tw: pre op

Mylo, here (they/them, @phaymos). My countdown officially (a day or 2 ago) fell below the one month mark 🙌🙌🙌

Anyway if anyone knows where I can get post op supplies discounted or donated, that would be helpful AF. Turns out I couldn’t actually afford surgery, which is gonna be totally out of pocket, so I ended up applying for care credit. Which is cool!! Because they approved me for a the full amount of surgery. But also stressful bc I’m gonna be in debt forever, those payments are gonna kick in, and I need to get a new apartment 3 weeks after surgery. SO. Anything at all is super helpful.

And come check out my blog! Questions and stuff are always welcome 👍😊

Hi Mylo, this is great news!! Good luck with the money situation. I hope you have a supportive network of family/close people. Keep us posted <3


I’m starting to look like a bum with lack of shaving and hair combing. It’s hard to do these things when your arms and upper back ache so damn bad from CrossFit though. Still work it though. =D Also I’m maintaining my weight right at 355lbs due to insurance and surgery reasons. If I fall below 348lbs insurance won’t cover me as my BMI will be below 40 at that point. Just gotta keep it together till mid August which seems forever away…. This is going to be hard….

The name’s Jackson (but you can call me Jaxx) and I’m a pre-everything 24 year old transman. Never submitted before so I figured I’d do it today

This is an old picture (by like 2 months) but I think it captures my goofiness pretty well. And btw, my sweater is Friday the 13th Christmas sweater and I love it so much

Hey cutie! You look so great dude I’m so proud of you for submitting. That is definitely a nice sweater you got there, Jaxx.You look so handsome my friend!