Zeno OAD #1 Group Watch

Hi AkaYona fandom!  So it seems from the response to my previous post floating the idea of another group watch that there is a good amount of interest (thanks!).  Although there isn’t a concrete ETA for the English-subbed version yet, I’ve been working with some lovely fellow fans and I feel that I have a good enough sense of their progress to get the ball rolling on picking a time (most likely 2 times to maximize coverage).  If you are interested in watching a HQ English sub of Zeno OAD #1 while chatting with fellow fans, please fill out THIS POLL with ALL TIMES that you’re available to watch.

***PLEASE NOTE: I entered the times in Eastern Time, but if you tell the website your actual timezone it should convert to your actual local times for you <3.  Also, “(Yes)” means that you’d prefer to avoid that time but can do it if that’s the only time others are able to.  Feel free to shoot me a message if you have questions/issues!***

anonymous asked:

yo have you heard of not eating fake meat bcos it emulates real meat, texture and/or taste-wise, and this is gross and bad and immoral even tho it's not real meat? idk like i just think u can be vegan and you don't have to have the most ideologically pure politics to do this u know? you can try and make vegan tacos that taste like the old dairy-cheese meat ones u used to make and that doesnt make u a bad vegan or person imo!

I’ve heard this yes, but usually from carnists just looking for any opportunity to criticise vegans. There is no moral issue with eating faux animal products, we boycott them because they are made from the bodies and excretions of animals, not because we are disgusted by them in any other way. It isn’t even that it is asking for ideological purity, it is that this objection is completely misunderstanding what our ideology actually is. 


Still struggling to get her to eat. Last night I managed to trick her into eating two chicken legs however! (She doesn’t like it when I leave food on the floor, so sometimes she’ll try to store it away for later, then realize its just easier to eat it.) I did manage to get her to eat some of this ground fish and scrambled egg mix so she didn’t take her painkillers on an empty stomach though. Hopefully she’ll feel better (and more hungry) by bedtime.

well the bad news is i made less than $20 tonight

the good news is i bribed myself with logging out of work before 2am to force myself to roast a whole mess of veggies so now i have a buttload of carrots, brussels sprouts, and potatoes in the oven with more rosemary than you can shake a stick at and i feel quite good about it

it’s all food pantry food too.  i’m gonna eat a big pile of it with some eggs over easy in about half an hour and then i’m going to sleep, fuck yeah


Rice Porridge from Princess Mononoke

About 2 years ago, back when I (K) ran this blog by myself, I decided to make the porridge from Princess Mononoke. I wrote my recipe, made some breakfast, and took my photo. I then promptly lost the recipe, ate the porridge, and let the photo sit in my archive.

How very responsible of me.

Anywhoo, I’m sitting awake last night at 2 in the morning, staring and my ceiling and thinking ‘holy cow I’m hungry’. And since I’m me I start to think about all the things I want to be eating. Images of pancakes, curries, and sushi flash through my mind, but I get stuck on the thought of Miso soup. But I don’t have any tofu so it would be miso broth. And then my brain adds rice, egg, basil, sesame oil and soy sauce to the broth and by then I’ve both planned out my breakfast and made myself hungry for the rest of the night.

So new recipe, new breakfast, new photo. (And for those of you who have stuck around long enough to see how I took pictures two years ago, I think the new photo part is key!) The recipe is under the cut.

-MJ & K

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