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I just saw your 'Jack Posts' and can I just say thanks! I say way too much shade on Jack and it's so nice to see someone explain why he's so interesting!

Thanks! Tbh I’m not a fan of how the fandom handles both him and Bitty in general. There’s so. much. fluff out there that takes away their characters flaws and shortcomings in favor of something so positive that after a while I (personally) don’t see the point? 

He’s a really good character. He’s gruff yet calm. He’s stubborn af but v intelligent. He’s a formerly fat boy who’s now a thick hockey player (which I love because he’s a guy who doesn’t want to take up space but he’s always thrown into center stage and he DOES take up space). I absolutely love scenes where he’s eating while chirping someone or laying down shit calmly for comedic effect. It’s just so real? 

I talk about it some in one of my fics, but he’s constantly negotiating fact from fiction. And I wish more people would explore his relationship to various media (not just THE MEDIA ™). Stuff like what inspires him in his photography, what kinds of films does he enjoy (don’t just say documentaries, there are a million and one topics and subgenres within that), more about how he loves alt rock and country and not just “dad rock”.  More about how his parents were while raising him and how he is with his mom. 

And yea, I wish more people would actually talk about the overdose. I know for some people it really squicks them that people water down Bitty coming out because it takes away his relatability. I feel the same way about Jack’s back story. I want stories about him slipping, stories where he struggles again at some point and has to recenter himself. I would LOVE stories about his freshman year of college when it was just him and Shitty as the “losers”.

((I write this as I listen to “Constant Headache” by Joyce Manor on repeat because it’s such a Jack song)) 

So yea, I’m glad you liked the top layer of the post! 

Part 2

This post could be more accurately labeled as 1.5 as this will be examining the Final Girl Trope in total in comparison with frequent native tropes. It ties pretty closely with the first post in that it is still groundwork and what I hope to achieve with the use of this trope in the blog. It’s another overview, so to speak and I’ll get down to the real nitty gritty of everything in later posts. 

The trope was named by Carol J. Clover and she unpacks a lot of stuff within its meaning and the function of the final girl as a character in the narrative arcs of horror. Not all of which I agree with, honestly – which is why it’s not getting much more in depth with that paper until later. The most obvious definition is the one person left standing who faces the killer or monster. TV tropes does a good job of breaking down the basic characteristics: 

The character in question tends to follow a certain set of characteristics. The most obvious one is being (almost) Always Female. Especially in older works, she’ll also almost certainly be a virgin, remain fully clothed, avoid Death by Sex, and probably won’t drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, or take drugs, either. Finally, she’ll probably turn out to be more intelligent and resourceful than the other victims, occasionally even evolving into a type of Action Girl by the movie’s end.

Tv Tropes does an okay job when it comes to Native Tropes, but not great so I’m not using them at all for these. Frequent stereotypes of natives in books and shows are: Princess/Squaw (which is a very different dichotomy from the madonna/whore complex because they are both depicted as available for sex but the difference is who they have sex with; The princess is also typically light skinned and, obviously, of high status in the community), Savage Native (all natives are terrible and blood thirsty!), Noble Savage (natives are just magically connected to everything! but still don’t know how the world works outside of our own legends), Drunk Native (an outcrop of the Savage Native trope again used to paint natives as unable to restrain themselves and more prone to hedonism than ‘civilized’ people), The Good/Bad Native (one helps the colonists! is nice! probably killed to further their character arc; not infrequently tied in with the Princess trope; the other is mean and tries to kill colonists), Stoic Indian (Natives don’t talk, they are quiet and only speak in one word sentences, this is usually tied with the Good Native trope).

And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. As you can see, the common tropes for Natives are almost directly at odds with the final girl trope. Which, is the point of me using it. 


That crap is bad for you, and you know it. I don’t believe you, June. Not about cutting back. Just know that I’m so disappointed.”

“Stop trying to act like Mom, Matilda. It’s so annoying.”

“Well, maybe you should stop acting like you have something to prove. That’s annoying too.”

Silence descended upon the train carriage. Matilda glared out the window at the seemingly never ending swath of forest until everything blurred into a dark smudge of green.

Juniper’s voice tentatively broke the quiet. “Don’t you think it’s creepy that we’re the only people on this thing?”

“Shh. I’m still trying to be super pissed at you.” A short pause. “But yeah, actually.”

“It’s like that episode of The Twilight Zone where that dude is stuck in a ghost town but still see’s…like…proof that someone has just been there. And he starts to go crazy? But it’s actually just a simulation.”

“Hopefully this is too. I could go for a cafe latte right about now, so hopefully some mystical force drops it on the table. That’d be rad.”

Yuuri is fucking amazing

TW: mention of blood/blisters/wounds

Flashback to Episode 4 of YOI. 

If you are like me, this brief shot broke your heart. Here, we see that Yuuri has worked himself so hard that there are blisters/raw spots all over his feet. Have you ever gotten a blister at the back of your feet from perhaps walking too much in tight shoes or socks that were just too short? It’s painful as fuck. It really is. 

I’m a swimmer/lifeguard so I can only assume but can you imagine how painful it must’ve been for Yuuri to continue skating/jumping/spinning WITH GRACE with his feet hurt like that? One blister is enough to make me curse everything. 

Not only that, but upon being more observant, you’ll see that these blisters aren’t just forming, but Yuuri has already broken his skin and his feet is actually BLEEDING.

Yuuri’s socks are damp with blood. A little bit of blood wouldn’t be noticeable on black. It must’ve been a considerable amount for it to discolor the fabric.

Yuuri must’ve been in incredible pain.

Yet look at my boy.

He’s treasuring Victor and their time together. The only thing on his mind is achieving victory, keeping Victor by his side, and improving himself. 

While Yuuri Katsuki definitely experienced an immense amount of physical strain and doubt/uncertainty, he pushes onwards. Victor definitely helped Yuuri but so much of Yuuri’s final success was built upon his own hard work and passion.

Yuuri Katsuki is so amazing, strong, and inspirational.

Let me get one thing straight though… Even if Bucky didn’t have innervation in his arm (aka he couldn’t feel anything other than just pressure, ergo couldn’t feel the arm being blown off) he most definitely felt the searing hot metal that was attached to his fucking shoulder. The metal was glowing red hot where it got blown off. Like if you leave the end of a spoon over an open flame and then grab the other end you still burn the shit out of your hand. So imagine your entire shoulder/biceps is made out of metal and the end of it is so hot that it’s glowing red. You don’t think the skin and bone and muscle it’s attached to wont be burning? Like imagine hot metal touching your bones. Bone pain is literally some of the worst kind of pain you can feel and Bucky had searing hot metal attached to his bones. And beyond that it’s still burning his skin, his ligaments, and his muscles. It’s beyond just burning your hand on a hot object because the metal is integrated into his shoulder. And worst of all he can’t get the thing off. He can’t drop the hot spoon because it’s part of him.

So yeah tell me again that Bucky wasn’t in excruciating pain after that

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I challenge you to retell any piece of Jack or Bitty's college years as a series of in-universe RPF callout posts

**whispers** dammit this is clever and I’ve never done a real callout post so let’s see how this goes

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of an ex-Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.* 

Here’s a brief coverage of Fall Semester of Year Two: 

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Alright to add to my previous post about rowaelin vs tamlin’s abusive ass:

Do you know what Rowan does when he realizes the extent to which Aelin has suffered in her life? He flies off, to go demand answers from his queen, fucking Maeve, because he’s furious she hid those important details from him. He’s going to question Maeve, his master. Then he realizes that Maeve likely left those details out for a reason, so he flies back, worried that Aelin will think he left her alone intentionally. He moves her into his own room so he can tend to her and care for her himself. He pampers her. This is the exactly what Aelin needs and the perfect response given her character. She loves being pampered and she had expressed previously in HoF the desire for even one person to care for her. Rowan starts to care for her as soon as he realizes that she needs it- was he a dick before hand? yes. absolutely. but as soon as he realizes her pain and how much she needs someone, he quickly becomes utterly devoted to her.

Now Tamlin?? How many times does Tamlin ignore Feyre’s requests to have more independence? How often does she try to ask him for freedom? How much does it take out of her to ask and be denied each time? How long does it take Tamlin to realize that he’s hurting his partner and the woman he claims to love? What does Tamlin do to help Feyre when she is depressed and suffering from PTSD and an eating disorder? Does he care for her? Does he comfort her? Does he do everything in his power to help her? Does he listen to her needs and her wishes? Nope. Nah. He decides to lock her up in the house, doing the one thing, the one obvious fucking thing that someone who spent time locked in a cell under a mountain wouldn’t be able to handle. He does the opposite of caring for Feyre. He does not listen to her cries for help. He systematically perpetrates abuse and emotionally manipulates her. 

Rowan listens as soon as he knows Aelin needs him to care for him. He is there for her, unwaveringly, from that moment onwards. And what’s more, Aelin doesn’t ask him to care for her or stay- he picks up on her need for him instinctually and does what is best for her. Feyre was fucking screaming at Tamlin for him to help her and he did the opposite. 

Finally, Rhysand is completely different from Tamlin as well. Once he has the opportunity to help Feyre- and UtM he was incapable of truly helping her in a way other than indirectly and under the guise of being loyal to Amarantha- he does everything, everything in his power to help her. He answers her plea for help at her wedding. He takes her to Velaris, which essentially functions as a safe house for her as a victim of domestic abuse. He gives her power, and independence and freedom and most importantly: he listens to what she wants. When Feyre gets angry with him, he adjusts his behavior. When she needs space, he gives it to her. 

So don’t try to argue that Rhysand and Rowan are abusive in the way that Tamlin is. Because while both Rhys and Rowan make mistakes and hurt their mates, as soon as they realize the hurt they have caused, and as soon as they are able to help, they do everything in their significant power to heal, care for, and love Feyre and Aelin. 

And that, my friends, is the difference between an abusive relationship (Feylin) and a normal relationship that has its flaws and ups and downs. Listening and respecting your partner is the key.

I had CA: TWS playing in the background at work today, and something caught my attention that I have idly wondered about before, but this time, it was like a great big flashing sign. So much so that I had to go back and replay the scene.

Pierce: The timetable has moved. Our window is limited. Two targets, level six. He already cost me Zola. I want confirmed death in ten hours.

I saw that then I watched the scene on the bridge. Watch the Winter Soldier. He comes in for the attack, and the first person he takes out of the equation is Jasper Sitwell. AKA the man who let the Lumerian Star get captured by pirates. AKA the reason Fury got the intel and had his suspicions raised. AKA the reason that the timetable was moved. AKA the reason they lost Zola.

I always assumed it was Steve and Natasha he was coming after, but no. Steve is Level 8.

Just watch the way TWS attacks. He doesn’t go for Steve or Sam directly. He takes out Sitwell, the easy target, first then aims through the roof of the car at Natasha first. And when the car crashes, he doesn’t go after Steve.

Instead, he fires towards Natasha, and only misses because Steve pushes her out of the line of fire. The blast sends Steve hurtling over the ledge. You would think he would be a priority target after that, but TWS ignores him. Instead, he calmly stalks after Natasha like a predator.

The other HYDRA operatives are firing like mad, shooting at everything, but he just watches for Natasha. He doesn’t fire until he has her in his sites. He only fires three times when she’s still on the bridge, and each shot only just misses her. (Speaking of, I love that the only thing that makes him lose his cool and fire as wildly as the other HYDRA agents, is when she manages to land a hit on him. That’s the one time he doesn’t aim)

When he gets given the machinegun, he also doesn’t waste his ammunition once she’s out of range. He hops over the edge of the bridge and goes after her on foot. The only time he actually bothers himself with fighting Steve is when Steve attacks him.

Also, I think this whole scene really demonstrates the difference between the design of the Winter Soldier as a weapon and the way HYDRA have used him. HYDRA tends to be very much smash in and “KILL THEM ALL WITH FIRE!” style, whereas the Winter Soldier is very much carefully aimed and positioned. Just watch the way he moves when he’s hunting. Or even when he’s firing. He is absolute stillness and quiet, compared to the chaos and destruction of the HYDRA boys. He just walks into a scene, lifts his gun, fires, and just like that, is gone.

Nanaba and Gender Tropes

Season 2, episode 29 saw an addition to Nanaba’s death that was not present in the manga. In her dying moments she shouts:

“Father stop! Father I’m sorry I won’t do it again!”

While I did have a passing thought at her first cry of “Father” that perhaps this could be her ACTUAL father transformed into a Titan as we saw with Connie’s mother, as the dialogue continued it became far more apparent to me that this addition may be intended to be a imminent death/excruciating pain induced hallucination. And I stared blankly at the screen in horror.

The horrific use of this exclamation, in my opinion, reinforces negative tropes about gender roles and presentation.

Nanaba is, clearly, not a stereotypical woman even amongst the other women of the Survey Corps. She has a small role in the series, but she is most notable for her strength, determination, and hairstyle. The short cut hairstyle is not common among female characters in this setting. Even Hange, though gender neutral in the manga, still has long hair to assist in masking the character’s biological assignment. Nanaba carries herself with traits that many traditionalists would call “masculine”. She is even Squad Leader of her own unit.

So, I ask, why the FUCK does the “masculine” female character now have to be shoe horned into having an abusive father? Does this bother anyone else? “I won’t do it again” does not fit in this setting contextually. Won’t do what again? Her job? Her position as a soldier protecting her squad from death that she has shown multiple times she’s is whole heartedly dedicated to? She had her leg ripped off and that intense amount of shock and pain triggered a memory to her father. It seems very clear to me that this small addition is implying a flashback to some sort of severe abuse from her father.

A passive statement is being made here: That strong “masculine” women are created that way by abuse. And in the end they will always default to that abused fear state if you beat them enough. This is a reinforcement of a gender trope about women who do not fit into the typical “lady” role. Sorry, but fuck you script writer.

While I enjoyed the rest of this episode (I ACTUALLY kind of liked Ymir, I know, bizarre), the studio has my massive middle finger for the addition of this bullshit line.

(Please note, guys, I’m using “masculine” in quotations in an ironic sense to make the point that reducing her character this way is inherently sexist in my opinion. Just because a woman has strength and leadership qualities does not mean that she is trying to emulate a man or that she is any less “feminine” than she wishes to be.)

why this scene is so wonderful

I was looking for metas about this scene, but I couldn’t find anything, so decided to say several words myself.

Firstly, I made one gifset and captioned it as glare of death and people wrote that Bucky looks like he’s about to cry or has already cried. Tbh, I think it’s both. Great thing about this scene, to my mind, is not if he’s feeling anger or pain, but the fact that he’s definetely feeling something here!

As I remember, we only see two moments where Bucky is feeling something. First one is this:

Here, he’s angry af. Before this moment, we see hydra agents shooting wildly, but WS is calm, he casually walks and shoots for like two or three times only. But when Nat breaks his glasses(sorry, don’t know what they’re called), he becomes crazy and starts shooting without aiming properly. He feels anger and frustration.

Second one is a bit of confusion and hesitation:

(not my gif)

Throughout the whole movie, what catches our eyes is how calm ws is. He isn’t running, he never is in a hurry. Of course, he kills people, fights like an assassin, but he is always laid-back and really relaxed.

But in the final scenes, he acts like a crazy. WS’ actions are so brutal. Although he is sent to missions to kill people, I don’t think that winter soldier is allowed to make them personal. I mean that he must finish the missions succesfully, but he must know show his personal attitude towards it.

But here

He slaughters hydra/shield agents in a way that is screams to be really personal to me. He freaking shot that pilot and didn’t even care to throw away the body. He’s just to eager to get to Steve. Yes, it is his mission, but so was that causeway scene and his actions in these situations are so different from each other.

Considering all of these, I believe that in that scene he is not unemotional. WS is about to finish his missions, not only because hydra ordered him, but because Steve makes him feel things that causes him pain and confusion and uncertainity.

Is he angry? Yes. Is he ] eager to kill Steve in the most brutal way? Hell, yes. Is he also feeling pain? He IS! I think that he’s torn between too many emotions and that reflects in his eyes. They are deadly, but at the same time a bit red and look like he’s gonna cry.

To be sure I have to look once again at this moment:

He looks so childish and it feels like he’s suffering. But then:

See how he narrows his eyes for a second? Yes, he’s in misery, but that eye narrowing thing also tells me that WS is also furious and wants to visiously kill his oponent.

P.S. Please, add your thoughts ‘cause I’m so interested in the interpretation of this scene.

The problem I have with the argument that “Tamlin didn’t know the note Feyre sent was really written by her, especially since he didn’t know she could write and read now. He had every reason to think it was suspect” is that it so closely mirrors the type of rhetoric that people use to forgive abusers and reshape narratives of abuse in real life?

I mean it’s pretty simple:

Feyre = domestic abuse victim

Velaris = safe house

Inner Circle (and specifically rhys and mor)= people who help her escape abuse and get to the safe house

I mean, how many times, in real life, do we see domestic abusers angry and upset that their victims have escaped them? How often do those abusers go after their victims? I mean, that’s why the locations of safe houses are secret! That’s why there are entire networks of people devoted to keeping those houses safe and secret (the wards on velaris!!!!) Because abusers will try to prevent victims from leaving. And the reasons they give? “No one loves you like I love you” “I’m whats best for you” “I won’t do it again” “You can’t leave me because if you leave me I’ll do x, and x” 

I mean, abusers, don’t exactly listen to what their victims say.  They don’t listen to what the victim wants. They just…abuse and abuse and don’t really care about the victim’s opinion or wishes.

Fairly often, abusive husbands are angry when their wives and children escape and go to safe houses. They literally….will hunt women down. 

So Tamlin’s reaction to Feyre leaving is…fairly in line with how abusers react in real life. He doesn’t listen to what she wants. It’s fairly clear that Feyre was unhappy…I mean her depression and eating disorder are obvious. She vomits from nightmares every night.  It’s clear that she wasn’t being hurt by Rhysand all those times she went to the Night Court for a week and came back unharmed. She told Tamlin she was okay. She told him she was uninjured. So…Tamlin ignoring Feyre’s note is just another instance of him, an abuser, ignoring his partner’s wishes. It’s not a mistake on his part, nor is it an example of him trying to protect her. 

It’s an example of an abusive man thinking that he knows better than the woman he is abusing. 

Tamlin sends Lucien to HUNT FEYRE DOWN. He literally hunts her…to try and forcibly bring her back to the Spring Court. And yes, Feyre pretends to be all evil so that Lucien won’t know about Velaris but…Tamlin still doesn’t give up hunting her. He allies with Hybern in order to get her back. It’s sick and fucked up.

So I really…do not care that Tamlin might have had reason to think the note wasn’t from Feyre. Because at the end of the day, it’s just more of him being an abusive prick. And the logic of “but he didn’t know if she was okay!” mirrors how people in real life try to frame abuse. We constantly see this narrative in literature (fifty shades!) and real life that the abuser was just trying to do what was best for this victim and “didn’t mean” to hurt her. Okay well…ultimately it does not matter that Tamlin “didn’t know the note was actually from her.” 

Would Tamlin have listened to it even if he had known, unequivocally, that it was from Feyre and represented her wishes?

Nope. Because…he doesn’t listen to her wants and needs even when she’s speaking directly to him. He didn’t allow her any freedom in the Spring Court even though it was killing her. Literally, she was wasting away. He didn’t care then, so why can we assume that he would have listened to the note had he known it was from her? We can’t. So you can’t really make the argument that “Tamlin didn’t know it was from her” because either way…his actions would have been the same.

He’s interesting in controlling and “protecting” Feyre, aka abusing her, he isn’t interested in listening to what she wants. 

The argument that Tamlin didn’t know the note was from her implies that had he known, he would have acted differently. And that’s a false argument given what we know of his direct interactions with Feyre in acomaf (abusive! ignores her wants and needs). And…not only is it a false argument…it’s the type of argument that in real life…would be really detrimental to abusive victims.

anyway on a more capri note have you ever considered how fucked up it is that laurent has been so affected by what the regent did to him that he considers his whole family besides auguste (when we have no evidence that anyone else in his family was like the regent) to be tainted by it? to the point where he’s determined not to have children because he views not just himself but also his blood and family as poisoned and corrupted? how fuckin… fucked up is that.

I always find it interesting when people say Pietro would be Team Tony because if there’s one thing I’ve understood from the very brief amount of Maximoff Twin time in AoU, it’s that their loyalty is to each other; that is, Pietro is loyal to Wanda and Wanda is loyal to Pietro. It’s a give and take of “you believe this, then I believe it too”, a possibly unhealthy codependency that leads to them revolving around each other solely because that’s all they have

Beyond that, they’re loyalty and care began to extend towards Clint near the end of AoU; combining both their codependency to each other and their respect to Clint, to say Pietro would be Team Tony would be breaking the characterization built up in one single movie

To say that Pietro would one, leave his sister’s side and then two, fight against her is a rather awkward and uncomfortable break of what we see as years of loyalty and dependency and respect and love; that’s not to say he maybe wouldn’t agree with her (though I’m pretty sure he would be on Cap’s side, but that’s a rant for another time), but I highly doubt he would ever want to fight her. Wanda too would probably refuse to fight Pietro, which would either lead to them both taking a step out of the fight or leave Pietro watching from the sidelines because we can tell from their interactions that Wanda seems to be the one taking the leadership role most often

Another thing to consider is that, from my understanding, the Accords essentially wanted to lock Wanda up; my interpretation is that that was always their end goal, so for Pietro to defend that and fight for that honestly really squicks me

Tl;dr: Pietro would not fight for Team Tony, mostly because then he would be fighting against his sister who he loves very much and has a codependency that would be hard to break

I really want to talk about the conclusion of the Lost Children arc, and Jill’s importance as a character.

One thing I see a lot of Berserk fans wish for is that the series could go back to the darker tones of arcs like Lost Children, the latter half of the Golden Age, and of course, the Black Swordsman arc. But the lighter mood is something that’s actually been developing since the manga’s beginning - it’s been gradual but it’s been consistent, and all the different characters Guts has encountered on his travels have been meeting better and kinder fates. Colette died horribly and had her corpse desecrated, then Vargas died cleanly and with hope of being avenged, then Theresia survived and carried physical and psychological scars as the price…and now Jill lives too; not undamaged, but she makes it out clean and strong and hopeful. And even though the Lost Children arc contains piles of dead children and shows Guts at one of his lowest points morally, this is the moment where the light breaks through at last.

And Jill is the character who brings this light into the story, and an incredible amount of hope too.

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Jack and Ashi: Violence as Self-Annihilation

As anyone who has been reading my blog lately can probably guess, I’ve been loving the new season of Samurai Jack. In a media culture saturated with mediocre and/or outright bad reboots and remakes, Season Five of Samurai Jack retains everything fans loved about the first four seasons, while the TV-14 rating allows for storytelling opportunities that weren’t available when it was a Y-7 show, and yet feel like a natural extension of the original.

The emotional touchstones of the new season have thus far been Jack, as is only fitting, and Ashi, one of the Daughters of Aku, and by Episode XCV, the only surviving daughter of Aku. The Daughters, Ashi especially, have been set up as parallels and foils for Jack in terms of their upbringing and their ‘purpose’ in life. In particular, the show explores a running theme through the both of them: violence as the annihilation of the self.

[CN/TW: Discussions of abuse and indoctrination]

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when stydia is a couple, what do you think Lydia loves most about Stiles and Stiles loves most about Lydia?

I think Lydia most loves the lightness that Stiles brings to her heart and the way he even has the ability to be light in the first place. He’s been through so much shit and somewhere along the way he found his way back to her, so that he could love he with all of himself. Lydia could have so easily gone in a different direction. She could have ended up a rigid socialite trophy wife with a stick up her ass and this secret intelligence that she had thrown away because of survival instincts. She could have ended up in a big, fancy house with a husband who was never home and a thick black credit card. Instead, she’d ended up being Stiles Stilinski’s smart-ass wife. Stiles has all of this joy inside of him that he doesn’t even realize he has, and I think Lydia sees that in him. She sees the parts of him that aren’t damaged and loves the way they make her feel less damaged as well. Stiles being happy with her makes her happy. His affection, love, lightness, care, and faithfulness allow Lydia to sink comfortably into being a person who she wants to be and who makes her happy. So when he acts like an idiot or like a little kid, she’s reminded of the person who could have ended up with a man who only ever cracked a smile when he was seeing through the fakeness of hers. 

And I think that for Stiles, the ironic thing is that the part of Lydia that he loves the most is her brain. (Your mind, it makes me want to know you more, so tell me what we have in store, tell me everything.) The reason why I find it to be ironic is because he didn’t start off feeling that way about her– he knew she was smart, of course, but he didn’t fall in love with the intricate workings of her brain. He didn’t know her brain, didn’t know just how smart she was, only had snapshots of the way she thinks and feels and calculates. When Stiles was falling in love with Lydia, he fell in love with her tenacity and her appearance and her side-comments and the intelligence that he could see and the tiny sliver of vulnerability that occasionally peeked through before she shoved it back. But then high school rolls around, and with it the supernatural, and suddenly he is constantly being exposed to the brilliance of Lydia Martin– not only that, he’s watching as she wears it on her sleeve. He’s awed by it. He’s awed by this brain that has it in itself to be so selfish yet also calculates how Scott saves everybody and realizes that that person is who she wants to be. Lydia’s mind, with all its flaws and different facets, fucking fascinates Stiles, and a part of that is because he gets it. As shocking and strange and wonderful and awe-inspiring as Lydia’s brain can be, Stiles also kinda understands it with this intrinsic instinct that only gets stronger as they grow together. So I think the thing he loves most about her is the way she thinks and perceives and the way she can know everything but still be so stuck in her ways. And I think, especially, he’s fascinated by the way Lydia learns to grow and adapt. When they’re together, he gets to watch her learn how to love him– learn love the first time. She’s been in love before, but this thing they have, it’s everything to Lydia, and both of them know that she doesn’t know how to handle that. So Lydia is navigating intimacy and vulnerability and complete adoration on these bambi-like legs and Stiles is just totally in awe of all the little ways he can see through her and understand… like, wow. This girl is trying for me. This girl loves me enough to try for me. 

Oh my god why am I crying

From re-reading the books I felt like it was implied that Jokaste is an abuse victim. The “I don’t think you chose” was a very strange line, and it insinuates that Jokaste was shoehorned into siding with Kastor somehow.

Consider: Jokaste gives birth at the end of KR, so she is heavily pregnant by the time that the coup actually happens. This means that she *got* pregnant six months or so before the coup. We don’t know how long Kastor was planning it for, but it wasn’t the most artfully orchestrated or subtle coup in history, so probably not long. If she were pregnant six months before then the relationship must have started before that, at which time it would have been possible for her to warn Theomedes, if not Damen. She could have sounded the alarm somehow, possibly by sabotaging Kastor if they would not listen seeing as at this point that’s still in her best interests - unless it’s an abusive relationship, in which case she is unlikely to do this.

At this time it wouldn’t be apparent that Kastor was going to actually succeed considering how botched together his plan was. Jokaste isn’t one to stake her claim on the losing side.

We also know that Kastor covets what Damen has. Damen is the crown prince. He has better prospects, better slaves, and a beautiful, incredibly intelligent girlfriend. I think she was forced into a relationship with Kastor because he wanted to *be* Damen and have what he had. We already know that Jokaste was willing to drop Kastor at the drop of a hat because she fucked off as soon as she got the opportunity, and if Laurent knows Kastor is the weaker man then Jokaste knows it too. Kastor is a wildcard; I honestly don’t think that if Jokaste wanted influence she would have chosen him, considering how trusting Damen is and the relationship they had beforehand.

So! The conclusion I’ve come to is that the relationship was not willing, per se. I don’t think that Jokaste intended to get pregnant by Kastor or to be with Kastor at all, but when it was apparent that she was it became also apparent that backing Kastor was her best chance. If Kastor were king her child would be a prince - if Damen were king he would be a bastard. She’s not an idiot, and I don’t think she’s stupid enough to take that kind of risk unless she absolutely had to. She also keeps Damen alive, which shows some strong sentimental value considering she knows what he’s capable of, knows the reputation of Laurent, and knows that he’ll probably come back. She wouldn’t be Queen with Damen, but keeping him alive if that’s her goal is extraordinarily foolish; if that were her true motive she would have had him killed, or else her position as Queen with Kastor is no more stable than as mistress to Damen.

Just my thoughts. :0

aos: Hydra are Nazis

aos fandom: actually they’re not, here have 10k words of discourse

aos: Hydra are Nazis who would lie to you about being Nazis and would force Actually-Hydra-Are-Not-Nazis discourse down your throat

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i keep fuckin thinking about kent parson's rookie year in vegas. like he's 18 and just went first in the draft and jack's in fucking rehab and. does he know he's been dumped at this point, or is he still trying to call jack every day thinking he might get through this time and everything will be ok again? is he living on his own in a way too empty condo or is he billeting with an older teammate that he doesn't know and trying to pretend like he's totally ok even though he's way out of his depth

Oh my God I have so many feelings and zero answers for you I’m so sorry.

Well, maybe some answers, but to be honest a lot of these things change for me depending on the particulars of the narrative I happen to be telling. 

Some thoughts:

I think Kent definitely knows Jack is rejecting him, but he’s also entirely convinced it’s temporary. I think his emotional IQ is high enough to realize Jack is pretty obviously saying “I don’t want you and I wasn’t in love with you” and that’s probably compounded by Kent’s mental illness(es); he’s pretty terrified of abandonment so like, it’s ridiculously damn easy to see that in what happens when Jack won’t talk to him in rehab (because, uh, it’s kinda true tbh, whether or not you think Jack was right to cut Kent out of his life). BUT Kent is also convinced Jack is his One True Love. His delusion isn’t that Jack didn’t leave, it’s that Jack won’t stay gone and Kent can get him back. The strategy for accomplishing this is what changes the most.

If the Aces management let Kent buy a condo by himself and live there alone I will personally rip a fabric through space and time and crawl into the universe these people live in and strangle them myself. From what I understand, most teams push rookies pretty heavily to at least live with each other, if not someone older who won’t let them eat nothing but ketchup straight from the bottle for three days because they forgot groceries. Unless specified otherwise w/in a fic, my personal headcanon is that Kent lived with Jeff Troy his rookie year and tried very hard to not cry loud enough at night for Jeff and his girlfriend to hear.

Kent Parson vs. alcohol also changes depending on what story I happen to be telling haha, but more often than not I see him drinking pretty heavily as both a coping mechanism and part of his I Am Totally Super Normal and Fine routine. Does anyone see through it? Maybe like, a couple of guys. Jeff, definitely, because he’s perceptive and I also headcanon him with my OFC who takes one look at Kent Parson and kill bill sirens go off in her head about his mental health, and literally kicks Jeff in the ass to talk to this scared child. 

Overall, rookie year is Not a Good Year no matter how you slice it, but I do think Kent had what I’ve heard described as a “pocket of functioning” which is still being really fucking good at hockey. We know from N’s timeline that the Aces won a Cup while Jack was still coaching pee wee, which means either Kent’s rookie year or the year after he basically lead the team to a Cup. So I think that probably makes it even less likely anyone important noticed what was wrong because hey, the kid’s young and in over his head and dumb but we brought him here to play hockey and he sure plays some fucking hockey, eh?

So uh…idk if you sent me this ask because you wanted to hear me ramble semi-coherently about KVP but here you go I guess? haha

John’s fear of water

I think we can all agree that Martin Freeman is an acting god, yes? Several times throughout the course of the whole series, he’s given me serious meta / plot bunnies from a TOTALLY SILENT reaction to something that another character is saying.

Just a shift in body language, or a facial expression, that makes you think, “wow…there’s a HUGE story here that we’re not being told in the episode.”

And in The Final Problem, he has done it to me again, bless his bastardy boots.

It’s in the scene where John gets tired of all the hot air in the office, and steps outside for some sea air instead:

Now, this could have just been a reminder shot for the audience: they’re alone; they’re isolated; miles and hours from any help.

But look at John’s face.

That’s a really strong reaction. It’s not just discomfort…it’s verging on terror. He flinches away, tries to control his breathing, and all but runs back inside…it’s almost like he’s having a panic attack.

Why would John Watson be so afraid of water?

At first I thought there must have been some childhood trauma that gave him a phobia of water, and that’s why Euros put him in the well. Which would have been great if we’d ever been given any backstory on John Watson at all thanks Mofftiss. (Ahem. Sorry. Personal sore point there.)

(gif by @constantlyfreemaned)

But that wasn’t it - or at least if it was, we weren’t shown that ‘emotional context’ within the episode. So, what could it be instead?

I think two other scenes give us a clue. First, from later on in the episode:

(gifs by the brilliant @sherlockspeare)

This was such an odd line to me… Maybe it was something John said to his patients in Afghanistan who’d suffered interrogations. Maybe he said it to a fellow soldier when they were captured…or maybe it was something he said to himself, over and over, after he was taken prisoner.

The second clue comes from The Six Thatchers:

Again, that’s a really strong reaction. It’s not just ‘oh shit’ or ‘well that’s it, we’re screwed now’…that’s a nearly full fetal position. It’s a duck-and-cover protect-your-head movement, and very uncharacteristic of Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fuiliers, BAMF ex-army doctor.

And he did it when AJ mentioned being tortured. For fun.

As an army doctor, I have no idea if John would have been given RTI training. But would he have needed it? Would he have had any privileged military knowledge at all, ie, what troops were stationed where, or what their next moves were?

In other words: would he have had the kind of information that would be tactically useful to the enemy?

I doubt it.

True, he was an officer, but he was a surgeon…probably stationed at a single military hospital, treating patients who came in from all over the map. The military operates on a pretty strict need-to-know basis, and I don’t imagine a surgeon would need to know anything about the combat units’ inner workings.

So if he was captured and tortured, they wouldn’t have gotten much out of him. And I think they probably knew that: they just wanted to torture someone. For fun.

And how was he probably tortured?

My conclusion: John was a POW in Afghanistan, where he was subjected to some sort of water torture - probably waterboarding - by his captors. And since he didn’t have any sensitive military intelligence, they didn’t do it for information…they just did it for fun.

tl;dr - Damn you, Martin “I can do that with a look” Freeman, and your amazing plot-bunny-giving “acting is reacting, lovey” talent.