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Trick and Treat - Español -

and I made a Trick and Treat cover, but in spanish.

Lyrics: Emmanuel
Song: Trick and Treat
Original by: Rin y Len Kagamine (Vocaloid)
Voice: azureFirework
Baaaaaaad quality.



Se esconde, se esconde

En la profunda niebla

Una voz que hace enloquecer

No dudes, no dudes

Y en las entrañas de este

Interminable bosque adéntrate


De prisa, de prisa

Si no te apuras te arrepentirás

De perder la ocasión

No dudes, no dudes

Acércate sin miedo


Que se acerca ya la diversión


Una fragancia acanelada

Te comenzara a invadir


Y el fingir estar en soledad

Tu miel en hiel transformara

La amargura debes olvidar

Y con dulzura delirar


Los muros de este sueño sin final

Te cuidaran si duermes


La ilusión hipnótica

Tarde o temprano te ahogara

Pero no es algo divertido

Si ojos vendados no estas


Donde camines ten cuidado

por que mis manos te van a rozar

Hasta lograr que ya pronuncies


Que tu cuerpo me darás


Oculta de dudas

Durante un tiempo

Se hizo insospechable

La única verdad

Fueron mudas citas

Donde el pecado

Tan bajo cayo que

Amor se hizo llamar


La luz fue vista

Por unos ojos traicioneros

Prófugos de oscuridad

Ni en sombras presentía

Cuan peligrosamente


Se esta acercando a su final


Mi chico malo

¿Cómo es que te has

llegado a despertar?


Si ya la venda en tus ojos no esta

Los nuestros vamos a vendar

Muéstranos tu hermosa sonrisa

No nos vuelvas a preocupar


Deslúmbranos con tu piel otra vez


Regresa al escenario…


¿Por qué tiembla así

tu cuerpo y tu mirada

se perdió otra vez?

Dime si tú te atreverías

De mi leche tibia beber


Ven aquí dentro que

Este cuarto esta muy

Caliente a más no poder

Lo que aguardan tus bolsillos

Para tu fianza bastara


Dame la dicha de tenerte

Ahora mismo sin poder huir

No tienes otra alternativa

Es cosa de vivir o morir

La empalagosa miel que emana

Bebe y haz que corra por tu ser

Dame el permiso de tenerte

Sin poder huir

Dame el placer…


*Throws confetti in your face*

I believe that people should be judged on character content, not by looks, gender, or sexuality. Why should a transgender female be unable to get a job because of how she looks? Why does the blonde have to be the dumb one? Stereotypes are just a load of crap that people need to push into oblivion.

Abortion is okay, in a sense. Think about all of the young women who get rapped and are basically forced into pregnancy. What if they’re unprepared? I feel as if it’s their choice. I mean in reality, isn’t it just killing cells, then removing them? All cells hold life at one point and die, but nobody gets a bad wrap for exfoliating. Maybe abortion might be what that person wants at the moment, but if it was me, I’d think about other people in the world, unable to have children of their own. Maybe ((If it wasn’t a life threatening pregnancy)) they could come to term, and then give the child up for adoption if they were unprepared.

If you are an arrogant snot who whines about not getting something, I will turn around and school your sorry ass on why your actions show you don’t need it, because clearly- Nobody did that before me if you do it now.

Give it your all or go home. I don’t come to my orchestra class every day to hear 16 craptastic violins who can’t play their d-scale after a year. I’ve played my instrument since last year, and I can play harder songs than the ones assigned. If you’re only in orchestra because you think it’s an easy a, please kindly GTFO and stop making those who try look bad.

If someone has to love you for what you’re not, then they clearly don’t love you. You shouldn’t have to get up every day and dress like Snookie McOompaLoompa to get people to like you. You shouldn’t have to act like a barbie doll. Hell, I come to school in a black jacket, pants, boots, and whatever t-shirt I can find. I make racy comments, I’m obnoxious and snide, and can be kind of a bitch when provoked. But that’s what I am, and I’m proud. I don’t try to get all fancy to find friends. My friends are my friends because they know me for me. 

If you think Bella Swan is an admirable character, act like her for a week- I dare you. Lets see how many punches to the face you get.

If you want to be racist, that’s cool. Just don’t expect me to play along if you start making fun of me because I’m German or Canadian. I do it, because, hell, it’s what I am. I can take a joke from friends, but if I don’t know you that well, or they go to far, it stops being funny.

If you want to be sexist, I will probably snub you. Girls are just as capable as guys when it comes to gaming, athletics, and school. We will not stay in the kitchen, we actually get off our asses (Usually) and find work or go to school. Which usually can lead to us having a higher income than the guys who sit around and smoke/drink/dick around all the time.

If liking Homestuck/Doctor Who/Sherlock/Supernatural/Hetalia/Young Justice makes me overrated then I guess that’s how I am. Just because I like a show that everyone does doesn’t make me a tagalong. It makes me a part of the fandom. I’m not just all, “USUK DESU! WINCEST VS DESTIEL LOLOLOL! DONT BLINK HERP! HETALIA DERP!” I’m a member of each fandom with legitimate reasons for linking the shows.

That’s all I really have.