Three Murderers Inspired by Dexter

Mark Twitchell: The canadian aspiring filmmaker lured John Brian Altinger to his murder garage by pretending to be a woman in the dating site Plenty of Fish. He murdered and dismembered him, dumping the body parts in several sewers. It wasn’t his first try; he had abducted a man in the same way before but he had managed to escape. Twitchell had made a short horror film with the same modus operandi as the murder and police found a document he authored called “SK Confessions”, a sort of journal that described his progression into a serial killer. After he was found guilty in 2011, he kept watching Dexter in jail.

Andrew Conley: He was 17 years old and had been thinking about murder for years when he finally followed the steps of his fictional idol and strangled his little brother Conner (10) during 20 minutes, until he was sure he was dead. He later compared his cravings for murder to wanting a burger and revealed he fantasized about killing his father.

Steven Miles: The 16 year old british teenager stabbed and dismembered his girlfriend Elizabeth Thomas (17) in his bedroom to emulate his favorite character. He later claimed that he had an alter ego called Ed that demanded him to kill someone. He received a 25 year sentence in 2014.


In October 1989, 47-year-old Edward Baldock was on his way home from drinking with his mates when he was approached by a vehicle with four women inside: Tracey Wiggington and her lesbian lover Lisa Ptaschinski, along with two female friends, Kim Jervis and Tracey Waugh. Taking advantage of his drunken state, they enticed him into the car and drove to a park on the banks of the Brisbane River. There, Tracey Wiggington stabbed Edward 27 times and slashed his throat. When he was dead, Tracey bent over his body and drank his blood. All four girls were arrested and only Tracey Wiggington plead guilty in court, saying that she was a vampire who could only survive on the blood of humans and animals. The three other girls, however, plead not guilty, claiming they were under the evil spell of ‘’Tracey the Vampire’’. This lead to the case’s nickname ‘’The Lesbian Vampire Killers’’. Tracey Wiggington, Lisa Ptaschinski, and Kim Jervis were convicted of murder, while Tracey Waugh was acquitted of her charges as she did not take part in the murder. All three girls have since been released from prison. 

Amelia Dyer was a serial killer that lived in 19th century Britain. She’s responsible for the death of at least 400 babies. She would accept children for money from single mother’s who couldn’t provide for the baby or wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret. She later would kill the babies by starving them. After several stays at asylums she went on trial and was hanged on June 10, 1896.

im having a literal anxiety panic attack right now because i think everyone is going to kill me and all of my friends are just plotting to kill me and idk why because i don’t typically have thoughts like this

No Gin In Sam Dubose's Gin Bottle? Victim-Shamers Still Think He Deserved Execution (SCREENSHOTS)

No Gin In Sam Dubose’s Gin Bottle? Victim-Shamers Still Think He Deserved Execution (SCREENSHOTS)

When Sam Dubose was asked what was in the bottle on the floor of the car he was driving, he answered, “Oh, that’s air freshener,” and handed the bottle to Officer Ray Tensing. Tensing put the bottle on the roof of the car without checking, and every conservative dillhole in America automatically assumed Dubose was lying and thoroughly deserved his execution for drunk driving and non-compliance.…

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Gregorio Cardenas was a mexican serial killer who earned the moniker ‘the Tacuba Strangler’ after he murdered four women. As his nickname suggests he would kill via strangulation, typically after having sex with his victim. Most of his victims were prostitutes, with his final victim being a 19 year old chemistry student. 

He committed himself to a psychiatric hospital shortly before he was arrested, and was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment. Due to the nature of his crimes and the fact that they were widely publicised, he developed a sense of celebrity due to being the first multiple murderer in Mexico to receive such media attention.

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RusAme with "Don’t fucking touch me" ?

“Don’t fucking touch me!” he growled, backing away from the taller man. Ivan was looking like him with a huge, maniacal smile. His eyes deranged, lips drawn back and fingers twitching, as if he wanted desperately to put them around Alfred’s pretty little neck.

“But dorogoy,” the Russian purred, advancing on him like a predator on its prey. Alfred slapped his hands away, backing off as far as he could.

“Why on earth would you do that, you psycho?! You seriously need to stop this!” he screamed, voice reaching hysterical levels. Ivan was still looking like something extremely funny had just happened- he even had the audacity to start laughing.

“But Alfred, don’t you see? Without your family, I can have you all to myself! We can be together forever, just like we always wanted.”

Alfred felt like tearing his hair out. When he started dating Ivan, sure, he’d noticed how possessive the man could be. Even thought it cute sometimes, because it meant Ivan cared.

He had never expected Ivan to be capable of murder.

And he definitely had never thought himself capable of not wanting to turn Ivan in.

He shouted and cursed through Ivan’s joyless laughter, kicking at the blood-stained ground where just a moment ago, Ivan’s latest victim had been lying. A woman, just a passer-by who had looked at Alfred a second too long to Ivan’s liking.

She was number 35.

The thirty-fifth person Ivan had successfully robbed of their life.

The thirty-fifth crime Alfred hadn’t reported.

And the thirty-fifth time he wondered when he himself had lost his sanity.

The mother of 6 year old Dominick Andujar laying a wreath on her son’s grave. Dominick had tried to intervene and save his older sibling when he encountered an intruder raping his 14 year old sister Amber in their family home, but the attacker retaliated and slashed at the little boy’s neck. Although his sister had her throat cut too, Dominick was the only one who died from the injuries. In remembrance of his act of bravery, “Forever our Hero” can be seen inscribed onto his headstone.

About Stiles

Some people think Stiles is or will be a psychopath because of his answer…
Well we should consider, that Donovan tried to eat his legs… And when Donovan died, the threat was gone… He couldn’t harm Stiles anymore… Why shouldn’t this be a good feeling? The guy who wanted to eat you is gone?

It was his fucking first thought??!!!
We all saw his breakdown later…

An anti feminist walks into a movie made by a feminist and kills two women. So why don’t people stop pretending they don’t understand why feminists are so threatened by anti feminists. Stop comparing misandry jokes and male tears mugs to the actual violence that men are willing to inflict on feminists for existing and having an opinion. Anti feminist feelings over imaginary slights does not have the same impact as the hatred of women and the dismissal of our rights.