Hate group member shoots trans woman in the face in Indiana
Crystal Raquel Cash survived a violent assault that left her with a broken jaw, but local news can't help but turn its attention to irrelevent discussions of sex work.

Earlier this month, a man shot Crystal Cash, a transgender woman, in the face at her workplace in Evansville, Indiana. 

Cash survived the attack, but was left with a broken jaw. Her attacker, Gerald Duane Lewis, was arrested and is believed to be affiliated with an SPLC-designated hate group, but the leader of the group denied his involvement. 

You’ll also remember that Indiana is governed by potential-vice-president Mike Pence, who is fiercely against hate crimes legislation and also generally hates LGBTQ people. 

The coverage by the Courier & Press also engaged in entirely unnecessary victim-blaming by mentioning the possibility that Cash was running a massage parlor and implying that she was a sex worker, writing, “It appears that Cash uses and other adult websites to advertise her services under her middle name. In those ads, she portrays herself as much younger, and her most recent postings on the adult classified page broadcast that she provides body rubs in a ‘relaxing mood atmosphere.’”

None of that information, even if true, is pertinent to the fact that Cash is a trans woman who was the victim of a violent assault. It only serves to further the false assumption that most trans women are sex workers, and that sex workers are somehow deserving of or culpable in violence. Cash’s status as a sex worker is completely irrelevant to the story as reported, and including that information (which is nearly one-third of the story’s length) is incredibly disrespectful to the victim of a possible hate crime.

Absolutely terrible. Sending her positive thoughts for a quick recovery, and for an end to transphobic violence once and for all. 

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(Part 1/2)i have this friend that's really a jerkface. she slapped me when i came out because I didn't tell her first, pretty much said to my face that our friendship is meaningless, and is purposely annoying my other two friends so they'll leave me

“(Part 2/2)… but i don’t know how to get rid of her because shes kind of popular and I don’t want it backfiring… sry for ranting. any advice?” 

TG: woah dude
TG: a bro slapping a bro for any reason besides a friendly pat on the back is not okay
TG: and coming out is a very personal thing
TG: one of the most personal
TG: its not her coming out so she doesnt get a say in who gets told first
TG: period
TG: if she were an actual decent friend she would understand that

TG: you should tell one or many trusted adults what happened
TG: in fact keep telling adults until someone listens
TG: and then drop that friend like a particular sack of hot shit on a sweaty summer day when you already got your hands full and dont have time to pick up that nasty sack because youre moving on with your life
TG: and then make new friends
TG: friends that dont believe in hitting other friends or trying to control some of the most important things of their friends lives

TG: popularity doesnt typically last past one school or workplace
TG: it may seem scary when it’s against you like the fucking armada of douchebags
TG: but the most important thing is to get out of that toxic relationship and build a massive fucking wall of people who love and support you
TG: good luck
Japan knife attack: stabbing at care centre leaves 19 dead
Man armed with a knives attacks facility in Sagamihara, outside Tokyo, before telling police: ‘It is better that disabled people disappear’...
By Justin McCurry

A man who claimed he wanted to kill disabled people left at least 19 dead and 26 others injured after a knife attack at a care facility in Japan. Petrified staff at the Tsukui Yamayuri En (Tsukui Lily Garden) facility in Sagamihara, south of Tokyo, called police at about 2.30am local time after the suspect, named as Satoshi Uematsu, launched his attack. It was the country’s worst mass killing in decades.



Title: Family Reunion
Request: “Can you write one where they have an OLDER sister, and she split up from them a few years ago, but she runs into them on a hunt? Oh! Or she rescues them or something”- @mmeyers915
Words: 1,501
Pairing: None, Winchester!Reader
Warnings: Language, smoking, drinking, some violence

“Damnit, damnit, damnit,” Dean cursed while running for his life through an abandoned warehouse. “Sammy?! Where are you!”

“Dean!” Sam yelled, motioning to his older brother from behind a stack of crates. “I thought you said this was a simple salt and burn.”

“Yeah well sorry, I didn’t account for the necromancer witch. I’ll keep that in mind next time.” Dean crouched behind the crates with Sam, who gave him his iconic bitch face, while keeping an eye out for their attackers.

Not only was there a witch bringing back angry sprits, but they were reanimating bodies as well. Classic zombie scenario, or at least it would be if any of the films made about zombies actually knew the real way of ganking these suckers. Too bad the bodies where too far from any grave to be staked down, meaning no matter what the brothers did, they just kept coming.

“Not enjoying my pets, hunters,” mocked the high voice of the witch who was causing all the trouble.

“About as much as a bad hang over,” growled Dean, and he shot down an undead teen who was getting too close. It didn’t do much, as the corpse simply stumbled a bit and continued its approach.

“Too bad really, cause I’m sure they will enjoy devouring you,” she laughed, calling forth several more undead from all sides of the warehouse.

Sam and Dean stood, guns at the ready, prepared to fight till the bitter end, when a gunshot was heard not originating from their drawn weapons. The brothers looked over to see the witch clutching her arm and a woman standing in the entrance of the warehouse. As she walked closer, Dean was the first to recognize his older sister.

“I swear, I can’t leave you two alone for a minute,” you said, closing the gap between you and the witch.

“Y/N!” The brothers called at the same time, a look of relief washing over both of their faces. You give them both a small smile of acknowledgment, before turning your attention back on the witch.

“Since you enjoy playing with dead things, how about I send you someplace where you can get your fill,” you smirked, aiming your pistol at her head.

“Stupid hunter, you kill me and my creatures will just keep going,” she smiled, showing only the smallest hint of fear.

“Then I guess there is really no point in keeping you around. May as well end your life now so I don’t have more of these abominations to clean up.” You cocked your gun, taking another step closer, with your finger slowly tightening around the trigger.

“There is no way you’ll be able to stop them all, not without my help at least,” her smile faltered, as you continued to move closer.

“I’m sure I can manage.” You stop, only five feet from her, taking a quick note of how many undead where in the warehouse, now starting to surround you and your brothers. There were about ten total, but if your theory was correct they wouldn’t be an issue once you pulled the trigger.

“Even you can’t do anything without at least a couple graves nearby,” the witch said, giving a slight flick of her wrist, causing four of the creatures to pounce on Sam and Dean. You flinched, but held your ground as the undead creatures kept your brother restrained at the witch’s command.

“Think that’s going to stop me?” you sneered, lowering your gun slightly.

“It will unless you want to see these two handsome men join my army,” she cackled, clearly believing she had the upper hand again.

“Not gonna happen,” you raised your gun again. “Cause I have a theory.”

“Oh do you?”

“Yeah. You die, those things drop too,” you grinned.

“You’re lying,” the witch growled, trying to keep her composure. “You really wanna risk their lives on a theory?”

“Yup.” And with that you pull the trigger, sending a bullet right between the witches eyes. “Here’s a hint, next time you wanna call my bluff, make sure I’m actually bluffing.”

And with that, the witch fell to the floor, dead, as the creatures let out pitiful howls as the last of the magic sustaining them left their forms. All ten zombies collapsed to the floor, unmoving, as you stepped over the puddle of blood now forming under the witch, toward your brothers.

“You two idiots okay?”
“Yeah…thanks,” Dean said kicking the unmoving body of one of the undead that had perviously been holding him. “Well, here’s your salt and burn, Sammy.”

“Wait, don’t tell me you guys went into this thinking it was just as salt and burn. Do you two even do research anymore?” you said, shaking your head in disbelief.

“Hey, Dean said he did the research on this one,” Sam said putting his hands up in defense.  

“And not only did you believe that, but you didn’t double check his sources. I thought you were the smart one, Sammy,” you laughed and reached up to ruffle your tallest brother’s hair.

As the two brothers gathered the bodies together in the middle of the warehouse, you began to douse them in gas and salt before setting fire to the pile. The three of you stood back, and watched, making sure the bodies where completely turned to ash before heading out to the old parking lot.

“Hey, Y/N, how did you know that they would drop if you killed the witch?” Sam asked as you unlocked the door to your pickup.

“Well, I didn’t for sure, but since they where brought back by magic, it seemed logical that if the source of that magic disappeared they wouldn’t have anything to keep them going,” you said shrugging. “I’d heard rumors of it working in the past so I figured I’d give it shot.”

“So you really did risk our lives on a theory. Gee, some sister you are,” Dean said with a slight smirk, as he threw his bag in the back seat of the Impala.

“Oh shut up. I would have saved you one way or another and you know it. So how about instead of sassing me you buy me a drink Dean-o,” you smiled, crossing your arms and leaning against your truck. “I think you owe me that much.”

“Fair enough, only as long as you tell us where the hell you’ve been the last few years,” Dean said, growing a little more serious. “You owe us that much.”

“Deal,” you said getting into your truck and the boys get into the impala, the three of you heading to a local bar.

After arriving and ordering your first round of drinks you catch up with your brothers. You talked about how you had heard the rumors of them saving the world from the apocalypse, again. They told you about meeting God, and his sister, about Lucifer and Rowena. How Crowley became a close ally, and how the Mark of Cain had started most of the trouble.

You told them about your hunts outside of the country, facing things you had never seen before. About how after Bobby died, you needed to get away for a while, and gather more research on the unknown. You had met up with hunters from all over the world, trading stories and tips, gathering information. That’s how you had heard about what to do with the necromancer, along with several other helpful tricks that you would be sure to fill them in on later.

The three of you continued to drink, until Sam insisted on returning home to the bunker, which you where pleasantly surprised to hear about. After all, the three of you hadn’t had a place to really call home since your mother had died. Once you arrived, Sam said goodnight as Dean poured himself a tumbler of whiskey. You excused yourself, stepping outside and lighting a cigarette. Taking a long drag, you heard the door open behind you, and Dean walked out with his drink still in hand.

“Thought you quit,” he said as you exhaled the burning smoke.

“I will when you do,” you smirked, pointing at his glass of amber liquid. The two of you stood there in silence for a while, you taking a few more drags, him taking a few sips of your selected vices. “So, what do you think will go first? Your liver or my lungs?”

“If smoking and drinking is what kills us, than we’re doing our jobs wrong,” Dean said, throwing back the rest of his drink.

“True,” you laughed taking one final puff before stopping out the butt of the cigarette. “But I’m sure Sam will still give us both hell for continuing.”

“He wouldn’t be Sam if he didn’t,” Dean said with a chuckle. “But in all seriousness, I’m glad you’re back.”

“Me too Dean-o,” you give him a gentle smile. “But next time we have a family reunion, lets not invite a necromancer.”


MELODIES, a demo cd.

a demo cd sung/written by melodie rojas and produced/written by piper renetti. a collection of songs demonstrating melodie and her sound. a mix of pop, indie pop, and electronic: this demo is surely one to be reckoned with. beneath the cut, you’ll find what the songs mean and why she wrote them. this demo cd will be sent to various labels and will be able to purchase via itunes!

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So hypothetically speaking, let's say Snape would've had a daughter he didn't know about (yes canon totally unlikely he'd have a one night stand but let's pretend). Now let's supposed Dumbledore would've found out, during Harry's 4th year, Sev had a child around the age of Potter. Would he have told Snape about his child or would he have kept her a secret thinking it would distract Snape from his duties?

Dumbledore would absolutely hide a child from Severus. He would, however, justify the hell out of that decision.

First of all, Severus is not at all equipped to care for a child, especially as a full-time parent.  He’s not emotionally mature enough, nor does he have the support he’d need to care for someone like that.  

Secondly, if possible, Dumbledore would have figured out some way to send said child far away.  Either to France or maybe even America. Anything to keep her from becoming an a liability in his war-games.

Thirdly, I think Dumbledore wouldn’t be completely heartless about it.  He’d set up some clever plan about revealing Severus’ daughter to him after the war was over- maybe some sort of spelled parchment that wouldn’t open until Voldemort was dead or something.

There is a really interesting story by Arinus called Always in Your Shadow about Snape having a daughter slightly older than Harry with Bellatrix (I know, it’s gross to imagine, but it works as a story and the characters are written very well). I imagine Snape as a father to be quite a lot like how he’s portrayed in the story, though I think he’s somewhat more willing to act gentle around his daughter in this story because she comes from a background of such extreme abuse (as a parent, that part was very hard to read, so FYI, there are descriptions of extreme torture and abuse in that story).
Sheriff: Navy seaman accused of robbing, stabbing transgender woman
A Navy seaman from New Orleans is accused of robbing and stabbing 25-year-old Dee Whigham, a transgender woman who was in town for the Gulf Coast Black Rodeo. Whigham, who works at Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, had a promising life in front of her, Whigham’s family said. Hickerson was arrested Monday on a charge of capital murder.
Trans woman shot in Ind.; church disputes suspect's link
In Evansville, Indiana, a trans woman was shot in the jaw by a 26-year-old man who has been connected to a hate group.

Gerald Duane Lewis was arraigned in the shooting of Crystal Cash at her place of business. Cash survived the attack and was able to provide a description of the attacker. Lewis, using the name Gadiell Ben Israel, had been connected with the Israel United in Christ Church—a group the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group. The congregation has condemned homosexuality, interracial marriage and even voting.

However, the group disputes the link. Its website,, has stated, “In light of the unfortunate situation that has transpired in Evansville, Indiana, Israel United in Christ Church finds it necessary to make it clear that Gerald Duane Lewis aka Gadiell is not a member of our organization.

"Gerald was removed from the congregation months prior due to not adhering to the stringent guidelines of our organization. As we staunchly stand alongside the Holy Bible and its tenets, Israel United does not teach or condone violence against any person. … We pray that Gerald can acknowledge his sins and repent.”

At least 15 trans people are known to have been murdered in the United States this year, with the majority being individuals of color.
Armed Black Protesters Cause Cleveland Police To Call For “Temporary Suspension of Second Amendment”
The head of Cleveland's largest police union has just called on Ohio Gov. John Kasich to temporarily restrict the state's open carry gun laws and the Second Amendment during this week's Republican National Convention.

This call comes as members of various Black “Open Carry” and self-defense organizations began arriving in the city.

Just some thoughts but like….. making fun of abusive behaviors of men in m/w relationships is bad.

Further, treating domestic abuse as a “straight people thing” is really short sighted.

Like, yeah straight people suck but abuse against straight women by their bfs isn’t funny? Additionally, when we “joke” about how men are so controlling and aggressive towards their gfs/wives under the guise of “lol str8s” it’s really disingenuous as bi women have an Incredibly High rate of abuse at the hands of male partners.

But even without noting the connection to biphobia or how abusive male partners disproportionately affect bi women, straight women’s abuse isn’t funny. It’s not a joke, and it has real and sometimes deadly consequences.

Additionally, implying that abuse is exclusive to straight people (or at least m/w relationships) hurts people in same gender relationships suffering from abuse.

I know we have to have some nuance and contextual sensitivity when talking about abusive partners in m/m, w/w, etc. partners because of societies homophobic belief that nonstraight people are inherently abusive and predatory. But we can’t deprioritize abuse victims because of it.

Anyway it’s early and I’m tired so let me know if anything needs elaborating