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‘It’s A Girl’ is a great documentary about the tremendous amount of female infaticide and gendercide taking place in southeast asia and around the world. 

it pays specific attention to what is behind these cultural and historical practices of devaluing women and girls, and i think literally everyone should see it. if you have netflix, you’ve probably already seen it on your home screen somewhere. 


It’s A Girl: The Three Deadliest Words In The World

It’s a Girl: The Three Deadliest Words in the World is a 2012 documentary film which explores the practice of female infanticide. It was directed by Evan Grae Davis and focused primarily on India and China.The United Nations has estimated that up to 200 million females are “missing” today, most of whom would have lived in India and China.The film took four years to shoot.

The documentary opens in India, the scene is of a woman standing in a field, who is explaining that she had killed eight of her newborns by strangulation as they were female. Davis had initially set out to create a documentary on sex trafficking and on women being exploited. Having listened to the story from the Indian woman, Davis switched direction, scrapping his first idea, and instead created a documentary with the sole focus being gendercide. Davis focused on China and female infanticide in India, as cultural norms, combined with such cultural practices as India’s dowry system and China’s one child policy, have an important role in the practice.

Where society generally accepts acts of subtle bias, there is no or little protest at acts of prejudice and bigotry.

Where society generally accepts acts of prejudice and bigotry, there is no or little protest at acts of discrimination. 

Where discrimination is accepted, violence is easily overlooked. 

Where society generally accepts one level of hatred and oppression, it will easily let slide worse and worse acts. The only way to stop this is to cut off the bottom layer. The only way to stop oppression and violence stemming from bigotry is to create a society where even the “base layer” offenses are seen as utterly reprehensible. It’s not about being “politically correct;” it’s about stopping oppression and prejudice and the violence that comes with them. 

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Girl Toddler Struck By 2 Trucks - Left For Dead & Passerbys Refused to Help [Original HQ] (by robustfesto)

What in the hell is wrong with this world. You absolutely must watch this. 19 people passed by a two year old girl who’d been run over by a van and didn’t help. Pray for China. Please reblog. Raise awareness for what’s happening in China