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2 oz. (60ml) Swedish Berry Infused Vodka
½ oz. (15ml) Triple Sec
5 oz. (150ml) Blue Raspberry Kool Aid

Instagram Photo Credit: @drinkingwithdevra

Post your original recipe and photo on Instagram using#TipsyBartender and we will repost the best ones. Each month, the pics with most likes wins $300, 2nd Place $200, 3rd Place: $100.

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Drinking at conception boosts diabetes risk for baby

Babies conceived by women who drink alcohol around the time of conception face dramatically increased risks of type 2 diabetes and obesity in early middle age, a University of Queensland study has found.

The discovery was made by School of Biomedical Sciences scientist Associate Professor Karen Moritz during research into how events - particularly alcohol consumption - before and during pregnancy affect the long-term health of offspring.

Using a laboratory rat model, Dr Moritz and PhD student Ms Emelie Gardebjer discovered that the equivalent of five standard drinks consumed around the time of conception altered the development of the foetus.

“Before the egg implants, before any organs start to develop, alcohol consumption somehow causes changes to the embryo,” Dr Moritz said.

The research is published in The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

anonymous asked:

Is it true that finnish people tend to be alcoholic? I heard that from my swedish cousin (damn you swedes!)

Finland is not the top alcohol consumer in the world but here are lot of people who drink a lot and/or have problems with alcohol. Our government tries to control the use of alcohol by law. There is a high tax on alcohol so it is very expensive, normal stores and markets are allowed to sell only drinks that have 4,7% alcohol and you can only buy alcohol between 9 and 21 (or 9am and 9pm). Partly because these laws many Finns take a ferry to Estonia to buy loads of cheap booze. And despite them, the use of alcohol has gone up recently: especially women have started to drink more. 

Loads of various theories have been put out on why Finns drink so much. Some blame the government and society for its policies (alcohol is mostly seen as a way to get drunk, not as nice beverages with food or something), some blame the dark, cold, long and miserable winters, scientists have even studies the genes to get the answer.( As far as I know there is a gene in Finnish gene pool that makes men aggressive while they’re drunk. So don’t start arguing with Finnish men when they’re drunk. :D )

Some statistics: Europeans consume half of the world’s alcohol. Finland is 27th European country when it comes to consuming alcohol. Not so impressive. However, on binge drinking, Finland is number 10. If we sort countries by their citizens who have liver problems, Finland is already number 3 in Europe. So one could say that Finns don’t drink every day but when they do, they really do drink a lot. And fight.

Apparently, this is not a new phenomenon. in 1555, Gustav I of Sweden visited Finland and wrote: “Finnish people have so strange a nature that they drink until they are drunk and they scream and shout so no one can talk to them.”
in 1800s Karl Axel Gottlund, who studied Finnish language, wrote: “Finns wanted alcohol to drink, not to enjoy. When they drank, they drank furiously with devotion”.


1980s Gremlins anti-drugs PSA