tw: my face

Since it feels like 1000 years or more since I posted  a  mun photo here ya go enjoy my derp face (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) PS: I never smile so I just make goofy faces instead lol just wait till you hear my voice for that accent meme~ don’t blame me if your screen breaks

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I have been tagged by @emiko99~! 💕 💕

My lockscreen which is Astro (and the swipe effect is soda bubbles!!!)

My wallpaper which is the same pic of Amber it’s been since she debuted Breathe Again back in like July(??) ((when she and Ksuke performed it months before it actually released))

My most recently listened song

And my most recent selca……. well I don’t actually take selcas ever, so my last is me testing my halloween costume (Edd from Ed Edd n Eddy) and looking like a wannabe skater dude lmao

I’ll tag @moonrockfairy @cha-eunwoow @moonbinandback and @eyesoftheshinigami (or anybody who wants too 👍)