know that.”
“Get rid of it, don’t tell him and live happily ever after.”
“STOP! OW! You can’t just KILL our child like this!”
“Lie down and shut up, I’m going to deal with this the old-fashioned way and get rid of it myself.”
“You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?”

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Following your guidelines I made this as simple as I could! Bellamy + Clarke + bad bad morning sickness. I hope you like it you're the best!

Thanks for sending this nonny, and I hope you enjoy it!

Bellamy emerged from the study with a concerned look on his face as soon as Clarke opened the door.  “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Clarke tossed her keys on the table near the door and kicked off her shoes.  “It’s back,” she sighed, and stumbled forward for a hug.

“I thought you said it was food poisoning?” Bellamy asked, rubbing slow circles on her back.

Clarke had spent the previous day in a haze of nausea thanks to…well, she wasn’t exactly sure.  She and Bellamy hadn’t gone out to dinner and aside from a banana she had the other morning they’d eaten basically the same things and he was fine.  But barely two hours after arriving at the gallery she’d had to tell Indra she was taking a personal day because just the faintest whiff of the Italian restaurant down the street had turned her stomach.  She couldn’t keep anything down, it would appear, and what’s more, she was exhausted.  “It must be something else,” Clarke said against his chest.  “Caught a bug, or something.”

“I’ll pick you up some crackers on my way home from class; go take a nap,” Bellamy instructed.  Clarke let him bundle her into bed and even submitted to him fussing over her every twenty minutes until he had to go teach his seminar.  He brought her a fresh glass of water and toast and made sure her laptop charger was plugged in.  She had been dry heaving all day but the toast seemed to help a little, and Bellamy kissed her forehead tenderly before he left.

Clarke drifted to sleep somewhere around her fourth straight episode of House Hunters and only woke up when Bellamy cracked open the door to their bedroom.  Her stomach was still roiling but she hadn’t vomited in a few hours at least. “How are you feeling?” he asked, and Clarke shrugged and pushed herself up to let him climb into bed with her.

“Okay,” she said, her voice cracking with disuse.  She settled herself back down with her head on his lap, his back propped against the headboard.  That had been their first purchase after they moved in together five years ago.  Bellamy had found it, battered and painted a shabby white, in a thrift store and Clarke had spent every weekend for a month stripping it down and refinishing it until it gleamed a soft honey-brown color.

Bellamy threaded his fingers through her hair just behind her ear and started to gently work out the tangles.  “I got you crackers,” he said, and nodded towards the bag on the floor.  “But I was picking up some other stuff, and I realized you were probably out of tampons so I went to grab them and…you haven’t needed them this week, have you?”

Clarke twisted so she could look up at him.  “What’s the date?” she asked, doing some quick mental math.  Bellamy told her and she frowned.  “You’re right, I’m…” her eyes widened as gears clicked into place.  “I’m late,” she said.

She watched him and he watched her, considering.  They weren’t married, but Clarke knew he was it for her and she was it for him.  She’d even been thinking recently about asking if he wanted to go down to the courthouse and fill out the paperwork so she could say you’re mine and I’m yours, forever.  They’d talked about kids too and lately it had been when not if they had them, but that was different from now.

“I bought a pregnancy test,” he said carefully.  

“And if I am?”

Bellamy kept stroking her hair, his eyes dark.  “Then you are.  Do you— have you— “ he stuttered and then smiled sadly.  “Sorry, this is a lot.  If you are, do you know what you’d want to do?”

Clarke nuzzled his hand.  “I don’t know.  Three years ago I think I would have wanted an abortion, but now…I don’t know.  We’ve both got decent jobs, we’re more or less grown ups.  What do you think?”

“I think it’s your call,” he said.

“But I’m asking your opinion.”

Bellamy’s hand stilled for a second and then started again, his nails scratching soothingly at her scalp.  “I think…we could.”

“Have a baby?” she asked, and the thought was utterly terrifying, but then a slow smile spread across his face and she knew.

They were doing this.

Delicious Ambiguity

Rey and Kylo Ren repeatedly encounter each other in battle over the years, fighting desperately for the causes that they believe in even as they both grow in strength - and fight off growing curiosity. Yet when Kylo tells Rey that she’s pregnant via the Force, will that affect their interactions? And will it change Kylo irrevocably?

It’s back! Originally posted July 6th, 2016, I am now reposting the fic after my account was hacked and it was removed. 

The first chapter can be found here on FF, and here on AO3. I’ll be posting 1-2 times a week, I think, and there are eight chapters total. Warnings for pregnancy, labor, and a heck-ton of angst and damaged Reylo.

Castle Ficlet: White Fences 1/1

Warning: Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage

White Fences

Post 8x22, Angst/Tragedy, (possibly AU)

Although this is short, I’m putting it entirely behind a cut to make it easier for anyone who doesn’t want to read mentions of a sensitive subject to scroll.

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