tw: gunshots

Some Fight Left In Me

For liberaldisaster, who requested a fic about Enjolras and his service dog. Written on my phone since my computer is still dead, so please forgive any weird autocorrects I didn’t catch.

Developing E/R, modern AU. Warnings for brief mentions of violence/injury and injury recovery.

Both Enjolras and the labradoodle at his feet lifted their heads as Grantaire clattered into the room, but as soon as the dog saw who it was, he set his head back down on his paws. “Enjolras,” Grantaire panted, out of breath. “A bunch of us are getting coffee and I–” He broke off, wheezing. “Christ, I’m out of shape.”

Enjolras hid a smile. “You’re getting coffee and wanted to invite me?” he guessed. “You know, you own this thing called a cellphone that allows you to text or call me instead running all the way over here.”

Grantaire shrugged, still breathing heavily. “Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?” he asked. “Besides, I’m better at guilting you in person than over the phone.”

“Fair enough,” Enjolras said after he rolled his eyes goodnaturedly. “So where are you planning on going, anyway?”

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Hi! Could you write Cat taking a bullet for Kara, but with happy ending, please!

Kara really, really hated blowing out her powers.

So many times growing up she’d half wished she didn’t have them, that she could just be human and normal the way everyone around her was. For a young teenager still adapting to a completely different planet and culture, the addition of super everything only made life harder. Even if she’d been able to use her powers instead of hiding, they were another adjustment that she often resented.

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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, Bangui : Children take cover as gunshots erupt during an operation in the Boy-rabe neighborhood of Bangui, Central African Republic, on February 15, 2014. French and African peacekeepers on Saturday seized weapons from militia in the capital of the strife-torn Central African Republic, but failed to detained a wanted leader of the rogue groups. The international troops went house to house for about four hours in Bangui’s Boy Rabe neighbourhood, the base of mostly Christian militias whose attacks have driven many minority Muslims from the city in recent weeks, sparking warnings of “ethnic cleansing”. AFP PHOTO / FRED DUFOUR

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Prompt: Emma always holds Regina's hand till she falls asleep. One day Regina gets shot and is bleeding pretty bad. When Emma hurries to rescue her, Regina says: "Hold my hand, I am falling asleep."

Thanks for the prompt :) 

TW for gunshots and angsty sadness. 

Emma’s heart drops when she gets the call. Gunshots at the Mayor’s office. They’ve all been on edge for weeks now. With the upcoming election, formerly quiet enemies have been making their voices heard. 

Angry, hostile and scarily violent voices. 

Voices that keep Emma up at night, as she holds Regina’s hand in her own and watches her sleep, trying to treasure every moment through fear that it all might end. 

Yet, even with all the threats, she’d hoped that it would just be threats…just empty meaningless words. 

Until now, when her entire world is on the brink of crashing down around her. 

Emma races up the stairs as she skids into the Mayor’s office. She doesn’t register David holding Jefferson in handcuffs. She barely sees the paramedics huddling around a figure on the floor. 

What she sees is a pool of red staining the tiles. She sees brown hair splayed across the rug and a shoe discarded by the coffee table. 

Emma skirts around the paramedics and drops down by Regina. Her girlfriend is eerily pale and her face is creased with pain. “Emma,” she mutters weakly. 

“I’m here,” Emma promises, “I’m here.” 

Regina manages a small pained smile before holding her hand up, “I’m falling asleep.” 

“No,” Emma pleads, “No…don’t go to sleep…just stay awake.” 

Regina looks at her, “I’m falling asleep. Hold my hand…I’m falling asleep.” 

Aaron Tveit's musical roles through the years
Aaron Tveit
Aaron Tveit's musical roles through the years

In celebration of Aaron being in Grease later this month, here are clips of Aaron’s nine other big musical roles, in chronological order (this could also be used to show how Aaron’s voice has changed and matured over time)

  1. 0:00-0:26 - Male Solo in Rent (National Tour, 2004)(his first professional job)
  2. 0:26-1:14 - Link Larkin in Hairspray (National Tour and Broadway, 2005-2006)
  3. 1:14-1:38 - Dean in Saved! (Playwrights Horizons, 2008)
  4. 1:38 -2:18 - Gabe in Next to Normal (Original Broadway Cast, 2008-2009)
  5. 2:18-2:47 - Fiyero in Wicked (Broadway, 2008-2009)
  6. 2:47-3:42 - Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch Me If You Can (Original Broadway Cast, 2009 and 2011)
  7. 3:42-4:35 - Roger in Rent (Hollywood Bowl, 2010)
  8. 4:35-5:22 - Enjolras in Les Miserables (film, 2012)
  9. 5:22-6:17 - John Wilkes Booth in Assassins (London MCF, 2014-2015)(gunshot tw)
  10. forthcoming - Danny Zuko in Grease Live! (television, 2016)

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“Hey, the doctor said it’s perfectly fine if I’m active. In fact, he encouraged me to be active. Cautiously active, those were his words. Besides, it’s a gunshot, it’s not like I haven’t had one before and I’m already half-healed, anyway.” Oliver was carefully working on some new trick arrows, sharpening the arrowheads and making sure that he had everything in place. “I want to be prepared for the next time some asshole shoots at me.”

@thestcryofus for Kat from Jason because I CAN.

To say that he was in pain was a bit of an understatement, and of course he realized now that he was sitting in the hospital bed that he had been reckless. But his mind had gone into power ranger mode, even if he wasn’t one anymore. He had seen the weapon pointed at that poor young woman, and he had just acted. Getting the young woman and the bullet had been instinct, and luckily she was safe now. The gunman was also in custody, so even though he was going to be stuck in this bed, and on desk duty until he healed, he felt good about himself. Good in the sense that he had saved someone. He also had a feeling one of the guys had alerted Kat as to his current whereabouts and he had a feeling she would be mad. He just hoped that she’d be able to forgive him for making a rather reckless choice in the line of duty. 

Ode To Sleep (with "Skeleton Bones" intro)
Twenty One Pilots
Ode To Sleep (with "Skeleton Bones" intro)

Someone on Twitter posted a high quality version of the “Only Skeleton Bones Remain” intro from the Quiet Is Violent era. So I took it and blended it in with Ode To Sleep. Enjoy (best with headphones)

TW for gunshot noises.