tw: nathan

am I the only slut for soft! Nathan Prescott ?? Like everyone just makes his aesthetic red because blood and his jacket and everything just feels red. But like whales? sounds of the ocean? that’s like so fucking soft. What if Nate actually is a little softie inside ? Like he actually loves soft blue and he loved everything that’s nice and not sharp like everything around him. Like I mean ? everyone around him treats him like shit so I think he just craves soft and calm things?

also in one scene Nathan is just walking (I think he was opening the door to Vic’s room or whatever) and HE LOOKS SO PEACEFUL he just looks like an AnGEl

also pls dont tell me that he deserved to die cause he didn’t.


On April 27/28, 2017, I got to see East of Eli perform live and sing “No Where” on stage with Nathan West while Chyler Leigh was stuck on a plane in Toronto. I then met Chyler once she arrived and she was the sweetest person in the world. I hungout with Nathan and Chyler the whole night and it was the best night of my life. Nathan said I was like their little adoptive daughter and that I was the only other woman who’s ever sung No Where with him besides Chyler. Chyler stayed til 5:30am meeting every single fan. She is an angel. They are angels. I’m so thankful for this night <3

Actions Speak Louder Than Words//(N.M)

*Y/N’s POV*

The T.V is in the background and the  volume is low.

Cars zoom by the house and people running to safety.

The rain was small sprinkles, but in 5 minutes it turn to a full down pour.

I have a nice wine colored dress on with black heels.

He is late again. He promised he would make it to my family dinner.

I had to cancel and tell them I had gotten sick and Nate also was sick.

I hear the door knob twisting and turning, keys jiggling on the other side.

Nate stumbles into the house with his hair a mess, shirt unbuttoned, jean zipper down.

Worst of all he has lipstick on the collar of his shirt, hickies on his neck, and scratches along his chest.

Another day with him coming home like this.

My heart breaks, mind on the edge, and feelings are all numb now.

“Where have you been?” I ask standing up.

“Sorry Ma got caught up with the boys. Until the last minute that I remembered about your family’s dinner” Nate explains his eyes wandering over my body.

He lick his lips and starts walking over to me.

“STOP ! DONT YOU DARE COME TOWARDS ME” I yell at him as he stops walking hurt wafting in his eyes.

“Wh—?” He is interrupted by my loud sobs.

“I can’t believe you would do this again Nate! I forgave so many times, but I don’t know how much more my heart can take.” I tell him my voice is low avoiding looking in his.

Every time this happened I got lost in his eyes and stupidly forgave him.

“Y/N, baby I’m so sorry” he says tearing up a little.


“I AM! I KEEP HURTING YOU LIKE THIS! I LOVE YOU ONLY YOU” he yells back causing my anger to rise.

“You don’t dare yell at me for your idiotic mistake. Saying I love you won’t always help Nate! There is only so much ‘I love you’s’ and 'I’m sorry’ can do. I had it up to here with you! I can’t keep waiting on my cheating bastard of a boyfriend to come home after a one night stand” I tell him as I pick up my keys.

“Please don’t do this” Nate says grabbing my wrist as I twist the knob.

“I will Nate, I can’t stay here knowing I’m not enough for you. That you go out to release all your sexual needs when I can help you!” I open the door, but it is quickly slammed closed Nate breathing heavily behind me.

“You are always enough!” He tells me hugging me close to his warmth.

I used to feel sparks when he touched me, but that died a long time ago as my heart broke.

“Nate stop! I can’t be with you and if you realize until now how good enough I am, than you are a sick person.”

“This is a wake up call for me.” He tells me his head in the crook of my neck.

“A wake up call is right! This wake up call will show you not to take a girl for granted. I’m sorry Nate, but we are done” I say pulling out of his grasp and opening the door again.

Nate turns me around and smashes his lips to mine.

I don’t react, I stay still as tears fall down his face.

“I’m losing you” he says pulling away.

“No, Nate you lost me months ago. You were just to busy with someone else to even notice” I move away and start walking towards my car.

I turn it on and see Nate on the steps of the porch.

He’s crouched down head in his hands tears cascading down his face

I was prepared and packed all my things earlier today and they all sit in the back of the car.

I would be lying if this didn’t break my heart, but how can you break something further when it shattered beyond repair?

Nate Maloley broke me something he said he would never do.

3 fucking years down the drain with him.

It will take someone who is determined to repair me once again.