tw: foot injury

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

So I went to the podiatrist yesterday and I didn’t hear anything new.

  • I have plantar fasciitis
    • Rolling golf balls and frozen water bottles don’t help
  • I have a heel spur
  • I should get orthotics

She also told me that she doesn’t want me to be active at all. Not even walking my dog. How realistic is that? Not very.

So, I’m going to do the stretches she recommended, I’m going to keep wearing the orthotics that I bought from REI, and just do low impact exercises.

The one good thing that came out of the appointment is that surgery isn’t necessary, as long as I do the stretches.

I don’t have $500 that I’m going to willingly drop on something that has proven itself not helpful in the past. Fortunately, my dad has several pairs of orthotics that workers comp paid for and he’s going to give me a pair and we’ll cut it to my foot. 

I just wish that something useful would have come out of yesterday’s appointment and saving the co-pay for something else later this year.

Chief Complaint: ‘Stepped on unsanitary nail’


(Gotta admit, I started riffing on this to my nurse, Jerry Seinfeld style: “So, what – they’re selling sanitary nails now? Individually-packaged pre-sterilized nails like little bandaids, stocked in the pharmacy section of Home Depot? Do they come pre-medicated with tetanus vaccine embedded in the tip? Are there health-conscious carpenters out there, surrounded by mounds of sawdust AND heaps of nail wrappers?”)

EV you are determined to test me. 2 days ago I opened the door to her sprawling on the tile… Then bleeding from scraped skin and a light cut on her foot. Today I take her to the ER due to her foot swelling like I’ve never seen before. You are a clutz, and I love you, and when I said “what’s next your front foot?” Your chittering face nodded. You’re a pain in the ass but I love you, and you’re going to be alright. Why do I get greyhounds with feet issues? Jax had a toe amputated, Faye tore her pads constantly, EV ripped her other back paw and now this… At least Paris is my tank. I don’t care though. I’ll always be there to fix the problems, that’s what you do when you give them a forever home. Dogs and children alike.

saturday's run.

today’s run (w4d4): 

tomorrow the scientist and i are doing our long run. hoping for ten again, depending on how my foot feels. 

today’s run was supposed to be an easy four or five, although it ended up being more of a challenging almost three. issues to note to the chiro: sore arch, sharp pain in fifth metatarsal area by ankle. the kinesio tape/adjustment/combination of both seems to be working in that i no longer notice any stiffness in the morning or after work. this is a huge accomplishment as i would often feel like a little eighty year old lady when leaving the house in the morning. 

i’m feeling a little at a loss as to how to continue to proceed with training. it’s not an unbearable discomfort currently but i want to be at 100% for summer racing season. 

Fitness/Health Update

As many of you know, I haven’t been working out or eating well for a while, for a number of reasons (grad school//toxic/emotionally-abusive relationship).

Since I’ve graduated, I’ve had all the time in the world to spare and have spent that time relaxing and sleeping and reading and watching shows, aka a whole lot of wonderful nothing.

I wanted to focus on regaining my mental health first and foremost, before focusing on physical or dietary health. That, to me, was most important.

Now, it’s been about a month and a half of relaxation and I think I’m mentally ready to enter the world of fitness and eating well again. Yesterday, I did my first core workout for the first time in forever, and for the past week or so I’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier. Today, I did a bit of light cardio, which kind of bothered my foot.

Speaking of which, I think I tore a ligament in my foot or something freaky (which is another reason I’ve been wary to start working out again). Four months ago, I was walking down the stairs when my left knee gave out just as I was about to start putting all my weight on my right foot, so my right ankle rolled inwards and make a loud crack/snap. 

I didn’t see a doctor about it until a month ago (again, too busy with grad school/thesis), but it’s still bothering me after four months. I’m worried about running/squats/most lower body workouts, since they all require foot movement. I still have to go to a foot doctor to figure out what’s actually wrong since the x-ray yielded nothing the first time I went.

So, that’s where I’m at right now; I figure the people who follow my unintentionally sham fitness blog might like to know that I’m actually starting to focus on fitness again (albeit at a very slow pace). Thanks for putting up with my hiatus for this long. I love you all lots <3

I haven't done any work at all today

And it feels wonderful. 

Just going to enjoy today and stress later. Because lord knows I will be stressing hard core next week so I’m going to take this rainy day for what it is: relaxation.

And my foot is still in a lot of pain and my mom is like blah blah go to the doctor but I really don’t want to.  So just taking it easy today :)  What a rarity.

BRONCOS CB CHAMP BAILEY OUT FOR OPENER AGAINST RAVENS WITH SPRAINED FOOT - Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey will not play in the season opener against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night because of a sprained left foot.

Bailey, a 15-year pro, hasn’t practiced with the team since getting hurt in a preseason game on Aug. 17.

The Broncos will start Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in Bailey’s place alongside right cornerback Chris Harris with Tony Carter seeing work at nickel.

Although Bailey was beaten twice by Ravens receiver Torrey Smith in the playoffs, his absence in the “NFL Kickoff” game may prove less critical because Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is without his top two targets from last season in Anquan Boldin, who was traded to the 49ers, and Dennis Pitta, who is out with a hip injury he suffered during training camp. (Photo: Chris Humphreys/USA Today Sports)

So I am a runner. I run. A lot. If people had to describe me in a paragraph, I’m confident they’d mention the word “run” at least twice. I’ve had my fair share of injuries due to my masochistic ways, and my desire to push myself.

Recently I decided it was a good idea to run up Mt. Diablo and back, which was 16 miles and close to 4k elevation. I then decided to push myself on a half marathon the week after with over 1k elevation. That’s when things started to get hairy. I started to feel aches in my feet.

Then I ran some more. And went to events where I stood all night. And then did some wacky olympics events at work the next day. No bueno.

Now I’m forcing myself to rest, no climbing, no running, only biking. I had to cancel a hiking trip to Mammoth Lakes. I ice at least twice a day, and I wear cushy shoes in the house. Things are getting better but I have been a bit down lately. I’ve got that runner’s envy, and I am feeling frustrated that I can’t really do anything.

So one of the ways that I vent is by drawing out how I feel. I’ll be better soon, just been bummed. Thought I’d share for those experiencing the same downtime as me. I’m trying to stay positive and keep myself busy. You’ll be seeing lots of drawings soon…

BRONCOS CB CHAMP BAILEY RULED OUT SUNDAY VS. REDSKINS - Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey missed practice again Friday with an injured left foot and will not play against Washington.

The 15th-year veteran reinjured the foot in last week’s loss to Indianapolis. That was his second game back after missing the first five with the injury.

On Monday, head coach John Fox called Bailey’s status “week-to-week,” suggesting Bailey might not be available again until after Denver’s bye, Nov. 3.

Tony Carter and Chris Harris started the first five games of the season in Bailey’s spot, and the Broncos also have rookie cornerback Kayvon Webster, who has been playing well this season.


i’m so lucky. 

as soon i stepped foot into the house after work and a workout at the gym, the bestie/roomie asked if i wanted to join them (she and her husband, also my roommate) for dinner. of course i said yes!

because the bestie is amazing. she’s a mean cook, an incredible baker, and all around genuine and wonderful person. and did i mention her cooking abilities? yum. i’m practically drooling at the thought of veggie pot pie and drop biscuits. double yum. 

i ran two miles at the gym on the treadmill. total time: 22:12, making it a steady 11:06 pace. no, the good doctor therapist hasn’t cleared me to run yet, but after almost a week of not feeling quite like myself, i needed a good run. to clear my head. to find my center. to acknowledge that i can run and won’t die from the effort. to celebrate the fact that i ran a marathon in october and if i can accomplish that then i can certainly run a few measly miles. 

so far, the foot feels okay. my body feels tired, but my foot feels okay and that is what is important.

My brain is mush!!!!!

I just finished reading an article for Roman lit that I need to write an analysis for.  But since it was so dense maybe some gym time will help me relax before I dive into that project.

Nothing intense (no foot pain yet today :D) but just a little something to unwind.  I’m going super easy this week because of the injury and because I’m just so incredibly exhausted.

Sorry this is so long!

@fatgirlgetsfitatlast you got me thinking about my own injury. Yesterday was the 4 yr anniversary of my foot surgery. I had walked into work one day, there was a puddle of water on the white tile. I slipped and instead of my foot going out in front of me it went under me and I landed on it. I felt this pop and instant pain since it was at work I had to go through workers comp, being almost 19 I didn’t know really what to do beside follow directions from the workers comp people. The first dr I was sent to took xrays, then the steroid shot, then I had an mri. She said she wanted to clean it out because she saw fluid building up. A week before surgery she told me she wasn’t comfortable and that I would have to take pain meds and go to pain therapy the rest of my life. I wasn’t having that, I got a new dr and he had to start from scratch. I finally after two years in a wheelchair got approved for surgery. It took a year to heal and another year to finally be where I am today. I became so depressed I lost all self esteem and my ED became so bad I thought I would end up diabetic and many other things. I was diagnosed with PCOS which scared me because I was told I could possibly end up not being able to have kids and had a higher risk of becoming diabetic if I stayed where i was . Because I was in a boot for 4 years my spine twisted terribly. But if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t of found my chiropractor who then introduced me to my kick boxing family, I would probably be in a job still that was unhealthy for me and frankly still be stuck mind wise. It was so hard to fall so low but at the same time I had to hit rock bottom to get to where I am now. Happy and on the way to becoming the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. My whole life has changed because of my fall and frankly I wouldn’t of had it any other way. I’ve lost 50lbs since being diagnosed with PCOS in Oct ‘15 and my symptoms have cut in half if not more, yep definitely becoming a healthy happier me.