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A bit of a pensive Mac picture- This one’s for @thebanquosghost ♥ They do a lot of amazing MacCready screencaps and art, so you should be watching their blog if you’re a fan of the tiny merc! Also I keep getting all the Gunner MacCready feels so this is a shot in the dark at that as well :) enjoy~

Dueling Desires (5)

This is the fifth installment in my Dueling Desires fic. The other chapters are listed here: 1 2 3 4


Both Simon and Baz had decided to get away from their friends’ questioning by skipping their last class of the day to mess around. Simon knew it was rude to ignore Penny and Agatha’s inquiries but he didn’t know if Baz was comfortable with him telling them. Plus he didn’t entirely trust Agatha not to mention it to the Mage.
Baz started stroking behind Simon’s ear and down his neck, back and forth. Simon murmured happily and realized the possible detentions over skipping were worth it. He kissed Baz gently, liking that they had the time to be slow for once. Their tongues slid leisurely against each other, like they were tasting one another for the first time.
Simon felt warm in a way he’d never felt with Agatha, like his was relaxing into a bath after a long day. Baz’s answering murmurs and sighs confirmed that he too felt comfortable making out lazily in bed, curtains drawn.
Baz pulled back and looked at Simon intently. His expression was strange, a combination of both contentedness and sadness. Simon pulled his eyebrows together in confusion but Baz put a finger over his mouth to stop him before he could speak.
“Just,” Baz started, “Don’t. Let me pretend for a moment.”
Simon had no clue what that meant but obeyed. Baz’s cool grey eyes flickered over his face and back to Simon’s eyes. It seemed like he wanted to say something but couldn’t get the words out.
Baz squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head. After a few seconds of this he made as if to move away and stand. Simon grabbed his arm lightly.
“Where are you going?”
“I need some space,” Baz muttered.
“Are you thirsty?” Simon asked, glancing at Baz’s mouth to look for signs of his fangs.
“No,” Baz looked away, “Not like that. I-I just…”
Simon scooted closer, “Yes?”


Baz couldn’t keep this up. Snow was looking at him with that affectionate warmth Baz was getting too used to lately. He desperately wanted to shake off his feelings and cuddle back up against Snow but they kept pushing into his brain. No matter how hard he tried, it was impossible for him to disconnect from his feelings for Snow when they got like this. It’s like his mouth became its own entity in its desperation to tell Snow everything.
Snow pushed his fingers gently through Baz’s hair, fingers gentle as they stroked his scalp.
“Tell me,” He murmured, blue eyes gentle.
Baz fell forward helplessly.
“I want to but…”
Baz took a deep breath. He might as well get it over with and reveal the truth.
“Snow I…Simon, I’m in-”
He was cut off by the sudden sound of footsteps running up the staircase to their room. Baz sat up immediately and Snow followed suit, his hand hovering over his hip as if prepared to summon his sword. Then Baz recognized the voices.
“For fuck’s sake,” He groaned.
Snow frowned at him, “What is it?”
Before either of them could put their shirts back on or fix themselves the door to their room swung open, no knock.
“Penny! We can’t just barge in!”
Penny was walking in, head craned to the side to answer Agatha’s question.
“We bloody well can, they were both absent from their classes. What if they’re fighting-”
Penny’s sentence cut off as she took in the sight of the two of them in bed. She stood in the doorway smirking at both of them largely. Agatha came up behind her and looked as if she might pass out from shock. Baz made no move to cover his chest, just glared at them. Meanwhile, Snow’s face had heated to a deep red and he was throwing his shirt over his head.
“What the fuck, Penny? Why…?”
“We were worried you two might be killing each other since you were both gone from classes,” Agatha muttered embarrassingly.
Baz sneered at Penny, “Ever heard of privacy? We could have been in a far more intimate situation and you didn’t even knock.”
She rolled her eyes, “Please. We we’re concerned for Simon’s safety. Plus, you idiots left it unlocked.”
Baz didn’t feel like admitting she had a point so he just glared and threw on a jumper before getting up to leave the room.
“Baz wait!” Snow stumbled off the bed towards him.
“Not for you,” Baz grumbled and left.
He felt shaky all over. Baz had almost told Snow he was in love with him. He’d wanted to tell him. But he was still somewhat grateful for Penny’s interruption because it had probably been a stupid idea to tell Snow the truth. There was no way Snow would ever feel the way Baz felt and he was too far deep into whatever they were doing to risk it all now.


Penny and Agatha were buzzing with questions while Simon halfheartedly attempted to answer them all. He was in no mood to gossip about his affair with Baz or what he planned to do about it in the future. He was too busy obsessing over whatever Baz had been about to say.
Simon had a sinking feeling that whatever it had been, Baz wouldn’t attempt saying it again. Something about his face had tipped Simon off, like it had been important. He couldn’t help but fixate on the fact that Baz had used his first name for once. What did it mean?
He thought he had an idea, but was that because he was intuitive or because of his own wishful thinking?
Simon couldn’t be sure. But he wanted to know.