tw: gender violence

In Bundelkhand, India, a revolution is in the making among the poorest of the poor, as the fiery women of the Gulabi Gang empower themselves and take up the fight against gender violence, caste oppression and widespread corruption.

Members of the gulabi gang (pink gang), a group of women in rural India who strive for social justice.

Photograph: Mustafa Quraishi/AP


                The only time you LIKED YOURSELF was when you were trying to be
                                     someone THIS CUNT might like.    ( VERSION #2 )

Awesome image from Toronto’s Walk A Mile in Her Shoes parade to end violence against women.

Gender based violence is not
just a women’s issue


Walk a Mile in Her Shoes isn’t simply a stunt - it’s a statement about men’s role in ending violence against women; an issue that is connected to strict gender roles and expectations of men. By wearing heels and acting in solidarity with women, we want to show that we’ll do whatever it takes to make this a safer world for everyone.

  • 1:
  • Little Boy> hits and bullies Little Girl
  • Little Girl> voices her fears to Trusted Adult
  • Trusted Adult> "oh that just means he likes you!"
  • Trusted Adult> "boys will be boys!"
  • Little Girl> learns to associate abuse with love
  • Little Girl> learns that Trusted Adult will not help her if she feels unsafe
  • Little Girl> learns to not speak up if she feels like she is in danger
  • Little Boy> learns that attacking Little Girl goes unpunished
  • 2:
  • Little Boy> hits and bullies Little Girl
  • Little Girl> fights back
  • Trusted Adult> breaks up fight
  • Trusted Adult> "why didn't you tell an adult instead?!"
  • Trusted Adult> punishes Little Girl
  • Trusted Adult> acts as though Little Boy had done nothing wrong and is the victim
  • Trusted Adult> "boys will be boys!"
  • Little Girl> learns that she has to accept abuse
  • Little Girl> learns that Trusted Adult will not help
  • Little Boy> learns that it is okay to beat up Little Girl
  • Little Boy> learns that Little Girl shouldn't fight back
  • Little Boy> learns he is victimized when Little Girl defends herself
  • Little Boy> learns that his feelings are more important than Little Girl's
  • 3:
  • Little Boy> hits and bullies Other Boy
  • Other Boy> tells Trusted Adult
  • Trusted Adult> "fight back! Be a man!"
  • Trusted Adult> critics Other Boy for sharing feelings
  • Other Boy> learns that talking about problems or showing weakness is bad
  • Little Boy> continues to bully Other Boy
  • Other Boy> fights back
  • Trusted Adult> breaks up fight
  • Trusted Adult> "boys will be boys!"
  • Trusted Adult> both boys face no/mild punishment
  • Little Boy> learns that boys are allowed to fight back
  • Little Boy> learns to respect Other Boy because he can fight back
  • Other Boy> learns that violence is a solution
  • ....
  • ....
  • Trusted Adult> "why are girls staying in abusive relationships??"
  • Trusted Adult> hears about Young Mans suicide "why did he never talk about his feelings?" "Why did he never mention he was depressed?"
  • Trusted Adult> "boys are violent by nature"

As a cashier in a truck stop, shady people are pretty common to see… and this goes to show how even shady people come in all varieties…

About 4 hours into my shift, one of my good friend stopped in to chat with me for awhile. He works as a volunteer medic on the local ambulance service; he was on call & where i work is a couple minutes away from the ambulance base… he was getting coffee when a pair of teenagers come in.

The one blonde guy i kinda recognize from when i went to high school… he’s only a year or 2 younger… i rang his sale up and that was that… his brunette buddy on the other hand…

Guy #2 puts a bottle of wine on the counter & a big cloud of marijuana just hits me in the face from this guy… dealing with so many potheads in the area, its nothing outside of normal… so asked for this guy’s ID, of course he wants to mock me & give me a hard time about having to pull it out for me.

He asked me if i cant tell he’s old enough by his beard… he has just has a tiny little patch of facial hair on his chin not even bigger than a thumb print, a wussy attempt at a beard… and i tell him so.

“With a wussy beard like that, its hard to tell how old you are.”

He doesnt hear me & i’m not going to repeat myself a million times so i verified his ID & finished the sale… not even catching onto what his blonde friend is going on about til after they walked out. My medic friend has been parked at the counter the whole time this is going down…

My friend points out to me that the 2 guys rode together… in a 7-seater van that is holding at least 9 people & half of them look underaged & under influence… that is all very, very illegal… so our best bet is to call this situation into Dispatch to have a cop come out to investigate.

As my friend is grabbing his phone out to call the Police, guy #2 comes storming back in and throws a pen down on the counter.

“Who owns this store? I want their name & number. You will not disrespect a customer like that. Saying I have pussy-fur on my face”

(Erm… what? Pussy fur? Where the hell did that come from?)

“I am not obligated to hand out any personal phone numbers regardless of who asks. If you want to complain to my manager, you may call the store in the morning. For the record, that wasnt even remotely close to what i said.”

This idiot is trying to grab at me from across the counter now!

“Come here! No ugly bitch is going to insult me and get away with it!”

So my friend, Adam, grabs the guy & shoves him back.

“I’m going to call you into the local police department. Stay or run, we have a name & license plate for you and all your underaged stoner friends. I’ll make sure to file a verbal assault report again you for insulting my girlfriend. She did NOT say pussy fur, she said you had a wussy beard!”

Of course, the guy guns it out the door & we filed a police report. I hope they found them because I dont wish for Adam to end them cutting their mangled bodies from a car accident later…


A Galaxy Far, Far Away Mustafar

A lava planet. There are some disarticulated legs floating around in the magma somewhere. It’s populated by lava-resistant fleas and in denizens of the Dark Side. Anakin murdered Padmé here just before Obi-Wan cut off Anakin’s legs. Palpatine chaired a shady company.

Honestly, Mustafar just sucks.

Queer engagement with law enforcement cannot be accurately described, much less analysed, as a stand-alone, generic “gay” experience because race, class, and gender are crucial factors in determining how and which queers will bear the brunt of violence at the hands of the criminal legal system.
—  Queer Injustice:  The Criminalisation of LGBT People In the United States by Joey L. Mogul, Andrea J. Ritchie, and Kay Whitlock

i want to rip my woman from

i don’t want to feel the swell of breasts / the fullness of a body, ripe like summer fruit.(i   can  feel  it   rotting)

i want to be as flat as the empty horizon (please, lord, rid me of the sand dunes 
                                                                             raised along my planes)
    and as barren as the great expanses of desert          that separate me from
                                                                                 those i love the most

i want to peel my appearance from my skeleton  - - - remove my body and all its unwanted implications

i want to tear out      the ocean of my womb  , cut off my hands. bear no life.

i want to rip the woman from my    b o d y  . 


This literally made me sick. Fucking terrible how people can be so disrespectful, so violent. Please watch this, spread this around and educate your friends, family and anyone who just doesn’t know for a better tomorrow.  The result is a heart wrenching technicolor spectacle that raises questions about gender stereotypes, mob mentality, and violence in America. 

Please share this.