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“Yang’s hurt..?”

Chie mouthed those words as she typed them into her phone, a profound unease settling over her. Of course she would worry about her… but, panicking wouldn’t do any good. She knew that Yang was strong! She could handle an injury or two, right? Chie herself had recently recovered from a concussion, and no worse for the wear after the fact, and so she held onto the hope that Yang would recover just as well.

[Ekko] Yeah, she’s in the hospital. I figured you should know, since…
[Ekko] Dating and all. I think her sister’s there too. 
=Chie is offline.=

Still, she had to see her as soon as possible. Without giving the boy a chance to explain just how badly Yang was hurt, she closed the messenger, and broke into a run, making her way to the hospital. It took a bit of worried shouting for her to find the room number where Yang was being held, and once she arrived to the door, she took a deep breath. Chie then swung the door open, “Yang, I heard-”

The girl froze in the doorway as her eyes settled upon the other. Eyes went wide as everything around her seemed to fade. All she could hear was a ringing in her ears as she stared at Yang. Stared at her arm… This was far worse than Chie could have possibly imagined, and almost immediately did tears begin to well up in her eyes. A hand rose to clamp over her mouth as a strangled gasp escaped her, voice muffled, O-Oh God..

How could this happen..? Why did this happen!? Yang was always so proud about her upper body strength, her punches. How could she… ..The girl blinked away her tears as best she could as she slowly, hesitantly approached Yang, forcing herself not to look at the traumatic injury the blonde had sustained. Chie’s voice was barely above a whisper, as if she was terrified of shattering Yang by speaking any louder, “I-I didn’t know how you were hurt… Yang, I’m-… I’m so sorry, I…”

The girl always had a hard time properly expressing herself, and in the face of something so traumatizing, she was completely at a loss. All of the energy and radiance that Chie had fallen for was gone. Yang looked completely and utterly defeated, without even the smallest spark of her usual fervor. Slowly, very slowly did she reach out, placing her hand over Yang’s and gently squeezing it. Eyes were closed as a few more tears streamed down her face and she took a deep, stuttered breath. “I’m here… I’m… I’m here every step of the way… I promise…”

Yang had been a source of strength for Chie. She had helped the brunette build her confidence up, slowly but surely… she helped her overcome some of her insecurities. She made her happy. Now it was Chie’s turn to do the same for Yang… She opened her eyes to look briefly into her girlfriend’s, before leaning forward enough to rest her forehead against Yang’s shoulder. I promise…

            { 👊 } Yang sat in her hospital bed, completely unmoving. One would swear she wasn’t even alive, if it wasn’t for the fact that her chest was moving up and down to signify her breathing. She occasionally looked out her window, sighing with complete defeat as she just looked back down on the sheets that covered her lower body. She would also move what was left of her arm a bit every now and then, which made her even more upset. She seemed completely unresponsive.

However, once someone walked into her room, she looked away suddenly, a scowl on her face out of nowhere.

“What do you want?” She asked bluntly.


Soooo, I’ve been arround the Xenoblade X fandom as a ghost of sorts. Sketching here and there my Cross, not drawing much attention, really. But you know? The fandom seems really chill and nice so…

It is time to  properly introduce my Cross!

So yeah, I developed a whole story arround him, this is just the most important facts. I hope you enjoy! 

He is a dork, please be kind to him :’D

And I’ll be seeing you arround!

warning: may cause insanity

Some pharmaceutical companies are shutting down their Facebook pages. This comes after Facebook reversed a policy that allowed drug companies to disable public comments on their Facebook walls. With the exception of pages pertaining to specific prescription drugs, pages focused on pharma companies and diseases must allow users to comment. A Facebook spokesman said the change was made to “encourage an authentic dialogue.” Although companies can delete specific comments once they’re posted, a number of drugmakers, like Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and AstraZeneca, have still decided to delete many of their Facebook pages. Companies are reportedly concerned that comments might focus on the negative side effects of their products or promote inappropriate usage, which could raise flags to federal regulators.


side effects may cause some or all of the following:  blindness, loss of limbs, dizziness, nausea, ear-ache, confusion, trouble sitting down, weakness of the shins, trouble standing up, loss of eyebrows, death, near-death, soreness in hands or feet, broken ribs, painful urination, and trouble forming coherent sentences (both verbal and non-verbal). 

Distance - Chapter 47

Distance - Chapter 47 

Sweat poured down Gina’s body as she dropped into a crouch and paused, sucking in a deep breath as her heart thundered in her chest. Her skin tingled and buzzed as blood and biotics crawled through her veins and pulsed under her skin, her body feeling more alive than it had in weeks. Her synthetic arms and legs were heavier than she was used to, and learning to move and fight with the extra weight, even with the reinforcements that Miranda had made to her bone and muscle weaves, had proven more difficult than she had expected.

With a grunt, she pushed off from the ground and sprung forward, moving across the ground in a series of handsprings and half-twists, cartwheels and round-offs, using small biotic bursts to propel herself and control her movements. Her synthetic limbs, cumbersome though she still found them, weren’t great for channelling huge bursts of biotics, but they were turning out to be great for small precision bursts of energy.

Gina flew through the air, landing and springing up again, forcing herself to move faster and further in leaps that would have made even the athletic Vega envious. She aimed punches and kicks at invisible enemies, used the biotic palm blasters that Miranda had installed to shoot bursts of energy at imaginary targets, then spun and leapt to cover in blindingly fast movements. She practiced cloaking and uncloaking, sending out drones and overloads, until her omni-tool glowed red hot and her biotic amp thumped painfully in the back of her head.

She hated it.

She hated her body.

She hated that she had made one little mistake and would be paying for it for the rest of her life.

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