tw: taphophobia

okay so I LOVE combining aus, right? 

so, picture this:

I have theheadcanon that, once Stan became a ghost in this au, he began to devlop powers. Not powers like floating a cup around or anything we saw in Northwest Mansion Mystery, but powers like Bill’s. The ability to enter someone’s mind and body, and the ability to, if he wanted to, visit people’s dreams.

Now. Let’s say he died the way he did in the Fire Within AU. He burns to death, and Ford keeps his ashes in a jar and is in complete denial that Stan is dead at all.

What if one day, Dipper and Mabel can’t stand to see Ford behave the way he is anymore. They take the jar when Ford’s not looking. Maybe they only hide it. Maybe they bury the ashes, and maybe they simply dump the ashes out somewhere. Who knows. Anyways. Ford turns around and Stan is gone. Starts laughing. Thinks Stan just wants to play hide and seek (in the horrible mental state he’s in). One he still can’t find Stan, he starts panicking. Once he does though, he starts to get veery sleepy. So sleepy in fact, that he passes out where he stands without even realizing it. So he continues to search for Stan’s jar in his mindscpae, completely ignoring his surroundings. Until

“hey, poindexter, right behind you”

and he freezes DEAD IN HIS TRACKS. It can’t be. As soon as he turns around and sees Stan staring at him with his arms crossed, he stands up. Before he can say anything though, Stan says:

“you gotta throw the jar away.”

and Ford goes BALLISTIC. He starts yelling at Stan, giving him the same speech he gives everyone who tries to take the jar away from him. Until he realizes not only what he’s saying, but who he’s saying it to. He’s yelling AT his brother about how a jar of ashes is his brother. He starts to calm down, and eventually, after being convinced by Stan himself, agrees to throw it out. Before he can thank Stan for showing him how awful he’s been, Stan’s gone.

Ford then sits up off the floor, and walks into the kitchen and sees Dipper holding Stan’s jar  as he argues with Mabel about what to do with it. He sighs deeply, but then rubbing his head, he approaches the two of them

“Hey, do you mind giving me back my broth- er, I mean, my jar?”

Dipper and Mabel stop arguing and look over at him, but neither of them give in. Dipper starts to open the jar so he can rid of the ashes, but before he can, Ford stops him.

“I think it’s time we put in an urn and bury it….So Stan can rest easily..and..we’ll always know where he is.”

shocked by his sudden change of mind, Dipper places the jar on the table.

“Come on Mabel, I think I saw one down in the basement a while back”

As soon as Dipper and Mabel leave the room, Ford swears he can feel a hand touching his shoulder comfortingly

So after watching the coffin highlight intro a bunch, I notice there’s slashes inside the lid. Either Reaper was having some trouble opening it or he was buried alive.

:’( Which gave me the sad headcanon that Gabe was pronounced dead again after Angela did her semi-failed rez but he came back after being buried and clawed to get out. It also ties in with his victory pose of him crawling out of his grave literally.


It’s awful, the feeling of close walls.
But what if those walls were wooden?
Or soft, silky materials?

It’s awful, the feeling of being trapped
But what if you was trapped, where people could hear you
But faintly, and only if they where closed

It’s awful, the feeling of death close by
But what if the death was because of lack of oxygen that you wasted?
Your panicking, your own breathing, causing you to die slowly, no one to find you.

That’s the feeling of taphophobia 
And if you manged to survive it
You’d go insane…

The closed walls, the quick breathing, the knowledge that with every breath
You’ll be killing yourself
It’s terrifying, isn’t it?

(Random poem thing, if you dont now what Taphophobia is, read the poem carefully. Still dont know? Either look it up, or ask!
PS Yes I know…that the event…is NEVER the person suffering it’s fault, but it’s scary to imagine that with every breath you breath you begin to waste…oxygen, ya know? Please dont get offended)