I’m just going to say one thing on this and then return to my stuff like I’m not here, mmkay?

So. We know that Mark was arrested for child pornography. And yes, incredibly heinous crime, it’s completely disgusting, and I understand people’s immediate discomfort with him. I’m changing out all of my Mark face claims in RPs right now because I’m not comfortable using him when this has just surfaced, so of course everyone is welcome to be uncomfortable about it just the same. No one blames you for that.


There is no need to shame people who still enjoy his acting, or his singing, or even just think he’s attractive. There’s no need to shame people who’re continuing to use his face, because he IS NOT his character. The amount of shaming people for it is amazing already, honestly, and there hasn’t even been a conviction yet. Yes, he could potentially buy his way out of a conviction anyway, I know. But there’s not a need to shame other people in the community for this.

Do you guys remember who had child molestation charges against them? Michael Jackson. If anyone liked Michael Jackson for YEARS, they were shamed for it with tales of the molestation charges against him. And yet, look at it now, where if you’re a fan of his music or his dancing or his acting even, no one blinks an eye, because he’s one of the most monumental figures in music to date. Charges against him be damned.

I’m not saying Mark is as monumental as Michael, and I’m not saying either should be forgiven for the things they did. I’m just saying, you can enjoy a person’s art without enjoying them as a person. Put up the barrier between the two, respect other people’s comfort about using him as a face claim, and stop shaming people who are still fans of his art despite the actions of him personally. The person =/= the art.

That’s all.

Friendly reminder that Bleedman has drawn children having sex with adult men (this can easily be found on through googling, he doesn’t even hide it) and many pictures of young children in sexually compromising pictures (one of my examples in a previous post has a girl with her underwear being pulled down) 

and Michelle drew an aged up woman in a pile of fruit.