tw: lizards

lizard asks: talk about your...
  • bearded dragon: sleep schedule
  • leopard gecko: pets
  • basilisk lizard: health/athleticism
  • crested gecko: makeup
  • horned toad lizard: injuries
  • jackson's chameleon: eyesight
  • tokay gecko: favorite sounds
  • mole lizard: flexibility
  • panther chameleon: favorite colors
  • frilled lizard: clothing
  • day gecko: car(s)
  • armadillo lizard: fears
  • komodo dragon: diet
  • beaded lizard: jewelry

Stitch would like to tell @mrwiggles that he is doing absolutely fabulously! And he would also like to share his own before and after pictures :)

Stitch says that he knows it’s hard sometimes but he was really grateful to have a home with warmth and good foods and he’s sure Mr. Wiggles is too! We’re really glad that Mr. Wiggles’ colour is coming back so brightly and that he’s doing so well! We hope Mr. Wiggles knows how great of an owner he has!

Not the aerialist of the draconis order but a master glider, with immense stamina, the Purple Throated Copper Dragon is one of the oldest of the flying dragons. It is a specie that has been relitively unchanged for centuries based off of fossil records. 

Yearly migrations propel them from their mountain homes to fresher hunting grounds and ideal brooding conditions.

Purple throated copper dragons have rather poor eyesight but have a very keen sense of hearing and smell. It is their sense of smell that is most important in migration  Equipped with 4 pheromone pits, 2 on each side of their stomach, the dragons release a broken, yet steady stream on chemical gas. This gas is what the dragons will follow to their destination. Millions of dragons will use the same passage way, replenishing the gas stream, so a shift in the winds or storms will not completely eradicate the invisible stream. The “gas ways” will be retraced by other family groups  allowing other dragons to follow the most potent and regularly followed gas way. 

Here an elder drake makes what is most likely his last long journey to the migratory spot. All the while being pestered by a mated pair of Piranha Dragons.