Breaking In Flash Forward Sneak Peek

Okay, so the other other day they released that OQ deleted scene of Robin being adorable and supportive and I was all annoyed by how much he always loved her and supported her and then they kill him, so I decided to sit down and rage write some BIn Robin (or as @beccabumblybee called him, RoBIn, you clever girl) being all supportive and loving to DEAL WITH ALL MY FEELS. But then I got a little, uh, carried away, and it’s 10k words, so I decided, y’know, I was gonna hold on to it until we got to that point in the story.

And then today Adam Horowitz got me ALL FIRED UP and I decided NEVERMIND LETS POST IT ANYWAY so here you go, 10k of BIn OQ. 

Set in early October (ch 25 was late July, for reference). You will see this again within the story itself, but it’s written so as not to give away any major plot points, I believe. NSFW, and trigger warning for disordered eating. You can skip down to the sex and be okay on that front, though. But the first part… proceed with extreme caution if disordered eating might trigger you.

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