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‘It’s A Girl’ is a great documentary about the tremendous amount of female infaticide and gendercide taking place in southeast asia and around the world. 

it pays specific attention to what is behind these cultural and historical practices of devaluing women and girls, and i think literally everyone should see it. if you have netflix, you’ve probably already seen it on your home screen somewhere. 

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Myth: More girls were killed for being girls in the last 10/50 years than men in all wars in 20th century / people in all 20th century genocides

Source: Nicolas D. Kristof:

To prevent sex-selective abortion, China and India now bar doctors and ultrasound technicians from telling a pregnant woman the sex of her fetus.Yet that is a flawed solution. Research shows that when parents are banned from selectively aborting female fetuses, more of their daughters die as infants. Mothers do not deliberately dispatch infant girls they are obligated to give birth to, but they are lackadaisical in caring for them. A development economist at Brown University, Nancy Qian, quantified the wrenching trade-off: On average, the deaths of fifteen infant girls can be avoided by allowing one hundred female fetuses to be selectively aborted.

The global statistics on the abuse of girls are numbing. !!!_It appears_!!! that more girls have been killed in the last fifty years, precisely because they were girls, than men were killed in all the wars of the twentieth century. More girls are killed in this routine “gendercide” in any one decade than people were slaughtered in all the genocides of the twentieth century.

(emphasis mine; this seems to be the only source of this myth; the last paragraph presented with no other supporting evidence or citing; the amount of deaths of infant boys that could have been prevented by allowing selective abortions of male fetuses is not mentioned)


Boys constitute around  50.739 percent (lowest estimate; actually up to 51.7) of living born babies, but men constitute only 50.44 percent of population worldwide, which equates to 22 million men (lowest estimate; actually up to 93!!! million, i.e. the equivalent of almost 17 Finlands) who should have been alive today, but died of causes that women got protected from, including, but not limited to, medical and judicial neglect. Women are not victims of gendercide, women are not oppressed, women are not killed for being women, Chinese “female victims of infanticide” die mostly from neglect by their mothers, and anyone claiming otherwise is a liar and knows it.

Don’t assume ignorance. Assume malevolence. Hanlon’s razor doesn’t work on and should not be applied to ideologs.

If you need to lie to make a point, then you don’t have a point.

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Update: the actual “realistic” estimate of living birth m/f disparity is 106 boys per 100 girls, which skyrockets the top estimate of male comparative scarcity way above a hundred million.


Gender based violence is the single biggest cause of death amongst young women in the world. This video gives some examples of the ways girl children and women are killed, for being girls. 

The event is a seminar and all day discussion about the rights of women and examples of gender based violence around the world. It is called HERstory and is taking place at Sheridan College in Canada today. It is run by Dr. Harshinder Kaur, the first women ever to address the United Nations in Punjabi. She was threatened for asking for funding for projects to save girl children in Punjab, instead of going through the Indian government. A paediatrician and academic, she has championed the cause of girl children and women’s rights throughout her career and is an incredible woman.

We survive, but our sisters do not. Never forget.

Thanks to hinduthug for the link to the video and the event…

When I say some of those crazy feminists, you know, the ones who want all men or most men dead, I become very scared. Why? Well, not only because of the whole “advocating genocide” thing, but for a number of other reasons.

First off, when they are called out, it is never with the vehemence that you would hope. And before someone says “Why don’t you do it!” 1. I am not a feminist and 2. I am a man. It is not my job (nor the job of non- or anti-feminist women) to call them out. It is the job of feminists (specifically female ones, because let’s face it, there is no way they are listening to a man) to own their shit and kick them out. Tell them that their crazy genocidal rantings can be used elsewhere, maybe radicalhub, but for god’s sake keep away from society.

Second off, I get scared for me. Not only am I a man, I am gay. I am of no use to women because I can not be of any use. I am not attracted to women at any sexual level. And when they say “15% of the population” how would that even happen. After the initial slaughter, where presumably only straight men would survive, what would happen? Would there be a place in hospitals where babies are killed if they are not female, seeing as roughly 50% of infants are? Enforced sex-selective abortion? Would the fifteen percent allowed to survive all be children, or would they be killed also? How do you propose that you explain to a little girl why her father and brother must die?

Look, I know this isn’t really a possibility. But it is terrifying that people think this way, and that these people are even given a platform is even worse. This is hate speech in the purest form, and the implications (as I pointed out) are really awful.

And don’t tell me “This isn’t feminism!” I am well aware. I am also not the one calling for massive bloodshed. Tell them. If you think this is poisoning the movement, then don’t tell me, tell them. I think feminism needs to die, and I am not the one to tell that feminism isn’t like that.