Florida student posted “Slaves for Sale” Craigslist ad with photos of black classmates

  • Slavery in the United States officially ended over a century ago, but a high school student in Florida got caught trying to “sell” his classmates.
  • An unnamed senior at Fleming Island High School in Jacksonville, Florida, took a photo of two black female students in class and uploaded it to a Craigslist ad titled “Two Slaves For Sale” with a price of $470. 
  • The listing tagged the location to “Fleming Island Plantation,” which is a location that exists in the town, but the direct reference is to slave plantations in the South.
  • The listing’s description is horrific: “Two healthy negro slavegals for sale. Good Condition and hard work ethic! If you need another pair of hands around the farm/house, you’re in luck!" 
  • The ad has since been taken down.
  • The student responsible for the listing has been suspended for 10 days and will transfer to an alternative school. Read more (4/28/17)

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A kid started yelling that my grandma is a racist.

So my grandma works a few hours at a K-8th school as a campus supervisor. She was only supposed to let a certain amount of kids into the cafeteria so she was counting “one two”, “one two”, “one two”. One little kid starts copying her and she says “Heyy, you can count!”. I think it was a kindergartener so she was trying to be supportive.

Some 8th grader(s) walking by start yelling “DID YOU HEAR WHAT SHE SAID??? SHE’S RACIST! SHE’S RACIST! SHE’S RACIST!” and it was fucking insane. She had no idea what was going on. Instead of talking to those 8th graders, the school told that little kid that if he wanted to FILE THE INCIDENT, he could.

It was crazy and my grandma came home in tears.

Happy 20fucking17 everyone. Now you’ve got tumblr kids who scream everything is racist making grandmas cry. Congrats.

The whole story sounds made up, I know, because who the hell does that but unfortunately it really happened yesterday.

I’m honestly not surprised at this while “Dear White People” thing. It’s basically catered towards tumblr. Don’t bother looking in the tag; it’s as racist as the name is.
It even goes as far as to mention beating white people for their racist views. As opposed to acknowledging everyone even (and nowadays especially thanks to the media and wonderful websites like tumblr ) “poc” can be racist. And that violence is never an option unless it is self defense of a physical attack upon you.

so many conspiracy theories are just white men trying to come up with someone else to blame for other white men fucking up or doing evil things

no, leeroy, the holocaust isn’t a hoax. people decided to murder the marginalized after hundreds of years of institutional and cultural prejudice and fifty years of eugenics saying that murder was the good and ethical thing to do. funny how that works.

sorry, tucker, bush didn’t do 9/11. sometimes people ignore what, to them, at the time, is unimportant information, that later turns out to be have been vitally important, and when those people are in power, that kind of fuckup can get people killed. I know, it’s scary to think that people can be hurt out of ignorance rather than as a grand evil plot, but them’s the facts.

I know it might seem absurd to you, bryan, that people who want to commit mass murder choose to use guns (which are readily available and require little specialized knowledge or skill to use) for that purpose, but that doesn’t mean that a school shooting is an anti-gun false flag operation; it means someone decided to kill a bunch of children and chose the easiest way to do it.

what’s funny is that actual conspiracies (like MKLULTRA or COINTELPRO) tend to be aimed at people who are already marginalized (MKULTRA tended to use the mentally ill and imprisoned for its experiments, for example), and the reasons and methods are pretty mundane. there’s no overarching plot or secret technology or hidden knowledge.

conspiracy theorists want to be the heroes of some kind of cool adventure story and cast minorities (jews or women or whoever) as the bad guys. that’s not some big secret, bub, that’s just dressing up old prejudices in a tinfoil hat and calling it special.

C: I think white people are annoying lol. They want to be oppress so bad, or they want everything that black people do, they want to be include in it. It’s like not everything is about y'all and I think they hate it because we are finally beginning to start loving ourselves and our skin and they hate it. Start posting pro black post on your social media, like Facebook, Snapchat etc, and watch all the angry bitter white people get mad lol. And it also tells you which white people to not fuck with. If they get angry because you’re posting about your race and they feel uncomfortable about it. Then that’s their problem not yours.

if you’re truly not racist, if you truly believe black & brown people deserve respect and empathy and access to full personhood, then you don’t associate yourself with racists in any positive way ever, then you don’t participate in that “i can love the art but hate the artist uwu” bullshit, then you don’t prioritize your personal interests and tastes over the safety and basic human rights of poc.

talking and talking about how you’re ~so supportive~ and ~such a good ally~ is completely useless if you’re buddy-buddy with people and communities who are widely racist just because you have interests in common, if racism is something you’re willing to tolerate in any way shape or form for any reason at all ever then you’re a racist yourself.

I can’t believe someone on Facebook just said the reason why Asians aren’t in western entertainment is because they don’t appeal to American audiences, and that there aren’t enough of us in the whole population LMAO.

Why can’t they just admit that western media is just racist? Why does everyone have to pretend to be ignorant and ignore the TRUTH? And then I hear many people arguing, “well kpop was influenced by 90s American pop & hiphop, so basically it’s not cultural appropriation and so other non Asians can become kpop stars too.”

The argument above is completely valid. But what I don’t understand is.. if you’re non Asian and you know about this info, then why do you still want to enter the Korean music industry?? You essentially just argued that Korean pop music is basically American music so why the hell do you still want to enter the kpop industry?? I don’t get it at all. What’s stopping you from entering the western market? Do you really love Korean culture??? Or maybe it’s because your career in America failed and you know that it’s pretty easy to gain exposure in the Korean music industry just because you’re a foreigner??? Hmmmm?? 🤔🤔🤔

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Hi! It me the chilean anon. I wanted to say that i understand the whole ur-light-skinned-so-u-white thing because Chile is SO freaking classist???and if you are white passing everyone is so nice??? But if you are mapuche or (recently) black everyone thinks u are a thief or uneducated or something like that and it makes me SO mad because my mother looks more native and when she came to the united states with my dad(white passing but also latino)for his work for a couple years everyone acted 1/2

-chilean anon-SO racist towards her???? Like if she was a trophy wife???? They eventually came back to Chile because they didn’t want to raise my siblings and me in such a place, but even now, every time im like “racism is terrible"MY SIBLINGS are like "shut up ur white and privileged because it doesn’t matter that you live in south america and are native ur white” and im like, i know im light skinned but im???? Not white????? My family has lived in this continent for generations????? 2/2

yup exactly! there is that racism everywhere, and especially in the US where everyone who even looks a bit “non-white” is treated like a commodity and yet if you are non–white and you dont look enough “non–white” you’re treated like either a white person or an “other” just someone who doesn’t belong in either category and I can tell you that from first hand experience it sucks 

Oxford University sorry for eye contact racism claim

Oxford University has apologised for saying that avoiding eye contact could be “everyday racism” after it was accused of discriminating against autistic people.

The claim was included in a list of “racial micro-aggressions” in an equality and diversity unit newsletter.
But the university was criticised for being “insensitive” to autistic people who can struggle making eye contact.

It said it had made a mistake and not taken disabilities into account.
The university originally said “racial micro-aggressions” might include: “Not making eye contact or speaking directly to people.”
It described the behaviours as “subtle, everyday racism” which can be alienating.

But Twitter users criticised the newsletter and academics argued the guidance was “trivialising racism”.
David M. Davis tweeted: “This is just discrimination against autistic people. One sign of autism is avoiding eye contact. How dare Oxford be so insensitive.”

In a series of tweets, the university replied: “We made a mistake. Our newsletter was too brief to deal adequately and sensibly with the issue.
"We are sorry that we took no account of other reasons for difference in eye contact and social interaction, including disability.

"Oxford deeply values and works hard to support students and staff with disabilities, including those with autism or social anxiety disorder.”

Emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent, Prof Frank Furedi, said the newsletter’s authors “need a reality check”.

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I’m sorry to clog anyone’s dash but this is very important

The user above has been stalking and hate following me with malicious intent for about 8 months, possibly more now, simply because me, an African American, ID as E//nric/o Pu/c//ci

I’d like to remind you that kin/IDing as a character can just be used as a coping mechanism, and that I have done nothing to this user, yet they have threatened to KILL ME multiple times because of who I’m kin with. Please keep in mind that they are 2 years older than me and white

They are also manipulative and send, or sometimes post, pictures of their self harm scars and tell people they know that they are the cause of it or it’s their fault. They cover up for this behavior by guilt tripping others by threatening to kill themselves, claiming it’s how they ask for help/reach out, or even try to play victim

I have asked before if me following them made them feel uncomfortable in any way, trying to avoid any conflict, and they said no, even though obviously it does. I refuse to be mistreated after I’ve tried to avoid this kind of situation, especially over something so unimportant

I HAVE PROOF, HOWEVER I cannot post it online due to privacy reasons. You may pm me anytime for it though and I’ll gladly show

(Also keep in mind this user mass deletes posts, pictures, or any kind of evidence of themselves acting this way, so public evidence is hard to find. Not only that but I have blocked them out of fear for my life so I can’t message or look at previous conversations between us)

Please reblog if you can, and have a nice day

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i thought i'd just warn you or something for cheer up posts but Katy Perry has made some mental health "Jokes" but she aimed them at Britney Spears.I used to be a fan but i know don't listen to her music or like her because of this.

Hi anon! That’s awful. I don’t understand why people feel the need to do that.

She also dressed up as Cleopatra and a Geisha, along with doing a ton of other racist shit. I made a mental note about it, but I’ll officially put her on the list in my FAQ.

Fun fact, though, no one has ever requested her! 5,000+ posts and no one finds her particularly cheery lol

Zoé Samudzi on Twitter
“A whole gender studies professor wrote this article, y'all.”

It’s almost as thought cishetero white women are refusing to listen to cis black women & trans folks of all genders….almost.

Imagine being a whole gender studies professor and earnestly believing that race and gender as “social constructs” operate the same way. 

Imagine making this argument without understanding that race is inherited in ways that gender is not.

Imagine what kind of vacuous de-raced and probably trans-exclusionary/antagonistic gender studies Rebecca Tuvel is teaching.

And also the editorial board of @Hypatia_Journal: who was responsible for accepting this abstract? Who thought this was a reasonable idea?

I’m started the article & it’s already bad. She begins “It is not my task in this article to decide the Dolezal case one way or the other.”

“…I acknowledged at the outset that Dolezal may have been driven by ulterior motives…” ok so then what is the truth?

She quotes Stryker calling for an “intellectual exploration,” but what about black scholarly stances on the violence of the analogy?

Once again, referencing a white academic as the basis for her theoretical analysis (and also, the repeated use of “transgenderism,” wow)

She begins this terribly named section by now adding RELIGIOUS CONVERSION into the race-gender analogy. NO WORDS.


(I’m against twitter essays as a format/medium, but I’m linking and quoting the start of this one because it’s good, and because yikes what the fuck?! the linked tweets have screencaps/excerpts from the paper in question, there are more in the actual link)

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Chilean anon said trophy wife and: My mom is darker skinned and when she dated a white man everyone acted like he was such a saint for even considering dating her. Truth is he was abusive af and to this day calls her up at midnight to shout at her and tell her he's going to take my younger brother (his son) away from us and he's going to get her deported. They've been separated for three years

what the hell that’s so awful, the racism in relationships is extremely harmful and very common. i hope your mom and your brother and you are ok and stay safe