tw: zest

Meet the New Squid On The Block, Zest! 

Zest is a 15 year old aspiring Turf War Champion who thinks he’s the coolest kid around. He strolls around town, throwing finger guns and playful winks to the local crowds…before walking headfirst into a pole. A social guy, but not all too fond of confrontation, he sometimes talks himself RIGHT into trouble…and can sometimes talk himself back out of it!

He basically wants to be super popular, known, and loved by all! He’s got a long way to go, though…

MY SPLATOON 2 MAIN SQUIDDY IS HERE!! Weapons and outfit and stuff will be determined when the game comes out, but I’ve had this design for a while! SO HERE HE IS!!


Spring has sprung~🌸

I’ve been in an inks and flowers mood lately, so here’s a few lovely busts for some friendos (plus one of Viri)

  • Viri + sunflowers (happiness & liveliness)
  • @creamedcoffee - Inked + daffodils (respect & compassion)
  • @rustybuckett - Pail + chrysanthemum (optimism & hope)
  • @zestyoranges - Zest + coreopsis (devotion & cheerfulness)

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