tw: sloppy art

While taking notes Toris often daydreams which leads him to  draw horribly written comics about him and his crush Alfred. 

Edward is questioning Arthur the local baker as a suspect for series of fires around town due to his record with the fire department.  He sets off his fire alarm so often that the whole crew is on a first name bases with him ( and he’s awful at remembering names) 

Arthur inherited the shop when his oldest brother died his brother also left him huge amounts of debt obtain by gambling. Being a awful cook he hires Francis a 5 star cook who’s been blacklisted from almost restaurants do his habit with sleeping with staff and causing drama in any establishment. but the fact that Arthur wont take any shit that Frances will try they make a niche market for them selves. 

Old pic that I want to redraw at some point. After they out smart the Bonnefoys  and arrive back in Spades. Yao questions who Arthur is where the queen replying that he is Amelia’s lover. Amelia starts laughing and  this scene happens.

Amelia dose not love Arthur she likes him as a friend and it’s not in till about a year after Arthur takes office. She made the whole love sick act up because Spades is broke and could never afford the buy Arthur if the Bonnefoys found out that he was the queen of spades or if she was interested in just him as a servant.Unfortunately for Arthur he did fall in love for Amelia during there time together in Diamonds and his heart is completely crush when she explains herself.

If you pay for a “Club PA” subscription, you get high-res versions of Penny-Arcade strips. And look at all the stunning detail! The subtleties of where the line thickness suddenly bulges for no reason, the white bits inside the mouth where he colored outside the lines, the places where he neglected to erase lines that went on too long…

If it was me, I’d pay them to make sure the comic NEVER, EVER looked like this.