tw: klaine breakup

Can I just say...

That when Kurt and Blaine break up I hope it’s horrible. Like yelling and screaming and Kurt cries and Blaine doesn’t care, and Kurt says in a really small voice ‘You said you loved me.’ and Blaine throws back 'Well I was wrong.’ before he storms off in a dapper huff leaving Kurt all sad and broken. Then we see someone pull Kurt into a hug, and they have a letterman jacket on and because of the angle of the shot we all think it’s Finn at first but the camera pans out and we see it’s Sam. Then credits.

Also this will be the last episode before the winter hiatus.



Most of the klaine breakup videos

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     He had been thinking about it for hours, sitting beside him in the hotel room, just thinking about the park and how much he had said which was a bare minimal of what he could have said. Blaine drew a sigh from his diaphragm, pursing his lips together before sighing again. He wasn’t trying to be dramatic, in all honesty he was just more uncomfortable with the situation than he thought Kurt was. Kurt just sat on the opposite side of the bed, legs crossed, an emotionless expression drawn upon his face, and yet he left his eyes unguarded, only masked with sadness and laced with terror. When your entire life revolves around someone for more than a year, you fall into a routine of answering their calls, quickly typing a reply to an unanswered text message, or forgetting to make yourself happy because all you want is for your good intention of them to be happy, to come true. It won’t though, at least not for them. Blaine’s heart has moved on to much higher of people, someone he never thought would be in his life in such a way, considering said man almost blinded him with rock salt not even a year ago. A fond smile plays on his lips and Kurt speaks, not wanting to but knowing that if he didn’t he would loose Blaine probably forever. 

     ”Why now….?” He asked, clenching his jaw slightly. Blaine just shook his head, he didn’t know why he had done it tonight, everything had been going well and maybe that was the problem. Blaine knew that nothing was going well any more, ever since Kurt had cheated on him with Chandler his trust for him had completely vanished and he was scared that nothing would be the same any more, and he was probably right. “Why now!?” Kurt screamed, loosing control of his temper. 

     ”Because….” a shrug. 

     ”Because what Blaine? Did Sebastian give you all that you wanted huh?”

     ”He gave me more….” Blaine said, looking away. 

     ”Honestly? A whore can give you more than I can?” He said, biting his lip and hoping that Blaine didn’t get offended, but he did, standing up and almost growling in anger as his ex-boyfriend couldn’t take the hint that it was his fault, his fault for cheating, for leaving for New York and leaving him alone because of some stupid dream that had been demolished. 

     ”He doesn’t cheat, he promised me that.”

     ”Wow, believing him too….”

     ”He means it Kurt….” 

     ”How are you so sure?” 

     ”because he’s fought harder for me than you ever did…”