Breakfast (Lafayette x Reader)

A/N: Happy birthday to @hamimagines, such a good friend and so supportive! This is my first time writing an imagine, but I thought I’d give it a shot for the one and only Rachel!

T/W: Mentions of drinking alcohol

Word count: 705

“Y/N, come on! We’re leaving soon!” your friend, Alex, shouted from the adjacent room. Today was your birthday, and you and your best friends, Alex, John, Hercules, and Lafayette, were going out for dinner.

Despite it being your birthday, you were still the only one who was just barely too young to drink, so you were in charge of staying sober and making sure everyone got home safely. As usual.

Well, your job wasn’t all bad. Since Lafayette lived on the other side of town, he would sleep on your couch on these nights where he was too drunk to drive. And today would absolutely be one of those nights.

You couldn’t quite explain why you liked those nights so much. Sure, you were having fun with all of your friends, but having Lafayette home with you… Well, it was weird alright.

When you woke up in the morning to go make breakfast, you would see him asleep on the couch 90% of the time. Every time you saw him like that, it made your heart beat faster. The way certain strands of his unruly hair would fall out of the ponytail they were in, the way he mumbled incoherent words as he dreamed, the way his face looked in his peaceful sleep…

It hit you, suddenly. Were you in love?

No, you can’t be. Lafayette is your friend. You can’t ruin everything by having a silly crush on him.

Still, you couldn’t deny how he made you feel…

You were snapped out of your daydreaming by a worried voice.

“Y/N, mon ami, are you, how you say, alright?” Lafayette looked down at you with a worried expression.

Oh, how his voice gives you butterflies…

It took you a second to form a response. “O-Oh, yeah! I-I’m fine! Just… just daydreaming, you know?” you stuttered out as you gave him an awkward smile. God, after realizing how you feel about him, it’s really difficult to form coherent sentences around him…

“Come on, let’s hurry up!” John shouted from across the room. Lafayette smiled (oh god his smile…) and walked over to where everyone else was standing. You grabbed your purse and quickly followed him. The five of you walked to the nearby restaurant together, as you tried to ignore your newfound feelings.


You woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and leaves ruffling in the wind. You rolled over and looked at the clock on your nightstand. 8:00. You sighed and walked to the kitchen, grabbing eggs and bacon from the fridge. You were about to start making breakfast when you heard Lafayette say something from the living room.

“I love you.”

Your heart stopped. Could he possibly feel the same way?

You walked into the living room, only to see Lafayette still asleep on the couch. Of course. He’s just mumbling in his sleep. Still, curiosity overtook you in an attempt to figure out just who he was talking to in his dreams.

“Who do you love, Laf?”

A smile crept onto his face. “You, Y/N.”

You almost fainted. He actually feels the same way.

A smile grew on your face as you said, “I love you too, Laf.”

You went back into the kitchen and began making breakfast. When you finished, you woke Lafayette up.

“Bonjour, mon amour.” As you said this, a shocked expression grew on Lafayette’s face.

“Y/N, mon amour means my love. I believe you meant mon ami-”

You cut him off. “No, Lafayette, I meant mon amour.”

“Y/N, what do you mean?”

“You mumble in your sleep,” you said with a smile as his expression grew worried.

“Y/N, I-”

“And I love you too.”

A blank expression made it’s way onto his face before he smiled and pulled you in for a hug. You hugged him back, and then put your forehead to his and looked into his eyes.

He began to lean forward, and pressed his lips to yours. You savored the way his lips felt against yours, as if this might be the only time you ever get to do this.

After what seemed like an eternity, you pulled away reluctantly.

“Come on,” you said, “breakfast is getting cold.”

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drunk Calum showing up at your apartment door because you're the closest one to the bar and he's way too smashed to drive and he's all giggly and smiley and hiccuping and slurring about how much he loves you as you help him strip down to just his tshirt and boxers and tuck him into bed and he tells you to stay because he's starting to feel a lil sick so you grab him the trashcan and sit beside him, rubbing his back and brushing his curls from his slightly damp forehead until he starts snoring :)

and b/c i’m a slut for angst:

almost shutting him out because you two haven’t spoken in months, so there’s no logical reason that he’s standing outside of your door but he’s babbling and you can’t help but let him in because he’s talking about how “he misses you” and he’s sorry he “didn’t have the nerve to call you”

drunken blurb night with @starwarsmashton!

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#8, with your otp?

8. A “Spin the Bottle” Kiss

Thanks for asking! This was a tough one because the AU I chose necessitated creating a bunch of new characters. (Marlena’s the only one directly from TOS) I totally did that to myself though.

Words: 1,191

Pairing: K/S for sure!

Universe:  This is part of an AU that my wife and I created a long time ago. The basic premise: Vulcan is under attack and the Vulcans send refugees to Earth. The Kirks end up hosting a young Spock on their farm in Iowa, and he spends many years with them while his home planet is in turmoil. I’ve written one fic for this AU before. This fic would be set a couple years after that, so Spock has been living with humans and hanging out with Jim’s friends for many many years.

Rating: G


“I fail to see the point,” Spock said, eyes narrowed. He looked out-of-place in the circle of them, shirt neatly tucked into his pants, hair impeccably smooth as always. Jim and his friends were decidedly more shabby, especially after a night of drinking.

“It’s a dumb kids’ game,” Jim waved his hand dismissively, “that we are way too old to be playing.” He shot a pointed look at Marlena, who just smiled. Jim and Marlena had been dating on and off since sophomore year of high school. Now that all of them were almost a year past graduation, it was pretty clear they’d be going their separate ways soon enough. Hence, the party. One last hurrah before Jim and Spock went off to Starfleet and Marlena and the rest of their friends found their own niches, whether in Iowa or not.

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Él olía a alcohol y cigarrillos mientras que yo olía a menta y mentiras, las peleas terminaban en lágrimas y estas a su vez finalizaban en rupturas. Las rupturas en reconciliaciones y las reconciliaciones en sexo hasta que un día fue demasiado para mí y decidí que esa sería nuestra última noche juntos. Intentamos hacer el amor como locos pero terminamos teniendo sexo. Irónico.