33 weeks today!
I got a Bebe as big as a pineapple in there!!!
Nothing new to report, still big, still exhausted, still preparing. I’ve almost nested my way through my entire house, working on organizing the basement now, and then I’ll probably start all over again, lol.
Hoping for some cervix progress at next weeks ultrasound/ob appointment.
Gotta pick a date for my maternity photos soon!
I get more and more excited everyday to meet this beautiful precious soul that I’m carrying. She better not come late! I’ve been through too much to wait any longer than necessary!!

And Wednesday’s Liam’s fourth birthday 😭

Humans are Weird: Pregnancy

What if most alien species reproduce like avians or reptiles with large clutches of eggs which they don’t spend much time with, so the concept of raising a child inside of oneself is absolutely disgusting. 

Y’xplc wandered the corridors of the ship in the middle of the night-not that it mattered in space. Most everyone was in their sleeping pods, but he heard shouts from the humans’ pod. He scuttled over as quickly as he could to investigate. There were clearly loud shouts and signs of aggression. 

“I don’t want to have the baby here!” Human-Sarah cried, “In space! What if something goes wrong- what if the spaceship air hurts it. What if-” 

“That won’t happen,” Jane interrupted her, “Nothing’s going to happen to the baby,” Jane soothed. 

This outburst surprised Y’xplc, surely human-Sarah couldn’t be concerned. The air was kept at a stable oxygen level for most species. And there were incubators for all species, the eggs would be kept safe. 

Human-Sarah had been absorbed into the crew for the most part. After a few words with Jane, the message about the shrieking had been conveyed and she had stayed quieter. Sarah even taught some of the crew-mates how to play chess. Many hours waiting in deep space were spent staring at a chess-board interspersed with some compulsory cursing as pieces were taken. 

  Human-Sarah had warmed up to the aliens and was friendly with everyone, though it wasn’t hard to notice how she shied away from direct contact with anyone, Jane. 

However, in the recent weeks, Human-Sarah had been getting moodier. Y’xplc assumed it had something to do with the eggs. But when he went to the incubator there were not any eggs there. Perhaps the laying cycle was not going well. 

Months passed and Y’xplc began to notice other things as well; human-Sarah was eating excessively and was gaining weight, a lot of weight. Progesterone levels were also increased to an unhealthy amount. 

Eventually, Y’xplc contacted human-Jane about. She was under the belly of a generator fixing it with a sonic wrench. 

“Human-Jane,” He asked, “Is human-Sarah ok?” 

“What do you mean,” Jane looked up “Is she hurt?” 

‘No, but she is gaining weight rapidly and it’s noticeable as well as increased progesterone level.” 

“Oh,” Jane let out a rush of carbon-dioxide. 
“That’s just because of the baby,” She explained

“But there are no eggs in the incubator,” Y’xplc questioned, “Are you keeping them elsewhere,” 

  There were a few species who liked to keep the eggs safe with their own body-heat as part of their customs. 

“Eggs? What does this have to do with eggs,” Jane asked confused. 
“The eggs-your offspring.” 
“Y’xplc,” she garbled, “Humans are mammals we carry are babies in us.” 
“What?” Y’xplc couldn’t hold back a sound of disgust. 
“That’s why she’s gaining weight and eating so much, she has to feed the baby/” 
“That’s like a parasite,” Y’xplc unconsciously scuttled backward. 

Human Jane's eyes narrowed angrily, “Our baby is not a parasite.” 

“No,” Y'xplc backtracked quickly, “Of course not.“ 

In the coming weeks, human Sarah’s belly swelled to unimaginable sizes and she spent most of her days lying in bed. Jane too was preoccupied with the baby and Sarah. She was reading books on human child-care almost constantly whens he wasn’t fetching Sarah food. 

Most of the other aliens kept a wide berth from the baby inside of Sarah. The idea of keeping one’s young inside of themselves was absolutely disgusting. 

Then one day, Y'xplc her screams from their pod.
"It’s starting,” Human-Sarah half screamed, half groaned. “the contractions." 
Many hours later a squirming ball of flesh popped out of human Sarah’s reproductory region. It was tiny and delicate. It’s smooth round head. Human-Jane carefully swaddled it into a soft blanket and handed it to human-Sarah. 

"Your baby. It’s a she,” Jane smiled. 

“Our baby,” Human-Sarah sighed in relief. “It has your genetic code." 

The baby soon became a constant on the ship. Its wails punctuated the night and were subsequently followed by either Jane or Sarah cooing and shushing before providing it with sustenance. 

Y'xplc documented the babies growth and wondered why humans would give birth in such a dangerous and painful manner. Well, humans were weird.  

Naomi and Damon, commissioned by @turtletotem

From the novel Secondhand Shadow:

It’s supposed to be a symbiotic relationship: the Shadow serves and protects the human Lumi, the Lumi feeds and cares for the Shadow. But when Damon’s Lumi died young and severed the bond between them, he declined to go with her like a good little Shadow. Yes, it hurts. Yes, he’s cold and hungry all the time. And yes, his own people call him an abomination. But for the first time, Damon’s life is his own, and he’s never going back.

It’s a fantastic story; you should check it out!

Humans are weird

I’ve read a few of the humans are space/weird posts and I randomly thought, what if the aliens had a pregnant human on board their ship and she went into labor. What would they do? What if the human in labor knew they couldn’t birth naturally and has someone cut the baby out of her then gets stitched back up and the aliens watch on horrified by what had just transpired while the humans are all “it’s a boy” and carry on?
19-Year-Old El Salvadorian Rape Victim Receives 30-Year Prison Sentence Following Stillbirth
She was convicted of murder.

El Salvador is one of five countries in the world where abortion is totally illegal (the other four are Nicaragua, Chile, Malta, and the Holy See). It is under these extreme circumstances that Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez Cruz, a 19-year-old girl from eastern El Salvador, was convicted of failing to seek antenatal care in the case of a stillbirth, thus amounting it to murder. She’s been sentenced to thirty years in prison.

Hernandez was reportedly raped over several months by a gang member and hadn’t realized she was pregnant when she delivered a stillbirth into a toilet in early 2016. This goes against the prosecution’s story, which insisted that Hernandez both knew she was pregnant and wanted to get rid of the baby. The judge accepted that claim, which allowed for Hernandez’s harsh sentencing.

During sentencing, the judge also implied that Hernandez’s mother could be implicated along with her daughter.

Hernandez claims that she only knew she’d given birth after her mother took her to a hospital. She was then handcuffed to a bed while given treatment. Read here for more on the fight for abortion rights in El Salvador.

So I guess we’re making this public…six weeks three days with a heart beat going strong as of yesterday, which puts miscarriage risk low enough that we feel comfortable sharing. :)

This is why I’ve been an exhausted wreck the last few weeks. Meds are through the first trimester, but if this goes like last time I’ll feel pretty normal second trimester.

This is also why we’re suddenly doing a whole mess of house renovation. Gotta move the potato out of the nursery. :)

We call it nugget. Or tadpole. Or the fucking vampire. Updates as stuff happens…ideally hardly any, if everything goes smoothly…

Husband:  You know we really should concentrate on getting just the essentials for the baby.  There’s a lot of cute baby stuff out there but it’s not really useful.

Me:  Yeah you’re right.

Husband:  Oh I made a small Pottery Barn Baby order because I had a 20% off coupon.

Me:  What did you get?

Husband:  *unintelligible muttering*

5 days later: