tw: mud

is detective enger still tied up in dyad’s basement? did anyone think “hey this weird crooked cop lady zealot is still down there maybe we should look for her”? who took care of p.t. westmorland’s and coady’s bodies? did mud and the others make it off the island or are they all drinking gross tea and laughing about the good old times when there was a monster running around in the woods and they were promised eternal youth? is mud living in austria now with a cowbell around her neck dancing whimsically and singing the hills are alive? is daisy okay?

did sarah ever sponsor stephen’s charity run


Under all this mud is a #capybara, the worlds largest species of #rodent. On a particularly hot day in the flooded forests of the Amazon we found this group taking a refreshing mud bath to battle heat and stinging insects.

(via Fabian Mühlberger on Instagram)