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Whos francium?

Francieum was a blog that was started in September of 2012 which supposedly belonged to a devoutly Christian college student from Kansas named Francinne. Francinne became popular/well-known through her replies or additions to other people’s posts. 

Frequently, these replies involved Francieum blatantly missing the point of jokes or their punchlines with rigid literal-mindedness or naivety. She also did not understand sarcasm, and added comments to every post she reblogged.

She usually began her replies with “um” and then attempted to correct the OP on “factual inaccuracies” in their posts. Later, she also began closing her posts with “god bless you”

here are a few examples:

(unfortunately these are also a rather succinct summary of tumblr in 2012 in general. anyone who was on tumblr in 2012 knows True Suffering.)

initially, Francieum received a mix response from tumblr as a whole. at first it seemed that most people strongly disliked her, and she frequently received hate concerning her religiosity, the fact that she added to every post, and her seeming inability to comprehend jokes. people also compared her to another then-infamous blogger, forfuturereferenceonly (who found a way to make every single post about privilege and oppression, and who similarly added lengthy replies to each reblog.)

personally my favorite fucking thing in the whole goddamn world was when those two interacted bc it was always a beautiful clusterfuck of condescension, literalism, and misinterpretation:

somehow (possibly because francieum was pretty kind and open-minded when asked about social issues), people eventually stopped hating and outright mocking her and started to love her. there were people who made posts about wanting francieum to “correct” their posts, copycat blogs, and posts begging from her “blessings.” i feel like this post represents the overall attitude toward francieum during late september 2012

there was also widespread debate about whether or not Francieum was a troll/parody blog, and that debate resulted in a great deal of Discoursethat i would be happy to never see again for as long as i live.

as it turned out, it was a troll blog (i would say “surprising no one” but this shockingly did surprise many people) 

….but it was also a little more complicated than that. in a post from march 2013 that has since been deleted by whoever runs the blog, the admins revealed that the Francieum blog was started “for laughs and satirical purposes.” however, when the blog became popular, the admins began using it as a “social experiment” to observe the tumblr community and assess how “accepting” it really was.

they also called out anyone who had made jokes about “francinne’s” literal-mindedness or anyone who had sent hate to the blog as “bullies,” and discussed what they viewed as tumblr’s problem accepting people who are different from themselves. 

tbh the fact that the blog was a “”“social experiment””” was, imo, one of the greatest and most fucking ridiculous plot twists in tumblr history. like fuck cole sprouse’s social experiment. francieum was the tru tumblr sociology mvp. 

God Bless and RIP 🙏

omg sounds like a conversation out of an Ace Attorney cross examination

where it’s like NO I can’t be wrong here is some ridiculous stuff I’m right see???

“But Francieum, you live in AMERICA!”

“Yeah…well….I lived out of the country before! You don’t know my story! God bless!”

“Oh no! I can’t disprove that!”

“Francieum, are you doing this?! Some people can’t even use their lips to eat, never mind for eventual coitus. Check your privilege ” Forfuturereferenceonly cried as francieum crawled into zir’s lap, chasing zir’s lips into the back of the all-natural cloth couch they were sitting on.

“Oh, forfuturereferenceonly, my privilege is in check. And we should use our lips as God intended for us. God bless us all.” she says as she seals their lips together.

A glass sits on a table, not all the way full with water, but not all the way empty.
  • Pessimist: The glass is half empty.
  • Optimist: The glass is half full.
  • Opportunist: *Drinks it*
  • Koishy: but what if its not water
  • Realist: It's definitely water.
  • Francieum: you know the liquid's name not its story

I have this theory that francieum’s blog is just a big example of the progression of the tumblr user

She started out super innocent, stating the obvious on text posts and telling everyone God bless

And then slowly she began her descent into a tumblr user

Now francieum swears, goes on pornhub, gets pissed when people call her out on text posts…

One big example guys