tw: misogynistic language

I’m not a misogynist you fucking bitch.
—  Sophomore Political Science Major

pennedgalaxy  asked:

Gobblepot, Meet Mother.

From the day Oswald was born, she knew he was special; she knew people would try to steal her beautiful boy away, and so she stuck to his side and showed him why other people weren’t to be trusted, why they were cheats and liars and whores.

When Oswald turned up on her doorstep with a clean cut and polite man who watched her boy with distrust and curiosity, and then introduced that man as his “friend”, she knew she had failed as a mother.

She had prepared Oswald for many things, but the light in her boy’s eyes when he looked at James Gordon was proof he had not only found the one honest man in Gotham - the one thing she had not prepared him for - but he had fallen for him.

skiesalight  asked:

Re: Gamorra and Drax- I heard somewhere that Drax only refers to Gamorra as 'whore' because that's the word people first used to refer to her (when a bunch of inmates were harrassing her upon their arrival in prison). Drax being Drax, he took it literally and used it from then on as her title- without real malice and supposedly for comedic effect. I didn't get that read my first time watching... but I want to like Drax. ):

That’s a good theory!

I don’t really blame Drax as a character for it regardless, because it wouldn’t be in character for him to understand that was an insult regardless. Even if no thought was put into it other than “it’s funny if Drax says whore!” that isn’t true to his literal character, so….

samersamman  asked:

Hey stop being a an annoying bitch

Hey, stop being a misogynistic prick and telling people they should be forced to suffer and die for a fetus that isn’t going to survive without them either!

Hey, stop using misogynistic slurs!

Hey, think of an actual argument instead of throwing insults and slurs around because you clearly have absolutely no argument and just can’t say ‘Oh, I didn’t realize that was the situation, I was wrong, sorry about that’ like an adult!