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With my thanks to those who liked and chimed in on my question of yesterday (lookin’ at you, @kreeblimsabs and @geezerwench), I decided to go ahead and post the prologue of my new SiriMione story Zest.


Sirius Orion Black took the charge of raising Harry to heart in every way, becoming a pillar of Wizarding Britain. Somewhere along the way, he forgot his Marauder side, though … until he meets his soulmate in a surprising place. AU because I change, oh, a LOT of canon.

Excerpt from the prologue:

“Lils, come on!”

“If the worst happens,” James said, his voice louder than Sirius’s own, “we’ll have a bag packed in the pantry downstairs. Not a likely place for a Death Eater, right?” Lily snorted before nuzzling Harry and pretending that everything was fine. “The bag will have clothes, nappies if he’s not trained yet, our will, and some other things. We’ll have them all shrunken down for you to make it easy, all right?” James’s eyes shone with desperate sincerity.

Sirius’s throat clogged. “Easy?” he tried to say. It came out broken.

Lily nodded, her voice oddly soothing as she said what she felt she had to say. “Easier than you having to sort and sift, Sirius. Look,” she went on, meeting his eyes over Harry’s tousled head. “You were an entitled, self-centered prat when we were in school, but you’ve got over that, mostly, which is why we both wanted you to be Harry’s godfather. I expect you to be there for him if he needs you. Acting like a good Auror, a good man. The man I know you can be. The man I’ve seen surrender everything materialistic for his principles. The man who will go beyond the bounds of magic for his friends.”


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Zest: Chapter Six New Year’s Eve, Part Two


“Ah, another bibliophile, eh?”

Pleased, she smiled at him. “You as well?”

He sighed in a dramatic fashion. “No. We established the Library for my friend Remus. He lived with me and helped me raise Harry until we all went to Hogwarts. But it’s a good Library and Remus helps me keep it current.” He grinned down at her. “If you ever want to help, let me know.”

“Libraries are like, I don’t know, an addiction, I confess,” Hermione murmured, taking one last, long look before making herself turn from the temptation presented. “I’ll behave.”

“Now, we can’t have that,” Sirius murmured suggestively…