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Okay, so I see a lot of posts floating around Tumblr about how awful/exhausting/stressful adulthood is. They make me laugh and they’re relatable and sometimes I reblog them. The thing is, though, for me, adulthood is actually way better than being a teenager was–so I wanted to share some things I love about being an adult, just to even out the balance. I don’t think I have any teenage followers, but maybe some in their early twenties? Anyway, I don’t want people to fear adulthood, because there are amazing things about it:

–Normally, I end my evenings by sitting on my sofa in my flat in pleasant solitude, drinking herbal tea and reading and listening to that morning’s Essential Classics on Radio 3. This should be the dictionary definition of bliss.

–Even though I have experienced bullying as an adult as well as when I was a child/teenager, I feel like my internal resources for dealing with it are better now and growing all the time. I no longer feel like the bad things people say to and about me define me.

–Buying my own laundry detergent means I can finally pick one that I’m not allergic to. I am no longer 110% covered in red itches at all times.

–I have friends who are boys and my dad isn’t in my house to constantly harrass me about them.

–Last year I went to a concert of science fiction scores played by the Royal Philharmonic with someone I know slightly from church. It was the actual coolest.

–My brother and I are friends now that we live in entirely different cities. He texted me the other day for advice on his CV. It was nice.

–My friends either share my interests or love the fact that I’m so interested in those things. It’s been years since I’ve said to anyone “I learnt an interesting thing today!” and they’ve replied, flatly, “define interesting”.

–I just feel so much more like myself than I did when I was a teenager. I’m okay with hating make-up/loving Disney films/being super career-driven/being great with kids, and the fact that those things would seem to make me a contradiction, and that I’m actually just me.

–My mum keeps defending my right to be single to anyone who tries to commiserate with her about the fact that she doesn’t have grandbabies. Adulthood, for me, has meant becoming friends with my mum.

–I know enough about myself and the world now to realise that understanding social/relational stuff is a real weak point of mine. When I don’t understand those things now, I say “I don’t understand this” to my friends, and they help me without laughing at me. (Then I help them with their CVs and knowing where their apostrophes belong. Turn and turn about is fair play).

–Enough bad things have come and gone in my life that I know dark seasons will pass, and even the things that aren’t temporary (my dad will probably never not be a borderline-homeless misogynistic conspiracy theorist again) are just part of my life, not the whole of it. They don’t consume me. When awful things happen, I am sad for a few weeks or months, but I know that one day I will be not sad for a while, and that is worth hanging on for. This is something I never could have known when I was a teenager, because not enough bad things had come and gone from my life.

–I would not trade the worst day of my last six months (which was awful and heartbreaking and I think I literally cried for 24 hours straight) for any day from my life aged 11-16. I have been sad, this year, but I also knew it would pass. It gets better. It gets so much better.

me: i dont have disorganized speech

also me: oh yeah so once i was in the car, have you seen my car? yeah probably. so i was in the car and we were driving to florida and [completely stops for 3 minutes] did you know lorde has synesthesia? the type with colors. mine doesnt involve colors, really. where was i? oh, florida. car. we were driving to florida, and- hey have you ever been to 7-11 because it’s my favorite store since july 11th is my birthday. once we went and i showed my ID and i got a free hot dog because that’s my birthday. and have you been to six flags? we have season passes. oh! sorry! florida. so we were in the van, it was a white van, we rent one when we vacation because we have a lot of people in our car. it’s pretty big, the last one had five rows of seats i think but we removed one so we had room for our bags. i sat in the last row with my grandma, nobody could hear us talk because we were so far back. actually we didnt know music was playing until the drive home, it was funny actually, and-

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"Bisexuality is defined by an attraction to two or more genders" Bi means two, though. More than two would be polysexual, while all genders or regardless of gender would be pansexual.

Everyone who tries to tell me what bisexuality means personally owes me and all of my followers $1.


Bisexual Organizations: (Bisexual Resource Center: USA)
“The BRC uses bisexual as an umbrella term for people who recognize and honor their potential for sexual and emotional attraction to more than one gender. We celebrate and affirm the diversity of identity and expression regardless of labels.” (American Institute of Bisexuality)
“A bi person has the capacity for romantic and/or sexual attraction to more than one gender.” (Bisexual Index: UK)
“This is how we define it: A bisexual is someone who is attracted to more than one gender. You might care about the gender of your partner a lot, a little, or not at all – but their gender doesn’t prevent you from being attracted to them.” (BiNet USA)
“Bisexual – A person whose enduring physical, romantic and/or emotional attraction is to other people of various sexes and/or gender identities. Individuals may experience this attraction in differing ways and degrees over their lifetime.” (Toronto Bisexual Network)
“Bisexuality is the potential to feel attracted to and to engage in sexual and/or romantic relationships with people of any sex or gender.”

Activists: (Robyn Ochs; Bisexual Activist)

“I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted – romantically and/or sexually – to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.”

Community on Tumblr:

“Bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders, not necessarily to the same extent, not necessarily in the same way, not necessarily at the same time.”

“bisexuality is, broadly speaking, the attraction to two or more genders. bisexuality is not inherently or transphobic or exclusive of non binary genders—note that there are both binary and non-binary trans people who identify as bisexual. it is possible for bisexuals to be attracted to be attracted to anywhere from two to an infinite number of genders. many times, bisexuals will define their own sexuality as the attraction to both similar and different genders (which encompasses all genders). however, it is important to remember that bisexuals can be attracted to multiple genders without being attracted to people of their own gender. for example, an agender bi person may be attracted to women, bigender, and genderfluid people, or a bi woman might be attracted to men and agender people…..”

“bisexual: the (sexual) attraction to two or more genders. sometimes defined as the attraction to same + different genders; however, this is not true of all bisexuals.”

“bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders”

“Bisexuals have been defining bisexuality as the attraction to two or more/same and other for decades. This isn’t some made-up tumblr joke. Words change meaning. Prefixes change meanings. We didn’t even give ourselves the term bisexual to begin with, doctors did.”

“bisexual- sexually attracted to your same/similar gender and other gender(s), OR sexually attracted to 2 or more genders. Some bisexuals feel that they experience different kinds or degrees of attraction to different genders/gender presentations.”

“Bi: attracted to two or more genders. Some people will define it as “attracted to similar and different genders,” but this is slightly less inclusive than the above definition. I’m of the mind that “similar and different” evolved to satisfy bi=2 prescriptivists, but they are insatiable and forever gross.”

“…being bi does not reinforce the gender binary. And some bi people are only attracted to men and women–and that’s ok! However, bi is not defined as the attraction to men and women, or two genders. It can be for an individual, but not for our entire community. That definition is not only false, but harmful. (This is not to imply that bi people can’t be transphobic!)

This also means that you don’t have to be sexually attracted to people to be bi. There are so many different kinds of attraction, and to just focus on bisexuality would be excluding a lot of people (e.g. being biromantic).”

“What does bisexual mean?

Attraction to:

1. Two or more genders or

2. More than one gender.”

“Bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders”

“Bisexuality is not half gay and half straight. Bisexuality is not in between gay and straight. Bisexuality is not gay when dating the same gender and straight when dating a different gender. Bisexuality is not gay-ish or straight-ish.

Bisexuality is its own fully independent self-contained complete orientation.”

Other things worth the read about the definition of bisexuality:

Bisexual Manifesto from 1990:

“We are tired of being analyzed, defined and represented by people other than ourselves, or worse yet, not considered at all. We are frustrated by the imposed isolation and invisibility that comes from being told or expected to choose either a homosexual or heterosexual identity.

Monosexuality is a heterosexist dictate used to oppress homosexuals and to negate the validity of bisexuality.

Bisexuality is a whole, fluid identity. Do not assume that bisexuality is binary or duogamous in nature: that we have “two” sides or that we must be involved simultaneously with both genders to be fulfilled human beings. In fact, don’t assume that there are only two genders. Do not mistake our fluidity for confusion, irresponsibility, or an inability to commit. Do not equate promiscuity, infidelity, or unsafe sexual behavior with bisexuality. Those are human traits that cross all sexual orientations. Nothing should be assumed about anyone’s sexuality, including your own.

We are angered by those who refuse to accept our existence; our issues; our contributions; our alliances; our voice. It is time for the bisexual voice to be heard“

”Defining bisexuality, just like defining any identity label, can be complicated and controversial. My definition of the label “bisexual” is informed by the work of The Bisexual Organizing Project. It includes people who use labels such as “bisexual,” “non-monosexual,” “persexual,” “omnisexual,” “ambisexual,” “pansexual,” “queer” or any other term that people use to identify themselves as individuals who are emotionally, romantically or physically attracted to people of more than one sex, gender or gender identity. I also recognize that not everyone chooses to adopt a label to describe their sexual orientation, and I also include non-labeling people who see themselves as part of a queer, non-monosexual or bisexual community under my definition of “bisexual.”“

Reasons why the prefix/etymology argument is not a very good one against “bi = attraction to 2 or more”

So I haven’t been watching su since the whole Singing-Slavers-human-zoo debacle, but I’ve been ruminating over a bunch of stuff from the last couple of seasons and how peridot has been handled makes me really mad.

We know the crewniverse loves to “fix” people with relationships (whether or not we see any on screen chemistry). When they slapped lapis and peridot together, they “cured” them of their mental illness/neurodivergance. Sure, lapis gets an episode or two to act mopey and gets triggered by amethyst in another, but other than that, being in a relationship with peridot “cured” her. She’s all better now because instead of facing her problems now she’s just with peridot and that makes everything fine somehow. Everyone talks about that.

What I hear almost nothing about is how lapis has, apparently, “cured” peridot. When peri first came on the scene, she was cynical, analytical, reclusive and on top of all that she showed obviously autistic traits. In the last three eps I’ve seen her in, she’s lost all of her “negative” (read: obviously autistic/neurodivirgent) traits and become a sort of hyperactive art hamster or something.

It’s almost as if the new writers/storyboarders viewed her autistic traits as bad and just threw them away! °o°

the only one I see come up is her scripting/ecolalia and it’s used mainly as comic relief. Other than that, she’s become an upbeat, neon-green popsicle with no purpose other than “try not to say the J word around Lapis, plz” and it fucking sucks.

And we never mention that amethyst threw her limb enhancers (I.e. her accommodations) into the ocean. When it comes up in the show that she needs them, Steven is the only one who cares. Never in the show is any effort made to recover them, Steven just makes her some paint cans and everything is fine because Steven ‘bleeding-heart-liberal" universe can do no wrong. Amethyst also tried to chuck peri’s tablet in the ocean (see a theme here?) But because it made her metal powers work, ame is a big hero.

This show had some kindness to it at one point, but it’s all gone now. Instead of teaching kids to stand up against even the most mild injustice or showing how teamwork and clear communication are what make friendships and other relationships work, now they’re telling kids to listen to the bigot’s side of things and to be sensitive to that “opinion” even if you have the means to help the people it hurts (like why was no one worried about any of the people in the zoo? They had literally all of security on their side and they didn’t try to do a damned thing about those enslaved people!).

TL:DR su has gone rotten. It puts forth bad/abusive relationships as a cure all (especially for things that should never be treated like they can be cured {e.g. neurodivergance}) and espouses straight up racism.

P.S. the new Lars was super fucked up. He puts it best himself: “ I was acting weird all day and everyone just LIKED IT?!” I love how this show teaches kids to violate people’s bodily autonomy because they’re not happy, positive people all the time. It feels like there’s so much eugenics hiding in su and it’s made me really uncomfortable for a long time

I never expected to find this wellspring of talent in the Furby fandom.

Let me explain. I’m 26 years old, I’m a toy collector, and I’m also a classically trained artist and a costume designer. I’ve been around the block a few times in toy collector groups, and I have never seen ANYTHING like what I’ve found here. I was not prepared. The content of every other toy fan community I’ve been a part of has primarily been BST groups that treat their toys like investments. The most carefully taken photographs are ones of box damage or authenticity stickers. On a rare occasion you’ll get someone bragging about their multi-hundred dollar display setup for their thousand-dollar collection. The largest walls of text are dissertations on in-box collecting and scarcity. Pictures of the actual toys have a tendency to be bury or poorly lit, over-exposed flash photography with boring plain white backdrops. People who do custom work on their toys are as frequently criticized for ‘ruining the value’ of their toys as they are complemented on their work - and the work itself is rarely good.

And then there’s Furblr.

Beautiful photographs that demonstrate an understanding of mood, lighting, composition and display a keen and personal aesthetic sense. Furbies are not exactly an ideal photography subject! They have like six facial expressions max, and zero poseability beyond the ears - but here I am seeing hundreds of unique and beautiful photos of them - dressed up in, frankly, incredible and creative costumes and taken to neat locations for photoshoots - these are incredibly loved toys! If that wasn’t enough, the attitude of the fan community itself is just… it’s so good. You’ve taken the best pages out of the BJD community and given your toys names, personalities outfits - I really can’t stop gushing about the outfits, I never would have even considered costuming a Furby and I do costumes for a living! Broken or glitched toys are not seen as ruined or worthless, but are prized possessions, given humanizing descriptions like mute or sleeping or quirky. I read paragraph long descriptions of what others would see as simple programmed interactions described as elaborate unique personalities - the creative writing talent in this community is surprising!

There’s a culture of shared information here that’s really delightful. Robotics are daunting to work with, but our resident techs are helpful and putting out content to make repair more accessible - diagrams and videos and explanations, all that. Custom artists share tutorials and patterns. And, listen, they don’t make old Furbies anymore, they are a limited resource - but I regularly see you all advertising rare or cheap listings you find with the rest of the community, or even offering finding-services for free. Many would see the above as opportunities to make money within the community, secrets to be carefully guarded, but the environment here of helpful information sharing is just something else.

I would be remiss if I did not touch on the maturity I’ve seen here, too. A lot of you are kids, or barely-not-kids. A lot of us are trans people, or marginalized people, and there’s a broad range of financial status represented here as well. There’s a lot of room for friction internally. There’s a lot of room for friction externally as well - Furbies fall into a realm of uncanny valley robotics for a lot of people, and the outside world opinion of our shared interest is not always flattering. What I’ve seen so far is honestly something to be commended - brief, curt, reasonable responses to legitimate issues, a fierce protectiveness of the vulnerable members of the community, and a refocusing on Furby content after conflict is resolved. No community will ever be perfect, but the Furblr I’ve seen is doing very well for itself so far, and I hope to see that continue in the future. Collector communities are not like this elsewhere.

So really, thank you all for existing. Thank you for sharing your time and your talent and your passion with me. Tip your artists well, complement each other’s work, and continue to build each other up. It is an honor to be among you.

speaking of Delilah’s self-absorption and need to be important, I also think it’s interesting how titles of her paintings shift their focus depending on Delilah’s relationships with the subjects. Let’s take a look at the inner circle.

Luca, His Eyes On Me” reflects his obsession with Delilah and curiously lacks any comment on her impact on him. Almost every other title talks about meaningful, impactful change Delilah brought to a person - “I Am the Ruin of His House,” “Her Heart, I Bathed in Poison”, “Her Face is My Smile”, etc. Yet she doesn’t seem to care about her impact on Luca besides the fact that he watches her every move. He is obsessed with her, he covers the entire city in incredibly expensive banners with her face on them, he spends nights in her bedroom, he makes musicians play day and night in front of her silver statue and fantasizes about said statue coming alive and visiting his bed. It shows how little he understands of her or her magic, but he is devoted nonetheless. The Heart says that Delilah “thinks about him sometimes, but only as someone might think of a favored pet.” That’s all Luca Abele is to her, and she is just not interested in what he is aside of him being ready to lick her boots and fight a war on her behalf.

“My Fires Burn within Breanna’s Marrow” is something different, it’s not about superficial adoration, it’s about her inspiring and loving Breanna Ashworth, literally being the fire that gives her life. It’s much more personal and devoted, it implies permanent connection on both sides, not the one-way impact like the other paintings. Delilah’s effect on Breanna is profound and unparalleled, she was her freedom, her love, her salvation, her goddess and her revelation. She knows everything about Breanna down to her marrow - and owns it too. There’s also an underlying context of Arcane Bond between them, we can see from her letter how thankful Breanna is to Delilah for opening her connection with the Void, how excited she is to feel “the strange winds” of it. And this is why when you take away Breanna’s magic, Delilah abandons her. From Delilah’s point of view, her flames within Breanna died out.

Interestingly, it’s the ONLY two paintings that have names in their titles. Everyone else is “he” or “she” (or “craftsman”, but we’ll get to the science goblin next). It’s two of the most devoted people in her life, the only two she reached from the Void, the only two deserving of names. Even if she doesn’t care about Luca as a person, he worships her wholeheartedly, and it is what Delilah ultimately wants from people, so he still is more valuable to her than others.

In contrast, “I Look Upon the Craftsman” doesn’t just lack a name in the title - it lacks even a pronoun, which *every* other painting gets. Even the goddamn tree is “she”. “Craftsman” is distant and impersonal. It also lacks an active action, an impact - “look upon” is observational, curiously passive for Delilah who yearns to leave her mark on people. She and Kirin Jindosh are obviously not close. They basically use each other in a mutually beneficial way. But for Delilah, the most important thing she wants from people is worship. And Jindosh is not going to worship her, he states plainly that he doesn’t even care who’s the Empress. He also wants to solve her, like he does with everyone else (his painting is the only one staring back uncomfortably) and Delilah does not appreciate this. In her letter to him, we see that he asked her about the Void and her connection, and Delilah puts him in his place - she says that wonders of the Void are innumerable and she witnessed them, but he doesn’t have a slightest hope of imagining them. She tells him to be content with seeing slightly more than common people. Basically, she tells him that gifted craftsman is all he’ll ever be. Delilah is wary of Jindosh, resentful for not being able to affect him, and looks down on him for his limits within the common world.

I Regard Her, Within and Without” is different. It’s also distant, but though “regard” and “look upon” might seem close, they are not similar. “Regard” implies not only observation, but also respect. There’s also an underlying sense of Delilah’s power over Hypatia, - “Within and Without,” - we know that she is controlled through Luca Abele. But “Regard Within and Without” also translates a fascination of all aspects of Hypatia. There’s sadly absolutely zero shown interaction between them in-game, but Alexandria Hypatia is obviously not someone who Delilah sees as mundane. 

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Did you have the colors of the barrier's crack sort of represent the children's times in the underground on purpose? If so, 👍. If not, happy accident. Also, can you tell us how the 2 not picked endings would have gone?

That is the coolest accident I have ever done. Thank you for telling us! :D

As for the other endings… a lot of people want to know as well!!


Well let’s start with the choices! I decided to be deceptive. Because otherwise people would just pick the “Good” ending, and that would be less fun.

The choices:

Sad = “good” (quotation marks necessary)

Bad = “bad” okay

Broken - “stupid”

If it makes you feel better, if I didn’t hold a poll, the “bad” ending was the planned one.

So the “Good” ending was that the children arrive on the surface and all the kids except Frisk is very confused. Turns out they were all pulled through time and all their friends and families are dead. But hey now the monsters are openly accepted. So it’s a “good” ending.

“Bad” ending is where the kids and monsters arrive on the surface only to be attacked by the humans. This fight eventually results in Chara dying and causing a reset, but somehow the most recent “save” point is now at the breaking point of the barrier. Chara warns everybody of the danger, and so the monsters agree to stay underground until they can safely leave, and the humans that want to leave go outside.

Kanji Translation of Touhou Names

EDIT 8/11/17: HSiS update

EDIT 5/16/17: Now updated for HSiS demo! Double Spoiler added, Hatate moved. Kasen moved to ULiL section, pets added. Hisoutensoku and Taisui Xingjun added, not that anyone cares. Added translations of print work titles. Minor formatting edits. “Imitation” corrected to “Vignettes,” no idea how that happened. Other old translations left untouched for posterity, even if they suck.


I found an old document that where I kept notes of their names, because I never found any adequate English translations and I can’t read 80% of the kanji. I cleaned it up because hey, some of you nerds out there might want to see it.

Note that these are just direct translations of the kanji, so any nuance brought by allusions are usually not represented; the only exception to this rule are place names, which are left as is in the poetic translation.

The format for each goes: [romanization] / [kanji] / [poetic translation, in which I try to represent the most likely intended meaning of the name in an artful manner] / [literal or snarky translation, an alternate and blatantly wrong or awkward reading.] Highlights include Aya, the entire Moriya Shrine, Kogasa, Minamitsu, and Tojiko.

紅魔郷 / Realm of Scarlet Magic ~  Embodiment of Scarlet Devil:

  • Hakurei Reimu / 博麗 霊夢/ Esteemed Graceful Spirit Dream
  • Kirisame Marisa / 霧雨 魔理沙/ Drizzly Magical Law of Sand and Seas / Foggy, Rainy, Magical, Scientific Sand
  • Hong Meiling / 紅 美鈴/ Scarlet Pretty Bell / the Most Stereotypical Chinese Name, but More Red
  • Izayoi Sakuya / 十六夜 咲夜 / Flowering Night of the Full Moon / Sixteenth Night, Laughing Night

妖々夢 / Bewitching Phantom Dream ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom / Ghost Ghost Dream

  • Chen / 橙 / Orange 
  • Konpaku Youmu / 魂魄 妖夢 / Soul Phantom Dream / Cloud Demon White Demon Dream
  • Saigyouji Yuyuko / 西行寺 幽々子 / Quiet Ghostly Child of the West-facing Temple / Westward Temple’s Ghost Ghost Kid
  • Yakumo Ran / 八雲 藍 / Indigo of the Unfathomable Clouds / Eight Clouds Blue
  • Yakumo Yukari / 八雲 紫 / Violet of the Unfathomable Clouds / Eight Clouds Purple

永夜抄 / Eternal Night Vignettes~ Imperishable Night

  • Kamishirasawa Keine / 上白沢 慧音 / Wise Sound above a White Pond
  • Inaba Tewi / 因幡  てゐ / Tewi the Flag of Purpose
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba / 鈴仙・優曇華院・イナバ  Bell Hermit, Esteemed Lady of the Banana Flower House, Inaba / Bell Hermit of the Supreme Cloudy Flower Institution, Inaba
  • Yagokoro Eirin / 八意 永琳 / Eternal Jewel of Unfathomable Intent /  Eternal Jewel of Eight Reasons
  • Houraisan Kaguya / 蓬莱山 輝夜 / Brilliant Night upon the Hourai Mountain / Mountain of Herb Clumps on a Sparkly Night
  • Fujiwara no Mokou / 藤原 妹紅 / Scarlet Sister of the Wisteria Field 

萃夢想 / Gathering Reverie ~ Immaterial and Missing Power

  • Ibuki Suika / 伊吹 萃香 / Gathering Fragrance at Mt. Ibuki / the One Who Blows to Collect Perfume

花映塚 / Flower-Viewing Tomb ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View / Flowery and Reflective Pile of Dirt

  • Shameimaru Aya / 射命丸 文 / Words of the Viewfinder Bursting with Life / Words like Life-Shooting Bullets
  • Kazami Yuuka / 風見 幽香 / Lonely Fragrance Seen by the Wind / The Wind Sees Something that Smells Creepy
  • Onozuka Komachi / 小野塚 小町 / Tiny Village of the Tiny Untamed Mound /  Small Town upon a Rural Cemetery
  • Shiki Eiki / 四季 映姫 / Reflective Princess of the Four Seasons / Four Seasons Utsuhime-SA Grand Theft Auto San Andreas MOD

風神録 / Chronicle of the Wind God ~ Mountain of Faith

  • Aki Shizuha / 秋 静葉 / Placid Leaf of Autumn
  • Aki Minoriko / 秋 穣子 / Autumn’s Child of Plenty / Ten Octillion Kids in Autumn
  • Kagiyama Hina / 鍵山 雛 / Doll Upon the Mountain of Keys / Button Mountain’s smol birb
  • Kawashiro Nitori / 河城 にとり / Nitori of the River Fortress
  • Inubashiri Momiji / 犬走 椛 / Maple Tree of the Dog Path / Doggy Walks upon [This Kanji That Doesn’t Exist]
  • Kochiya Sane / 東風谷 早苗 / Early Sprout in the Valley of East Winds / the Early Sprout Who Wields the Grain of Eastern Wind
  • Yasaka Kanako / 八坂 神奈子 / Divine Nara Child of the Unfathomable Hills / That Kid Some God Sent Down to the Eight Hills to Solve Everyone’s Problems Because They Were out of Options
  • Moriya Suwako / 洩矢 諏訪子 / Geyser Child of Suwa / Child Conceived after Consulting the Blabbering Arrow

緋想天 /  Heaven of Scarlet Thought ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

  • Nagae Iku / 永江 衣玖 / Nine Vestments of the Eternal River
  • Hinanawi Tenshi / 比那名居 天子 / Heavenly Child of [some obscure earthquake goddess]’s Earth Realm/ Emperor of Comparing That Named House 

地霊殿  / Palace of the Earth Spirits ~ Subterranean Animism

  • Kurodani Yamame / 黒谷 ヤマメ / Yamame of the Black Valley
  • Mizuhashi Parsee / 水橋 パルスィ / Persian of the Water Bridge
  • Hoshiguma Yuugi / 星熊 勇儀 / Ritual of Courage for the Starry Bear 
  • Komeiji Satori / 古明地 さとり / Satori of the Bright Ancient Earth 
  • Kaenbyou Rin / 火焔猫 燐 / Phosphorus of the Fiery Cat / Fire, Bigger Fire, Kitty…uhhh…Phosphorus!
  • Reiuji Utsuho / 霊烏路 空 / Void of the Spirit Crow’s Path
  • Komeiji Koishi / 古明地 こいし / Koishi of the Bright Ancient Earth

星蓮船 / Starry Lotus Ship ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

  • Tatara Kogasa / 多々良 小傘 / Overwhelmingly Pleasant Little Umbrella / Tiny Umbrella with Lots and Lots of Good
  • Kumoi Ichirin / 雲居 一輪 / First Wheel of the Cloud Dwelling / Cloudy House on a Unicycle
  • Unzan / 雲山 / Cloud Mountain
  • Murasa Minamitsu / 村紗 水蜜 /  Peaches of Village Gauze / Village Gauze Water Honey, Indisputably the Girliest Name out of All the Characters
  • Toramaru Shou / 寅丸 星 / Star of the Tiger Hour’s Ship / Star of the Tiger Circle
  • Hijiri Byakuren / 聖 白蓮 / the White Lotus Saint
  • Houjuu Nue / 封獣 ぬえ / Nue the Sealed Beast 

文花帖 / Book of Literary Flowers ~ Double Spoiler

  • Himekaidou Hatate / 姫海棠 はたて / Hatate the Crabapple of Princesses 

神霊廟 / Divine Spirit Mausoleum ~ Ten Desires

  • Kasodani Kyouko / 幽谷 響子 / Resounding Child of the Deep Valley / Kid Making a Racket in a Quiet Valley
  • Yoshika Miyako / 宮古 芳香 / Fragrance of Ancient Shrines / Palaces from Way Back Then Smell Really Nice
  • Kaku Seiga / 霍 青娥 / Sudden Cerulean Belle / Fem!Sonic
  • Soga no Tojiko / 蘇我 屠自古 / Ancient Slaughtered Corpse of the Soga Clan / a Past of Reviving Me then Killing Yourself
  • Mononobe no Futo / 物部 布都 / the Mononobe Clan’s Decree to All / Cloth City of the Ministry of Stuff
  • Toyosatomimi no Miko / 豊聡耳 神子 / Divine Child with Wealthy Clever Ears
  • Futatsuiwa Mamizou / 二ッ岩 マミゾウ / Mamizou of the Two Stones

心綺楼 / Beautiful Tower of the Heart ~ Hopeless Masquerade

  • Hata no Kokoro / 秦 こころ / Literally No Meaning Other than Kokoro of the Hata Clan

輝針城 / Shining Needle Castle ~ Double Dealing Character

  • Wakasagihime / わかさぎ姫 / Princess *throws darts at hiragana table* Wakasagi
  • Sekibanki / 赤蛮奇 / Red Savage Oddity / Red and Really Weird
  • Imaizumi Kagerou / 今泉 影狼 / Shadow Wolf of the Modern Fountain
  • Tsukumo Benben / 九十九 弁々 / 99 Eloquent Speeches / 99 Talk Talk
  • Tsukumo Yatsuhashi / 九十九 八橋 / 99 Unfathomable Bridges / 792 Bridges / Way Too Many Bridges
  • Kijin Seija / 鬼人 正邪 / Righteous Evil of the Demonic Human / Demon Human Right Wrong
  • Sukuna Shinmyoumaru / 少名 針妙丸 / the Unsung Clever Needle-Wielding Boy / Little-Name and Needled Weird Pellet
  • Horikawa Raiko / 堀川 雷鼓 / Thunder Drum of the Canal 

深秘録 / Chronicles of Deep Secrets ~ Urban Legend in Limbo

  • Usami Sumireko / 宇佐見 菫子 / the Violet Child Seen by the Universe’s Aide  
  • Ibaraki Kasen (aka Ibarakasen) / 茨木 華扇  (aka 茨華仙) / the Flower Fan of Briar Wood (aka the Lovely Briar Hermit)
  • Kasen’s Pets: 
    • Koutei / 黄帝 / Yellow Emperor
    • Mukou / 務光 / Serving the Light
    • Kume / 久米 / Rice of Long Times / Expired Rice
    • Kanda / 竿打 / Striking With a Pole / Baseball
    • Houso / 彭祖 / Drumming Ancestors
    • Manzairaku / 万歳楽 / Ten Thousand Year Old Music 

紺珠伝 / Legend of the Aquamarine Orb ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

  • Seiran / 清蘭 / Cleansed Orchid
  • Ringo / 鈴瑚 / Bell Coral
  • Kishin Sagume / 稀神 サグメ / Sagume the Infrequent Goddess
  • Junko / 純狐 / Pure Fox

憑依華 /  Spirit Possession Blossom ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers 

  • hahaha nope not yet

天空璋 / Ceremonial Scepter of the Firmament Hidden Star in Four Seasons / Sky Void Thingamabobber

  • Sakata Nemuno / 坂田 ネムノ / Nemuno of the Field Upon the Hill
  • Komano Aunn / 高麗野 あうん / Aum from the High and Lovely Wilderness
  • Yatadera Narumi / 矢田寺 成美 / Arrow Field’s Temple Becomes Beauty
  • Teireida Mai / 丁礼田 舞 / Field Dance of Hinoto Ceremony (referring to the fourth Heavenly Stem of the 60 year cycle)
  • Nishida Satono / 爾子田  里乃 / From Thy Child’s Native Field / ZUN Needs to Cut It Out with All These Fields
  • Matara Okina / 摩多羅 隠岐奈 / Far-Reaching Silk Concealing Branching Possibilities / Silk Touching Many Things Hides Divergences

Everyone Else

  • Hisoutensoku (also the game title) / 非想天則 / Unthinking of Natural Law
  • Taisui Xingjun / 太歳星君 / Starry Lord of Grand Ages / Old Starry Geezer
  • Morichika Rinnosuke / 森近 霖之助 / the Help of the Long Rain near the Forest
  • Watatsuki no Toyohime / 綿月 豊姫 / the Cotton Moon’s Princess of Plenty
  • Watatsuki no Yorihime / 綿月 依姫 / the Princess with the Deference of the Cotton Moon
  • Motoori Kosuzu / 本居 小鈴 / Little Bell of the Bibliotheca
  • Usami Renko / 宇佐見 蓮子 / the Lotus Child Seen by the Universe’s Aide
  • Hieda no Akyuu / 稗田 阿求 / the Millet Field’s Flattering Plea / Sycophant from the Insignificant Field

Print Serials

  • Kourindou / 香霖堂 / Temple of Drizzling Fragrance ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia
  • Sangetsusei / 三月精 / Spirit of March ~ Whatever / Three Moon Fairies, Clownpiece Conspiracy Confirmed
  • Bougetsushou / 儚月抄 / Ephemeral Moon Vignettes ~ Whatevs
  • Ibarakasen / 茨歌仙 / Poetic Sage of Thorns ~ Wild and Horned Hermit / How Many Names Does Kasen Even Need I Mean Like What the Heck
  • Suzunaan / 鈴奈庵 / Nara Bell Hermitage ~ Forbidden Scrollery

Official Books

  • Bunkachou (same as DS) / 文花帖 / Book of Literary Flowers 
  • Shikoubana / 紫香花 / Violet Fragrant Flowers ~ Seasonal Dream Vision
  • Gumonshiki / 求聞史 / Requested Histories of Sensations ~ Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
  • Gumonkuju / 求聞口授 / Requested Seminar of Sensations~ Symposium of Post-Mysticism
  • Bunkashinpou / 文果真報 / True Report of Literary Fruits ~ Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia
  • Gairai Ihen / 外來韋編 / Leather-Bound Collection from the Outside ~ Strange Creators of Outer World

So uh, given ZUN’s standard naming scheme, Hecatia Lapislazuli, Patchouli Knowledge, Wriggle Nightbug, Medicine Melancholy, and other such western names really aren’t that weird. 

Except Clownpiece, I still have no idea how that happened.

Mod life update v.21

Just moved back Lisbon for second university year aaaaand it feels good to be again on my own =u=

Definitely less stressful than fist year. Already took care of everything and classes begin in 5 days

Also I’m excited to test my portable laptop/cintiq setup in action, my shitty laptop screen is no longer a limitation :D

I’m planning to improve all aspects of my art and focus a lot on personal projects, basically for next 10 months I’ll be on my own doing nothing but ART 

There will be a ton of traditional work, model classes, painting and drawing. And every single moment that I’m free, I’ll dedicate it towards working on digital.

This way I basically have no choice but get better pfft

oh well, time to draw



I’m not even a huge fan of Harry Potter, but I’ve seen people sort Magnus into Slytherin a couple of times, and I disagreed with that decision enough to compel me to look into the Hogwart’s houses and determine what I felt might be a better choice.

I thought he suited both Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff pretty well, but… when talking about Magnus, his most striking trait to me has always been his compassion. Ask fans to describe Magnus and it’s a word that comes up often, and it’s ultimately why I put him in Hufflepuff over Ravenclaw. But I still drew him with Ravenclaw colors because he’d be a damn sexy Ravenclaw

Another reason I put Magnus in Hufflepuff–and this reason is a lot more biased–is because when I was researching that house I immediately sorted Alec in it. And one of the reasons I love Malec so much is that, despite being opposites in almost every other way, they share core values that allow them to work as a pairing.

ANYWAY, I forgot what Hogwart’s uniforms were like, and I didn’t bother to look them up, so this really is just Magnus in nice clothes and colors that vaguely represent the houses.

My hubris caught up with me and I took a nap this afternoon. I dreamt of an oil well rig being set up in the middle of Fuck You County (some back-ass part of Texas) in an area that the First Nations peoples had warned was No Good™.

The first week of drilling was one broken thing after another. If it was a hose, is burst or got clogged. If it was a pipe or a shaft, it broke. If it was electrical, it fried. Every day some poor soul passed out from heat stroke despite all the legitimately best efforts by the foreman to keep his men safe. The second week was double the first week’s costs.

The Suit (read: upper management) didn’t care about the increasing costs of drilling. He bragged that not only was the rig replaceable, but so were the men, and he didn’t care if it cost them their souls to get the well dug, that well better be dug on time because the projected profits would greatly overcompensate for the financial cost of digging it.

“You willing to bet your soul on that, Sir?”


“You said you didn’t care if it cost us our souls, Sir. Do you care if it cost yours?”

“If I could get this well dug and pumping on time, I’ll gladly give up my soul, if anyone could actually find the damn thing first! Ha!”

“We’ll get it done, Sir. We’ll get it done.”

“You better, or your blood is gonna lube the next rig!”

The Suit left with orders to resume drilling but the foreman told everyone to go into town for the night. He paid everyone several hundred dollars cash and said he wasn’t going to ask how it was spent as long as everyone was back on site before 6am. Those who knew him well immediately grabbed the youngbloods and raced away from the site in fearful silence.

The foreman went in the operations trailer and came out with his thermos of coffee. He moved to stand alone on the platform and looked up to the hanging shaft above him, then down into the connected drilling shafts standing still under him. He took off the plain gold chain and crucifix he wore in defiance of the safety rules about jewelry and began fingering the delicate links. He sipped his cold coffee and watched the still dry scenery alone.

The sun set, and he remained standing on the platform. His lips barely moved as he muttered well practiced words to himself and no one in particular.

The night embraced the land and the rig. He had a flashlight clipped to his belt but he had not activated it. The only sources of light were the red safety lights on the console reflecting off his dry unfocused eyes.

A stillness rose off the ground shortly after midnight. As if all of physical existence was trying to lie low and not be noticed. Something was near. Something was listening. Something was reaching for the immobile standing man on the drilling platform. The man held out a glinting thing in his hand and took a breath to speak.

“With Christ as my witness, you heard his offer. His soul for the successful completion of the well. If this is not suitable for you, I give you my treasure for the safekeeping of my men. Let the equipment fail, but touch not those who hold faith in me.”

The glinting thing turned. The red safety lights gave the gold crucifix the appearance of being smothered in blood. The foreman opened his hand, and the crucifix and chain fell into the exposed drilling shaft. Even if it had been caught by the lubrication mud and was recoverable, the moment the drilling resumed, it would be torn into pieces and made part of the lubrication driving the invasive steel deeper into the virgin earth.

The old hands returned to the rig at five in the morning. Each one bore an offering of a full thermos of coffee for the unusually drowsy and pale foreman. A youngblood spied a newly healing scar on the foreman’s exposed arm and pointed in preparation for making an inquiry. He was quickly slapped by the veterans and told to stop making up stories before he earned scars of his own to tell.

The drilling began without harm to men or equipment, but the ground under them fought back. For all the crew’s best efforts, the drilling proceeded slower than anticipated. They were not going to make the deadline at this pace.

A few mornings later, the foreman was studying the readings from the previous day’s work. He wondered if what he gave wasn’t going to be enough this time. He had been warned when he learned the skill that eventually he was going to have to start offering pieces of himself instead of just trapping fools with their own words. His nearly faded scar on his arm itched as he reflected on the piece of himself he already gave, but it looked like he would have to give more.

Instead of the usual offering of coffee from his crew, he heard terrible shouts and a few screams. He grabbed his shotgun and shouldered open the door ready to retaliate against the perceived attack.

“You the foreman? Sorry I’m late, man. I was supposed to be here two days ago, but the ground is really fucking hard to get through. No wonder you’re having problems.”

A large, thick, and muscular… man… dressed only in trousers made of sackcloth stood barefeet at the feet of the stairs leading to the operations trailer. The foreman thought this was the most severe case of sunburn he has ever seen in his life, because the barely dressed man was as red as a cooked lobster from the curled stubby horns on his head to the spaded tail idly sweeping behind him.

The foreman blinked.



Around the red creature’s neck was a very familiar gold chain and crucifix.

“Yea, I’m the foreman. Call me ‘Fuck’, cuz if I hear anyone yelling that, it better because something is really fucked up or I’ll fuck him up. You the Devil?”

“Nice to meet you, Mister Fuck. Naw, I ain’t the Devil. Just a demon. Assigned to your crew for the duration of the drill. I ain’t got a name like you folk have names, so whatever you wanna call me is good with me.”

“Demons start shit. And I ain’t having that. That weren’t the deal.”

“Unbonded demons start shit, Mister Fuck.” The demon fingered the necklace collaring him. “See this? It’s the mark of a covenant. I ain’t here to start any shit with you, or with the men under you. I’m here to help you dig this well and to dig it on time. I take it you’re a couple days behind already, so I’m here to push you back on time and finish the job. And when the rig is done, I leave, and you and those who hold faith in you remain untouched by me and mine. Someone else’s soul is liened for payment.”

The foreman lowered his shotgun and uncocked it in a show of peace. “Well, ain’t that precious. Yea…. that’s your name. LISTEN UP GUYS! THIS HERE IS PRECIOUS, AND HE’S GONNA GIVE US A HAND. YOU ALL HAVE TWO HOURS TO FIGURE OUT WHERE PRECIOUS IS GOING TO BE BEST AT WORKING AND THEN IF YOU ALL DON’T GIVE ME SOME PROGRESS TO TRACK I’M GONNA THROW ALL OF YOU DOWN THE FUCKING WELL! I figure two hours is gonna be enough time for me to figure out if you’re gonna be first or last down the well if I don’t get some payback on my investment, Precious.”

The eight foot tall demon shifted as he absentmindedly flexed in glee. “You’ll get your payback, Mister Fuck! You’ll see!”

“That’s BOSS FUCK to you! And I don’t see you doing anything other than NOT FUCKING WORKING ON MY RIG!”

“Yea, Boss! On it, Boss!” The demon turned around in preparation for crossing over to the platform but the foreman yelled at him to wait a bit.


The veterans of the crew were a superstitious lot, but they were more afraid of the foreman than of any supernatural force, divine or infernal. Chris pulled his head out of his ass himself from his hiding spot and ran to stand beside Precious. “Yes, Boss!”

“Get Precious some boots and gloves that fit.”

“Eh, Boss, I don’t need….”

“Shut up, Precious. You’re on my fucking crew now, may whatever god or devil you fuck with have mercy on you. And ain’t no damn soul, or any saintly ones either, stepping on my rig without non-slip boots and all-grip gloves. Everything else is on you.”

That command was all the crew needed to be able to accept the demon as an equal among them. (Though the youngbloods had to wash the piss out of their overalls before the veterans let them back on the rig.) Though the foreman gave them two hours to see where the demon Precious would fit best, the crew found their new formation in twenty minutes.

Though Precious handles the pipes like any other roughneck, there was something about the demon personally escorting the pipes into the ground that made the entire procedure flow exceedingly well. By noon, they had already made as much progress as the twenty-four hours prior to Precious’ appearance.

In the days that followed, Precious was a surprising cheery presence on the rig. He told stories about the First Nations peoples that were there before and hinted to why they considered the area to be a cursed place to be avoided. “Some things were buried for a reason, and not just to decay, as if it could decay at all.” He learned new expletives that delighted him, and his laughter at a successful prank shook bones and steel frame alike.

The foreman liked him because he could reheat coffee with just a glance, regardless of the container obscuring direct line of sight.

When the Suit came to inspect progress in person, Precious could not be found. So the Suit saw the men struggling to make any headway against the recalcitrant bedrock just as they had struggled before the demon’s appearance. The arrogant manager felt that hard work made for good servants, and nodded his approval at the excessive toil on men and equipment in his presence.

Precious would reappear after the Suit left, scowling and muttering words that decomposed the gloves and boots he was wearing requiring replacements of both. The moment he laid a hand on the pipe, the process would become smooth and easy again. However, Precious’ mood would not return to its regular gay levity until the next day.

Three days before the deadline, the drilling rig struck the target depth. Veteran, youngblood, and demon all exchanged high fives, chest bumps, and ass slaps. The foreman would not report the success until the test pumping rig was installed. If the flow met a certain level of measurement, then and only then, would the rig be considered complete.

Precious assured the foreman that the flow would be constant after the demon left. There was more than enough pressure under the ground to support demand, the demon said calmly before warning the foreman to expect to use reinforced pumps after his departure. “My presence is tempering more than just resistance.”

The well passed the test, and the results were sent back to corporate headquarters for confirmation. Precious removed his gloves and boots in preparation to leave.

“Well, Fuck. Got a question for ya.”

“What, Precious.”

The demon fingered the gold necklace collaring him. “Want it back?”

The witnessing crew held their breath. This was more than just about the necklace, they understood. The foreman swished cold coffee between his teeth than spat it on the ground. “No.”

“It’s yours, isn’t it?”

“It was. I gave it up, free and clear. On the first day we met, Precious, you said that an unbonded demon starts shit, and that necklace is the mark of a covenant that I’m assuming is keeping you bonded and at peace with us. I didn’t remove it then, and I ain’t removing it now. Your assignment with me is completed. Report to your overseer for the next.”

Precious smiled and showed sharp triangular serrated teeth. “You know, Boss Fuck, you ain’t a stupid man. And that’s why we like you. You know how to make, and keep, a deal. I’m off, then. As commanded. Pleasure working with you and your men, Sir.”

The foreman stuck his hand out towards the demon. “Pleasure having you work with us. If you ever get bored of being a demon, you have a spot with us.” 

Precious looked at the outstretched hand and slowly took it. He did not answer but shook the mortal man’s hand with an honest grip. He released the foreman, pulling the last hues of the scar off the foreman’s arm as he moved away, and walked away from the rig towards the uninhabited depths of the desolate land.

The next day the Suit appeared with several acolytes sycophants subordinates in tow. The Suit took credit for the success of the rig after revealing the corporation had already written off the rig as a loss and had ordered the crew to be reassigned elsewhere. “But my persistence and dedication to the company inspired these men to complete my vision and achieve the impossible! This is the achievement that has me now in consideration for the board!”

The foreman’s stern glare kept the youngbloods from adding their observations to the Suit’s speech. The veterans just smiled kindly and nodded their last respects to the man who was going to pay for Precious’ assistance. It was said that within the hour after the Suit returned to his air-conditioned office in a downtown tower of some major city, he fell and was dead before he even hit the ground. The only clue to what ailment had struck him was a strange, deeply infected wound on the inside of his forearm. Yet no one could place when or where the wound was incurred.

The crew broke down their drilling rig and moved on to the next assignment. When the foreman went to clean out his coffee thermos, he poured the dregs of a muddy fluid into the sink, followed by a sudden clunk and the sound of a small chain slipping over the metal lip of the thermos.

His gold necklace and crucifix had been returned to him again.


A Farewell from Mike

Hey, guys. 

So, for the past 3+ years, this blog has been a huge part of my life. It’s been wonderful, even (and I say this without exaggeration) life-changing. But as with many good things, I’m writing today to announce that my time here has come to a close.

Starting tomorrow, I won’t be running the How to Adult Tumblr anymore.

Before you get too sad about this, please let me reassure you: The blog will live on. It’s going to be in amazing hands. This change is happening for incredibly exciting reasons. And although I can’t go into details, I can say that once those reasons are revealed (and they will be soon), y’all are going to be very, very happy campers.

So before I ride off into that Tumblr sunset, I just want to say, from the bottom of my whole heart: thank you

Although I’ve spent countless hours here trying to dispense advice and guidance, y’all have helped me every bit as much as I may have helped you. It’s been a privilege to play a small (and hopefully useful) part in your lives. And being a member of the How to Adult Team will always be one of the great honors of my professional life.

I’d love to continue talking with you at, if you’d like to continue This Crazy Journey Called Adulthood together. 

Either way, though, please know how much each and every message, reply, Ask, reblog – all of it – has meant to me. You’ve seen me through my lowest lows and highest highs, and it has been nothing but a joy to get to know y’all.

Remember, friends & neighbors: Adulthood isn’t something that happens to you. It’s something you make. Here’s to making ours awesome.

Your pal,
T. Michael “Mike” Martin

PS - If you guys have any last thoughts or Asks, I’ll be checking in later tonight for one last go-’round. :]


looks like they’re holding back paparazzi


Bastion beeps excitedly

Mercy’s just OH MY GOD HE SAID THE P WORD. REINHARDT PHASE 2 I REPEAT PHASE TWO and Reinhardt just pulls out his giant hammer and bum rushes into the crowd of reporters, sending everyone flying while Mercy throws herself over Bastion in a feeble attempt at keeping any sniper shots away


an-evolved-dinosaur  asked:

Heya, sorry is this is rude, but I wondered if you could give me some advice on making large amounts of monsters? You mentioned making a little monster-raising game and I'd like to work on something like that if it weren't for the struggle of making lots of monsters! Any help, thanks in advance!

I would just say doodle and sketch as much as possible. Even an abandoned design can be turned into something else later. Just drawing random body shapes or silhouettes could help get you started, and once you’ve started you can push your designs further and might end up with something really different from what you started with, and each step in-between can be pushed further and have completely different outcomes. I usually start by drawing poses I like (which is why alot of my monsters have the same poses) and then just add this and that on top until I like the thing I made. I reuse a lot of poses and ideas, even when I’m working in different styles.

When I worked on the Hatchery and Battle Masters I used to make lists of the kind of monsters (be it theme or element) I wanted and sometimes even had names for them before I even thought about them visually! A list would be like: Water Elements: Shark, Bouy, Shells, Bubbles, Whirlpool. Then I’d just start sketching out basic concepts for each word. Sometimes the concepts would change in the end, sometimes I just couldn’t come up with good ideas, but like I said all your “failed” sketches might still inspire you later. 

Below, I pushed the clown idea from this generic mammalian silhouette. The frog was the first one, but I liked the clown better but I thought it would be neat with a more teddybear-like appeal, then I thought maybe it would be better to make it look like a fighting monster, so I gave it claws so it can do physical attacks, and made the cute ball on it’s tail a seltzer flower it spray things from. In the end it sort of looks like a pokemon evolution tree, but each design is viable so if your game had evolution you could finalize each step, or if not just choose your favorite and finalize it. Even the frog could be used as is or pushed a bit further. This also works for Scarier monsters. The little dudes are the bottom are just how I sketch in general, really basic poses with just shit stuck on to make a good silhouette.

Sorry, I know this is long and rambling. I’m not really good at explaining how I work, but that’s my own general process.

anonymous asked:

You have so much self confidence. What if I hate myself and every time I look in the mirror I find something more to hate?

to start off, confidence isn’t something that’s developed overnight. everyone’s different with how they develop and flourish, so don’t be put out if people are building noticeable differences in self confidence in weeks if it’s been months and you’re still struggling.

if you’re younger, you’re going to find that most of your self-confidence barriers will probably be directly correlated to living with your family, friends, and school. bottom line: it sucks. it’s likely you’re going to hate everything. nothing will look like it’s turning up for you. you’re going to feel disgusting, repulsive, annoying, and unlovable. now again, everyone is different so that that with a grain of salt. older readers, this sort of thing is going to deviate from job(s), your post-secondary, and social life.

there will be days where you’re standing in front of the mirror nitpicking apart something about yourself that you don’t like. maybe it will get to a point where you’ve nitpicked so much you’re just staring at what you see as someone who’s been shredded apart over days, or months, or years of loathing. 

over time that self-loathing is going to manifest itself, whether it’s in the words from your family, the situations you encounter; it might even be a voice always present in the back of your head or behind you. 

you need to tell that self-loathing voice to fuck off.

obviously it’s not going to make you feel better on day one. probably won’t on day two. not on week three, maybe not of month four, but it’s a mentality you need to keep checking yourself on. if that tiny annoying voice is behind you hissing in your ear, saying “ugh, you look gross today” yeah. give it a quick “fuck off, I look good” and leave it at that. block out any reply, any rebuttal. make sure the final word is you saying “I look good

assert yourself with this. every time you’re feeling self-deprecating, you tell that loathing to pick up it’s shit and get the fuck out and forget those thoughts ever happened.

I know it isn’t much and it can be tough to get started, but over time it does build up and allow you to tackle bigger things. say your family is being a bunch of salt mines; “oh, those stretch marks don’t look good, I know something that can help them!”

automatically, [think] to yourself “fuck off, I look good”. don’t go openly telling your family to fuck off, unless you can get away with that. reply with something like “I like them” or “I think they look great” or any variation that communicates and empowers how awesome your lightning bolt scars are. if they keep butting heads with you, keep pushing back. do not let anyone dictate what gets to be considered beautiful about your body. if you aren’t ready to confront others, or just don’t feel comfortable or safe biting back, you can also reply with a simple no and leave it at that. it’s small, but it counts.

for the readers that are stuck with families that aren’t supportive and school that feels overwhelming: trust me on this, it does get better. I didn’t go to college or university, but I do have a steady job and an apartment with two cats and gorgeous husband. your skin will clear up [eventually] and you’re going to have the freedom to buy the clothes and live the life that will make you feel confident. might not be the highest level of confidence, but it will help immensely. there will be times where you feel down and miserable, but don’t feel put out because you aren’t at the same stages that some of your friends might already be at. you’re just going at your own pace, and you’ll make it there in your own time.

I have my bad days, okay, lots and lots of bad days, but I just want to note how truly thankful I am for what I have. I have a loving caring family who supports me and my interests, going so far as to come to a convention with me to see what it’s all about. My grandma walked back from a contest with me, trophy in hand, and shouted “MY GRANDDAUGHTER WON A TROPHY! LOOK! SHE’S THE BEST HARLEY QUINN!” People who when I walk into the living room and say “I want to build a giant mallet.”, have no hesitation before helping me. Like “Heck yeah lets go to Home Depot for giant mallet supplies.” I feel so truly accepted for who I am. They’re nice to me even when I don’t deserve it, and I’m eternally grateful to them for saving me from an abusive household. I mean it when I say that without them, I’d be dead. For sure. 

I have a boyfriend who is one of the most patient people I know. If not the most patient. I have a total breakdown like once a week and he’s never angry about it. I fuck up a lot. I get angry for no reason. I lash out at him for no reason. But he’s always so fucking patient and waits for me to get through whatever I’m going through until I can recoup and apologize. And on the other end, he always apologizes when he fucks up too. I’m so grateful to have someone who I can truly be myself around. He’s seen me at my worst, and he doesn’t love me any less for it. I never knew how wonderful love could be. Real love. Like holding your hair while you throw up love. Itching your rash for you love. Love that makes you sacrifice and compromise. But it’s real and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And maybe that’s me being a naive 21 year old, but I really think I’ve found my partner for life. And in the case that I AM being a naive 21 year old, I at least know that right now, in this moment, I am thankful and happy. And I’m going to enjoy it as long as I possibly can.

Excerpt from “Homo Deus”

Take tea, for example. I start by drinking very sweet ordinary tea while reading the morning paper. The tea is little more than an excuse for a sugar rush. One day I realize that between the sugar and the newspaper, I hardly taste the tea at all. So I reduce the amount of sugar, put the paper aside, close my eyes and focus on the tea itself. I begin to register its unique aroma and flavor. Soon I find myself experimenting with different teas, black and green, comparing their exquisite tangs and delicate bouquets. Within a few months, I drop the supermarket labels and buy my tea at Harrods. I develop a particular liking for ‘Panda Dung tea’ from the mountains of Yu'an in Sichuan province, made from the leaves of tea bushes fertilized by the dung of panda bears. That’s how, one cup at a time, I hone my tea sensitivity and become a tea connoisseur. If in my early tea drinking days you had served me Panda Dung tea in Ming Dynasty porcelain goblet, I would have not appreciated it any more than builder’s tea in a paper cup. You cannot experience something if you don’t have the necessary sensitivity and you cannot develop your sensitivity except by undergoing a long string of experiences.

What’s true of tea is true of all other aesthetic and ethical knowledge. We aren’t born with a ready-made conscience. As we pass through life we hurt people and people hurt us, we act compassionately and others show compassion to us. If we pay attention, our moral sensitivity sharpens, and these experiences become a source of valuable ethical knowledge about what is good, what is right and who I really am.

Humanism thus sees life as a gradual process of inner change, leading from ignorance to enlightenment by means of experiences. The highest aim of humanist life is to fully develop your knowledge through a large variety of intellectual, emotional and physical experiences.

Understanding Gender Dynamics in Touhou and Historical Japan (Part One)

tl;drs in bold, so you can skim parts that you’re not interested in. 

This is the first half of a two part essay on the interpretation of gender dynamics in Touhou, which is part of a larger series of essays on the geared to help western consumers of eastern media recognize how their cultural values differ from historical eastern ones so that they may better learn to understand the cultural background of the media they consume. While the focus will be on Japan because of its current cultural dominance in entertainment, the epistemological guidelines I give can be used to better analyze our approaches towards understanding different cultures with a more critical eye.

I started writing this in response to this video post by @thejorlosopher (provocatively titled “There Are No Women in Gensokyo”), because @turbobyakuren​ was the only watcher to recognize that imposing western values upon a Japanese work that draws heavily from historical Japanese values erases their culture AND results in a faulty analysis.

I then realized that it was difficult for consumers immersed in western culture to realize that a different set of values govern eastern media because:

A) their cultural dominance is rarely challenged enough for them to realize that their values are not universal and unequivocal across all cultures

B) understanding current eastern values requires a historic and government context of the ancient philosophies that influenced them because of the strictness by which governments imposed the enforcement of their values, and there concepts so fundamentally interconnected that any overview will always be incomplete.

B draws from a tenet true for all pursuits of knowledge; the further you go, the more context and scope is required, and so it is not possible for any singular person to possess the absolute expanse of experience to know everything about a singular subject. There are those who can be called masters in a field, but never those who can be said to have mastered a field. It is therefore imperative that we all approach education with the mindset of students.

So, this first part focuses critical thinking practices that have helped me as a student of global customs with learning to identify ignorance of cultural and behavioral mores and how to work to lessen it. 

You don’t need to watch Jorlosopher’s video to read this analysis because A) I cite the specific line I am referring to when using it a segue and B) I find it to be deeply flawed and shallow. That said, I encourage you to watch the video first and freely form your own thoughts if you intend to participate in that part of the discussion so that my views will not colour your interpretations of it. 


Jorlosopher, there were some good points made in your video, but many more mistakes. For one, you’re ignoring the cardinal rule of artistic interpretation: do not assert that your interpretation is the only correct one. That discourages constructive discussion and invites meaningless echoing or argumentative head-butting that does not serve to constructively develop ideas, and narrow-mindedly discounts the possibility of others coming to different conclusions because of their differing experiences and background. Or, as ZUN put it (though I can’t find the exact quote), everyone has their own personal Gensokyo, and they’re all equally real.

So, I’m not going to argue that your interpretation is incorrect, because it is a valid prediction of how our societal constructs might appear in Gensokyo according to your existing cognitive schema, but I will argue that your interpretation is weakly supported and too drenched in existing prejudiced rhetoric to be valid as a thoughtpiece on gender dynamics, and give you some advice on how to rectify those mistakes.

First off, from a purely structural standpoint, you lack a coherent message on gender dynamics in Touhou other than the title, because your statements about Gensokyo blatantly ignore the vast Eastern influence on the setting, and have no supporting evidence for your insubstantially simplistic claims.

“But Cloudy, this is a casual thing, it’s made for fans of Touhou who are already familiar with the world I’m talking about!" 

Again– your interpretation of Touhou canon is not the only correct one, and as it is expansive, you will forget and misremember some things and continuously form interpretations as you read that will influence interpretations of future things you read. Therefore, it is imperative that you cite sources when interpreting large bodies of work and promoting your interpretation so that people can see the chain of thought behind your reasoning. Also, by applying academic scrutiny of gender dynamics to Touhou, Jorlosopher invites not only academic counter-scrutiny and meta-scrutiny but also the nerds who take that stuff super seriously, and I am nothing if not a huge nerd.

So, friendly advice: please kindly cite your sources, and evaluate your own biases, or nerds will beat you up and steal your nerd card and also possibly your lunch money.


You have next to no supporting arguments for your claim that “there are no concepts of womanhood in Gensokyo”, as you have no sources or examples to base your claim on. The strongest argument that you have is not, in fact, your rhetoric but rather a quote from @asa-turney​ misrepresented to suit a simplistic and shallow model of the concept of gender that does not even acknowledge the existence of nonbinary spectrum of gendered concepts in Touhou and eastern media as a whole. Asa has repeatedly and thoughtfully explored the relationship between androgyny of traits in anime and our modern conceptions of gender, so the fact that you would use a quote from an advocate of diverse gender expression to justify an interpretive view that marginalizes diverse gender expressions demonstrates a lack of credible ability to analyze the context of ideas.

It’s also a useful gauge of academic validity, because good scholars must know how to evaluate the not only the context of their field, but also the context of their arguments. You cannot trust someone to possess the intellectual integrity to thoughtfully analyze broad, complex topics if they cannot thoughtfully analyze their own narrow claims.

Jorlosopher’s claim: "The fact that there is only one gender creates a plain in which there are no genders [in Touhou].”

Asa’s quote: “What does ‘being a female’ mean in Gensokyo? It means something, and means nothing at the same time. They’re all female because they’re drawn with a certain aesthetic in mind, but gender identity never comes into play because no one is treated differently for filling any particular role as any particular gender.”

Asa’s quote focuses more on the inequality of gender dynamics than the expression of gender identity– Gensokyo is appealing because in its internal logic, there are none of the dynamics that reward masculine traits and demean feminine ones, or punish people for possessing or lacking masculine or feminine traits that society says they shouldn’t. This does not mean, however, that the association of masculinity and femininity do not exist, as they are cultural concepts held and dictated by the society that Touhou is based upon and explores the traditions of. By failing to identify or acknowledge these masculine/feminine associations and dynamics, however, you strip away a deep level of complexity and artistic accomplishment of Touhou as a series and deminishes the impact of Japanese culture upon the world of modern media.


However, I disagree with Asa’s claim that “gender identity never comes into play because no one is treated differently for filling any particular role as any particular gender,” because it restricts the exploration of gender dynamics only to how they are used to deprecate people, and thus implies that gender dynamics can only be used for prejudice. This conflation of “gender dynamics” with “gender prejudice” is what Jorlosopher’s claim relies on, when gender dynamics can and have been used to artistically and scientifically further our understanding of human experience, such as in the romanticised strength and valour of literary heroes like Karna or Mulan or in the appreciation of human beauty spurred Renaissance artists to pioneer the modern field of anatomy. We must consider what it means to explore gender in a way that is not purely dictated by ignorant opponents in order to promote the positive awareness needed to overwrite this ignorance so that more constructive debate and discussion can occur.

I define gender identity from an epistemological perspective as the words and ideas used by people to describe and communicate a specific permutation of “feminine” and “masculine” traits, whether they be visual, biological, social, or mental, as well as absent, concurrent, or contradictory, both in terms of how they are used to describe oneself and how they are used to describe others. The key to exploring gender, by that definition, lies in recognizing what standards and values define masculinity and femininity across various cultural contexts.

And there definitely exists a deliberate interplay of masculine and feminine motifs in Touhou names, designs, and personalities, most prominently with Marisa and Miko, which serves to highlight the ephemerality of social constructs like gendered associations and lampshade the futility of trying to simplify such natural ambiguity by confining it to rigid absolutes, but that’s a topic that can’t be tackled without an exploration of the impacts that the philosophies behind eastern religions have had on perceptions and the development of common modes of thought.


Jorlosopher’s claim: “There is no significant population of men impose traits onto…therefore these traits will not be discouraged in women.”

First, there’s no unshakeable evidence either way on just how many men exist in Gensokyo. There’s not even the argument of stable populations to consider because for all we know, the Human Village could be 99% gays granted fertility through prayers and divine intervention, so I’ll grant you benefit of doubt for the premise, instead of immediately refuting it with, “The Human Village has a notable male population, and Gensokyo split off in the 1800s when human society in Japan had already developed gender roles and biases which then influence the youkai they create and bestow them with those same gendered preconceptions, so while sexism might be nonexistent in Gensokyo thanks to the importance of traditionally feminine professions such as shrine maidens in their society, this does not mean that sexism never existed in the first place, but rather that it was overcome by granting all people the same agency of opportunity that used to be reserved exclusively for men.”

I will, however, strongly imply that instead.

Second, your representation of gender discrimination against women revolves solely on men, and only addresses one possible avenue of prejudice when in fact the rationales between all sorts of prejudice are connected. The prejudice formula can be broadly boiled down to down to “If discrimination of groups exist, then comparisons of groups exist. If comparisons of groups exist, then contradicting opinions will arise. If contradicting opinions exist and we try to diminish the validity of one opinion solely to validate the merits of another, then ignorance takes hold and prejudice spreads.” Note that discrimination, in the sense of recognizing the distinctions between one thing and another, is not inherently bad in itself, but only becomes harmful if we use our differences to justify an ignorance that demeans the value of opinions we poorly understand.

Third, it fails to acknowledge the feedback loop of tribalistic demonization of an entire dissimilar group, and then the consequent demonization of even the traits of that dissimilar group that causes prejudice to entrench itself. By attempting to eliminate all exposure to a group, the internal tribe removes positive exposure to that group that would challenge and contradict the prejudices they hold and confront them with the burden to change.

And lastly, it fails to acknowledge the existing standards of feminine and masculine traits that were present in Japan that ZUN chose to include and explore in Gensokyo, out of a complete ignorance of historical Japanese culture.

I believe that you have good intentions and genuinely attempt to acknowledge the existence of and refute the justifications of sexism, and thus hold no ill feelings towards you, and in fact welcome your thoughts! There’s a sort of underlying dissociation between entertainment media and academia, as there isn’t nearly enough discussion on the themes, merits, and influences of pop culture, even though it’s such a large part of our lives and by definition, the most popular form of artistic and cultural expression today. But I cannot feel positive about the messages espoused by someone without the intellectual integrity to examine and compensate for their own intrinsic biases when making a statement about gender politics while claiming to be a philosopher. Work towards correcting your biases by expanding your scope, and never stop learning.

Remember that Remilia built a house-rocket and flew it to the moon with only her unshakeable self-efficacy holding it together and then literally powered it on faith and prayers, because the “common sense” frameworks of the modern, westernized outside world that you attempted to enforce upon themes illustrated in Touhou in your limited understanding of cultural context don’t automatically translate to Gensokyo. You can try to adopt the sense of Gensokyo to explore the fantastical wonder within that world, but you absolutely cannot impose your sense upon Gensokyo so as to limit it to the meagre surface banality of your personal world so that you can claim that you have explored it.

Learning and self-improvement is a personal journey different for all. I cannot and will not attempt to dictate the means by which you grow as a person, but I will attempt to give my fellow students a tool for furthering their understanding so that they may meander less and reach further than those who have come slightly before.

The latter half of this essay (which will be posted tomorrow) will examine the expectations for the roles of women in historical Japanese society, particularly around the start of the Meiji Period during which the westernization of Japan began to diminish the hegemony of the “traditional” values that Touhou celebrates and satirizes in equal measure. Understanding the expectations and values that define womanhood allows readers to better identify what qualifies as masculine and feminine motifs in Touhou in the context of the oft-ignored retro eastern perspective that it draws from.