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Question as a patient-- is there a defining line between needing to be a (more) self-advocating patient, or just needing to seek a new care provider? Which I guess boils down to "is it me or them"? Which is hard to answer objectively, because I imagine few care relationships are entirely similar. But are there general guidelines as to know when to push yourself as a patient, or when to get a new doctor?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) Have you asked for things and been rebuffed, or just not asked?  Because if you aren’t asking, then maybe you do need to self-advocate more, but self-advocacy shouldn’t require you to ask a dozen times or in some special perfect way.

2) When they’ve said no to you, have they explained why?  Sometimes patients ask for things that aren’t possible or aren’t good ideas for their particular situation, but a provider should be willing to talk through their reasons for saying no, not just blow you off.

3) Do they listen when you say no?   If you say “I don’t want this treatment,” or “I don’t want to continue this treatment,” the response should be “tell us why and we’ll try to find something that works better for you.”  It should not be “guess you don’t want to get better” and it should definitely never be “too bad, we’re doing it anyway.”

4) Do they ignore symptoms you report?  It’s not always necessary or possible to treat some symptoms, but even then, they should investigate the details and explain to you why they aren’t treating.  And in a lot of cases it is necessary and possible to treat, and doctors just need to get off their asses.

A lot of care providers wouldn’t pass all these tests, and depending what your options are, you may have to compromise and learn to be super-assertive with your self-advocacy.  But if you’re feeling ignored and you have the chance to switch providers, go for it; don’t assume it won’t help.

Even if you aren’t a great self-advocate, a really good provider will put effort into finding out what you need, rather than requiring all the initiative to come from you.

So I see the term “shock” thrown around a lot in movies, tv shows, and fanfic, but I don’t think that most people actually understand what it means. See, there are two main definitions of “going into shock”:


Medical shock, or circulatory shock, is when blood isn’t being circulated through a person’s body. This can be due to significant blood loss, heart failure, etc. but it’s a life threatening condition which leads to lack of circulating oxygen, and therefore organ failure and death. Your character’s not bleeding out on the ground? Probably not in medical shock.


Psychological shock, or Acute Stress Disorder (ASD), is when a person has symptoms of severe anxiety and dissociation in the month following a traumatic incident. It’s similar to short-term PTSD, but generally with greater emphasis on dissociation. (And if it persists for longer than a month, you’re probably going to get the diagnosis changed to PTSD.)

So psychological shock is probably what writers are going for when they have a character say, “You’re going into shock!” However, to be diagnosed with ASD, symptoms have to persist for a minimum of 2-3 days. So the incident has just happened and your character is yelling about shock? Nada. No can do buckaroo. 

So there’s your crash course on “shock” so hopefully people will stop yelling about it after every explosion.

They did the thing.  They took a biopsy.  It sucked but I lived.  It hurt, but it was mostly an “ow” hurt, not a “AUGHHH” hurt.  I probably am fine and only have a low-level viral infection and not cancer, although I still have to get lab results to be sure.

I don’t even want this stupid cervix anyway. :p

One Week Post-Op

(Serious warning about gross body stuff below regarding top surgery. Nothing crazy explicit, but if you’re not great with injury/medical things you should proceed with caution.) 

Yesterday I had my one week post-op appointment with Dr. Ting. First, I’d just like to say that this man and his entire staff are the nicest people. They always remember me, and everyone from Dr. Ting’s assistant to his nurses stopped by to chat and ask how I’m doing. Quality people. 

Anyway, doctor Ting takes off my compression bandages from surgery (which was kinda rough since someone really stuck those bad boys on me) and was really, really happy with how everything looked. So he is like, “Congrats, time to take the tubes out!” 



Have I ever mentioned how terrible I am with blood/injuries/being forced to confront the fact that my mortality is coated in a weak, fleshy exterior? Because I am. I just can’t handle it. I’m a little better when it’s me caring for other people, but I become so queasy when I’m the one who’s injuries. 

Note: If anyone’s not aware, I had periareolar. Almost always, this procedure requires you to have drains in your chest for about 7 days. They are these plastic tubes that literally go into your body to collect fluid, which is deposited in these plastic bulbs outside your body. My friends called them “blood grenades” and I wanted to throw up–Jesus Christ, bodies are fucking weird. At this point, a week after surgery, the amount of fluid draining from me was minimal and the tubes could finally come out. 

Okay, so, first off, if anyone getting drains is concerned they might get pulled out: don’t. I was incredibly anxious about this the entire time I had them because of course I was. While I guess it’s probably possible, I feel it’s highly unlikely. Those suckers are surprisingly deep in there and I feel like you’d really need to work to get them out. But regardless of how deeply rooted they were inside my body, having them removed was simply Dr. Ting pulling these tubes from my chest as I sat on his examination table. Surprise, I almost passed out because bodies are horrifying flesh sacks and I can’t handle this shit. So after he’s like, “Are you doing okay?” and I’m like, “I am a weak human being,” Dr. Ting lays me down, has me take a few breaths, and pulls the second one out. Overall, having those things removed was kinda terrible, but the instant relief I felt once they were gone was incredible. So much of the post-op pain I felt was from those drains and once they were out I felt 80% better. 

The big reveal was incredible. There was still a lot of unevenness due to swelling, but I could see Dr. Ting and Dr. Medalie did a fantastic job. Not gonna lie: seeing myself all marked up and swollen was actually very hard to see and made me a bit woozy. But it was such a relief knowing this part of my transition was finally over. I’m required to wear a very mild compression bandage and gauze over my nipples for a month, which can be removed as needed to shower, etc. But the compression actually feels lovely on my chest right now, so I’m glad it’s there. 

I just took the bandage off to adjust some things, and I was very happy to see that some swelling has already settled after the removal of the drains. It really is looking amazing! I’m still a bit worried that something is going to go wrong, but slowly that anxiety is fading. I have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Ting next month and I’m very excited to see how the healing progresses during this period. 


  • Everything looks awesome. 
  • Our bodily forms are weird. 
  • I am weak. 

TIME OUT I am now delighted by the idea of Finn as an apprentice mortician. This could be canon, frankly. I could see the First Order putting “corpse disposal” under the heading of Sanitation. 

Like, Finn knows the easiest way to break open the ribcages of at least ten different species. Finn knows how much a Hutt’s liver weighs. Finn knows how to determine cause of death. Finn knows how to dissolve a body with acid. Finn knows how long it will take a humanoid corpse to return to ash, and at what temperature. Finn is supremely blasé about corpses (in a different yet related way to how Rey is supremely blasé about corpses), because he’s seen so many of them, handled them like objects, recognized them as meat. 

Finn understands death, is calm with the physical reality of it, but that just makes him value life all the more. The First Order taught him about death, but not about dying, which is foreign and frightening. 

Anyway then Finn comes to the Resistance and Leia immediately snatches him up for intelligence, and Finn does give them good First Order intel and he is really smart and gives great strategy, obviously, but then in the course of Spy Stuff he comes across an autopsy report and he’s like “uh, if this is accurate, this Wookie somehow lost her liver after being shot in the head”, and then he a) uncovers Secret Intelligence Stuff through an illegal organ trading ring, and b) gets Major Kalonia’s attention, and she starts actively trying to poach him for medical, and when there’s a horrible disaster and medical is swamped Finn comes in to volunteer, and he learns how to stitch a living body up, and he learns what to do about the warning signs he already recognizes, and he learns about dying. 

And then when Rey suffers a grievous injury, Finn is there to literally stitch her up. Like, I want full-on Max and Furiosa style emergency medical care, Finn cauterizing a knife with Rey’s lightsaber before sliding it between her ribs to reinflate her collapsed lung, apologizing the whole time, kissing her grimy palm and then sliding a cannula into her wrist. 


Earlier today coworkers and I were on the subject of how much we hate tv and radio advertisements for drugs, and how we think it’s irresponsible for drug companies to make the drug sound AMAZING and then rattle off a huge list potential symptoms. 

Coworker R went “That stuff is all legal, but marijuana isn’t and IT has no side effects, it’s ridiculous!”

I blinked and said “No, it can have side effects.”

R: “What side effects?”

Me: “Well, I know for people with bipolar it can cause psychosis, so there’s that to start.”

R: *quietly* “Oh. I had… absolutely no idea.”

I am not personally opposed to decriminalization of marijuana and its use in supervised medical treatment (by a pharmacist would be 50000% fine by me), but I’m also getting a little tired of the “no side effects!!!” thing around it. It’s not a harmless indulgence or a magical cure-all, and pretending it is could end up doing a lot of harm.

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Fic prompt (inspired by that poor anon traumatized by IV insertions, I hope you're feeling better anon): Reader had to be confined at St. Mungo's but luckily Severus is there to hold your hand through pesky IV insertions. Fluff ensues.

“Let me hold your hand,” he says, reaching out to grab your shaking fingers.

“I already told you! I’m not scared at all!” You snap, trying to sound more confident than you actually are.

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” he asks, arching an eyebrow. “Your powers of persuasion could use some work.”

The mediwitch rolls over a small cart covered with a cloth, but you know what’s underneath.

“Can’t I just take the potion by mouth?” You plead, hating how whiny and pathetic your voice sounds.

“It won’t work quickly enough,” Severus replies with a frown. “You’ll be completely Petrified by the time it reaches your stomach.”

You look down at your foot, which is pale and stiff, with a despairing expression.  You hadn’t meant to stumble across a nest of Medusa’s Asps in the Forbidden Forest.  In fact, said snakes were not supposed to be there in the first place, but Severus has already given Hagrid a piece of his mind about it, and there’s nothing more that can be done about it.

“I…I hate needles,” you rasp out, as the Mediwitch pulls your sleeve up.  You hate looking but you feel as though you are instinctively drawn to watch her tapping the inside of your arm, looking for veins.  Like blue snakes, they sleep deep under your skin and the Mediwitch frowns at your non-compliant body.

“Look at me.” Severus has taken your hand in his and you marvel at how warm and dry it is, his long, graceful fingers curling over yours. 

You turn to him, surprised.  He’s never taken your hand like this before- you always have to cajole him to show the barest amount of physical intimacy in public.

“You…you don’t have to,” you mutter, feeling the cold sensation of rubbing alcohol on your arm and forcing yourself to look in his dark eyes instead of at the Mediwitch, who is now rummaging around on the tray with what is most certainly going to be a massive needle the size of-

“Stay with me,” Severus commands, his voice strong and even.  It’s almost hypnotic in how it affects you and his eyes draw you in until you feel oddly far away- you’re warm and fuzzy and nothing hurts.  You want to tell him how much you love him, but you can’t seem to make your mouth work.  From far away, there’s an annoying buzzing noise, but you swat it away like an annoying fly.

“…and we’re done.”  The Mediwitch turns to leave, rolling the cart out of the room.  It’s the squeaking sound of the wheels that snap you out of your reverie and you blink with surprise.  A drip filled with a special potion is hanging to your left in a bag, and you turn back to Severus as he squeezes your hand.

“You did well,” he says, giving you a small, lopsided grin. “I only helped a little bit.”

“Stay with me,” you say softly, feeling your toes growing warm as the potion works its magic. “I need you, Severus.”

He leans forward and kisses your forehead.

“Of course,” he says, “I would never dream of being anywhere else.”

He smooths your hair back from your forehead and sits back down in the chair by your bed, his fingers entwined in yours as he comforts you in your time of need.

So today I found out all four of my wisdom teeth are impacted and need to be surgically removed. One is also basically touching my sinus cavity with its roots and may create a hole connecting mouth and sinus when removed. Shouldn’t cause an issue but it may also require further surgery to close it should that happen.

Anyway! That means afterwards (if the doctor is to be believed) I will be incredibly high. Like upper magnetosphere high. Sputnik high.

Which makes for incredible lair reviews. The surgery won’t happen for another few months, and I won’t take money since there’s a good chance I could forget to do them, but I might as well take people down for it now.

Hmu if you want to be put down. I won’t take a lot of folks, maybe like 10 or twelve.

Had an abnormal Pap result.  Have to go in today for a scope and possibly biopsy.  SUPER DUPER NOT HAPPY.

The odds that I have cancer are extremely low–most abnormal Pap tests are not–so I’m really more stressed about the procedure right now.  I really don’t do well with GYN stuff.  My body, which is capable of any number of delightful party tricks during sex, immediately goes into “NOPE NOPE NOPE ACCESS DENIED” mode at the doctor.  And that’s just for regular exams.  For a “there might be some slight pinching or cramping” exam… this is not going to be good.  Auugh.

oh yeah, so i had my main cancer screening the other day (mumble mumble colonoscopy) and they found nothing – no polyps, or whatever. so i’m doing ok! i get to go back in a few years & repeat, but, for now…

also the ultrasound of my ovaries & womb was fine, and i don’t have the pre-cancerous stomach infection that they tested me for either (lots of people have this infection & are fine, but b/c i already have an increased risk they tested me for it).

AND i have signed up to take part in a medical trial! aspirin every day and it could end up halving (or more than halving) my cancer risk in general. which is all very good (my lifetime cancer risk without screening OR aspirin is maybe above 80% and both screenings and aspirin could have a HUGE impact on it). anyway i am feeling happy about it all. 

was thinking tonight about how my dad & i are the first generations to even be able to have this gene test! and among the first generations to be able to be screened for cancers like this… like, just think. there are plenty of people alive right now who were born before penicillin had even been discovered. it’s all so astonishing. i am very sad that my grandfather died so young (38?) from lynch syndrome-linked cancer and that i never got to meet him. & i feel very, very grateful and super lucky. for everything. 

i’m looking at the doctor’s note i got, and it says i was fine to go back in today, and i’m just like “lmao sure”

you know what the doctor said when i asked him if he could get me a note, since i’d had to leave work so early?

“what, just that we’d seen you?”

that entire visit was just a lot of yikes. the dude who took me to do the CT scan ducked under my IV when he was maneuvering me and it tugged

fuckin’ ow

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I'm sorry if you've already answered this, but I'm curious as to how you think a fusion in which one of the gems has a cracked gemstone would turn out? my guess is that it would be highly unstable, but I'd love to hear another person's insight on it <3

ah, well, my take on it is that a Gem with a cracked gemstone would be unable to fuse. Their form is already incredibly unstable due to the cracked gemstone and fusion requires two Gems to sync their physical forms in order to merge (which is also said to be incredibly difficult for everyone, except Garnet). I think the chaotic element the cracked gemstone brings to a physical form makes it too erratic and nonspecific for a fusion to even start to form (like, it could maybe start to happen but then glitch and spit the component Gems out, like what happened the first time we saw Opal try to form). The cracked Gem is too unstable to even form a fusion in the first place

I also kind of think messing with the form of a cracked Gem would be pretty dangerous. The form is the only thing keeping the gemstone from completely falling apart (at least, it could, the pressure from the form could be what slows or stops a crack from spreading. Think of it like how keeping an object that’s impaled a person in the wound helps prevent them from bleeding out due to the pressure of the object against the blood vessels). Attempting to alter the form intentionally could risk rupturing the form (causing the form to release, and the gem falls apart as a result) or change the pressure so the gem cracks even further or possibly shatters. I’d also wager forming a Fusion is a BIG expense of energy. We’re told that Gems poof in order to most efficiently use their energy to heal. I imagine keeping a form together when a gem is cracked uses a lot of energy and its entirely possible that a cracked gemstone can’t produce any energy for the Gem to use (or can’t produce much or can produce energy but because its cracked the Gem is unable to utilize it)

Just my take on it, though

I dont have any gorey photos to send but my name is Kayla and I am 24 years old, I was born with a birth defect called spina bifida, I am sure you have heard of it. Basically just missing some bone in my spine and such.
I know it is a long shot but I was wondering if you would share my gofundme link to help spread this to a wider audience because I am badly struggling with pain management and really could use help getting out of this hole my medical bills have created.
I know it is a long shot but I was just really hoping you might help spread the word.
Thank you for at least taking the time to read this. 

“You have such beautiful blood vessels! So petite…”

…yikes, lmao

Anyways they’re running blood tests. They might give me some anti-nausea medication but it sounds like this is gonna be more of a long term investigation