Alice at 7 years of age

The story of Alice is actually sad. Remember that the great fairy tales are from another era, the reality was different and extremely conservative values. So, having a schizophrenic daughter was considered an aberration, a crime. Alice’s parents decided to leave her in a sanatorium, and it remained for the most part, doped. When he was not under the influence of drugs, was raped by the officials. The girl was only 11.

Each of the characters and objects of history, has to do with a desire or experience Alice.

The hole through which she enters Wonderland, is actually a window of his room, where he was imprisoned for life, why she wanted to go out and see the world around them.

The White Rabbit, for it represented the time. That time she wished to pass soon, so one day she could get out of that place. The time she saw pass so fast, yet so slow …

The Mad Hatter was another inmate, his best friend. Someone who left his life in hospital less bitter, who created several theories of how life would be out there. The boy, in fact, suffered from Bipolar Syndrome, so the personality of the Hatter in history, showed sometimes joyful, sometimes depressed, sometimes calm, sometimes angry.

The Hare, the Hatter companion, was the girl who shared a room with him. She suffered from severe depression, and every time that Alice had contact with her, found her in a state of terror and paranoia.

The Cheshire Cat: One of the nurses, whom Alice confided, but eventually trick her and her violent. The smiling cat, one that is so marked, it was actually the smile obscure his assailant opened every time you abused, and thrown into a left hand corner of your accommodation, defeated, sad and dazed.

The Queen of Hearts: the director of the sanatorium. An evil woman and despicable, he did not feel even an ounce of compassion for the sick who were under his care. Was in favor of shock therapy and lobotomies, and repeatedly demanded that the officials beat up, arrest sedassem in cages and the sick behavior that had not pleased him.

The White Queen: his mother, a noblewoman and tender, the skin that has suffered the prejudice of having a sick child, having to leave the girl in a sanatorium, never to see her again. The vague memories that Alice had, moments was with her mother, and her reason to think that the world outside the walls of the hospital was a better place, was to know that her mother was there, somewhere, to look after him.

Suits: hospital nurses, just following orders the whole day.

The Blue Caterpillar: her therapist, one that gave him the answers, which I explained to him what happened and with whom she conversed.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee: Siamese twins orphans, who were in the hospital. While not possessing any mental problem that would justify his internment, which had the appearance was frightening, so were prisoners.

The King of Hearts: the psychiatrist hospital. Someone with an inferiority complex, it was unable to oppose the orders of the director.

The bottles “Eat Me” and “Drink Me”: drugs that gave him. Because they are extremely strong, repeatedly Alice had different sensations and hallucinations, as well as if it had shrunk or increased in size.

All of this was created by the girl like a parallel world. A less painful reality that she lived. She could not stand that place and everything that went with it in there, then decided to use his childish imagination to ease the pain and suffering. The older sister Alice, is actually a hospital nurse, who was a little too attached. The nurse kept a diary and wrote down all the stories in it that Alice created in your mind. Every day the nurse went to the girl’s room and heard his outbursts and the adventures created in his mind. While noting a word.

Unfortunately, Alice performs an escape attempt. She did not succeed, and ultimately owned by employees. The director angry, tell the girl espanquem and apply electroshock therapy, so that never again repeat itself. After the punishment, Alice becomes aggressive and violent, to the point the director decides that the only way out for her, would lobotomy.

Alice lived long in a state of “coma”. She never lived, smiled nor spoke. Because of this, his body was devastatingly abused so much that it ended up having internal bleeding due to violence used in an act of rape, and he died.

The nurse who wrote their stories in a diary eventually move away from the sanatorium, and Alice was immortalized as the dreamy girl who lived incredible adventures in Wonderland.

“My oldest sister was a runaway as a teen and my parents caught her smoking pot. They didn’t know what to do with her and in 1970, the option for them was to put her away in a mental hospital where the people working there assured them that she needed to remain. Over the years there, my sister received so much electroshock therapy that she lost all memory of her childhood or any experiences she ever had with us.”

Secrets behind history

It infuriates me that Rosemary Kennedy, unknowingly, was subjected to a lobotomy by her father at 23 because of mood swings and that she was a little slower than her siblings. This is JFK’s sister. This was when the procedure was new. She was left with the mind capacity of a 2 year old child, unable to speak. Not only am I angry that she didn’t even know this was happening but the doctors doing the surgery had her recite the Lord’s Prayer and cut until she stopped talking. 

In a report about Eunice Kennedy and her work with mentally handicapped people, this is what I read.

“As (James) Watts cut down into the brain tissue with an instrument "like a butter knife”, Kessler quotes Watts as saying, (Walter) Freeman asked her to recite the Lord’s Prayer, or count backwards: ‘We made an estimate on how far to cut based on how she responded. He talked to her. He would say, that’s enough.’“