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"Bisexuality is defined by an attraction to two or more genders" Bi means two, though. More than two would be polysexual, while all genders or regardless of gender would be pansexual.

Everyone who tries to tell me what bisexuality means personally owes me and all of my followers $1.


Bisexual Organizations: (Bisexual Resource Center: USA)
“The BRC uses bisexual as an umbrella term for people who recognize and honor their potential for sexual and emotional attraction to more than one gender. We celebrate and affirm the diversity of identity and expression regardless of labels.” (American Institute of Bisexuality)
“A bi person has the capacity for romantic and/or sexual attraction to more than one gender.” (Bisexual Index: UK)
“This is how we define it: A bisexual is someone who is attracted to more than one gender. You might care about the gender of your partner a lot, a little, or not at all – but their gender doesn’t prevent you from being attracted to them.” (BiNet USA)
“Bisexual – A person whose enduring physical, romantic and/or emotional attraction is to other people of various sexes and/or gender identities. Individuals may experience this attraction in differing ways and degrees over their lifetime.” (Toronto Bisexual Network)
“Bisexuality is the potential to feel attracted to and to engage in sexual and/or romantic relationships with people of any sex or gender.”

Activists: (Robyn Ochs; Bisexual Activist)

“I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted – romantically and/or sexually – to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.”

Community on Tumblr:

“Bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders, not necessarily to the same extent, not necessarily in the same way, not necessarily at the same time.”

“bisexuality is, broadly speaking, the attraction to two or more genders. bisexuality is not inherently or transphobic or exclusive of non binary genders—note that there are both binary and non-binary trans people who identify as bisexual. it is possible for bisexuals to be attracted to be attracted to anywhere from two to an infinite number of genders. many times, bisexuals will define their own sexuality as the attraction to both similar and different genders (which encompasses all genders). however, it is important to remember that bisexuals can be attracted to multiple genders without being attracted to people of their own gender. for example, an agender bi person may be attracted to women, bigender, and genderfluid people, or a bi woman might be attracted to men and agender people…..”

“bisexual: the (sexual) attraction to two or more genders. sometimes defined as the attraction to same + different genders; however, this is not true of all bisexuals.”

“bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders”

“Bisexuals have been defining bisexuality as the attraction to two or more/same and other for decades. This isn’t some made-up tumblr joke. Words change meaning. Prefixes change meanings. We didn’t even give ourselves the term bisexual to begin with, doctors did.”

“bisexual- sexually attracted to your same/similar gender and other gender(s), OR sexually attracted to 2 or more genders. Some bisexuals feel that they experience different kinds or degrees of attraction to different genders/gender presentations.”

“Bi: attracted to two or more genders. Some people will define it as “attracted to similar and different genders,” but this is slightly less inclusive than the above definition. I’m of the mind that “similar and different” evolved to satisfy bi=2 prescriptivists, but they are insatiable and forever gross.”

“…being bi does not reinforce the gender binary. And some bi people are only attracted to men and women–and that’s ok! However, bi is not defined as the attraction to men and women, or two genders. It can be for an individual, but not for our entire community. That definition is not only false, but harmful. (This is not to imply that bi people can’t be transphobic!)

This also means that you don’t have to be sexually attracted to people to be bi. There are so many different kinds of attraction, and to just focus on bisexuality would be excluding a lot of people (e.g. being biromantic).”

“What does bisexual mean?

Attraction to:

1. Two or more genders or

2. More than one gender.”

“Bisexuality is the attraction to two or more genders”

“Bisexuality is not half gay and half straight. Bisexuality is not in between gay and straight. Bisexuality is not gay when dating the same gender and straight when dating a different gender. Bisexuality is not gay-ish or straight-ish.

Bisexuality is its own fully independent self-contained complete orientation.”

Other things worth the read about the definition of bisexuality:

Bisexual Manifesto from 1990:

“We are tired of being analyzed, defined and represented by people other than ourselves, or worse yet, not considered at all. We are frustrated by the imposed isolation and invisibility that comes from being told or expected to choose either a homosexual or heterosexual identity.

Monosexuality is a heterosexist dictate used to oppress homosexuals and to negate the validity of bisexuality.

Bisexuality is a whole, fluid identity. Do not assume that bisexuality is binary or duogamous in nature: that we have “two” sides or that we must be involved simultaneously with both genders to be fulfilled human beings. In fact, don’t assume that there are only two genders. Do not mistake our fluidity for confusion, irresponsibility, or an inability to commit. Do not equate promiscuity, infidelity, or unsafe sexual behavior with bisexuality. Those are human traits that cross all sexual orientations. Nothing should be assumed about anyone’s sexuality, including your own.

We are angered by those who refuse to accept our existence; our issues; our contributions; our alliances; our voice. It is time for the bisexual voice to be heard“

”Defining bisexuality, just like defining any identity label, can be complicated and controversial. My definition of the label “bisexual” is informed by the work of The Bisexual Organizing Project. It includes people who use labels such as “bisexual,” “non-monosexual,” “persexual,” “omnisexual,” “ambisexual,” “pansexual,” “queer” or any other term that people use to identify themselves as individuals who are emotionally, romantically or physically attracted to people of more than one sex, gender or gender identity. I also recognize that not everyone chooses to adopt a label to describe their sexual orientation, and I also include non-labeling people who see themselves as part of a queer, non-monosexual or bisexual community under my definition of “bisexual.”“

Reasons why the prefix/etymology argument is not a very good one against “bi = attraction to 2 or more”

Modern fea au/hs au where they have to run the mile in pe and owain is like Im ready I’ll beat everyone and inigos like pshh thats funny and owains like But I will. I have been going through intense training to be able to do this (watching naruto and observing how everyone runs). I’ll beat everyone you especially and when the flavia yells go owain sprints off as fast as he can doing the naruto run and inigos just. Jogging slowly and owains like Ha loser im so much faster but then five seconds later he slows down by a lot because he got too tired and inigo catches up and hes like hi owain and passes him and owains like No!! And runs after him and inigo starts sprinting to get away from him and at the end. They’re both so tired that theyre about to collapse and they’re only done with one out of four laps and they try to stop but flavia like BOYS!! GET YOUR ASS MOVING and they run for their life and then they’re even more tired. They both come in dead last and then the rest of the day argue over who came jn one second earlier and really won

Lorn Mythical Creatures Notes


  • The body is cervine-based with a long tail that ends in a plume. They have a rough mane that goes from the crown of their head to their haunches.
  • The horn is thick and more purpose-oriented, though some domesticated unicorns may present thinner, more elegant horns.
  • If damaged or removed, the horn will eventually grow back, though the process takes years.
  • Unicorns emit a bone-chilling cry that sounds something like a wolf howl mixed with a screeching owl and a screaming child.
  • Killing a unicorn is thought to cause irremovable bad luck for the slayer. Some consider being in the presence of unicorns to be bad luck as well.
  • Ironically, possessing a body part from a unicorn is considered very lucky (particularly the horn and hair.)
  • Those that do not fear bad luck will often slay unicorns and sell their parts on the market for good money.


  • There are several distinct species of dragon in Lorn, only two of which are flightless.
  • The smallest dragon species is the Mus. The Mus dragon is venomous and lives in large packs. They grow up to three or four feet long, with most of that length attributing to a long neck and tail. Their wings are more suited for gliding, though can be used to fly short distances with extensive flapping. 
  • The two flightless dragons are the silvian dragon and the pisces dragon.
  • The silvian dragon is very slender and covered with an assortment of bright scales and feathers.
  • The pisces dragon is water-bound and considered to have no limit to length, nor a known lifespan. Most known individuals clock in at around 50 feet in length, though stories speak of individuals passing 200.
  • The largest species of dragon is the Hastatus. Hastati grow over 100 feet in length and will eat just about anything, including rocks and coral. They gain most of their energy from basking in the sun. Their scales have been used to line roofs.
  • Other known dragon species include sacer dragons, cygnus dragons, aurum dragons, and levis dragons.


  • Sirens resemble a sea lion in shape, though have large, colourful sails and a long tail.
  • They make a high-pitched wailing sound that harms the inner ear and causes other animals to become confused and unbalanced.

  • They often target sea birds and small vessels and will use their large tusks to hook prey and drag them underwater to drown.

  • In the water, their cries lose intensity, though can be used for effective sonar.

  • They live primarily in the north where they cluster along the snowy shores and ice floes.


  • The body resembles a horse with the face of a crocodile. 
  • Hair drapes from around the face and along the underside of their long tail. Spines and fins cover their back and the top of their tail. 
  • Males have a thick, sharp spur at the end of their tail and a large, horn-like crest protruding from between their eyes.
  • They can memorize thousands of sounds and voices, replicating them at will with perfection.
  • They use this mimicry to lure in prey and to scare away enemies and competition. 


  • All gryphons resemble a species of owl.
  • No one in Lorn is aware of this due to there being no actual owls in Lorn. Gryphons are the owls.
  • Gryphons range from the size of a house cat to a small horse. Gryphons based upon smaller owl species are in turn smaller and then vise versa.

Royal wolves

  • Alike the wolf, though roughly the size of a horse. A large horse.
  • The legs, snout, and tail are proportionately longer than a regular wolf’s.
  • The fur on their shoulders is long and contains a wealth of scent glands.
  • Very intelligent, though also very vain and easy to manipulate.
  • They are largely migratory. Some packs may travel constantly to avoid depleting food sources.


  • Small enough to fit in the palm of a person’s hand.
  • Their appearance is somewhat like a mix between a rabbit and a mouse.
  • Their ears, long tail, and a small dorsal on their back unfold to create usable sails for flying.
  • They live in large flocks, taking up residence in tree hollows. Their presence is only seen in areas without war, pollution, and sickness.
  • Their eyes are always a startling shade of bright green. This is due to their prevalence with the god, Ineo.
  • It is said that they can see into the Crossroads, the place where spirits dwell before being reincarnated.


  • A large cat in shape, though covered in long spines all along their cheeks, neck, back, and tail.
  • The spines secrete a poison that causes hallucinations in a victim. This poison is only deadly in very large doses, though the hallucinations occur quickly and are generally enough to disable any unwanted company.
  • Few survive the wrath of a manticore, though some fortunate humans will return to their towns to speak of creatures with bat wings and scorpion tails under the influence of the poison.
  • Some people enjoy the high created from manticore poison and will stick themselves at their leisure.

Recently, one of my coworkers said that one’s YouTube history is basically a diary, and you know, they… they weren’t wrong

inigo and kjelle as lifeguards at the local pool  and kjelle doesnt really want to be here like inigo but kjelle at least takes her job somewhat seriously while inigo uses his lifeguard status to hit on people and asks girls if they need help applying sunscreen on their backs and theyre like Ew no and then the old ladies are like Perfect! sonny boy come here and help and inigos like What have i gotten myself into and kjelle laughs at him. and then owain starts showing up at the pool with his cousins lucina and morgan almost every day and kjelle falls of lucina and gets distracted by her all the time. instead of watching the pool she gets distracted by lucina stretching or something and inigo has to tell her to snap out of it because if shes not doing her job then he will have to. owain annoys inigo all the time and pretends to need help in the pool to get his attention.  hes falling for inigo but doesnt even realize it. but instead kjelle comes to help him and when she finds out hes faking hes really in trouble. kjelle tries extra hard at her job just to impress lucina but lucina doesnt notice at all. morgan gets whats going on and  just watches and sometimes interferes also theyre owains partner in crime and help him try to get inigos attention

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Heey man, so my friend and I are planning on sharing a table at tigercon later this year, and I know you've done a few cons. Do you have any advice for like what merchandise we should be selling (other than prints) and the best way to go about preparing for selling at a con? ;u;

Oh how awesome! :D

I’m a bit new to the con scene, but I think I can offer a bit of advice—

Some of the most common items you’ll find for sale in an artist alley are prints, buttons, stickers, and charms. Small things like buttons seem especially easy to sell since they’re low cost, durable items that don’t cost as much— or take up as much room— as a print might.

There are two things that you can do for making buttons:

1. You can have them printed and shipped through an online service

2. You can purchase a button making machine, bulk materials for pinback buttons, and personally print sheets of the designs you want to use.

Personally, I have my own button machine. Button machines are quite costly— especially good ones— but they eventually pay for themselves. They’re relatively easy to use and you can make a large amount of buttons in a short amount of time. I personally got my button machine from this company and I also use their website to purchase the materials for my buttons. I use our local Office Depot to print my button designs.

The most common button sizes you’ll see in an artist alley range from about 1-2 inches.

I’m afraid I don’t know many online services that are good for buttons, but I do know that Zapcreatives offers bulk orders of 1 inch buttons. It’s important to note that they’re in the UK, however, and that the prices on their site are set in British Pounds.

Zapcreatives also offers charms— various acrylic, wood, and metal varieties— and sticker printing. I’ve ordered charms from them twice now and have been relatively pleased with their service and the quality of the charms (excluding the fluke with my Journey charms). They print and ship relatively fast to the US (east coast) as well. I ordered my charms on the 12th of January, they shipped on the 19th, and I received them on the 26th. 

I’ve unfortunately had no experiences with their sticker printing service, however, since the only con I’ve attended is Katsucon and Katsucon does not allow artists to sell stickers (make sure to check the rules of your con very thoroughly so that you know what is and is not appropriate to sell! Keep in mind that, for copyright reasons, it’s generally important to sell your own unique designs as well as designs that include fanart).

Another service I know of that prints charms is Ink It Labs, though I’ve never personally used their services. I’ve heard good things about their charm quality; I almost ordered from them this year, but Zap offers more charm designs, 5 for an order of 50 1 inch charms, while Ink It only allows 2 designs, and it appealed more to my needs.

Some other things I’ve seen offered in the artist alley (by drawing artists, not crafters) are small bags with prints on them, printed scarves, magnets, and bookmarks (none of which I have personal experience with).

As far as preparing for the con goes, I think that my best advice would be to be completely prepared well before the con hits. When the con is 3-4 months away you feel like you have plenty of time, but if you still have work to complete when the con is a month away it becomes a royal stress. You can never prepare too early for a con. Make sure to work on your designs and prints whenever you can, and make sure that you have enough money to afford everything you will need (including expenses at the con, like food and hotel costs).

Other than your merchandise, make sure that you have plenty of supplies for your own needs as well as your display. I would recommend bringing the following with you to your table:

  • Duct tape and scotch tape (Duct tape for any potential display repairs; scotch tape for hanging prints)
  • A ruler
  • A calculator
  • A notebook or something to record sales in
  • Pens and pencils
  • A sketchbook (if you plan to do drawing commissions at your table)
  • Scissors
  • Table clamps (to secure your display to the table; not necessary but a good idea)
  • Small clear bags or sheets to put your merchandise in once sold (not necessary, but a lot of people appreciate it)
  • A cash box (with small bills and change at the start of the con)
  • Pliers and additional lanyards (if you sell charms and have jump rings that may need adjusting)
  • Food and drinks
  • Perhaps a cushion (you will spend a lot of time on your ass so you might as well be comfortable)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A trash bag
  • Anything that you need for your personal comfort (such as tissues, ibuprofen, or other medications)
  • Something to entertain yourself during slow periods (such as a book or your 3DS)
  • Your phone (don’t forget to charge it every night!)

As far as your actual display goes, I would greatly recommend purchasing some gridwall. You can make a display out of PVC pipe, but gridwall is sturdier and easier to attach prints and other items to. You can also keep supplies in the back side of a gridwall display, which is great for organization.

I purchased my gridwall from our local Bed Bath & Beyond. You can find them on their site here but I purchased mine directly from the store to avoid shipping fees. Unfortunately, you have to buy two of these gridwall sets to make a display for a 6 foot long table (to form a sort of arch above you that’s 3 squares high, that is.)

Make sure to read the rules of the artist alley you are attending so you know exactly how tall you’re allowed to make your display. 

Also try to have a clear idea of how you will organize your smaller items on the table. If you have charms, where are they going? How will people see your buttons? I’ve seen some people attach their charms directly to their gridwall, but other times people will have separate, smaller displays specifically for their charms.

I’ve also seen buttons displayed in many different fashions. Some people choose to just print out images of their button designs and have a poster, some people lay them right on the table, some people pin them up on display boards, and others like to have them pinned to their table cloth in some way (the tables tend to have some form of cloth on them already, but you can always drape your own over the cloth if you wish to— particularly if you plan to display buttons in this way since it’d be a bit rude to make a pincushion of the con’s cloths lol.

This is getting rather wordy now but there are two more things I’d really recommend:

1. Business cards.

People readily grab business cards at artist alleys when they are available! Make sure to include your name, email, and a list of your online usernames (Tumblr, DA, FA, whatever sites you are on). It makes it all the easier for people to find you in the future; don’t be afraid of advertising yourself!

2. A portfolio or a binder with some of your additional work.

This can be for additional items you wish to sell that won’t fit on your display, or it can be just to show off some of the stuff you didn’t make into prints or buttons. 

I was strapped for funds last Katsucon and I made a binder filled with sketches I had done (since I don’t have a coloured printer at home and it was relatively easy to print out my favorite uncoloured sketches I had). A surprising amount of people took interest in that binder and I had a lot of nice conversations with people who stuck around to look through it! C:

UHHHH that’s most of what I can think of. The only other thing probably worth noting is to consider prices well before the con. $1-2.50 is generally a good price for buttons, depending on the size, and I’ve seen charms jump around $3-10 depending on size and detail (ones closer to $10 are usually larger, have extra parts, or are double sided.) 

As for prints, they can easily range around $3-15 depending on the size and quality. I’d recommend looking for sources online if you need further specifics.

I hope at least some of this helps! C:

EDIT: I also use this site for my prints. I’d recommend looking for a few separate places before settling on a one, though (if you haven’t already). Go for whatever is in your price range and easiest to manage.

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I hope you don't mind me asking, but what service do you use to make charms? I want to make charms myself, but I'm not sure where to look!

I personally use Zapcreatives!

They have a lot of options for their charms and I was very satisfied with the quality of the charms I ordered from them last year— the colours especially (very saturated, very nice). They also offer a free sample pack that lets you see what all of their charm varieties look like. They offer white acrylic, black acrylic, clear acrylic (double sided and single), (pink) coloured acrylic, wood, metallic, and metal charms.

On the site you will also see a type of charm offered called “old style white charms.” These are the charms that I ordered from them last year, before they acquired newer machines and offered more varieties of charms. 

Their newer acrylic charms offer a somewhat sharper image and a textured finish (between matte and glossy) but I’ve yet to order their newer style charms. The old style ones are cheaper and appeal to my price range more, though I also plan to get a sample pack with my next order from them since I would like to experiment with other types of charms from Zapcreatives in the future. Until then, I still vouch for the quality of their old style charms— and assume that their new style ones are likely of a similar, if not better quality.

On the point of price, you have to be careful to note that Zapcreatives is located in the UK and operates with GBP prices. There is a drop down at the bottom of the site that allows you to convert the prices on the site to EUR, USD, or CAD, however.

I’m about to order 50 1” old style charms from them and the cheapest shipping offer to where I live (US east coast) is $11. With the price of the charms, my full order is $56.83 USD. If I were to get 50 of their newer charms of the same size, the total would be around $72 USD.

There is another site for charms that I have not used called Ink it Labs. With shipping, 50 of their 1” white acrylic charms cost about the same as Zapcreatives’ newer charms for me— the difference? Zapcreatives allows you to have 5 separate charm designs when you order 50 charms, while Ink It Labs allows you only 2. I’ve heard good things about Ink it Labs in terms of charm quality— and perhaps they would be wonderful if you are looking to buy a single charm or two in bulk— but Zapcreatives seems more convenient as far as ordering multiple charms goes, at least for the 50 count order. I’m looking to order only 50 charms this time, of five designs, so my choice between the two is easily decided.

I’d recommend looking at both sites though to see which one suits your needs! Again, I’ve never ordered from Ink it Labs— and I have only ordered one charm type from Zap— so most of what I know about the two comes from searching both sites, not so much personal experience.

A bit of history on how I used to be a math teacher

I don’t think I’ve ever really spoke to clarity on my college days and why I am where I am today, so get ready for some text.

Right out of highschool I went to college for computer science, to be a programmer. It took me six years to get a four-year degree. I’m not too fond of the lack of haste the higher-ups instill in you, there was no reason for it to take so long, I just didn’t understand scheduling and such, it was never shown to me or whatnot. As time went on I realized though I was moderately skilled at programming I had no real passion for it. Other students would talk about meetings and programming expos and stuff they were excited to see and new developments and the like, and I honestly just didn’t care.

Add to that, programming is really infuriating. Probably 95% of what you do is scream at the top of your lungs about why this one bug exists. 4% of what’s left is on really boring stuff like taking into account every erroneous input the user can do, and the last 1% is what I actually cared about, the problem solving and overall figuring out how to do things. Heck, I’d lay asleep at night trying to think of how to actually do something, plan out the steps, and I loved it.

Not long before getting my degree I realized I actually really didn’t want to program professionally. Not only did I have no real passion for it, but in the actual field that 1% that I actually enjoyed would be reduced to almost nothing, as that would be decided by the higher-ups and I’d be stuck with really mundane tasks. Since I knew I didn’t want to program (heck of a time to figure that one out) I tried to think about what else I’d like to do.

Especially because of the Let’s Plays, I rather enjoyed speaking. I loved math and helping others figure stuff out. That sounded an awful lot like teaching to me, so I jumped through the hoops to get a teaching degree. A Masters degree in teaching was a one-year intensive course that required you already have a Bachelors in another subject (which I did have, recently having gotten it in Computer Science).

This was perhaps the most unpleasant experience in my life. I could do well on tests, but I felt like I was learning nothing about how to apply anything and actually teach. In retrospect, it felt like the teaching program was doing an awful job of actually teaching me anything. I’m determined though, and I muscled through for about six months. I was a student teacher for fall quarter of a local highschool, in a class that taught Algebra 2, Geometry, and Precalculus. Of this time, for a period of about two months I was the teacher proper. I handled making tests, writing lesson plans, grading homework, absolutely everything. When I say “I used to be a highschool math teacher” I’m referring to this time. I wasn’t a hired-on teacher, but for that period a highschool math teacher is exactly what I was.

It’s said new teachers generally work 70-hour weeks, and I was feeling every minute of that. I was planning lessons and had no time at all to appreciate them or feel accomplished, jumping right into another or planning the next day. There was simply far too much to do. I felt inadequate as a teacher, frequently being asked questions of the assisting teacher and my on-campus teacher that I had no answer for, but didn’t know how to approach the issue, such as “This one student doesn’t learn in the way you’re teaching, when are you going to start adapting to multiple learning styles?”. I had to spend an unorthodox amount of time teaching myself much of the material so I was well-versed enough to teach it to others, as I hadn’t used much of this material since highschool, if at all. Worst of all, I felt I spent very little of my mental awareness on teaching and helping students. Instead, every moment was spent scanning the class and being aware to make sure students weren’t breaking rules, were keeping on track, weren’t misbehaving. It felt like I was running a daycare, not a classroom. And I’ll admit these were pretty good classes.

It actually took my parents trying to convince me over winter break to stop. They saw how miserable I was even though I didn’t realize it myself. If not for them I probably would be teaching, I’d be horrible at it and hate every second of my life. So I dropped out of the program. Now I have failed at a teaching degree, it’s been a year since I’ve done any real programming, and the only thing I have after seven years is a degree in something I can no longer stand.

I do still love math, and I do still have a passion for teaching. I have more respect for teachers than you can imagine. I would like to perhaps look back into that, but in what form I have no idea. Certainly not highschool. I want to teach, not babysit.

So I spent another year looking for a job. Programming if I could find it, but I’d take anything. Not only was I out of practice, but companies want you to be super enthusiastic about your trade, which I wasn’t, and with that in mind it’s hard to explain a year or two of doing nothing programming related (and every single interviewer asked about it!). I was still trying, because it was all I had, even though I dreaded it.

Eventually I got a job at Target working remodel, which almost killed me and destroyed my sleeping. They had me working graveyard shift, but randomly morning and evening shifts. Pretty much whenever my body was starting to understand when it was supposed to sleep it got jerked around again. It got to the point my body accepted that it didn’t know when to sleep and adapted to subside on just a few hours. At almost the same time as Target I got partnered with YouTube and started making money off the Let’s Plays. At first the income was huge, more than I’d ever hoped for. As remodel came to a close the income decreased, though. I got moved to the truck team (which is pure manual labor), and was making a fraction off YouTube that I did before.

Early this year I moved out. I don’t think I was ready for it in any way, but it needed done. Now I’m working what amounts to 70 hours a week, about 35 on both Target and YouTube, and I’m just barely making enough money to afford internet and this tiny apartment.

You know what though? I’m happy. As much as has been passed up, as much an education as I have and tried to get, and as little use as it is to me today, as crappy a situation as I’m really in, as badly as I’ve failed everyone, least of all myself, I’m happy. Far happier than I’d have been if I were well off having stuck with either programming or teaching.

I know that this isn’t something I can sustain. I know I need to look for other ways to get by, to make more money, to do something with myself. That in the long run this won’t work. It bothers me when people tell me as much, like they’re trying to get me to realize a hard truth, because I know. I know better than anyone the position I’m in and I spend far more time thinking and being worried about it than I should, but in the position I’m in right now, I’m happy, and I’d really like to be allowed to be happy for a little bit.

You know what episode never fails to strike straight at my heart, besides the obvious like A Tale of Two Stans, Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, or the Weirdmaggedons?

Blendin’s Game.

I don’t know if there’s already posts that have explored just how important this episode is, especially on the subject of absentee parents, but here we go anyway.

First off, when the narrative deals with Soos’ father, it pleasantly disregards the whole “every boy needs his dad” trope or the outdated “the lack of two opposite gendered presences in a kid’s life is detrimental” one, both of which need to fade out. This way of thinking undermines the fact that plenty of kids grow up with same-sex parents, single parents, grandparents, etc. and are plenty well-adjusted and loved.

No, the narrative establishes right off the back that Soos doesn’t suffer from a lack of father - he suffers from knowing that his father COULD be a presence in his life, is wholly able of visiting his son, yet chooses not to.

That moment on his 12th birthday, when he received the eight consecutive postcard claiming his father’s too busy to come. That’s when his faith, his inherent belief in his parent, disintegrates. That’s when he realizes the depths of his father’s neglect.

Soos is perfectly content until this happens. And that’s the thing, about not having a parent around - you get used to it. Especially when you’re surrounded by a family as loving and supportive as Soos’, you tend to forget the absence even exists. It’s when you DO remember that kills you.

Because maybe after so many years, Soos starts to question, “Why?” Why doesn’t his dad want to be around? Aren’t dads supposed to be around, supposed to love their kids enough? Is it something Soos did? Is it just him?

And these doubts can really build up. You can’t ask an empty chair one way or another, after all.

Maybe Soos not wanting to celebrate his birthday from then on has some even more heart-wrenching implications than thought…

BUT. Enough of that. Now for the second part of this post, which is frankly the best.

At the end of his flashback, we see Stan giving tiny Soos a job, and we know Soos grows to view Stan as a father figure. And we know Stan adores his handyman and feels much the same, though he’d be hard pressed to admit it aloud.

Then in the present, Mabel and Dipper fight an futuristic gladiator-style battle, risk their lives, just in an attempt to make Soos happy.

And Soos, the boy who must have felt so unworthy and insecure from those years of parental silence, realizes that whatever his father’s opinion is or was, it doesn’t matter. Because he has a family, a family that loves him so DAMN MUCH, and that’s a reminder he won’t soon forget again.

Soos says at the end how silly he’s been about avoiding his birthday, but I don’t think it’s silly at all. I think him finally gaining closure and finding the strength to sever the hold his father’s abandonment had over him is such a triumphant achievement.

And so, so important for kids in similar situations watching this show. Kids who should know that family isn’t measured by blood, it’s measured by love, effort and devotion.

Sure, in Weirdmaggedon Part 2, we see that Soos still yearns to have that father figure in his life; and that might not ever change. However, it’s clearly a vague desire, highlighted by the fact that he can’t even place his biological father’s face on his fantasy dad.

Plus, at the end of Weirdmaggedon Part 3, when Stan bequeaths the Mystery Shack business onto Soos, I don’t think there will ever be an ounce of doubt of who his true father is.

mid0rito  asked:

Tyler! I was replaying 999 and just realized technically neither Snake nor Ace can see the faces of the people they're with and was thinking it actually makes a really neat contrast in how they handle their situations

Yeah!! That’s some really cool subtext in the game that I’ve thought about before. It especially make examples of both of their characters and it becomes interesting when you think of all the characters as unreliable narrators. For instance, you’re told by Clover that Snake lost his arm and the use of his eyes in a car accident, but this is sort of questionable? What reason would Clover have to reveal all of this to Junpei? I think it’s reasonable to assume that she lied about some things to stop Junpei from prying, because there’s a much darker truth to 999 that isn’t fully explored. This is most noticeable in the events of the first nonary game, Uchikoshi - the creator of the franchise - in a Q&A implies that the kids went through a lot more than you see in the game. They weren’t just trying to escape, they had gone through something much more frightening. It’s implicit in-game that it is what Clover talks about in the Laboratory, testing on humans. Scienceboy has a cluster of cords plugged into his head that are hooked up to monitors and strange devices. Clover turns the voltage up too high and Scienceboy’s brain is fried and a fire breaks out. In this same area, Lotus talks to you about damage to the brain and body and how that can cause disabilities in humans.

So considering all that and getting back on track, it’s plausible that Snake’s disabilities were caused in the nine days the children were kidnapped and tested on. Though I first assumed Snake had been injured before all this started and that his trip to a Cradle Pharmaceutical Hospital is what allowed Hongou and his team to take notice of him and test for an ability to manipulate the morphogenetic field. Hell, for all we know Cradle could have staged the car accident if Clover was telling the truth. They may not have meant for Snake’s injuries to be so severe, but it certainly would have gotten him admitted to Cradle Pharmaceutical Hospitals, with a soporil drip in his arm, being secretly tested for the strength of his “telepathy” if they already had suspicions about his abilities as an esper. But that itself is just conjecture. (So is the rest of this, mind, but it’s interesting conjecture.) Most of any logic about Snake in the Laboratory scene is built on information that very well could have been a lie from Clover meant to dupe Junpei into leaving her alone. If it’s true that Snake’s injuries were caused by Hongou’s tests, then he’d have a very understandable reason to exact revenge on Ace. If we believe he is more noble and just than that, he may also desire justice rather than revenge that would come from killing or arresting the Cradle executives. An act which he would have a reason to do due to the victimization of 15 other children including his sister, and even the death of one girl. But as far as we know, he hasn’t tried to avenge anyone. He’s tried to forget that part of his life and move on from it. But there’s also the matter of us not knowing who exactly planned the second nonary game, was it just Akane and Aoi? Since all of these characters have reasons to misinform the others, I don’t think we can really be sure. Did Seven really have amnesia? Or was it a clever cover-up? So in that, there’s the possibility that Snake is a vengeful person, one who is even willing to be an accomplice to murder. To put himself, his little sister and a group of other people in a situation where all of them could very easily die. (not from the bombs/watches obviously, but from what we see in the Bad Endings, where characters just turn on each other and go on a killing spree under pressure.)

I personally love this because it really makes you think about these characters and what they’re capable of doing and feeling. You can’t take any of these characters at face value. These characters were meant to counter their respective stereotypes, they are very carefully put together and they shouldn’t be thought of as so simple that you can just read everything they do in-game and put a label on them. What’s even better is that they seem to even counter the counter of their stereotypes. For instance, Lotus shows off a lot of her skin and is a passionate strong woman. She is deliberately presented to the player as a sexy, buxom beauty. But she is also a mother who cares deeply for her daughters. But then, going further and countering the mother stereotype, she is not at all a mother hen. She is willing to go to unnecessary extremes to get her way. Read: attempting to strike an alliance with Junpei and Akane, intending to back-stab other participants in the game so she can make it out safely (and presumably, return to her daughters). She doesn’t even have a reason to want to betray the other people in this game yet, she just wants to get out as fast as she can. When Junpei, Akane and Aoi were stuck in the freezer, she shows a bit of concern that she wouldn’t have been able to escape if they hadn’t found their way out. It is a selfish gesture, it is played off half-jokingly, but it is indicative of Lotus’ amazing self-preserving nature. And I really think it’s brilliant that they go that deep with their characters. 

That being said, I don’t really think Ace is nearly as deep as the rest. Though if there’s one thing that can be said, he obviously isn’t the most considerate or sympathetic person in the world. He expects sympathy from Junpei because of his prosopagnosia, and insists that he was justified in his search for a way to abuse others to gain the ability to recognize faces. He says this right in front of Snake. Who, as I’ve said earlier, may or may not have lost his sight directly because of Ace. Ace wants the sympathy of others without having to think too much about those who may be in similar or worse conditions than himself. Ace’s research was definitively NOT for every disabled person on Earth to benefit from, as he says, it was solely for himself. Snake, obviously was aware of his own abilities as an esper. He was also aware of Clover’s. But as far as we know he’s never done anything to hurt or pressure Clover to help him see again. And it’s not just my love for their sibling relationship that compels me to say I doubt this is the case. Snake appears to be entirely content in the loss of his sight. Or at the least, he is now, now that he’s had time to grow used to it and find his own strengths. He even goes as far to say that he’s happy about it, because it allows him to perceive things that others couldn’t. 

So there are countless levels to the characters in 999, and the subtext of the game creates a lot of amazing and interesting fridge logic (and even fridge horror, this game is fraught with fridge horror). I really can’t say what kind of a person any of these characters are without simplifying them or putting them into an archetype that honestly does not fit, because these characters were crafted in order to break those molds. They represent very real people, to me at least. And this is EXTREMELY long and very off-topic but I hope it was insightful? I’m sorry for always giving you 1200 word essays omg.

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"ITS HAPPENINGGGgG" Is Chrom going to be playable!?!??!?!

actually no, pit is going to be able to have conversations with palutena on the palutena’s temple stage, like snake’s codec calls in brawl.

it looks like chrom is going to be a part of robin’s conversation? im just rly excited because more chrom. i hope they mock him for not being playabe haha, he looks mad already

but there is a ton more stuff happening besides that!! id link the 50 fact extravaganza to you but it looks like its down right now…

theres gonna be an 8-player mode, a board game mode called smash tour, event mode is back, this mode involving master and crazy hand? ridley is a stage hazard that can fight for you. trophies can be posed and taken pics of, you can draw on screenshots, create your own stages by drawing on the game pad, you can play 2v2 online mode with 2 remotes, mewtwo is returning in spring of 2015 as dlc for people who buy both copies i think

Some societal shit about “Guilt”

  • Female pronouns are generally listed first, as the first god of the primary religion is female. So if addressing a group, someone might say “A fine army of noble women and men.”
  • People are more likely to hate others for their species rather than their race (Elves hate humans, humans hate Elves. Internally, humans won’t care much for racism amongst themselves and would rather save their hate for Elves and other Elders. Not that it doesn’t exist, it’s just not as prevalent.)
  • A married couple’s last name is determined by who has the highest social standing. If the couple is heterosexual and the female partner owns a lot of land while her male partner is a hobo, they go with the female partner’s last name. (This sometimes leads to a lot of arguing amongst societal equals.)
  • Engagements are made by exchanging a silver ring with one’s partner. Wearing a silver ring if you’re not married is something of taboo, though other silver jewelry (necklaces, earrings, etc) is fine.
  • Silver has a large religious prevalence and is often exchanged as a means of good luck. Silver coins are often given to sailors before voyages, and leaving a silver coin on someone’s grave is more honorary than leaving flowers.
  • Using the term “god” as an expletive is taboo as it suggests preference for one of the two gods of Lorn. “Gods” may be used instead, but people commonly prefer to use their names, Ineo and Sapiens (“oh my Sapiens,” “Sapiens damn,” “dear Ineo,” etc)
  • Using Ineo’s name in a swear holds more weight than Sapiens. Sapiens’ name as an expletive is far more common and wholesome.
  • There is no such thing as “hell” for the people of Lorn (or heaven for that matter) so phrases or insults regarding a hell are nonexistent. In its place, someone might say “oh, death” instead of “oh, hell” or “I wish you death” instead of “go to hell.”
  • “Tailbones” is also a common expletive. It refers directly to the bones at the end of Sapiens’ tail that people follow as they’re led into the Crossroads between life and death.
  • The lower class (particularly of humans) consists largely of Scottish people. The accent is associated with the mountains, which in turn are associated with Elders and Mythics (Elves, Sphinxes, Centaurs, etc.) 
  • The middle class is a huge melting pot and consists largely of Spanish, African, Indian, and English people.
  • Depending on location, English people are also commonly lower class. This is more true for the West than the East.
  • The upper class is largely French; the reigning monarch is French.
  • Most societies are non-heteronormative and people that identify as pansexual/homosexual/bisexual/asexual/etc are common
  • Men raise children as much as women do. Whoever has the least profitable job (or no job) is usually the parent that will stay home most with the child, regardless of their gender.
  • Dresses and robes are almost entirely formal wear and are worn by any gender (as are suits, though they are used out of formal wear more commonly.)
  • Rape is one of the highest crimes one can commit and is punishable by death in some societies.
  • The religion centered around Sapiens and Ineo is so widespread that it doesn’t really have a solid name. The religion varies widely from species to species, however.
  • In recent years, literature has widely been monitored and regulated by the human government. Anything that speaks poorly of humans– or speaks well of Elders– is subject for burning.
  • Under the recent Elder Purge, the northern region of Lorn, Asper, is the only truly safe location for Elders. Elders found anywhere South are captured and sent to human-run facilities where they are watched by the king’s Envoys.
  • Envoys work solely for the human king, Thomas Demar. They wear lion-faced masks that mimic the king’s insignia.
  • Speaking casually with an Envoy is considered a crime and humans who do so are strictly arrested.
Why I Need Feminism: Something I've wanted to write about for a long time, but had to really think about it.

So ever since I saw them popping up all over the place, I’ve been thinking to myself. “Why I need feminism?”

Before I say, let me tell you something.

If It wasn’t for my Mother, I wouldn’t exist today and not just in literal sense either, my Mother was, has and will always be there for me. She has spent most of my life teaching me right from wrong and probably to the day one of us die, the person I will confined all my truths in with out question.

She has always made sure I’ve had the help I need with my education, and made sure I’m looked after due to my Asperges syndrome. If it wasn’t for this woman, I probably would not be attending University to this very date.

Another fine Gal is my Sister! Yeah, we bicker, argue, fight and get on each others nerves, even say we hate on another at times, but we’re siblings, it’s what we do.

But without this person, I’d probably never have a present on christmas, I probably wouldn’t be so calm and understanding about LGBT people and their rights. My sister has been their through every phase of my life.

Goth, Anime, Nerd and today. She even buys me anime she knows I’d love and all she wants in return? Is to watch them with me.


Now let’s move onto education?

Most of the teachers who helped me through my years were usually always a woman, and always willing to take time for me, because of fantastic teachers like that, people knew who I was, what my learning difficulties were and I was actually able to talk to other adults, like a human being and not a small shy ball of something.

Now friends, this is gonna be a bit difficult, so let me just do it via my skype list of friends shall we?

I Have exactly. 62 female friends on my skype list. and exactly 16 who are Men.

While I love all my friends, it’s sort of obvious when you add it up which of the two gender groups have actually made the largest impact on my life.

So back to statement, why do I need feminism, Because I love these people, who have treated me so kindly in my life, I love these people who have given so much to me. If it weren’t for these people, I wouldn’t be here today.

I am nothing, compared to these people, so why should I have more rights then them.

doritoflorito  asked:

you're such an amazing artist, do you have any tips for someone who wants to improve? ;o;


tips. tips tips tips. hmmm

  • practice practice practice i will say it always practice. this is one of those things everyone tells you and you disregard because you hear it all the time but when you actually follow through with it you will realize just how much of an impact it has. practice. bring paper to school or just doodle on margins, always have a sketchbook nearby or a canvas open in a program, make it easy and accessible to draw so that if you have inspiration for something for even a half second you can scribble something down
  • if you’re drawing a certain subject matter, learn the rules of it. always. learn the rules of it. and follow them while you’re first learning to a tee, or at least keep them in mind. you can’t experiment if you don’t know what your subject matter is first. for example, you know that like, 7 heads tall and other proportion rules for humans?? up until a few months ago i completely ignored that. like 100% thought it was bull and did nothing. but once i started trying it it helped SO MONUMENTALLY i can’t even describe it
  • don’t try to keep up the charade of talent. it’s your choice on what to post on the internet or show to people, but when it comes to yourself, you have nothing to prove. don’t stick with what you know just because it looks nice. if you don’t want to post things that look ‘bad,’ then still do them, just keep them to yourself. draw ridiculous perspective and fuck it up. draw a head from below and fuck it up. you have free reign to practice, no topic is off-limits just because it’s hard or you think it’ll look bad. everything you draw doesn’t have to be a masterpiece
  • art never, ever gets easier. the easy stuff gets easier, but whatever you’re currently working on will stay hard. in a while you’ll be able to draw everything you were working on years ago in maybe a few seconds, but the unknown you still have to tackle is going to be just as daunting as before, if not more
  • if you just can’t get something right while drawing, use guidelines. it doesn’t matter how much you’ve drawn that certain thing before, use as many guidelines as you need in order to get that thing down. this is especially helpful when you’re really out of it and no face looks right– i don’t care if you’ve memorized all the rules within your head, put them down on paper. do every last dividing section meticulously if only to get something down. the softer, less mechanical sketches can come later, but if you’re really struggling don’t feel bad going back to ur roots with a billion guidelines
  • don’t compare yourself to others. art is not objective, where on one end is “bad” artists and everyone slowly climbs up to being a “good” artist. it’s so entirely subjective– your scale of what’s good and someone else’s are entirely different. comparing yourself to others is useless. you can learn just as much from an artist who’s “worse” than you as you can from someone who’s “better” than you, and constantly comparing yourself is gonna do nothing but make you feel bad or feel better than other artists. we’re all in this together here
  • but seriously practice
I think I need a break from League

I love this game, don’t get me wrong, but as of late it’s becoming more of a chore for me and less good times. The frustrations are just getting to me, and I feel like I need to step away for a few days. I haven’t really had an enjoyable game today, or in the past week to be truly honest. I really just wanna take a break from PLAYING.

I’ve gotten complaints about how ‘negative’ I can be, which I understood and have been avoiding; but honestly I should be allowed to vent if I so wish. There’s a difference between venting and putting down a game, which I wasn’t doing, but I listened to this criticism regardless at the cost of bottling up a lot that I wanted to say.

A lot of my followers always beg for me to play with them, knowing full well I don’t want to. Is it them? No, actually. It isn’t. I’d rather save myself the chance of embarrassing myself if I perform badly, because unfortunately /strangers/ will hold onto one thing and make an immediate judgment based off of one mistake. It’s happened before, it happens every time. It’s no different than a Random calling you a 'noob’ with a champ, meanwhile your match history and experience can clearly show otherwise.

In fact there is a reason I ONLY play with the people I play with, because even if I do bad they know I’m just not performing my best for whatever multitude of reasons. At times while running this blog I’ve even forced myself to play a game, just so I could hope for a good turnabout and have something to post, which is just not fun for me. I lose a follower if I don’t make 20 posts a day (or today’s case, 2 for saying 'Happy Halloween’ ) as it is, which is stressful, but that’s Tumblr for you.

Anyway this frustration stems from a multitude of reasons and now I’m getting into things I probably shouldn’t even be saying out loud, but I guess I’m sick of bottling things up for the sake of the masses.

Point is, I need a break from playing League. I will still post about it, especially with a new champ on the way, but I’m just not going to play for a few days and allow myself to blow off some steam. I’ll still be logged into the client to talk and buy stuff.

If you want to contact me, shoot me a message on here, or (preferably) add me on:

  • League NA Server: Diarist
  • Skype: robo-ga-taosenai