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One Word Microfiction Chapter 11:  Guardian
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She was an arctic fox.  That alone made it worth the effort, but she was also a wealthy and well-known arctic fox.  I saw her on ZNN yesterday, being interviewed about one of her novels.  I didn’t pay attention to the actual interview, but the novel in question was one of the few she wrote that wasn’t straight up porn.  Some kind of cop drama and now they’re making a movie of it.

Asinine capitalist bullshit.  And that ridiculous vixen is making big bucks off it.  I’m the only one in Zootopia who still sees foxes for what they are.  But it doesn’t matter.  I’ll get mine.  I’ve spent the last three days researching.  I know where she’s staying, where she’s going, and what she looks like.  She’ll give me every dime she has on her and if she doesn’t…well, the city morgue needs something to do.  Miss Kaine is a fox, and female to boot.  She’s a geek on top of that.  There’s no way she’ll be able to hurt a wolf like me.

“You’re taking these quotes out of context, you bitch. How about you actually try reading them? It’s not abuse! Christian Grey is not abusive.”

Thank you lovely anons responding to my surprisingly popular 50 Shade of Grey post. You demand context? I’ll give you some context.

This particular quote is relatively early in the books, Christian and Ana hardly know each other and they aren’t in a relationship yet. The stunt she pulled in question? She went out to the bar with her roommate and friends to celebrate finishing finals. 

Now let’s break this down. Ana is having a fun night out with her friends, and when she goes to the bathroom she calls Christian to “relieve the boredom of waiting in line.” She calls him up inquiring about some books he sent her, and he can tell she’s been drinking. Ana tries to act flirty but Christian is literally like “Ana, so help me, where the fuck are you?” She doesn’t tell him but he shows up anyways. 

How exactly does he know how to find her? The same way he knew where to send those books she’s asking about: he is a stalker! Yep, he tracked her cell phone. 

Anyways, she passes out and Christian takes her back to his place and when she wakes up the next morning and he comes up with about 3 excuses why it was okay to track her cell phone and then utters the line above. “If you were mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week after the stunt you just pulled.” Keep in mind that they hardly know each other and they are not involved in this so called BDSM relationship. They haven’t talked about BDSM at all, he just casually throws this out there. Sounds more like a straight up threat of physical violence. 

Hey, context is everything right?

snuffles05  asked:

Glannithro AND Sportarobbie prompt where some assholes are picking on Robbie and Glanni is about to cut a bitch but then Ithro holds him back until they start insulting Sportacus too and then Ithro let's go of Glanni and he gets ready to crush a dick too

Thank you for the prompt, it was fun to write! Do you know how hard it is to think of insults for Sportacus, besides his accent? I hope you like it!

Trigger warning: Ableism, slurs, violence, swearing, threats of violence, beginnings of a panic attack

Send me in more prompts!

Robbie had known this was a bad idea, but had anyone listened?


Unlike his brother, Glanni loved partying. A night without at least half a dozen cocktails, lasers, music so loud it nearly left you without hearing, sweaty people not so much dancing as grinding against each other and ten inch heels wasn’t successful in the villain’s eyes. Both Íþró and Sportacus weren’t really party animals, but Glanni had fluttered his eyelashes at Íþró, who, in turn, talked Sportacus into coming along and Robbie really couldn’t say no to Sportapuppy’s pout.

Which was why he’d just spent four hours nursing one cocktail while hiding at the bar, as far away from the loudspeakers and mass of partygoers as possible. At first, Sportacus had sat with him, but being who he was, he hadn’t been able to sit still for long so he busied himself playing extreme darts – what kind of modern club still had darts? – while Íþró and Glanni were gods knew where. Every once in a while, Robbie had seen a flash of pink and mustard in the crowd, but never for long.

It was only half an hour before closing that Glanni had finally shown up, dragging a very dishevelled looking Íþró behind him, and that they left.

Or tried to, rather, since apparently Glanni still knew people that didn’t want to kill him on sight and had, of-fucking-course, run into one of those unicorns on their way outside.

Not even near the door, where Robbie could have inhaled some of the fresh, cool night air in hopes of getting rid of his headache, no, and the noise wasn’t dying down either.

Robbie looked across the room where the elf brothers were helping a few very drunk people back on their feet, going as far as accompanying them to the cars and cabs waiting outside. Even though Robbie really, really wanted to be annoyed at his boyfriend for leaving him on his own, he couldn’t help but smile. Always helping, even off-duty.

“Look at that weirdo over there.”

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anonymous asked:

I can't even begin to say how disappointed I am to see you defend communismkills. She is a horrible, horrible person who is antisemitic, racist and awful in all the ways a person can be. As a Jewish person who is usually so outspoken against antisemitism, how can you so strongly defend a person like this?

I’m going to answer this very, very clearly.

I don’t know communismkills. I don’t know what she’s said, or what she’s done, or who she’s offended. I don’t follow her, I very rarely see her across my dash. She has zero to do with me. 

If you want to submit proof of those accusations, then, please, by all means. As you’ve said, you know how outspoken and passionate I am in the fight against antisemitism and the education of those that don’t know much about us, as Jews, as a people.

At no point, in that last post, did I defend or condemn communismkills. I don’t know her, I’ve never bothered to research her. I just know that she happens to exist and is Jewish. That’s it. If you actually read my response, you would see that I was horrified that her mother was allegedly sent rape and death threats, and that someone else said that her mother receiving rape and death threats was a “consequence” of communismkills’ own actions.

Let me be very, very clear.

If a user on this website harassed me, personally. If they suicide-baited me. If they attacked me with every single known antisemitic conspiracy theory, libel and abuse. If they doxxed me. If they showed up at my door and threatened me. If they physically hurt me. 

None of that would mean that their innocent loved ones would deserve to be threatened or abused.

The only person that I defended was an innocent woman. No one else.

And, for the record? No one deserves rape or death threats, whoever they are. Criticise them. Report them to the authorities. If their behaviour is beyond unacceptable, contact their place of work. 

As outspoken and as passionate as I am in the fight against antisemitism, I would never even condone violence or threats against neo-Nazis. It’s wrong. It’s completely and totally wrong, and both I and others should be better than that.

So, before you jump to attack me, take a long, hard look at yourself and what you decided to do here. We’re not talking about a Tumblr user that I have zero connection to outside of us both being Jewish. We’re talking about an innocent woman who happened to give birth to that user – someone who doesn’t deserve that kind of abuse at all.

The only one of us who can truly be disappointed here isn’t you, it’s me. If you follow me, you should fucking know better than this.

                                                                You think you’ve been through 𝓗𝔢𝔩𝔩…?

             Oh, 𝓈𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓉𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉…
                            We’re just getting sᴛᴀʀᴛᴇᴅ.
                                            I won’t be done until you’re ᗷ ᖇ O K ᕮ ᑎ.

Soulmate au (pt.7)

It was said that when you met your soulmate, their thoughts about you appeared on your skin. The words could change over time but were impossible to remove if they still remained. And it wasn’t particularly thrilling to know your soulmate thought you were a loser.

So here’s part 7, dedicated to that one anon who I made a promise to! I feel like a lot of the previous parts have been very Ronan centered so here is some more about Adam’s life. Please read the tags for trigger warnings. 

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“Hey, can you watch where you’re going?” Kelly didn’t have the patience to deal with a demon’s not so subtle bump into her. “If you want to fight then fine. But you will loose.” She warned. The demon gave a slightly fearful look before turning towards the door. “Thats what I thought.” Kelly muttered before taking a seat at the bar. “Give me something strong.” She said to the bartender. 

peak trans: men who hate women

I was harassed for a week and a half on Facebook, in a group for alumni of my college, by young men telling me the word “female” (as opposed to “woman”) is inherently harmful and “literally kills trans people.” They were defending Richard Masbruch’s placement in the women’s prison in CA. They escalated the harassment by making a thread titled, “Burn all transphobes: discuss” in which they riffed on the tasty smell of burning flesh and how TERFs were done when they were crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside- while continuously tagging my name. I was told there was a voicemail message circulating campus asking for my personal info and threatening my life.

Before it escalated, one confused young man tried to shame me for referring to pregnancy as a hardship or risk that women face. How dare I, when all he wants is to have a baby.



Hi friends, so some people still don’t realize that I said we’re on a hiatus and are still sending threats and hate into our inbox. I used to get notified by e-mail, but now I’ve disabled it. Still, since a lot of people seem to not want to let it go and think we’re making up being bullied, here is evidence of death threats being posted to me. I know that ignorant people will still twist my words and ignore the proof, and I’m not saying that these people are sent by those cosplayers - this is just proof for people who think we’re making up being harassed and asking for evidence, so here you go. PLEASE NOTE: The “anti” account has already been deleted, but this screenshot is just showing how far this has escalated beyond tumblr and beyond control.

At first, I was just planning on taking a hiatus from tumblr, but ever since I left here trolls and bullies have been targeting my Instagram and Facebook page as well, so I’ve been forced to leave all social media. I apologize for those who want to contact me. We’ve already left everything, deleted all posts mentioning them by name, and stopped posting, yet their fans still harass us. So if you are one of them and are choosing to attack us even after we’ve declared a break, please realize it is /you/ who is furthering this “drama” and not us or them.

We are sorry that we were unable to complete our final project for our fans, because I received over 20 threats that morning, so it dissuaded us from presenting all of our hard work that I had been planning for you guys for weeks. We ended up not cosplaying and have not touched any of our SasuSaku cosplays since. Perhaps we may still be able to post it later on as a final farewell until further notice. We hope to return one day when people who are telling us to "let it go” let it go themselves and stop leaving hate in our inbox. Thank you to those who have been patient and continue to support us! 

♪ So long, farewell, to you my friend. Goodbye, for now, until we meet again. ♪

youkoartemis  asked:

How about a fic where immortal!Ryan deals with religious fanatics? Because he's far from being Christian, and dealing with Christian Fundamentalists must be even more irritating to him than most people, since he was literally around during the start of Christianity, and all,,, Or just him dealing with religion in any way, really.

(TW: violence, threats, mentions of abuse and drug usage, mentions of general oppression, homophobia, religious oppression)

For the most part, Ryan was pretty tolerant of other people’s religions. 

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Six-part analysis of gamergate and the culture of men who harass women online. 

Very very very in depth, 10 out 10 would recommend.