tw: offensive content

I know how we can get YouTube to take wrestling off of offensive content!

So here’s the plan. We send Dalton Castle w/ The Boys and Bayley to YouTube’s headquarters. They do this amazing entrance with wavy tube men and lots of Boys and then, AND THEN! THEY ALL GO ON A FABULOUS HUGGING RAMPAGE UNTIL THEY AGREE TO TAKE WRESTLING OFF OF OFFENSIVE CONTENT!!

The answer is always more art; the corollary to that is the answer is never less art. If you start to think that less art is the answer, start over. That’s not the side you want to be on. The problem isn’t that people create or enjoy offensive work. The problem is that so many people believe that culture is something other people create, the sole domain of some anonymized other, so they never put their hat in the ring. That even with a computer in your pocket connected to an instantaneous global network, no-one can hear you. When you believe that, really believe it, the devil dances in hell.
—  Tycho Brahe (Jerry Holkins) on how one responds to offensive content.  You don’t like that book?  Write a better one!  Contribute, rather than take away.
Not An Onion Article of the Day: Paula Deen Just Posted A Picture Of Her Son In Brownface [TW: Racism, Ethnocentrism, Brownface, Offensive Content]
The tweet, a tone-deaf homage to I Love Lucy, has since been deleted.
By Stephanie McNeal

Paula Deen is once again sparking outrage after she posted a photo to Twitter featuring her son, Bobby, in brownface.

The “Transformation Tuesday” photo featured Deen dressed as Lucy from I Love Lucy and Bobby Deen as Lucy’s husband, Ricky, who was Hispanic.

People on Twitter immediately began criticizing the Deens for the photo.

And called them insensitive.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the celebrity chef has been in the spotlight for racial insensitivity. She was dropped by the Food Network in 2013 after she admitted to using the N-word.

Some people said it was clear Deen didn’t learn her lesson.

People are already complaining about how offensive Deadpool is and I’m just sitting here like ??????????? It’s Deadpool what did you expect??? If you are easily offended, you probably shouldn’t be seeing the movie?? Like, not only is it rated R, like this movie was legitimately banned in some countries. Know your own limits, and don’t complain just because something you should have known was full of offensive content offended you.

Rambling, The Elliot Rodger Case and Tumblr

WARNING! This will be offensive to a good majority of you, you’ve been warned.

I hate the warped messages tumblr sends out about feminism and equality.

There’s a common ground where all this stuff sits with the normal, well educated people. Then tumblr comes along and blows it out of the fucking water with overexaggeration and people trying to make a point about things that aren’t even there.

I say this because I’ve recently taken interest in the Elliot Rodger case. The whole gist of this guy’s case is that he was an incredibly pessimistic individual who lusted after women but hated the fact that they didn’t pay attention to his “magnificence”. He loathed people that were of different races, people who were in relationships, and people who had lost their virginity before he did. He eventually went on a killing spree killing 6 people and injuring 14 (I believe) then he eventually took his own life in the end.

The problem I have is the way people have interpreted this case and what kind of message some people try to convey through long quotes and insults to feminists and men’s right activists.

Any normal individual would see the obvious problems that Rodger had. He was very disturbed and I believe that this could have been prevented if his family members were more involved with his life, though that may not be the case. He was a pessimistic, mentally ill, misogynistic, racist, whiny kid who decided to “rectify” those for not giving him what he wanted.

Tumblr has blown this out of proportion, of course.

The dedicated “Feminists” of tumblr say that Rodger acted completely out of misogyny and nothing more. That his hatred for women was the main reason he killed 6 people. They use this as an excuse to bring attention to how “awful” men are and how this should be evidence that women need their equality and respect from men. This would be okay if these dedicated “Feminists” weren’t blaming all men, which is a problem that tumblr feminists do have.

It also sort of offends me that people would try to make this particular case into a big feminist issue when this is possibly the worst case to make a feminist issue about.

Elliot Rodger does elicit his hatred for women in some of his videos on his YouTube channel ( but he also states how he wants to feel worthy of a woman’s love and how he wants to treat a woman right one day. Yes, this is a weak point, but I think it shows that he did have a certain respect for women, although twisted, it’s there and therefore I don’t think this case is the best one to make a big feminist fuss about. Another point, which I should make here, is that Rodger’s hate for women was just a factor that played in why he killed so many people. It wasn’t the main reason he wanted “revenge”.

This brings me to my next point which is everyone else on tumblr.

Of course since Feminists had to make a big deal about one factor in Rodger’s case, anti-feminists, or people who have a warped view of feminism because of tumblr, had to create a rebuttal against the issue that the feminists tried to bring up. These rebuttals would be alright with me, if they didn’t completely slander feminism.

A lot of the posts in which I’ve seen bring up direct quotes from Elliot Rodger’s manifesto, which is an email that he wrote. In his manifesto he blatantly states his hatred and anger towards everyone except for himself. The points that these posts are made and valid and make sense. Then you get to the end and the problem stands out.

There’s always a snarky comment about how feminism or feminists are stupid and that they shouldn’t make everything about women. Although I agree to this to some degree, I still believe that this was wrong and immature.

Tumblr has painted a gross and ugly picture on what Feminism is. This is annoying. Feminism is about equality, it isn’t holding someone higher than someone else. It’s for people of all genders and races and tumblr depicts it as something solely for women. Not all of tumblr, mind you, but a vast majority of it.

I wrote this post at 3 in the morning while extremely angry. I don’t want to be that person but I think that someone needs to draw attention to this:

Not everything is a feminist issue

Not everything is a race issue

Not just one race or gender of people are completely innocent for everything.

It’s a known fact that tumblr has favoritism over certain genders and races and that’s all fine and good, I suppose. But the whiny little kid bullshit needs to stop.

Some People Take Shit Too Seriously.

Sometimes I think Tumblr just looks for random racist/sexist/etc things in everything. Like, are you actually angry at something said on a tv show meant as offensive comedy for an adult audience? Like, you expected anything other than offensive shit? Shut the fuck up and learn to take a joke. Stop crying because you were watching a show that’s meant to be offensive, or even occasionally offensive, and you found something offensive. It’s like opening a bag of pretzels and expecting there to be bananas. If you want to watch your morally correct bullshit then look for another channel or show. Majority of people are perfectly okay with watching certain degrading shit unless it affects them as well. Fuck you and your morality complex. There’s a time for all that shit and there’s a time for laughing. If you see some offensive shit from a show meant as offensive (Drawn Together, Family Guy, American Dad, etc), don’t get so fucking pissed off because it was offensive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying sometimes they don’t go overboard and that you shouldn’t take offense to any of it but if you’d already had a clue of what you were in for, stop taking shit so fucking seriously You. Stupid. Cunt.