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Non dipende da loro.
Dipende da te:
devi volerlo davvero.

Perché continueranno a starti addosso,
proveranno a buttarti a terra;
ma tu dovrai sempre rialzarti.
Devi fargli vedere che sei capace di rialzarti.

- Scott McCall, Teen Wolf (Superposition / 6x02)

A single kiss can open a rift in the space time continuum
  • <p> <b>Jeff Davis:</b> The kiss isn't just a kiss...<p/><b>Me 3 years later:</b> YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT'S NOT.<p/></p>

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   [Combat Nurse Claire | The PTSD Arc]

Smart. Positive. Funny. Scared. Guilty. Brave. Broken. Determined. In just one episode arc, we see Claire go through all these attributes, and get Claire!Backstory and the origins of Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! 

I will never not love Matt B. Roberts for finally expanding upon how Claire’s WWII experience affected her, especially in the midst of yet another war. Though we know her background, it’s gratifying for Claire to finally have room to speak about it. Best of all, we get to see Jamie learn that bit a about Claire he’s never known before and have their relationship strengthen because of it. Because, like Claire said, “My husband and I share everything,” including the ghosts of past (future?) lives.

“Listen to me, if I– if I go back then it will just be like lying in that ditch again. Helpless and powerless to move like a dragonfly in amber. Except this time it will be worse. Because I’ll know the people out there dying alone are people I know. P e o p l e  I   l o v e. I can’t do that, Jamie. I won’t lie in that ditch again. I can’t be helpless and alone ever again. Do you hear me?”

“I hear you. I promise, whatever happens you’ll never be alone again.”

Matt Roberts, The Hollywood Reporter: 
In the book, this section for Claire is very internal. She’s thinking a lot… We thought that it wouldn’t be going off book so to speak if we were just to tell part of that story, when in fact we know this all happened… I wanted to incorporate all these little exchanges and moments from all the different books into a script somehow, and so I did it with these flashbacks. 

What I like to do is when our couple comes together, they solve problems with their connection. Bad things happen when they’re apart and good things happen when they’re together.

Luna Lovegood’s past is full of losses, full of the death of her mother and the friends who used her for a novelty and the way she viewed her possessions as fluid and temporary. Still, though, she’s different after her time in the basement at Malfoy Manor. 

She’s more withdrawn, prone to longer and longer afternoons walking by herself, thinking, absorbed in the forest or the seashore or her own thoughts. Sometimes she can only bring herself to talk to her father or to Ginny - the rest of the world sounds snarl-y and cold like Greyback and that Bellatrix woman. Dean and Griphook seemed to have gotten over it quickly, but this girl of sunshine and softness, of trees and wonder, can’t seem to shake the damp from her skin. 

She takes a long time to respond when spoken to, can’t hold down a job because she can’t be relied upon to show up multiple days in a row. (George Weasley finally hires her at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes because he feels the same way some days, and she’s good with the customers.)

Her trauma makes her different, but it doesn’t make her less. 

I really want to talk about the conclusion of the Lost Children arc, and Jill’s importance as a character.

One thing I see a lot of Berserk fans wish for is that the series could go back to the darker tones of arcs like Lost Children, the latter half of the Golden Age, and of course, the Black Swordsman arc. But the lighter mood is something that’s actually been developing since the manga’s beginning - it’s been gradual but it’s been consistent, and all the different characters Guts has encountered on his travels have been meeting better and kinder fates. Colette died horribly and had her corpse desecrated, then Vargas died cleanly and with hope of being avenged, then Theresia survived and carried physical and psychological scars as the price…and now Jill lives too; not undamaged, but she makes it out clean and strong and hopeful. And even though the Lost Children arc contains piles of dead children and shows Guts at one of his lowest points morally, this is the moment where the light breaks through at last.

And Jill is the character who brings this light into the story, and an incredible amount of hope too.

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“Bong Soon’s mother is a terrible person. She’s emotionally abusive to Bong Soon and plays favorites with Bong Gi, and she seems rather controlling around her husband with the way she disapproves of him chatting with Gook Doo’s mom and beating him up over it in ep. 8.”

Similar Confession:

“Spoiler: episode 8 of Strong Woman DBS has a scene that left me really uncomfortable. Her mother beat her father because he was talking to another woman, that is so abusive! I was so angry at that scene. If you’re jealous of your SO, you should talk things through, never resort to violence, regardless of your gender. I hope they fix this on posterior chapters and point out the faults in their relationship just like they did with hers and DBS’s (where she cried bc mom treated her brother better).”