tw: racial profiling

Any time someone speaks out against Arpaio assholes always come in and say “well maybe people shouldn’t break the law.” They say this when we talk about the conditions of tent city, the human rights violations in there, the racial profiling, the ways that Arpaio disproportionately went after brown people, etc. The answer is always the same “well maybe don’t break the law and none of this will be a problem.” 

And these are the SAME FUCKING PEOPLE that applaud this decision today. Arpaio broke the law. He’s broken the law dozens of times. He’s broken worse laws than anyone in tent city was in there for. But they don’t give a shit because he’s a powerful white man in law enforcement going after us dirty brown people. None of you cheering for his pardon give a single shit about the law unless it’s POC breaking them. And you certainly don’t give a shit about the law it involves human rights violations and racial discrimination/profiling.  


Another clip for Moo Moo from EW


I can’t believe the day that i have to post this shit is here, but here in bumfuck nowhere upstate NY, the border patrol was called on a family after they were stopped by geneseo police on a routine stop. they were just trying to get home from church and these poor people were sent to holding in rochester. They had no warrent and this was done due to racial profiling, and this is in no way just