The Republican party has lost all morals. Republicans need to abandon their guise of “christianity” when they literally support and elect someone after BEATING UP A REPORTER ON CAMERA FOR ASKING A QUESTION.

When Trump said he could shoot someone in the streets and not lose a single vote I thought he was an idiot, but I realize now, he just knows his demographic better than me.

look on a hopeful note, while i’m sitting here waiting for the cops* to come a woman walks by and asks what I’m doing and she can see from my face that it’s like a long story so she goes “i got two minutes” and it turned into maybe 20 or 30 of the best stranger convo i’ve had in a while and i do meet cool strangers as well as bananas ones.

she works in housing houseless people and has housed FOURTEEN PEOPLE this year and we talked about how it seems like portland legit wants poor people and houseless people dead and how real burnout is and how bs “self care” is.

it reminded me of question to me earlier about how we can and who is creating real change and I asked my new acquaintance that too and we didn’t get any answers but it was comforting and inspiring.

also I just ordered a stun gun and an extendable baton. so.

do your chattaranga push-ups those of you who can, and take care of your neighbours

*with everything else that happened in this one city today, i want this guy to have a paper trail

Daily Hannibal Lyrics

I found this song while looking up lyrics to a completely different song, and was immediately taken by it. Hannibal and Will’s love is… not conventional.

- Free the Animal, Sia

“I love you so.
Wanna throw you from the roof.
The pressure builds.
Wanna put my hands through you.
I’ll squeeze you tight
Until you take your last breath.
Loving you to death.
Loving you to death.

The pressure’s rising.
I won’t make it through tonight.
This love immortal is
An assassin’s delight.
Just blow me up or
Run me down or cut my throat.
And when it’s time for you to die-

Detonate me.
Shoot me like a cannon ball.
Granulate me.
Kill me like an animal.
Decapitate me.
Hit me like a baseball.
Emancipate me.
Free the animal.”

“Murder me, ruin me,
Look what you do to me.
Beautiful pain baby.
Pour acid rain on me.
Kill me with your loving.
Kill me with your loving.
I’ll slice you and dice you,
Like sugar and spice.
I’ll do all that you want me to be,
I’m a beast.
And I’ll kill you with my loving.”

These lyrics. My goodness. One line sums up Hannigram perfectly:
“I’ll kill you with my loving.”


GOP politicians and the people who vote for them are so fuckin dangerous because once again we’ve learned if you are a white, male politician you can get away with ANYTHING even blatant assault. With Trump, people tried to dismiss it as just talk. But with Gianforte, there were charges and there were witnesses. I am not going to say that there aren’t any situations that require violence because unfortunately, when it comes to self-protection, there can be. But this wasn’t one of them. Journalists are being literally assaulted trying to get the truth to the American people and that doesn’t matter apparently.

Something horrible is happening on youtube

I’m going to preface this post with a content warning. This post is about child abuse. The video I’m going to link includes actually video footage of child abuse. It is one of the most upsetting videos I have ever watched. My post includes in depth descriptions of child abuse. 

This morning I watched a Youtube video discussing and highlighting what is happening on another Youtube channel. If you have the stomach for it, I’d suggest watching the video because Phillip DeFranco does a much better job of summarizing the situation than I can. 

For those of you who can’t watch, I’ll give you a very brief rundown. 

The Youtube channel DaddyOfFive is a combination family vlog and prank channel. In a recent video, the parents pull a prank where they pour invisible ink on one of the kid’s floors and then make him think that they believe he poured ink all over the floor. They scream and swear at this little boy, shouting things like “What the fuck did you do?” while the boy cries and cowers, looking genuinely terrified. Even the best child actors could not pull off looking as genuinely devastated as this child does. 

As DeFranco highlights in his video, although all the children are pranked, it seems that this one child (Cody) takes the brunt of the cruelty. In many videos he is seen being hit, kicked, pushed, and pinned down by his older siblings. In one video his father pushes him face first into a book case. In one video Cody begs his family to stop, saying that he’s tired of this. In another video his parents scream at him and tell him he’s the only one in the family who can’t “take a joke”. 

In response to some of the flak they have been getting, the parents uploaded a video about “Blocking All The Haters”. They goad the children into saying on camera that they aren’t being abused. Now keep in mind, the kids have been told that all the “Cool stuff” they have been getting is because of the Youtube channel. They know that if the pranks stop, the cool stuff goes away. Most of the children chime in that they are not being abused. Cody hardly says anything. The oldest boy says, “At least you aren’t beating us”. 

What is happening to Cody is child abuse. It is emotional, psychological and physical abuse. It is torture. And the worst part of it all is that it is monetized. The parents are being paid by advertisers to abuse this child under the guise of “It’s just a prank, bro”. 

So what can we do?

First of all, we can report the videos on DaddyOfFive’s channel for containing depictions of child abuse. If you decide to help by doing this, please be sure to flag the specific instances of abuse such as Cody being pushed or the parents screaming vulgarities at the children. 

Second of all, we can let the companies advertising on this channel know that we won’t be buying anything from a company that sponsors videos of child abuse. 

Finally, if anyone knows this family in person, they can make a report to CPS. Now the family is claiming that they’ve already been investigated and “cleared” by CPS, but that’s not how this works. Repeated reports mean repeated investigations. You do not give up and look the other way when a child is being abused just because CPS failed to act the first time. When my neighbors were abusing their children, I had to call CPS every week for over a month before something was done. Don’t give up.
Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana
Audio obtained of Greg Gianforte attacking a reporter on the eve of a special election to fill a congressional seat vacated by a member of the Trump administration
By Julia Carrie Wong

Today in WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING IN MY COUNTRY news.  The audio is genuinely disturbing and the reporter had to be seen in the ER for his injuries.

Please let this be a dealbreaker.  Please don’t let violence against the press become a “controversy,” a topic for legitimate debate.  God.


This was all taken from facebook because our own local media isn’t covering enough of this. But here’s what happened as of 12:24 AM PHT:


- AFP: Marawi City situation under control as military pursues Maute bandits.

- AFP: Several members of the Maute group were killed.

-Duterte flies back home from Russia.

-AFP are sending more troops in Marawi

- Patients and nurses are safe inside the APMC and the latter are currently on duty.

- Armed men are confirmed to be the Maute group.

- The Maute group together with the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters has pledged allegiance to ISIS.

- A policeman and 2 ambulance drivers were killed.

- Homes are being trespassed.

- Women not wearing Hijabs are being taken away.

- AFP received an intel that Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon was with the Maute group.

- Some buildings in Dansalan College were burnt to ashes.

- Most affected areas are Basak Malutlut, Sarimanok, Marinaut, Provincial Jail, Amai Pakpak, Bo. Saber, Sarimanok and most of the key intersections in Marawi.

- Marawi City Jail is on fire.

- Detainees in the City Jail were freed by the group.

- At least 5 gov’t troops are now wounded.

- Chapel in Barrio Paypay is on fire.

- The group took away the firetrucks so that the fire can’t be put out.

- Marawi City is experiencing total electricity blackout.

- ISIS flags are raised in several areas in the city including hospitals, government establishments, and police cars.

- Maute group has left the Amai Pakpak Medical Center.

- Maute recruiting residents to join them.

- AFP issued a 5-hour ultimatum for civilians to leave before they start bombing Marawi again.

- Maute is interrogating civilians. If you can’t prove you are a Muslim, they will kidnap you and will be “taken cared of”

- Maute used trucks to block all entry/exit including bridges.

- Police captain killed.

- The group is seizing houses looking for men to recruit.

- Civilians are asked to recite the Shahada. If they can’t, theyre killed.

- Some of the teachers in Dansalan College are already dead. Their heads are being displayed on the highway.

DISCLAIMER: Most of the information here came from personal accounts of people inside Marawi City.

PLEASE signal boost this! I know there are many things happening right now, especially with what happened with Ariana’s concert. But this is really scary and there’s not enough information on it.

This 23-year-old student of Mardan University in Pakistan was brutally beaten and murdered by his fellow college-mates who accused him of blasphemy. I’m still shaken by the video of him being dragged across the university while being constantly kicked and thrashed until his clothes became bloody and he lost consciousness.

RIP, Mashal.

And RIP, people who are delusional enough to believe they have the right to take another man’s life in the name of religion.


Serena McKay’s badly beaten body was found on April 23, 2017, barely two hours after she was reported missing, in Manitoba, Canada. Police ended up arresting two girls, of 16 and 17 years old, and charged them with second degree murder. Their names can’t be released for legal reasons. A graphic video of Serena being beaten by the teenagers, who appear to be under the influence, was posted in Facebook and remained there for hours before being taken down. It can still be found in the internet, although Serena’s family have asked people not to watch or distribute it. 

Serena was part of the Sagkeeng First Nation and it was one of their elders who found her body. A massive vigil was held in her memory.


Paris police officers set on fire by Molotov cocktail after May Day protest turns violent

  • May Day protests took a violent turn in Paris on Monday, leaving both citizens and officers injured.
  • Tension in France was already at an all-time high before the annual trade union demonstration got underway, thanks to a particularly tumultuous presidential election that has deeply divided the nation.
  • Many of the protesters who took to the streets Monday were reportedly there to show their distaste for both far-right candidate Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron.
  • At the protest, the Independent reported, police deployed both water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators before they fought back with Molotov cocktails, resulting in several officers being engulfed in flames. Read more (5/1/17)

There is a lot of conversation about ending mass incarceration, but almost all of it is focused on changing how we respond to non-violent and low-level crimes. The problem is that more than half of people in state prison are incarcerated for violent crimes, so we will only end mass incarceration if we deal with the question of violence.  

This Issue Time conversation will deal with the question of violence, and will discuss whether mass incarceration actually makes us safer and what else could make us safe instead.


Danielle Sered envisioned, launched, and directs Common Justice. She leads the project’s efforts, locally rooted in Brooklyn but national in scope, to develop and advance practical and groundbreaking solutions to violence that advance racial equity, meet the needs of those harmed, and do not rely on incarceration.

Fatimah Loren Muhammad is the Director of Equal Justice USA’s Trauma Advocacy Initiative, which, in its pilot stage hosts weekly, half-day collaborative workshops bringing over 250 members of the Newark Police Department together with African American community leaders and public health practitioners to discuss issues of race, trauma, violence, policing, and mass incarceration. She is a Senior Fellow at Humanity in Action and a recipient the Leeway Foundation 2010 Social Transformation Award.

Ryan King is a senior fellow in the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where he works on sentencing and corrections issues with a focus on mass incarceration. His objective is to produce high-quality empirical research on the impact of sentencing and corrections policies at the state and federal level; and to work with policymakers, practitioners, and community advocates to identify strategies that assist in the pursuit of a fair, effective, and rational criminal justice system.

Glenn E. Martin, is the President and Founder of JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA), an organization dedicated to cutting the U.S. correctional population in half by 2030.

Erdogan’s bodyguards beat protesters during his Washington, DC, visit

  • A street fight erupted in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday between men who appeared to be the bodyguards of Turkish president Erdogan and a group assembled to protest his presence at the White House.
  • The scuffle, which broke out on the 1600 block of 23rd Street NW, just outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence, resulted in nine people injured and two arrests, NBC News reports. Read more (5/17/17)

zim-has-a-squeedlyspooch  asked:

Do you think maybe instead of ther prison system we have now, we could focus on rehabilitation programs? It's been proven they reduce recidivism, why is it that they aren't being funded?

Our criminal justice system is broken; it fails to keep communities safe, perpetuates a racial caste system, and costs taxpayers billions of dollars. Fear-mongering and the false, but persistent belief that punishment will somehow right the wrong for survivors and prevent future suffering keeps this broken system funded.

But people are fed up and fighting for change.

Crime survivors, the formerly incarcerated, faith leaders, local community residents, and criminal justice reform advocates, including EJUSA, are fighting for a new system that invests in true community safety and health, grounded in proven strategies that work to prevent harm, promote racial equity, address the trauma of survivors, provide true healing and accountability, as well as reduce recidivism.

We will be successful when we all collectively get involved in calling for this new system to be funded at the level required for every community to be safe. It will take all of us working together to call for a system that works.

Bill O'Reilly has been obsessed with calling out sexism and violence in hip-hop

  • One of Bill O'Reilly’s favorite targets — perhaps more than liberals, or Obama — is hip-hop. For years, he’s used his show to take aim at rappers and the culture of “sin” he claims they promote. 
  • He’s taken aim at Snoop Dogg for smoking weed, Nas for being “vile,” Common for defending Assata Shakur and Cam'Ron for promoting violence. He’s also taken aim at Method Man, Kanye West and Jay Z. He’s even gone after Beyoncé, via Russell Simmons’ appearance on his show in 2014, for proudly talking about sex on the track “Partition.”“[Beyonce] puts out a video that glorifies having sex in the back of a limousine,” he said in 2014. 
  • “Why would she do it when she knows the devastation that unwanted pregnancies…and fractured families—why would Beyoncé do that?” Read more. (4/12/2017 11:20 AM(