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I took this picture earlier tonight and I’m in love with how it turned out! I hope you all like it as well! I’ve always favored colored fairy/christmas lights over plain white ones. To me colored lights are more nostalgic than the white ones, I also feel the colored ones can feel more festive. 
I do have to admit I keep colored lights up all year to remind myself of the comfort of the holidays. 
Anyways! I hope you all like this photo! I love hearing you feedback thank you all for the amazing support. Love you all! Stay Jolly! 


Never forget.

Top from left: George Chen, Weihan  Wang, Cheng Yuan Hong

Bottom from left: Veronika Weiss, Katherine Cooper, Christopher Michaels-Martinez

How is it that I’ve seen pictures of the UCSB shooter so many times now, but not once have I heard anyone mention the names of the victims.

George Chen, 19, was studying computer science. He volunteered as a camp counselor and loved working with children.

Weihan Wang, 20, know as David, was studying computer engineering and was planning on starting a business with his friends. He was supposed to go to Yellowstone later this year for his 21st birthday

Cheng Hong, 20, went by James and was also pursuing a career in computer science. He was one of those people who are quiet, but friendly with a smile that could light up the room.

Veronika Weiss was a first year student at the university, only 19. Veronika took part in cross country, baseball, swimming, and water polo while at her high school. She was a very bright young woman and specialized in math academically.

22 year old Katherine Cooper was known as Katie. She was supposed to graduate that year with a degree in art history. Katie’s friends remember her for her outgoing and energetic personality.

Chris Michaels-Martinez, 20, was a lover of baseball since. He was studying English literature and was looking forward to the possibility of studying abroad in London. He also had plans for law school after his time at the university.

These victims were real people. They had families who have been left heart broken and friends who are left wondering why the world has to be so unfair. Remember their names, not the shooter’s.


999 Week Day 3: Santa

For Santa’s daemon, @electric016 and I chose a sugar glider, because they’re cute af and the contrast between cute animal and Punk™ boy would be nice. But also, sugar gliders are one of the very few mammalian species that exhibit male parental care, which we thought suits Santa very well. That said, yes. The ‘bald spot’ on top of the sugar glider’s head is a scent gland that’s found in males and Santa is one of those few people whose daemon’s gender matches their own.

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“…sweet sun, send me the moon…”

High School AU: Stiles is captain of the Beacon Hills High Dance Team and Derek is the shy music student who’s had a crush on Stiles since he first laid eyes on him in first grade. For the year end show Stiles wants to do a solo but can’t find music that fits, that is until Erica shows him a recording she made of Derek playing guitar and singing a song he wrote for/about Stiles. Stiles uses the recording and Erica, Isaac, and Boyd all make sure Derek is at the year end show to see the performance where Stiles dedicates the dance to “someone special” and then afterwards corners Derek in the empty hallways to kiss him and confess that he’s had a massive crush on Derek since first grade too while the band kids inside the auditorium are performing.

a secret santa gift for @sourwife