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British Muslim teacher was denied entry to the US: “It made me feel like a criminal.”

  • On Feb. 16, a 25-year-old British Muslim teacher from Wales was denied entry to New York City before the wheels of the plane even left ground, Time reported.
  • Juhel Miah was in Reykjavik, Iceland, with fellow teachers and schoolchildren for a class trip. 
  • When the group checked in, Miah was told he was selected for a “random security check” and taken into another room for a screening.
  • Miah was cleared to board the flight, but then security officials removed him from the plane. 
  • His luggage was taken from him and he was sent to a “horrendous hotel” until school officials booked a flight for him back to the United Kingdom.
  • There has been no clear explanation as to why Miah was removed from the plane and denied entry to the U.S.  Miah only has British citizenship. Read more (2/21/17 11:19 AM)

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The Kominas’ “Freedom” video makes a mockery of the TSA’s racist profiling

  • “So when you say you’re in a group… you mean a jihadist group right?"This inane question opens the Kominas’ ”Freedom“ video, a sardonic dramatization of the invasive and racist screening processes frequently employed at the United States’ border. "I mean a musical group,” bassist and vocalist Basim Usmani answers with a stunned sigh.
  • It’s one of many such questions the band fields over the course of the video, directed by Omar Majeed and premiering here on Mic, spliced into footage of a riotous punk show. This entirely unsubtle form of discrimination is something that the band — frequently hailed as leaders in the Muslim punk Taqwacore movement, a combination of the Arabic word for “God-consciousness” and hardcore, mispronounced as “Tackwhacker” by the agent in the video — has been finding new and creative ways to illuminate for over a decade now. 


I can’t believe the day that i have to post this shit is here, but here in bumfuck nowhere upstate NY, the border patrol was called on a family after they were stopped by geneseo police on a routine stop. they were just trying to get home from church and these poor people were sent to holding in rochester. They had no warrent and this was done due to racial profiling, and this is in no way just

someone save me from fools who don’t understand racism and the legal system and don’t get that a black kid going “hey officer i didn’t steal the car it belongs to this guy and he said we could drive it, also i got a permit and i’m underage so call my parents pls and thank” does not have the same response that a white kid would get by saying the same fucking thing????

i honestly cannot deal with this level of ignorance

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Yes. This.

[Graphic reads: Jesus was a refugee, a Jew under Roman occupation, racially profiled and familiar with the stop and frisk policy of the Roman military and the incarceration and torture practiced by the colonizer …. In other words Jesus knows all about our troubles…. ~ Rev. Otis Moss III]
I'm an Arab actor who's been asked to play a terrorist 30 times. If La La Lands cleans up at the Oscars, I'm done
I’ve worked as a professional performer in the UK since the age of 12 – and my Arab heritage has pitted me against some pretty awful racial profiling in the industry. My first film job at the age of 14 – Steven Spielberg’s Munich – featured me as an Islamic terrorist’s son. Needless to say, that was an explosive introduction into showbusiness.
"United We Stand" Bullcrap

On 2016; Ontario, Canada Daniel Montison and David Weir respond to a disturbance call at a cafe. A Somalian-Canadian man with a history of mental illness, Abdirahman Abdi was apparently the cause of this call. According to police reports: Abdi resisted and this lead to Weir and Montison to use brute force including pepper spray and police batons.

Abdi was pronounced dead at the hospital that afternoon.

The court didn’t charge Weir with anything, but Montison was charged with Manslaughter and aggravated assault with a weapon, as well as being suspended with pay.

This case is something you’d hear from a Black Lives Matter article of course, and thankfully these kinds of cases have finally begun to be noticed by media and the general public. Unfortunately however, it gets worse.

In response to Montison’s *ahem* situation, people began designing, purchasing, and selling rubber wristbands with the words “United We Stand” imprinted along with Montison’s badge number. These two-dollar braclets has raised over a thousand dollars.

Now you may be asking yourself, “why are people supporting a man who brutally murdered another man”? Well trust me, you’re not the only one.

Unfortunately, the answer is because, well, the murderer was a police officer. People, including courts of law, have gotten used to the idea that cops can do no wrong and only resort to violence if they have to; but unfortunately that just isn’t true. Police officers are human too, they make mistakes and tragically: they’re not susceptible to human emotions like hatred, bigotry, and wrath.

For example: in 2015 alone, police officers killed over 100 unarmed black men and women.

What happened to Abdi is only one tragic piece in a much larger, and depressing puzzle and I’d like to say that people knowing about racial profiling and other acts of racism has made a difference: but the fact that Montison got away with this vile act with a simple ‘timeout’ proves that we still have a long, long way to go.

I’m sorry, is your white privilege causing you discomfort?

And that’s not even touching on the bracelets.

Now it is worth mentioning that recently the Chief of Police has banned officers from wearing these disgraceful accessories while on duty. But that doesn’t change how wrong they are.

I mean, look at how much money these bracelets have made. Look at how many people believe that the consequences that Montison is facing are unfair and to strong.

But from where I’m standing, what seems ‘unfair’ is the fact that Abdi was killed violently and humiliatingly. Sure, he wasn’t being a “model citizen” and I may even go as far to say that the police were right to intervene. But nobody deserves what happened to Abdirahman Abdi, and that’s just a matter of human decency.

In my opinion, the money made from selling these bracelets should either be given to Abdi’s grieving family, or to a foundation like Black Lives Matter.


Rachael Leigh Cook just turned “this is your brain on drugs” on its head. Bless.

Culture Doesn't Border

(Response to SB 1070)

It is hard to tell race from the profile view

when shards of history lies in a person pupils

and police uniforms are stitched with invisible laws

stating that breathing without being Caucasian is a crime

as if the stares of hatred from every KKK offspring

who didn’t know a “colored” could make it to college without having a litter

of children wasn’t dehumanizing enough


it is required that I prove I have permission to do so at any given moment upon request

when God knows every time I pull out my US citizenship papers

a little more of a Lagos road is erased from my proud ancestries story that lives in my eyes

unfortunately the memories of what it looks likes cannot be placed back

by busing me across to the other side of the US/Mexico border,

I was not born there,

didn’t ride on top of freight trains to get north,

do not share the same heritage,

but I am no more American than them,

Nigeria seeps from my pores,

The scent of Lagos lingers behind my lungs,

I am being lynched by my family’s Yoruba language

every day the memories of them talking in native tongues replay,

the thought “will this be the day the police stop me while walking on my Arizona college campus to see if I really am worthy of being there” follows

Now being called an immigrant has the same effect as nigga,

and proof of citizenship always makes me think of slaves having to show freedom papers,

as if people of color were really the ones were infamous for stealing people land

Back in the day,

they titled us 3/5 human

now replaced it with illegal Alien,

I didn’t know Africa was a planet of its own,

When did spaceship and slave ships become interchangeable words?

Sb 1070 is nothing more than a segregation bill passed by Arizona,

where racial profiling is acceptable because a profile view may not deem me to look legal,

like melanin filled skin are God made warning signs

They say Hispanics will suffer from this bill,

but I know a person from the Dominican Republic that looks just like me,

I have a sister that looks like she could be El Salvadorian,

a friend who can trace her family tree in America so far back that it was still the 13 colonies

but looks more Asian than every business owner in Chinatowns everywhere

But somehow legal has a look,

a profile view that can protect tax dollars,

using racial profiling as a way to make sure this melting pot doesn’t have too much of an ingredient,

as if one too many peppers could really make a country sneeze,

now I wonder from the side will my worry lines look too similar to tribal scar

was it really believed the 50 stars on the flag were reflective of the color of every US citizen

America made up from minorities

has made limits for what they never rightfully acquired,

and now the tree that consisted of forbidden fruit

has been chopped down to print a bill

that anyone who doesn’t reflect the look of the original thieves

may suffer from,

look around,

that may be you too.